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Enforced Endurance 7: Ultra Bondage

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; zentai; collar; armbinder; corset; hood; wrap; tape; bond; rope; belts; diaper; toys; insert; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from part 6

Part 7: Ultra Bondage

He sat there ram-rod straight on the padded sturdy steel stool wrapped, taped, belted and roped, wearing the complete coverage zentai stretch suit, tight long leather over-bust corset, 4” leather posture collar, tight leather armbinder over his tube-sock sheathed arms, the ballet/ toe boots, gagged, ear-plugged and leather-hooded. Wife-mistress was very pleased with her work and he was very impressed with her thoroughness and stringency. As she finished applying the clear plastic packaging wrap tightly around his belted, corseted torso and leather-sheathed arms, she told him to try to move. He strained and could only manage tiny upper-body wiggles, breathing hard, constricted breaths in his Spandex and leather hoods. He was quite immobilized.

“OK Mumman-dear, you’re in your toughest bind yet! This is a very severe session with that tight corset and armbinder! Is it all tight enough for ya?” He emphatically agrees. “Your arms are reasonably cushioned with those socks on to help protect your circulation, but I’ve got you in a hell of a bind! We’ll see how long you can endure this, Mr. Bondage Freak! Keep reminding yourself how much you love this as the hours go by! Yes, I didn’t go through all this work for you for just a short session! I know you like to prolong it and suffer, Mr. Masochist, and again, you have no say about this! This is my game now and my rules! Enjoying that big buttplug? Good! I’ll check on you in a while! Enjoy yourself!” She turned on the loud sound machine and went downstairs.

He was incredibly nervous and excited. His smushed cock throbbed in the padded diaper. Yes, he loved this, but he doubted how long he could endure this degree of harsh bondage, knowing his arms would likely soon be going numb. His hands were tingling. He’d worn the severe armbinder for two hours before and his arms had paid the numbing price. Now, as she had emphasized, this was her game, he was just her bondage play-toy to do whatever with and for however long. He was plastic-wrapped and duct-taped so thoroughly and securely to the stool he couldn’t wiggle or move his plugged ass, legs or severely pointed feet. He sighed a constricted sigh and breathed shortened, corseted, belted, plastic-wrapped, hooded breaths. He reminded himself what a regular, veteran bondage practitioner he was. He could take it. He had to take it, had to endure!

She had been very thorough, as promised, in lacing up the long black leather steel-boned corset to exquisite tightness! It squeezed him from near-armpits to the groin over his black Spandex zentai suit, drawing his waist in nearly 4”. She had also taken great care to tightly strap on and lace up the heavy black leather armbinder that crushingly encased his arms behind his back from mid-biceps to fingertips. He had moaned in delight and discomfort as he felt his arms being drawn inexorably closer together as she tightened up the lacing from wrists to biceps. The tight shoulder straps were crossed at his upper chest at the base of the 4” leather posture collar. His multiple sock-sheathed hands and wrists were crushed together in the tight pouch, the D-ring at the end tied down to the bottom stool rung. The three integrated straps tightly encircled his wrists, forearms and above the elbows. His elbows were drawn as close together as possible in the super-snug sheath, his shoulders feeling the strain. He was at his limits, which she knew so well. He could not move his trapped arms one iota.

For complete and utter immobility, she strapped three long 1 ½” wide leather belts around him at his waist and forearms, his ribs and elbows and chest and upper arms, pinioning his leather-sheathed arms tightly against his back, forcing him to sit straight and erect, his chest thrust out in the tight bodice. This would be a difficult position to maintain, with his toe-booted lower extremities welded together and to the steel stool with plastic wrap and duct-tape, so she had looped ropes through his chest belt and the D-rings of the posture collar, tying them off to the beam-support post straight ahead with just the right   tensioning to keep him easily upright, locked into a slight forward lean, the corset compressing his lower abdomen and rapidly-filling bladder.      

