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The Bet 2: Saturday

by Grumpy

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© Copyright 2014 - Grumpy - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; M/f; strip; naked; bond; spank; wrap; plasticwrap; gag; bfold; tease; mast; denial; mast; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continued from part one Part 2: Saturday

As I heard the front door slam shut I started sobbing into the pillow. How did tonight get so far out of control? In just a couple weeks I had fallen for Mark, but I had not yet told him that sometimes I need bondage. How do you bring that up in conversation at dinner? It took me a year to tell my ex-fiance, and he left me over it. No, I did the right thing. I had to tell him now. In my head I reviewed tonight for the thousandth time.

My plan was perfect! It was a beautiful dinner, followed by a movie with my favorite plastic wrap bondage scene. I planned to start an argument over that scene to trick Mark into wrapping me to the pillar in my basement. I even had everything already waiting downstairs. When Mark flipped my plan by arguing the wrong point my heart jumped out of my chest. Was he trying to get me to tie him up? I carefully searched his face, trying to figure out what was in his heart. Was there a knowing twinkle in his eye? I was desperately horny and wanted to be tied up and ravaged, but did Mark have other plans?

I bet him that he couldn't get loose if I wrapped him up like the girl in the movie. I won the bet, but I lost my mind. I never dreamed having a guy tied up helplessly and at my mercy would be so much fun! I think I got drunk on the power trip. I actually had the time of my life playing with Mark. I teased him for hours, but then I looked at the clock and realized it was after midnight. Our bet was only for Friday night, and it was now Saturday morning. The gravity of what I was doing to Mark sunk like rock to the pit of my stomach.

Oh shit! What the hell was I doing! I made him orgasm, and he came hard. As I cut him free I started telling him about my no-longer-secret kinky side. Once I started talking I just kept babbling, it helped that he was still gagged, but I was sure I scared him off for good!

As I gave him scissors to finish freeing himself I closed his hand and held it tenderly. I had told him he could leave or stay the night, but I desperately wanted him to stay. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was afraid that this would be the last time I would ever touch him. I looked up into his eyes and smiled weakly, then I ran to my bedroom and locked the door.

I cried softly for about an hour before I realized I had not heard the front door. Just as I started to hope that Mark was spending the night I heard that horrible, soul-shattering sound of the front door slamming closed. Now I was sobbing uncontrollably, my arms wrapped around a pillow as an agonizing emptiness filled me.

Wait, did I just hear a knock at the door? I struggled to control myself so I could listen. After moment there was another knock and a voice.

"Christine? Are you okay?"

Mark was still here! My heart leapt in my chest and I started crying again from relief and happiness!

"Ye... Um... Yeah, I'm fine" I managed to squeeze out between the sobs.

"Well, okay then... I wanted to let you know I'm staying. I grabbed the overnight bag from my car."

So that's why I heard the door, he just got his bag from the car! Wait, he had an overnight bag packed… for our fourth date!?! I didn't trust myself to speak so I waited.

"So... I guess I'll see you at breakfast?”


“Okay, goodnight."

I listened carefully, and after a moment I heard the tv turn on. I. quieted myself down, put a robe on over my garter belt and stockings, and went out to get a snack.

Mark was sitting on the couch wearing just his boxers. He had the sculpted body of a Greek statue. As I stood there watching him, I saw his muscles coil and bunch under his skin, moving in an elegant concert to lift a beer to his lips to sip. His six pack abs were barely visible from this angle, and his long legs were stretched out with his feet up on the coffee table. He finally noticed me, and when he turned his head I walked past him into the kitchen.

"I was just getting a snack, mind if I join you?"

"Not at all. Besides, it's your house. I'm just an overnight guest."

Ouch. The way he said that hurt, but maybe I'm being overly sensitive. We hadn't labeled our relationship yet, but after tonight how could he think of himself as just a guest? I tried to let it go as I microwaved a bowl of popcorn. When it was ready I grabbed a beer and joined him on the couch. I deliberately sat next to him, but not quite close enough to touch him. I needed to be affirmed, and I needed him to make the next move.


"Thanks" he said, setting his beer on the end table. Mark then reached around my shoulders, pulling me into him as his other hand picked up some popcorn. I started to relax as I snuggled into his side. This was just the affirmation I wanted. Mark's free hand grabbed more popcorn, but he lifted it to me. I sighed contentedly as I let him feed me.

"I guess you want to talk about tonight? I thought you were going to stay in your room till breakfast."

"Mmmmm, no." I snuggled into him again, drawing strength from his firm muscles and accepting body language. "No talking. Let's just experience tonight. We can talk tomorrow."

“Tomorrow it is.”

We cuddled there in silence watching tv as Mark fed us popcorn. I was in heaven when his hand slipped down from my shoulder and started rubbing my tit in lazy circles through the robe.

