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Emily’s Folly 2: The Discovery and Consequences

by Tom

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© Copyright 2002 - Tom - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf+; discovered; caught; drug; captives; wrap; plastic; tape; gag; machine; susp; toys; insert; nc; XX

continued from part one

Part 2: The Discovery and Consequences

Monday morning reared its ugly head and a disgruntled and tired workforce filed into the chilly warehouse to start the weeks work. Leanne, Melissa and Mark stood around their table boxing pallet wrap and duck tape to be wrapped and stored until it was ordered and delivered. They were all working as temps during the summer holiday and were all best friends after meeting at University at the beginning of their first year. The job was crap but the money they found was very good and they passed their shifts chatting and joking with each other.

"Shit Mark that wasn't funny and I'm quite offended if you must know" said Leanne with a sly grin conveying that she too had found his sexist joke amusing but was not willing to admit it.

Leanne was a 19 year old Media student who had been seeing Mark for the last 3 months and Mel was her best friend. They had all met when moving into the Uni halls and had been inseparable since, although Mel was a bit annoyed when Mark and Leanne got together but it had all worked out fine. The time passed and breaks came and went until it was nearing the end of their shift.

"Five minutes to go, five minutes to go" Mel chanted with enthusiasm as she eyed the slowly moving second hand as it climbed lazily towards the five to six mark.

"If you keep looking at it, it will never boil" Joked Mark but Mel's blank face conveyed she didn't get it.

A shrill bell sounded and the workforce's disposition suddenly turned cheerful as they left their stations and headed to the locker room to grab their stuff and get out of there as quickly as possible. The threesome were the last to leave the main area of the warehouse and as they reached the main entrance Leanne swore, turned around and bolted for the warehouse. Confused Mark and Mel followed suit and went after her.

"What's up baby" Mark asked as he jogged up to the table where Leanne was on her knees searching the floor. 

"Got it" she chirped up with a smile waving her mobile phone in the air. "Nearly forgot it and that, as everyone knows, can be disastrous"

Mark smiled "Yeah because you have just SO many friends Leanne" he said sarcastically.

"Shut it Mar... Hey why's that light on"? Said Leanne, peering over Mark's shoulder. "That shouldn't be on plus that door is always locked" she said suspiciously while squinting at the solid looking door that was open a crack, letting light spill through onto the smooth warehouse floor.

"Never mind that Leanne lets go, I'm starving" Mark moaned but Leanne was already half way across the warehouse striding towards the door.

"She'll never learn will she"? Said mark shaking his head as he and Mel once again started to follow.

Leanne had reached the room and was peering inside when Mel and Mark caught up. The room was about 2 meters square and was bare apart from what looked like a winch device and pulley system. Leanne couldn't resist and before Mark could stop her she had pushed the little green button. A whirring noise issued from the machine as it began to let out the rope.
"Well done Leanne" shot Mark with a stern look. "But where is the other end of the rope and what is on it"?

Mel screamed. She had been wandering around on the other side of the doorway trying not to get involved when she had heard a strange noise and looked up. What she saw was like something out of a nightmare. A black object like an ebony sarcophagus had descended on top of her and she had only just managed to step aside in time before in settled on the floor.
Mark and Leanne streaked out of the small room and came to an abrupt halt at the end of the black mummy.
"Jesus" gasped Mark as Leanne grabbed hold of him. "Wait look" he said tilting his head towards the object. "Something is moving".

Always the inquisitive one, Leanne bent over the mummy and began peeling back black gaffer tape from what appeared to be the head of a woman. As the tape and black pallet wrap were removed the woman's eyes were exposed and blinked a couple of times and then went wide as she looked past the group. Mark turned around just in time to see the shape of a man before he felt a sharp crack on the side of his head and a lightning bolt of pain shot through his body as he collapsed into darkness.
Mel and Leanne stared unbelieving at what had just happened. The manager, John, was standing above Marks limp body with a plank of wood in his hands and a malevolent look in his dark brown eyes. Shocked into silence all the girls could do was stand silently with open mouths staring at the man. He started to move towards them and before they could react he sprayed a mist like substance in their faces. The spray smelt strange and as they turned to run their legs fell out from beneath them and they fell with a thud onto the unforgiving concrete floor. Blackness took them in its grip and then there was nothing.
John cursed himself for being so undeniably stupid. 

After he had hoisted Emily up into the rafters he had left the warehouse to finish some work ready for the beginning of the week. Monday had come and a burning desire pulled at his heart to glance once again upon the beautiful shiny form of Emily mummified. All through the day he hadn't been able to concentrate and as soon as the bell went for the end of the shift and the workforce began to dissipate he had snuck to the small room he kept locked at all times. This room was where he had secured the winch. Anticipation had gotten the better of him and he headed to the toilets. When he returned he found three people all bent over a black object. All at once he guessed what had happened and he quickly came up with a plan. The chloroform spray he was to use would knock the two girls out quickly but because of the man's large muscular build it would take longer. Too risky he had thought so he turned to a plank of wood lying near by. Perfect.
"Shit shit shit" Rob cursed. What was he to do now? 
He couldn't allow them to leave because they had seen his face. He looked down at Emily whose eyes were still wide with fear and a plan began to form.