To finish him up, she’d wrapped layers of the strong shrink-wrap around and around him from shoulders to the bottom of the corset. Most thorough! Like his head bondage: She’d had him put the fat leather ball-gag pad that snapped onto the leather hood underneath the full zentai suit’s integrated hood, wrapping black electrical tape around his head to secure it in. Then she fitted the full leather hood on, lacing it very tightly in back so it was like a second skin. She strapped on the 4” leather posture collar very snugly, then snapped the padded blindfold on. She finished by strapping an inch-and-a half wide leather belt tightly across the hood’s mouth hole and the back of the tall posture collar, fully clamping and immobilizing his head.

She had hooked the 8” heels of the knee-high patent-leather ballet/ toe boots on the bottom rung of the stool, the upright support in-between for further anchoring. She’d zipped and laced these up very tightly, tying the laces around his contracted upper-calves. She then completely, solidly plastic-wrapped and duct-taped his severely-arched feet down immovably to the stool, continuing up over his legs, his lap/crotch and the stool seat. All movement was very strictly denied him and he was loving it, at least for now! His hands were very tingly in the tight armbinder and he felt the shoulder discomfort. The corset was so tight! He couldn’t take a full breath and had a moment of breathing panic. He was well and truly fucked! He tried to wiggle and get some buttplug stimulation. He had to settle for working his sphincter muscles. His cock was engorged with his crushed balls. ‘She’s out-done herself again!!’ he thinks. ‘Just incredible!!’

‘I’ve never been done up like this before!’ he marvels. ‘So fucking tight and strict!!’ He tries to move his trapped arms and hands. ‘No fucking way! I hope they don’t go completely numb! Glad I have all those socks on! This corset is killing me! Squeezing my bladder! Need to pee soon! Roped to the post! Brilliant! Can’t...fuckin’…move!!’ His smushed, compacted cock is throbbing. He is in ultra-bondage rapture. He pants short, hot breaths through the Spandex covering his face. He’s glad this leather hood has an open-bottomed nose cover instead of the small, restricting nose grommets on the other padded leather one he had worn all day Saturday in the incredibly long mummified armchair session, when wife went Mistress on him for the first time, leading to this incredible third day of bondage captivity, with a fourth coming tomorrow! What would that bring??, he wondered. She had massages scheduled.

He tries to move his locked, pointed feet and legs. He gets calf cramps. ‘Ow!! Can’t move feet or legs at all! She’s even tied down the ring at the end of the armbinder to the stool! What ultimate fuckin’ bondage!!’ He tries to wiggle and move again. The buttplug gives him some stimulation. He feels like he could almost ejaculate. He has to piss. His masochistic bondage libido was revved up. He leaks pre-cum, desiring like crazy to get off! She has denied him that for three days now in this intensive marathon. Will there still be no relief for him tomorrow? This and all the other physical denials and sensory deprivations fuel him, as he struggles to move, feeling all the bondage so effectively immobilizing him.

He is on a total sensory and sexual deprivation ultra-bondage super-high, in bondage nirvana. The roar of the surf-sounds combine with his moans and groans. He struggles and strains against the crushing  bondage with increased vigor, grunting, breathing hard, sweating. He wants to feel all the restrictions and constrictions, the discomforts and unyieldingness of his total bondage predicament. He wants to release all his contained, constrained energy. He flexes and strains in super-stringent rigidity, reveling in his awesome bondage helplessness. He exerts himself in bound abandon for awhile until tiring and getting out of breath. He is all sweaty and exhausted. Slowly, he catches his breath after a brief panic episode. He feels wrung-out, tired, drained. He begins to relax, having used up all that energy. As his muscles relax, his posture remains the same in his stiff, ultra-bound state. The only control he has in the world right now is in his mind. He is physically completely trapped and nullified, totally helpless for as long as She decides. His body is hers, under her total control. What a thought, what a strange reality, he thinks. He exists now just to be in total, complete, controlling bondage at her hands. No other purpose. Life is simplified. How many people could deal with this, he wonders.

He moderates his breathing, taking slow, measured, restricted breaths. He gets calmed, heading toward bondage meditation land. He starts to go into a trance-like state, into bondage “sub-space” territory. He seeks now to calmly revel in and enjoy the bondage. This is his escape, his dream, his fantasy. He is in Her ultimate embrace, Her tight, loving bonds! It doesn’t matter to him now that his arms feel all tingly and that he can barely feel his hands. He thinks of the Pink Floyd song “Comfortably Numb”, feeling as if in a dream state.