"Mmmmmm" I purred. "That feels nice" I shifted the popcorn and started moving my free hand into my robe when Mark grabbed my wrist and gently placed it on his leg. I looked at his lap and he was starting to show a tent in his boxers. Wow, is he insatiable? I slid my hand towards his lap, but he just moved it back to his leg again. Smiling mischeviously, I slowly let my hand drift back toward his manhood. Mark let out a deep sigh.

"This is not going to work." He said. Mark put the popcorn bowl on the end table next to his beer and stood, drawing me to feet as well. He then untied my robe, and I let him slip it off my shoulders. "Turn around."

Still not completely sure what was going on I turned. Mark took the belt out of the robe and swiftly tied my hands together behind my back. As he cinched my hands together and made a knot on top, where my fingers could not reach it my heart skipped a beat. He sat back down and I stood there, testing the limits of my freedom. As my sudden helplessness sank in I got as horny as I have ever been in my life.

"Sit." Obediently, I sat and Mark pulled me close again. Almost the exact same position we had been in only moments ago, but different. Now I was nearly naked, and with my hands tied behind my back I was completely at Mark's mercy.

Mark put the popcorn back in my lap and continued feeding me every other handful. His left hand found my nipple, and it instantly hardened under his gentile strokes and occasional tweaks.

We sat quietly like for maybe ten minutes while his presence and gentle care made me more and more aroused until it threatened to boil over. My entire body became one giant horny need for him. I started squirming, rubbing my thighs together. OMG, I could almost cum like this. Mark’s left hand grabbed my shoulder and squeezed, trying to hold me still. YES! I was going cum like this, held in his strong arms!! I moaned.

"Oooooohhhh" SMACK! "Yeoow!" He slapped my tit! "What the hell was that for!?" SMACK!

"Sit still!" He said in a voice of command. A harsh tone that left no room for anything but agreement. I stopped moving and was as still as I could be. "And you may not cum until given permission!" Oh, that voice again. That commanding tone, trained by 2 tours as a marine in Iraq. I almost creamed myself right then and there. I just know I'm making a stain on the couch.

Mark resumed playing with my tit and feeding us popcorn. Occasionally he would take a drink from his beer, then give me one from mine. By the time Nightline was over the popcorn bowl was empty and I was violently shivering in my effort to stop myself from cuming.

He turned off the tv and took the bowl and empty bottles to the kitchen. He walked back past me and stopped at the entrance to the hallway. Turning he said, "coming?"

I struggled to my feet, not used to having my hands secured behind my back. I followed him to my bedroom, and when he gestured to the bed I sat on the edge. He started going through my dresser.


"SILENCE." Ooooh, every time I hear that commanding tone I just gush with need. He stopped what he was doing and sat next to me. He gently took hold of my shoulders and turned me toward him. His gaze fastened on to mine as he continued. “You need to listen my pet. There are things you need to know, and I’m not in a mood to repeat myself.”


Mark frowned as he continued. “First, you are not to speak unless spoken to. When you are addressed you will reply quickly and honestly, and you will show me respect. Do you understand?”

This was too much. I didn’t know what to think. After a minute I mumbled, “Okay.”

Before I could react Mark yanked me across his lap. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! “YEOOOoooww!!” Three quick spanks that hurt like hell, then I was sitting next to him again. Just as I was about to ask what that was about Mark put his finger across my lips.

“You hesitated, you mumbled, and you did not address me with respect. Three infractions. Three swats. Now thank me for taking the time to correct you.”


Mark gently caressed my cheek. “Very good my pet. You learn quickly, and you do seem to be enjoying yourself.” As Mark stood he leaned over and lovingly nibbled my ear before whispering, “Now wait right there. I’ll be back.”

As he left the room my head was spinning. I had no idea where this was headed. I felt like my darkest fantasies were coming true, and it scared me shitless. I wanted out, but my pussy was practically gushing. The small part of me that wanted this was taking over. I fought with myself to disobey. I could close and lock the door, then get the scissors from the sewing kit to get free. In the end, I was still sitting motionless on the bed when Mark returned carrying a new roll of cling film from the basement pantry.

I shivered as he opened it and approached me. He lifted me to my feet and turned me around. He pulled my arms away from my body and slowly began wrapping them. Loop by loop he tightened it. By the time he finished my elbows were touching and my forearms were welded together, my feeling of helplessness tripled.

He spun me around and kissed me. No, he claimed me. As his tongue took ownership of my mouth I swooned. I would have fallen to my knees, but Mark held me up. He then started wrapping me tightly at the waist, locking my arms behind my back. He took his time working his way up to my shoulders, while leaving my breasts exposed. “Sit, my pet” he said as he sat me on the edge of the bed.

