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Emily's Folly Part 3: Retribution

by Tom

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© Copyright 2002 - Tom - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf+; MF+/m; discovered; caught; drug; captive; wrap; plastic; tape; gag; bagged; glue; susp; toys; insert; cbt; nc; XX

continued from part two

Part 3: Retribution

Mel clenched her eyes tight shut blocking out the sight of John's satanic grin, but the memories of what had happened to Leanne and Mark seeped into the darkness. Tears flooded down her rosy cheeks and dropped, glinting as they passed through a beam of light passing through a window situated out of Mel’s sight and landed with a barely audible plop on the hard floor. John sauntered casually over to the terrified girl tied to the post. He had to step over the inert form of Emily lying on the floor. Only her eyes moved as she gazed up at the dirty soles of his feet as he strode over her as if she was a branch on the pavement of a street he was walking down.

Dust billowed as a draft of cool air entered the spacious warehouse, and dust was blown from surfaces and clouded the vicinity of the forms that occupied it. John coughed as the dust flowed into his eyes, causing them to close involuntarily. His back foot caught Emily’s wrapped body and he was set off balance reaching out and flailing his arms as he stumbled and tripped. Like a tree in a storm he crashed to the floor but not before cracking his unprotected head against a concrete pillar beside Mel. Hearing the commotion Mel opened her eyes to see John's body settling on the floor, dust beginning to settle on and around him. A nasty gash was evident on his head and a small puddle of blood crept outwards, groping along as if searching for some undetermined thing. Mel shivered more from the occurrences of the past hour than the cool air that now wandered through the warehouse. She sensed rather than felt the person behind her. Hands tugged at her bonds and grunts issued from the unseen intruder.

It had been almost 3 full days since he had seen her and no calls had he received and no one could tell him where she was. A neighbour had suggested that she had gone on vacation but she would have told him if she was planning anything. Tom had received the phone call earlier that day from Emily’s Mother who was racked with worried because she had not received a call at the weekend. Apparently Emily phoned every weekend without fail but this weekend no call had been made. Being one of Emily’s closet friends, Tom had agreed to check out her work to see if anyone knew where she had gone to. He couldn’t get there until after work but he thought there might have been someone still there. 

The gravel crunched as he trudged up to the large white complex where Emily worked. The sun was still strong in the sky but was beginning to wane as the day wore on. The red door opened automatically as he passed the unseen presence sensor. The place was deserted, but Tom decided there must be someone still here if the place is not locked up so he continued in. The shiny red door to the warehouse sported a sign cautioning workers about safety issues whilst they worked. Tom ignored it and opened the door. A gust of wind hit his back and ruffled his blonde brown hair and caused a small dust blizzard within. Closing his eyes he proceeded inside but left the door open slightly, he had a strange feeling about this and decided to enter with caution. 

What he came upon was nothing short of unbelievable, but after a moment he thought he had figured or at least guessed at what had taken place. A well built man lay on his front obviously knocked unconscious with blood beginning to gather under his head. He quickly walked to where Mel was tied and set about loosing her bonds. He had to use all of his strength to set the poor girl free but as soon as he had taken of the gag she burst into tears and began to tell him what had happened. As she told him about Leanne and Mark he grabbed a pair of heavy duty scissors he found near an open sports bag and began freeing the person wrapped all in black. He gasped when he saw the face of Emily peering at him from below. She looked very pale and drawn, finally he managed wrenched the foam gag from her cracked lips.

“Water, please Tom water” Emily croaked at him. 

He ran over to a water dispenser and got numerous cups of liquid which she gulped down. Finally she filled him in on what had taken place on Saturday. Tom began to really dislike the guy on the floor and thought about beating the crap out of him, but then a sadistic idea of his own hit him like a bullet through the head and he grinned. Once Mark and Leanne had been freed, clothed and Emily had gone to the toilet a couple of times he told the others his plan. 

Johns head hurt. Not just a headache, it rang as if it had been hit with a hammer. That was the first thing he noticed and it immediately set him conscious and partially aware. He opened his eyes and the light hammered into his brain and he immediately snapped them shut again. A giggle that sounded far off and distant echoed into his ears and he forced his eyes open once again. The light was not so bright this time but he still had to squint. Fuzzy people appeared from the haze, and as they slowly came into view he gave a small groan as he guessed what had happened. He attempted to throw himself at them to try and escape but his arms had been secured behind his back with some sort of tape. The same had been done to his legs. He felt groggy and the pain in his head kept interrupting his thoughts.

“I don’t think many people in this room are particularly pleased with what you’ve been up too” Tom spoke into his ear. 