He gets into his relaxed, resigned sub-space. ‘I gladly accept this bondage as a part of me and who I am. I gladly dwell in this ultra-bondage state. I am calm, clear, cool and centered. I am whole and complete’, he repeats slowly in his mind. ‘I dwell in the house of bondage; it is my salvation and destiny! Exalted Wife-Mistress has delivered me! Her loving bonds envelop me. The ecstasy, the rapture, the joy and the pain, the sweet suffering!’ He was in his happy place, in the right bondage mind-set. He does his best to enjoy it and stay relaxed as time passes and the sound machine drones on in accompaniment to his breathing.

Finally, wife-mistress came up, startling him. “How ya doin’, Mumman? OK?”

“Mmm-hmm.” He supposed he was doing alright, despite his arms going numb.

“It’s been over an hour now! I’m sure you’re enjoying this! How are your hands doing?” She gently squeezes and massages his trapped hands, eliciting a loud vocal response as some feeling returns with sharp, tingling, needle-like sensations. She goes up and down his wrapped and compressed arms and elbows, squeezing some prickly feeling back into them. He moans appreciatively into his gag. She gives his sore shoulders a massage.

“I know this is a very severe test for you with that tight corset and armbinder, but you do like it strict and tight, my bondage freak! I’ll be back up in a while to keep you company, working on the laptop. I’m getting tired. Another long, bondage day! Here’s a treat for you, Mummy-Dearest! It’s Oldies music time! I’ll make it nice and loud for you to hear with that hood and ear-plugs!” She popped the stereo headphones on his hooded head. Yes, it was quite loud enough! The local Oldies station blared in his occluded ears. He was now deaf to his surroundings, along with blind, speechless, etc. It was a nice distraction to occupy his brain. He enjoys most of the music but not the obnoxious announcer and the commercial breaks. He’s happy for this diversion to have the songs breaking up the monotony and to be occasionally appraised of the time.

He wonders how much longer she has in mind for this most-stringent phase 5 session. His hands and arms are all a-tingle. He finally pisses, getting near-orgasmic enjoyment out of it. The hot urine rapidly surrounds his scrunched penis and balls, seeping into the padding. He gets more relaxed again and to his relief, his arms and hands get better acclimated to their restrictive encasement, becoming comfortably semi-numbed. Her ministrations have helped. He is very relieved that he can endure this rigid constriction and constraint so amenably. He is getting used to the corset-induced restricted breathing and his feet being trapped so severely en-pointe. After three days of near-constant, prolonged bondage immobilization, he thinks that his brain is becoming re-wired and his whole body is adapting to immobilized imprisonment in general, in any form. ‘The things you can get used to!’, he marvels. ‘But how much bondage is too much bondage?? One could go crazy, to some extent or other!’ He thinks he is crazy, but in a good way! He thinks his brain is hard-wired for bondage, since pre-adolescence, even. ‘I just love bondage, period! I don’t need to rationalize it or justify it! If someone doesn’t like it, too fucking bad! I’m fortunate to have met this wonderful lady who takes care of all my needs, regardless! That’s real love and understanding!’

The time, the songs and the commercials go by. Tensions and aches slowly become more manifest. He actually welcomes them, knowing that this is part of the deal. He is becoming quite a masochist, in proportion to her sadism, he thinks. What an interesting dynamic! It seems now that as she gives him more, he craves more! ‘Oh, what she’s doing to me!’ he thinks. ‘She is so full of surprises! What a woman! After tomorrow, how will things go for future bondage games? She’s giving me an ultra-bondage overdose, an old fantasy of mine! She’s taken complete control! The reality is something else, but I’m actually loving it!’

The music blasts into his blinded, immobilized, hooded head. He drools some more around the leather ball-gag pad. He tries to squirm and move just to dissipate energy and feel the buttplug more. His cramped, pissy cock gets hard again. The sexual tension rises again. He has not gotten off since they had sex nearly a week ago. More pre-cum dribbles out, then more piss. The D.J. says it’s 10:50. ‘Where is she?’ he wonders. ‘Downstairs? Upstairs? In the bathroom? In bed??’ Her hands suddenly massage his shoulders as she kisses the back of his leather head. She expertly works her way down his sheathed arms and hands, bringing sharp prickly sensations. He moans. Wordlessly, she is gone. He sighs and listens to another Oldie-Moldy, and on and on.