Mark stood by the side of the bed and dropped his boxers to the floor. I turned my head to look at him, and once again I saw his magnificently perfect cock. That cock which I so thoroughly teased a couple hours ago was once again erect. It bobbed at me as if to smugly say 'See, now I'm in control.'

Mark left me a moment and went back to my dresser. He returned with several pairs of pantyhose. He stuffed one pair in my mouth and started wrapping more cling film around my face. After making finishing the gag he continued wrapping around my head until only my nose was exposed, making a very effective blindfold in the process.

He picked me up and placed me in the middle of my bed. He spread my legs and tied them securely with more pantyhose to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. I struggled, but I could not budge my arms even an inch. My legs were not much better. I could not see, I could not speak, and I could not ever remember being hornier in my life!

“Yes my pet, struggle for me. You look so beautifully helpless!” I moaned with need as he began nipping and teasing one nipple with his mouth while playing with the other one with his fingers. I was lost in lust, and started thrusting my hips, desperate to be filled. I whimpered when he pulled away.

He got on the bed and knelt down between my legs, gently stroking them. Then he went behind the back of both knees and started tickling me. I shrieked and thrashed around, but I was truly helpless. His fingers dug into my sides, my armpits, my feet, and the back of my knees. He tickled me until I was out of breath. Almost until I peed myself.

It wasn't until that moment that I truly understood helplessness. If I could have escaped, or kicked him, or made him stop, or even struck him dead with my thoughts I would have. I couldn't. I tried and failed. I tried harder, and failed again. Each failure served only fan the flames of my lust higher. Suddenly I realized I was no longer struggling because I wanted to be free. I was testing my limits because I wanted to fail, because I loved the freedom to fully experience these feelings completely unrestrained by guilt or morals.

Mark started tweaking a nipple with one hand, while the other one stroked my pussy. It felt like two fingers gently going up my labia, circling my clit and then back down. Up, circle, and down. Again and again. Up, circle, down. I moaned through the gag and thrust my hips at him, trying to capture those fingers. Make them press harder. He moved with me, and no matter how I squirmed they never changed. Up, circle, down. Up, circle, down.

Sometime during this torture I fell in love. He had captured my imagination when he let me tie him up. He had taken my freedom when he first tied my hands. He had commanded my obedience with his strength of will. Now I gave him my heart and soul without reservation, because he would have taken them anyways.

When I started crying with joy from the freedom of complete surrender and unconditionally trusting love, Mark stopped.

"Are you okay?"

"Ehh irr." I said while nodding.

I could almost hear him smiling. "Why are you crying?"

"Ahhmm ahh'meee, irr."

"Oh, well as long as you are happy"

At the time it didn't really strike me as strange that he had understood me so well.

“Remember, you must wait for permission to cum…” Gently Mark took my other nipple in his mouth while his hands continued their work. Oh my god!! Up, circle, down. I need to cum! Up, circle, down.OH GOD THIS WILL DRIVE ME INSANE! Up, circle, down. PLEASE! Up. I'LL DO ANYTHING! Circle. TO CUM!!! Down.

"Aaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmooooooooonnnnnn!" I was making incoherent sounds behind the gag. I no longer felt like a person. I was a pile of quivering and desperate flesh, just barely holding back a tsunami by strength of will alone. All the while, the steady motion of his fingers continued until suddenly those two fingers plunged inside and firmly stroked that spongy spot.

“Cum for me.” he commanded. I broke. My soul shattered in ecstasy.

'OH YES OH GOD OH YES OH GOD YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!' Mark didn't stop. He kept on stroking that spot with his fingers. When I started to come down from the orgasm he added his thumb stroking on my clit and I took off again.

Oh god I can't stand this any more. He pinched my nipple and I was orgasming again. No, no stop! He bit my other nipple with his teeth and I came again. Aaaahhhh no no no No No NO NO NO! He blew his hot breath on my clit and I came again. STOP! PLEASE STOP! I’M GOING TO PISS MYSELF!! I came again, completely losing control as I let fly with squirt after squirt.

He repositioned himself and slammed his cock in me to the hilt in one thrust. He then setup a rapid rhythm. It was too much, I couldn't stand it, and it was getting hard to breathe through my increasingly stuffy nose. I came, I screamed, I came again, and I passed out.

When I woke up (or came to), I could tell it was light before I opened my eyes. I stretched, and then as I remembered last night I realized I wasn't tied up. I slipped quietly out of bed to go pee. Mark was still there and I didn't want to wake him just yet. Last night had worked out better than I could have imagined. There was one hell of a conversation waiting for breakfast, but for now life was good. I slipped back into bed and snuggled up to Mark. As I drifted back to sleep he rolled over and wrapped his arms around me. I couldn't remember ever being happier.

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