He felt his head snap to the side and his cheek begin to burn, Emily looked mighty pleased at her slap and Mel and Leanne looked on approvingly as John's head tipped forward, a trickle of blood issuing from his nose. 

“I’m now going to inject you with muscle relaxant to make you more cooperative” Tom said as he jabbed the needle into the throbbing vein in Johns arm. It was only then that he realised he was naked. He felt a strange warmness run through his body and his head began to seem not to matter. He shot them a look that could freeze hell and slowly he went slack.

“That better?” Mark asked poking John in the shoulder “You Fucking Prick”

“Calm down Mark,” Tom said giving him a sharp look. “You can call him all sorts of names when we’ve finished” he reassured.

John’s bonds were released and he was laid on a strange bed. He was in no fit state to move and so just lay there looking angrily up at the 5 people leaning over him. Mel moved away and came back with a head harness with a fitted pump gag attached. 

“A gift from each of us for everything you have put us through” she said as she lifted his head up and secured the leather straps. She took the pump and squeezed. The pump began to fill his mouth, but he felt a coating on the gag. She pumped again and again. “Oh yes I’ve added a coating of sealant on the gag to stop it ever coming out!” she said and threw him a look of what could only be pure pleasure. He felt the gag expand rapidly filling his mouth and stick there, blocking his breath and any sound from escaping. Mel then cut off the pump with a pair of scissors and sealed the small hole with some more of the sealant.

John looked at the smiles and grins of the people who were doing this to him. He had never felt so helpless and humiliated.

“I thought I would add something of my own to your predicament as I was witness to what you have done.” Tom said calmly smiling as he reached between John's legs and attached some ball cuffs to his tender testicles so that they were spread away from his body.

“NEXT” someone shouted and then began laughing hysterically.

Good god what are they going to do now thought John as he lay there. He was suddenly flipped over onto his front and he felt his buttocks spread and a large object begin to invade his anal passage. He felt someone twisting it back and forth whilst pushing it further and further in until only a wire was visible.

“I can’t believe you fitted it all in!” Mel gasped as Emily retracted her hand from the ten inch vibrating dildo she had just forced into John.

“All it took was a bit of a twisting” chuckled Emily.

John was turned back over and Mark stepped into his field of vision. Mark nodded to some one behind him and Leanne stepped forward. She bent down and began to tease John's cock with the tip of her tongue, building up momentum as she began to take all of him between her wet pink lips. John began to get hard. He didn’t want to because he could guess what would happen, but he couldn’t stop himself. It was too good and as Leanne began to really suck she quickly slipped a cock ring over John’s stiff penis and tighten it until it bulged and would not go limp again for a good long while. The sound of the tape ripped through the small room and John flinched without knowing he was doing so. 

Mark took the inch thick PVC tape and began to encircle the base of his penis, pulling it tighter on each turn and to John it seemed that it would completely decapitate it from his body. The tape wound round and round and up and up until it reached his ensnared balls. Mark sneered at John and began to wrap his left testicle extremely tightly until it was abnormally elongated from his body. The sweat on John’s forehead began to drip. He was in pain but all he could do was watch. Mark then wrapped the right testicle in the same manner. Once the balls had been securely enclosed in the blue tape the man above him began to wind around John's hard shaft. He reached the bulging head and carried on, the incredibly sticky tape adhering to every pore of his penis.

“That’s much better” said Mark and crouched down by Johns head. His mouth came to within whispering distance and Mark said quietly, “At least my cock was in a beautiful girls’ mouth”.

Mel laughed as she brought the pot of industrial strength sealant over from a small desk and put it on John’s belly. She got out a brush that dripped with a sticky looking clear liquid. John whimpered behind his gag unable to part his lips from the black shiny pump attachment. Mel began to spread the liquid on both of the insides of his thighs, down his calves and even on the inside of his ankles and feet.

“Come on guys” Mel said over her shoulder.

All five of them began pushing Johns legs together very tightly from both sides so that they met and the sealant could bond. After a minute or so the five relinquished their pressure and John could feel his legs securely stuck as if they were just one limb. The same procedure was then used to secure his arms to his sides and his palms to his thighs. John had begun to get some movement back in his neck and he could now wriggle his feet. Too late he surmised as a large cellophane bag was produced from his own bag of tricks that the group had found. It was laid on another table next to him and he turned his head to see what they were up too.