He endures. He’s exhausted and in discomfort. He’d like release now. It doesn’t matter what he’d like. It’s when She decides. He’s in a hell of a state, moaning occasionally. The bondage is all-encompassing, all-consuming, all-tight! Again he wonders how much is too much. Bondage overload. Bondage over-kill. Bondage weariness. The bondage consumes him, envelops him, devours him. He feels like a living dead. He thinks he is bondage-drunk, bondage-drugged, bondage-hallucinating. He hardly cares. He must just simply wait motionlessly for her as his hands go numb. The severe bondage and the radio keep him awake. No escape this time! It’s after midnight.

She snatches off the headphones suddenly. “Well, love, you’ve done very well! I have to get up early, and so do you! I have three clients in the morning, and a couple later in the afternoon! I’ll have to get you all bound up and gagged before I go, of course! It’s your bonus day, or extra bonus day, I should say! Suffice it to say you’ll be all immobilized again! You’ll love it! All morning to early afternoon, a little break, then again from afternoon to evening! Your dedicated Wifey-Mistress will keep you all trussed up! This was sure an ultimate bondage session!” He agrees! “Over 4 hours! See what you can endure when you’re not in control?? New limits, Mumman!”

She starts cutting the tape and wrap at his toe-boots, up his legs and the stool. She gets the wrap and belts off his torso as he slowly starts to move again, grunting and moaning. His feet and ass are sore and he can barely feel his arms. He adjusts himself on the seat. He really wants the corset and armbinder off! She unzips his ballet boots, working them off his Spandexed feet, massaging them a little. “You’ve had that armbinder on for nearly 4 ½ hours now, more than double your record!” She leaves it on, massaging his leather-encased arms and hands as that prickly, tingly feeling ensues. He moans questioningly, wondering why she’s not taking it off.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Mumman-dear? Getting feeling back??” He moans affirmatively. She reaches under the armbinder to get at the lacing of the corset. “Let’s get you out of that corset!” She unties it and begins loosening the lacing as he stands up wobbly on his sore feet. Normal breathing returns as she comes around and undoes the front busk and removes it. What a relief! But what about the armbinder, hood and posture collar?? “You know I can do anything I want with you, Mumman! I’m sure you want that off your arms, and your head bondage off too, but that’s up to me, your Mistress! Maybe you should sleep like that!”

‘Oh no!’ he thinks. He jerks his shoulders back and forth and vocalizes to indicate he wants it off now!

She grabs the center ring on his posture collar and pulls him toward her. “Yes, I think you should just come here to the bed and lie down on your side!” He moans pleadingly. “You have absolutely no control, Mr. Mumman! I have all the control! Isn’t this an ultimate fantasy of yours?? How do you like the reality, darling?? Now lie down!” He sighs and reluctantly does so. She places a pillow under his head as his mind swirls, incredulous at remaining in bondage. “Let me make you a little less comfortable, honey!” She gets a cloth robe tie and binds and cinches his ankles together tightly. She loops another through the metal ring at the end of the armbinder and attaches it to his ankle tie, pulling his legs way back, tying it off tautly, causing his back to arch. He moans in frustration but also arousal as he is firmly hogtied. He wonders how the hell he can sleep like this!

She unzips the crotch zip of his full-coverage suit and pats at his wet diapered crotch as he pants excitedly. “How’s that pissy cock doing in there? Let me see…” She reaches to his hip to undo the adhesive diaper fastener and pulls it down, reaching under and undoing the other side too. She goes to get a hot, soapy washcloth and goes about washing down his erect cock and crotch. She yanks the diaper out and washes him up very thoroughly. As she washes and rinses his shaft, she roughly jerks the washcloth up and down it, making him fully excited. “How’d you like a little suck, Mumman??” He vocalizes very encouragingly. She licks his swollen tip and works her way down, driving him into a bucking hogtied frenzy. Then she sucks on the throbbing cock slowly and deeply, up and down. His desire is in overdrive. He’s been denied release for days during this whole ultra-bondage marathon! He is all pent up and ready to explode! He moans and grunts and bucks as much as the tight hogtie allows him, his libido out of control. His hot, excited nasal breaths blast through the tight Spandex and leather hoods, his body screaming for the rapture of release at last!