Sweat trickled down the side of John's grimacing face as he struggled to heave the dead weight of Marks body into a standing position against the pole. He secured Marks hands to an overhead beam and let him sag so that he was slouching but still in an up right position. Rob cut away all of Marks cloths so that he was naked and grabbed a large 5" roll of blue PVC electrical tape. He began taping Marks legs individually from the feet upwards making sure it was so tight that there was a slight overhand a skin above the tape. This would mean very effective stiffening to the joints acting as an all over splint. As he reached the genitals John stopped and proceeded to wrap Marks other leg. John realised that Marks penis had become fully erect which he thought was impossible when a person was unconscious. Not wanting to lose the opportunity John wound tape extremely tightly around the base of Marks large member until the veins bulged and the blood was trapped. 

Once complete, John reached into his pocket and brought out a small box that contained a syringe with a pale blue liquid in. Finding the pulse in Marks strong neck, John pushed the needle in and squeezed. This liquid would relax all Marks muscles for around an hour but would allow full recovery. Going back to the tape John continued to wind around and around Marks unconscious body, wrapping tighter and tighter until it look as though Mark had a woman's corset on. Finishing at his armpits John released Mark from the overhead bar and lay him on the floor. The seemingly dead body began to stir but John could tell that the fast acting relaxant had already begun to work. With Mark lying upon the ground he began to tape his arms, also individually, but he made Marks hands into fists and tightly wrapped them in several layers of the sticky blue tape. 

The flicker of Marks eyelids caught John's eye and he sat smiling as Mark came around. Mark could do nothing and move nothing. All he could do was lie there while John wrapped further and further up his arms. Wrapping Marks neck was the hardest part. He wanted it to be tight but not to constrict Marks breathing. The tape on the neck was 10 layers thick and very stiff when John finally tore the tape and stood back. The only body parts visible between the thick tapes were his erect penis and his head. Now for finishing touches he thought. Winding tape all the way around Marks torso, John taped both of the arms to the side and then continued to tape his legs together. 

Mark was scared. What the fuck was this psycho doing to him he wondered. John walked out of his field of vision for a moment then came back with two 6 inch long tubes and some super glue. Taking one of the tubes he forced it into Marks left nostril until he couldn't get it any further and glued the edges of his nostril to the tube. He did the same to the other nostril and then once again walked away. 10 minutes passed and Mark was beginning to think that John had left him there when he reappeared carrying Leanne. She had been taped up exactly as Mark had except he had not taped her legs together and she was sporting a large ring gag that forced her mouth open as far as it would go. Her nose too had been fashioned with the tubes and she glanced around nervously as she was carried towards Marks stiff mummified body.

"Well, well, well maybe you people will think next time before snooping around. Not that you'll ever get to snoop any where again" grinned John as he set Leanne down by the side of him. Leanne tried to move her legs but they were too stiff from the layers of tape to be of much use.

John grabbed a nearby work bench and pulled it with a grinding sound over to where the two bodies were. Lifting Mark onto the bench was no easy job even for a guy in such good condition as he was but eventually with much huffing and grunts he managed it. Next he placed Leanne face down, the opposite way around to Mark. John then began to tape around Leanne's head until only the nose tubes and her ring gagged mouth were visible. He then pushed her head down towards Marks crotch so that his erect penis inserted into her mouth. She made some gagging noised and struggled fruitlessly until finally, exhausted she gave up. She was now effectively gagged by Marks penis that was almost touching the back of her throat. John taped her head to marks legs and made sure that she could only breathe through the nose tubes. Mark found he had got some feeling back in his body and the heat and moist warmth of Leanne's mouth on his throbbing penis was almost too much for his senses to take. 

John moved to the other end of the bench and stuffed a penis pump gag into his mouth, squeezing the pump furiously until Mark thought his head would explode. Once the gag was solidly in place John wrapped Marks head completely in the blue tape until all he could see were the penis of the gag and the nose tubes. Pushing Leanne's bottom down onto him John shoved the penis part of the gag into her waiting pussy all the way down to Marks lips. As with Leanne, John wrapped Marks head to her legs and buttocks. There was minimal struggling that John could see but he though better safe than sorry. He flipped the bundle of bodies over so that Mark was now on top and pulled both of Leanne's wrapped legs together with Marks head in between and taped them together. Now they were really incapacitated. 

The whine of the winch broke the silence of the large warehouse as it kicked into life lifting the blue mass off the bench and into the air. 
"Hahahaha guess what's gonna happen now" John guffawed as he swung the bundle towards the pallet wrapping machine. As they entered the machine began to wind around and around the hanging mummified bodies wrapping tighter and constricting their already stiff bodies together. The black pallet wrap was extremely thick and stretchy so that it pulled tightly as I wound around completely encasing the bodies in a black coating. Once the machine halted John walked up to the black swinging misshapen mass and cut free the breathing tubes. He then moved swiftly to the wrapping machine and punched in some commands. Suddenly the machine began to rotate around Mark and Leanne blasting them with heat from a nozzle. The effect was stunning. The plastic wrap began to solder together and because of the thickness it moulded into one big solid covering. The machine hummed into silence. Inside the encapsulating bondage Mark tried to move but failed miserably. He could see nothing and could only breathe through his nose. Leanne could feel Marks large penis throbbing inside her mouth and the penis gag was slowly moving against her clit, making her even hotter and wet than she was already. She had no sense of movement, sound or vision and couldn't move a millimetre. 

John tied rope to the bodies at certain points and engaged the winch mechanism, lifting the mass into the rafters of the warehouse. After securing the winch he turned to the body of Emily and then at the form of Mel tied to a post completely naked. She had a ball gag harness on her head and was making pathetic mumbling sounds behind it.
John gave a satanic laugh.
"Don't worry girls I've got something completely different in mind for you two".

He began to walk towards them and Mel shut her eyes and prepared herself.



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