Mel and Tom were daubing the sealant onto the plastic until it was completely coated in the shiny liquid. They then turned it inside out so the sealant was on the inside. It took all five of the young people to put John into the bag. He went head first and the cellophane bag completely covered him from head to toe. Tom cut out a small section and pulled John’s bound penis and tortured balls through, sealing the cellophane around the base with more tape. John felt the cool liquid on his back and where the bag touched him on his front. At least he still had air to breathe, for now anyway. Mark stuck the nozzle of a cleaning vacuum into the foot end of the bag and sealed the edges around it. 

Shit thought John and began to struggle.

The vacuum hummed into being and the air was quickly sucked out of the void. The bag began to close up around John and he felt it adhere to every inch of his body. It closed around his neck and then around his head. He closed his eyes and they were sealed shut. 30 seconds went by that seemed like a life time until he felt the cellophane being cut from around his nostrils which immediately flared as he took in a lung full of vaporous air. The two girls, he forgot their names as he began to go dizzy after inhaling the fumes from the sealant, were laughing at him. It made him so mad. Two tubes that joined into a single tube in the middle were forced into each nostril and were held there as his nose was pinched and sealed to them. 

Now came the wrapping. He could barely move anyway but the group had decided to do it properly, and most of them really wanted revenge. John’s body was lifted up and wrapped, beginning with the head with extra strength gaffer tape. Tom had trouble pulling the tape away from the roll as he wound mercilessly around Johns plastic covered head. He reached the neck and continued down. John's head was now ebony black and no skin showed at all, just the tube issued from his vaguely recognisable face. The procedure took the best part of 20 minutes as Tom tended to be somewhat of a perfectionist and had to cover every millimetre of the plastic and flesh. John now appeared as Emily had looked just before her trip to the rafters. Mark noticed that Tom had left the wire connecting the vibrator to the battery pack and also his blue encapsulated cock unwrapped. After questioning this Tom replied that this was all part of his plan. Mark looked unsure but his curiosity partially sated stood back and waited. 

Tom took some cord that he had found and tied a large noose in one end. He took both of John's extended balls and around each of the oval lumps he tied a connecting piece of thin rope. These encircled both of John’s balls separately and had a piece of cord between them. This gave the effect that if you pulled on the centre piece of cord it tugged on both of the balls at the same time. The un-noosed end of the cord was then looped and tied to the centre piece of rope. Tom passed the cord through a small hole in the wrappings between John’s legs and out past his buttocks. The noose was then tightened around his forehead and secured with more tape. If John moved his head at all then the cord would be yanked and both of his balls would be stretched even more. Very painful as John found out when he next struggled. Mark looked pleased and Tom grinned as John’s body shook with the sharp shock. Mel flipped the small switch on the battery pack of the vibrator causing more bucking and extra pulling on the balls. The battery pack was taped to John’s front and he tried to keep still as the large vibrator rumbled in his back passage.

John was alone in the darkness of his own creation. If only he hadn’t been so jealous about Emily’s up and coming talent he would never be here in the first place. Damn it he screamed silently to himself. On the outside there was a heated discussion about what to do next. 

After Tom had freed everyone from their various states of predicament in the warehouse, they had moved John’s unconscious body into a side room. As Tom had entered the complex when searching for Emily he had noticed that many of the companies 18 wheel juggernauts were parked along the side. This observation at the time had seemed irrelevant but in the present circumstances it presented a unique opportunity.

“Hold it” Tom said raising his voice above the escalating argument. Everyone stopped and looked at him.

They dragged John out of the warehouse on a pallet truck taken from the main floor. They were headed towards the parked trucks. They reached the looming black mass of the huge lorry and found there was good clearage from the ground under the container section. Supports struts ran length ways along both edges of the trailer so that extra containers could be attached if necessary. Two poles were found and John was rolled onto his front. With much effort the team attached the two grey poles, one at John’s knees and the other at his elbows, horizontally across his body. After testing that the poles were secure by lifting him and making sure they held his weight, the black body was secured underneath the trailer. He was out of sight from anyone who wasn’t looking directly underneath the truck. The fact he was hanging with his face towards the ground meant his head kept dropping down due to the effects of gravity, which yanked the cord and caused his tormented balls to be squeezed and pulled. If he could have screamed he would. He tried to keep his head up but he was already tired from the exertion. 

The last thing he heard was the laughing and giggling of the group as they turned and headed home.

Morning came and as the orders were processed and packaged, the trucks were started up and driven of to locations all around the UK. John felt the lorry kick into life and the sensation of the juggernaut moving. What the group hadn’t realised when they were planting him under the truck was that it was bound for a location abroad. As the lorry trundled down the road it slowly drove out of sight and the last thing the workers saw was the huge letter on the side reading “Taiwan Express Delivery”. 


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