She keeps it up at a slow, deliberate pace, milking him. Then she stops, keeping a very tight grip on the bottom of his shaft. She has him exactly where she wants him, absolutely crazy with lust and desire. “Do you want to get off, Mumman??” He screams fervently. “How bad do you really want to get off??” He bucks and hollers more. It’s all that mattered in the world to him right now! “Well, let’s see what it’s really worth to you, my sexy bondage freak! I’d love to get that big, hard cock in me, but I have other ways to get myself off! I don’t need you, but you need me!” He breathed and moaned hard. “So, here’s a proposition for you, Mummy-man-dearest! I could let you have a whole vacation week off in exchange for getting you off! Of course, you’d have to be in near-constant bondage and mummification the whole time! Could you deal with that? Is it really worth it? Just to get your squirt off?? Would you really sentence yourself to 5 more days of this beyond tomorrow?? Right through this whole upcoming weekend?? Tomorrow’s already all planned for you. I could just seal your anxious cock up again with a diaper and you could resume your normal life again after tomorrow. Then you’d be done! But maybe you deserve some extra “vacation” time??”

He is in a tizzy! He can’t believe she’s blackmailing him again! How could he resist?? She kept a hard grip on his cock and slowly circled her tongue around his swollen glans and squeezed his balls. This wasn’t fair! But it was her game and her rules as she made them up along the way! Could his body and mind really take 9 straight days of this?? He thought he was going nuts as it was now! He panted in sheer lust and confusion. Her hands and mouth felt so good down there! He was so ready! Was it really worth it indeed?? The battle of his heads raged on. He’d have to call in sick, tell people he was sick this week, and put everything off. He’d have to endure hours and hours in all-confining, strict bondage. He’d go nuts! What a devious wife-mistress!! She had him by the balls!! As she kept licking and nibbling at his lower head, he thought about how much it controlled him sometimes, overriding his “rational” head!!

“So, what’s it gonna be, Mumman?? Give me one thrust for ‘yes’, two for ‘no’!” He became still. He needed to get off but also needed to get back to normal, functioning life! What a dilemma! Obviously, she was really enjoying this game! What a transformation! She popped his tip in and out of her mouth tantalizingly, like a lollipop. He blindly imagined her smirking at him, expecting to win and keep the game going. Oh, she had the power, alright! How the hell could he resist?? His sex-head overcame his rational head, as she had expected. He gave one big thrust of his hips, and his fate was sealed!

“OK, Mumman!” She gave his cock a big, long suck and rolled over onto her side, backing her ass up to him. “You’ve made your decision, here’s your reward!” She worked his super-ready cock into her tight, wet opening. She was quite horny too! Her warm pussy enveloped his hot cock. What ecstasy!! He’d waited for this for three days of this bondage ordeal and he pumped as much as the tight hogtie would allow, with his back arched back. Bondage sex was fantastic! She adjusted her position and crammed his super-hard cock deeper as she kept up a steady, thrusting rhythm. Her desire began to match his and they slammed feverishly together in hot crescendo. He tried to move his arms in the crushing binder as he pulled on the unyielding sashes connecting the strict hogtie. No give. The long tapered buttplug stayed firmly seated, providing additional stimulation. He could really barely move, but he thrusted for all he was worth, her fervor matching his. They moaned and sighed in a passionate lover’s symphony as he bit hard on the leather ball-gag jammed into his mouth.

He felt his love fluids rising from deep down, a feeling that took him over body and soul, as their thrashing urgently escalated in carnal lust. She moaned and squeezed her nipple as she rubbed her clitoris and her juices flowed. His ramming cock filled her with ecstasy, then with hot sperm, as he pumped harder, his shoulders and back hurting, hollering out in sheer joy, ecstasy and relief. As he ejaculated, his anal muscles contracted hard on the buttplug as it pressed on his prostate gland, adding more sensation to his climax. She climaxed as she cried out the lover’s sweet song of ultimate fulfillment. They were electrified. Their movements gradually subsided as they breathed heavily and sighed almost in unison. They rubbed slowly together, remaining joined in the afterglow, love fluids trickling out. They just lay there together for a long time as their bodies and minds recovered. He knew he had made the right decision; yes, the next few days, whatever hard ordeals they brought, would be all worth it for this! This incredible woman he loved so much. She was awesome, and so surprising, after all these years!

He hoped she would release him so they could relax and fall asleep in each other’s arms. His arms were numb and sore right now. They both relaxed and she finally got up to go to the bathroom. She came back and wiped him off. “Well, dear, that was great!” He murmurs agreeably. “Do you think you can sleep like that now, hon?” He moans and squirms disagreeably, ready for release. “No, Mumman? Well, it’s late, and we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow! You’ll have to make some phone calls in the morning to let people know you’ll be out of commission- ha! – but you’ll make it up next week! You deserve a nice, long bondage vacation, dear! Maybe I’ll even let you get off again! Well, goodnight, love!” She throws the sheet over him and kisses his leather hood. He squirms and complains loudly.
She goes back to the bathroom to get ready for bed. He stews and wiggles frustratedly in his bondage. She comes back and shuts off the light, climbing into bed. She rolls over, trying to ignore him. He breathes heavily and exasperatedly. He tries to relax. After awhile, she gets up and comes around to his side of the bed. “Just foolin’ with you honey! I’ll let you out so you can sleep! Fooled ya, huh?” He lets out a huge sigh of relief! She undoes the hogtie and starts loosening up the wicked armbinder. She gets it unstrapped and pulls it and the tube-socks off of his sore arms. After all this time, his arms hardly work! They hang there limply for now as she unbuckles the tall posture collar and unlaces the tight leather hood, pulling it off. She carefully cuts off the tight black electrical tape wrapped around his mouth and head. She unzips the back of his sweaty zentai suit. She pats and rubs his hands and arms as the stinging, tingling feeling starts to return. Finally, he can work his hands and starts slipping off the total coverage stretchy suit. He slips the hood off and pops out the wet leather ball-gag pad, drooling. He removes the earplugs and plods tiredly to the bathroom. He goes to the bathroom and expels the big buttplug, cleans up, drinks water and looks at his tired, marked face. He shakes his head bemusedly and goes to wearily, happily fall into bed with her, snuggling up to her. They kiss and say goodnight and conk out.

They both sleep very well. He gets up once to pee, cherishing this rare freedom this week, and cuddles again with her. Yes, it will all be worth it. They sleep soundly until the dawn. She gets up and lets him sleep awhile longer. As she showers, she thinks fondly of last night. Eventually, she gets into her strict, determined Mistress mode again. She is surprised at the whole turn of events this week and how much she is enjoying this game. She gets his liquid breakfast and vitamins ready downstairs and goes to get him up. “Good morning Mumman! Let’s get going! You need to get cleaned up, have breakfast and make some phone calls! Then I’ll have to get you wrapped up good before I go!”

“Yes, Mistress-dear!” He is looking forward to this new mummification and the thrill of being left alone in extreme bondage again. He feels great and refreshed. He takes care of his necessary business and is ready for her in timely fashion. His mindset is that today starts a whole new bondage adventure, a whole new game. He is officially “sick” and excused from outside life for the week. Back at bedside, she instructs him on getting ready. He is actually eager for this!

“OK, it’s diaper time again, Mumman! Put your mouth-pad in, and earplugs! Wrap up your mouth with the black tape! Here’s your tight Darlex hood! Then put on the padded tall posture collar! As you see, I have the massage table out for you!” He gets ready as instructed, zipping up the very tight, occluding hood with nose grommets only, then tightly buckling on the very tall leather collar. He blindly maneuvers his way over to the massage table. “Mummy time for you, Mummy-man!” She begins wrapping each leg tightly in overlapping layers of plastic stretch wrap, then up and over his crotch, waist and chest as he held his arms out. Then she wrapped his arms thoroughly down over his fingertips. Having him next to the support post to rely on for balance, she wrapped his legs together tightly up to his knees. She put his arms down at his sides, slightly behind his hips, and applied the strong plastic wrap up and over, welding his arms to his body. She wrapped over his shoulders and neck collar, then all the way back down to his ankles.

“I guess I oughta tape you up now, Mumman!” With her and the post helping steady his balance, she expertly gets him solidly, tightly duct-taped from ankles to neck, and back down, smoothing it out. She has had a lot of practice at this over the years and is quite adept and thorough. He is impressed, and excited. His cock is hard in the padded diaper. She grabs his shoulders. “Hop this way, dear!” After a couple quick hops, he is positioned beside the massage table. “I’ll help you fall backwards now!” She guides him in a controlled fall onto the padded table as he becomes prone, breath expelling hard. She pushes him over so his feet and ankles are hanging off the edge. She puts a cushioning pad between his ankles and another between his front foot bones, then wraps them thoroughly in the wrap and tape. She re-positions him at the center of the table. “Now for your final wrap, so you won’t even be able to squirm or budge, Mumman!” She begins applying the strong, stretchy wrap around him and the table, over and under, over and under…

From his neck down over his pointed toes he is wrapped in layers of the tight, unyielding wrap. He breathes hard and excitedly as he tries to move and is completely immobilized. She doesn’t want to overly-constrict his head with the shrink-wrap, so she applies long strips of wide electrical tape at just the right tightness across his mouth and forehead to the massage table. With the huge posture collar on, he could barely move his head as it was, but Wife-mistress had to be very strict and thorough! The table is nicely padded and comfortable. He is absolutely immovably compressed into it and was absolutely loving it! How much would he be loving it in a few hours? She would be gone for a long time!

“There you go! You’re trapped like a fly in amber! What a way to spend the morning, and into the afternoon! I have three clients coming in. I expect to be back in about five hours! Then we’ll see what to do with you, Mummy-man! It’ll be hot today, so I’ll turn on the air-conditioner! You’ll be plenty hot enough, though, in your mummy sauna-sack! ‘Bye, my love, enjoy yourself!” He mmmms good-bye to her. She gives him a peck on the forehead, goes down and leaves for the salon. He was in for a long, hot, sweaty, immobilizing ordeal! What else was new??

He breathed hard for a long time through the small grommets of the tight, thick Darlex hood, incredibly excited, and also nervous about being left alone again! Any distress or discomfort he felt would have to be suffered alone with no help available! This was incredibly tight! He was sweating. His ability to move at all was zilch! He felt an uncharacteristic wave of claustrophobia come over him and had a brief breathing-panic episode. His heart raced as he struggled to get calmed down. All his efforts to move were rigidly contained. The episode subsided as he reminded himself he was certainly not new to these predicaments after doing it for all these years! He got into his relaxed, resigned, accepting bondage mode and got settled in for the long haul. He was born to be bound, he thought. He was a natural bondage freak!

The hours began to pass as he went through the familiar ups and downs of severe mummification bondage. He thought a lot about the love-making in bondage last night, then being free to snuggle with her. Yes, all the serious bondage she would put him through for the next five days after this was worth it! This was phase 6 of how many more phases to be put through??, he wondered. She was enjoying this new control over him, as was he, until those times when he needed release after all those hours had gone by, the thrill having expired, but she’d kept him bound up until she thought enough time had elapsed and he had learned another lesson in extreme endurance. She was indeed tough, strict and thorough!! She was blowing his mind, and re-conditioning his mind!

Now he was hot and tired and sleepy. Eventually he dozed off into a good bondage slumber. He had a dream of being encased in concrete with a breathing tube. It was hot, dark and crushing, but quiet and peaceful. He drifted in the darkness and dreamed within the dream. He woke to his totally immobilized reality with a start, living his dream. He tried to shift or move his head, his arms, anything, delighting in the total inability to do so. He was in mummification-bondage nirvana. He was happy in his bound heaven, delivered by his goddess. How would she entrap and deliver him later? What delights and suffering would she have him endure?? He fantasized about many scenarios and drifted along, imagining he was on a raft. The hours dragged by. He waited for Her return.



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