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Enforced Endurance 8: Mummy-dearest!

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; wrap; tape; collar; hood; gag; board; bond; plaster; cast; encase; catheter; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from part 7

Part 8: Mummy-dearest!

He laid there completely unable to move on the cushioned massage table tape-gagged, Darlex-hooded, neck-braced, solidly mummified in tight plastic wrap and duct-tape, with layers of strong, stretchy clear plastic wrap tightly securing him to the table from collared neck to taped, pointed feet. Many long strips of wide electrical tape secure his head down immovably.

The air-conditioner is running upstairs, but he is sweating in his super-tight cocooned encasement. Hours have elapsed since his wife-mistress left him to go to the salon to do massages. He feels hot and a bit anxious and nervous. “What-if” scenarios have crept into his head. He knows it is a crazy, dangerous game they are playing, making it all the more exciting and nerve-racking.

The psychology is an integral part of the game. Enduring hours alone in extreme immobilizing mummification bondage was quite a test for body and mind! When she left for the stated 5 hours or so, there was no turning back! He was helplessly alone for the duration, come whatever may: aches, pains, discomforts, anxiety/ panic attacks, breathing issues--. He sighed through the tight hood’s nose grommets and strained to move again. His sealed, clamped mouth was drier now around the tongue-depressing foam-rubber gag pad. Less swallowing issues now. He heard nothing with the maximum sound-blocking earplugs fully inserted, and the thick hood blocked his sight.

Long-term bondage was a mind-fuck! The total inability to move, along with total sensory-deprivation, became hard to endure, but endure he must! He had built up his tolerance and limits over the years, testing his resolve and endurance. He normally had control over the duration, but now she had taken control. Sometimes he thought he couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to scream out. She had made him go past previous records and limits, forcibly putting him to supreme tests. She was re-conditioning him to bend to her will and her dictates.

His mind-set now was that he had to endure, that it was now all up to her. The dynamic had completely flipped. Occasionally he thought that he’d flipped and was going bonkers! He did love bondage, he was indeed a real bondage freak! She was making his ultimate bondage dreams and fantasies come true! The reality, though, was really quite overwhelming at times! He had to keep reminding himself how much he loved it. Right now he was loving it, knowing he’d be stuck like this for “only” about 5 hours, unless…

Unless the unthinkable happened, which he didn’t want to think about! He shuddered at these thoughts, pushing them out of his mind. This game they were playing had potentially very serious consequences, but life was full of chances and uncertainties. He ruminated on more positive things and relaxed. This was his bliss, his time-out from going and doing and running around.

He breathed more slowly in his wrapped, taped and hooded prison as he patiently waited for her, getting more relaxed. His cock got hard again in the tight padded, pissy diaper. He had drunk a lot that morning! He was getting used to having a pissy diaper and being stuck for hours. More time passed as he semi-dozed. He eventually started getting impatient, wondering about the time. He felt hot again. He strained his muscles, feeling the totality of the severe bondage, unable to wiggle or move anything. He was wrapped and trapped as stiffly as a board! He breathed hard, short, constricted breaths.

Finally, he faintly heard a noise below. His heart raced at the thought of her return, this amazing woman who controlled his life now. She hollered as she came up the stairs. “Honey, I’m home!!”

“MMMHH!!” he happily greeted her. He tried to squirm.

“It’s been over 5 hours now, Mr. Mummy-man! Have you been enjoying yourself??”


“Good! How’d you like another 5 hours or so, dear?”


“Well, I have a busy day! Another client booked with me, so I don’t have much time now to re-do you! With the A.C. running, it’s nice and cool up here and you got well hydrated this morning! You’ve done this before, Mumman!”

He moans to indicate he’d really like a break now, which he’d been looking forward to.

“Hold on, I’m going to make lunch now.” She leaves as he groans and breathes hard. He feels distress and frustration. She’s probably going to leave him like this, he thinks. He simply cannot move, speak, see or hardly hear. He’s sure that whatever strict bondage she had in mind next, he’d be in a very similar predicament for the rest of the day. He is relatively comfortable, though quite compressed. He thinks a little break would be nice! He loves being immobilized like this, but his mind-set was for “only” 5 hours. Is she serious, or is she fucking with him again? He waits helplessly.

She finally comes back up. “I’ve been thinking, dear, about how all this started on Saturday. I got stuck and detained at the salon and was so worried about you stuck in that chair for all those hours! I came running home to release you, and you refused! Well, I taught you a lesson that night, and a few more since!”

He moans, seeing that his fate is sealed. “Now you want out, but who’s in control, Mr. Mumman? You seem to be doing OK there! Let’s just pretend that I came home and released you, and just put you right back like that! Pretend you’re just starting over again! You’re in a nice, tight, comfortable cocoon, and I think you can just stay like that!”

He half-heartedly vocalizes his disagreement and displeasure, knowing that resistance is futile. His cock is hard again, the true barometer of his feelings. He tries to move and squirm.

“I have something real good in-store for you tonight, so just imagine what that may be in the coming hours! I’ve got you bound-up beautifully, and I’m very confident you can stay like that relatively comfortably for a long time yet! You can sweat off that little extra weight you’ve gained, dear! Again, you’ve been through this before!”

He breathes in exasperation and excitement.

“It’s good therapy I’m putting you through! Well, I gotta go! See you in 4 ½-5 hours! Enjoy yourself! Take a mummy-nap! Love you! I think I’ll let you get off tonight, so look forward to that!” She gives him a peck on his taped-down and hooded forehead and pats his trapped, hard cock. He moans in bound resignation. She leaves and his sentence is final.

His pissy cock gets very hard and he breathes fast and hard. “Holy shit!” he thinks. “No break! No relief! Wrapped and taped-up to the max! Yes, I’ve been through this before, but this is a really long time to be left alone! This is crazy! Incredible! I just have to try to relax and look forward to tonight! Everything’s beyond my control! I’m stuck, and that’s it!! I’ll try to pretend it’s a new start, like she said!” He strains to move just to feel the all-encompassing bondage.

The sweaty hours begin to slowly drag by. He is amazed at her, at himself. Her resolve, his ability to endure long-term, full-coverage, complete immobilization. He gets antsy at times and regularly strains to move in the crushing bondage to relieve tensions. Eventually, he relaxes sufficiently to drift off into bondage dream-land. He has weird dreams. In one, he is mummified and strapped down in a coffin with a respirator mask tightly strapped-on, his breathing resounding in the blackness.

He slowly woke up and sighed in his stiff, rigid containment. He was losing all track of time. He thought he was losing his mind. His thoughts are rambling, disjointed. He is drifting in bondage la-la land, on a bondage over-load high. He feels no real cares or worries. He is in sub-space nirvana, feeling peaceful and at-peace with his situation. He felt a floating feeling, drifting along on an ultra-bondage high.

Someone banged on the front door, disturbing him. “No-one home!” he thinks. “Just the secret mummy!” They left and he patiently waited, and waited… He went through the familiar ups and downs of extreme, total bondage. He didn’t feel too hot now as the cool air surrounded him, but he developed more of the familiar aches and discomforts. His stomach growled. He was thirsty. His potent bondage masochism was being satiated. He was totally resigned to his harshly-bound fate.

He dozed again, waking disorientated. A sudden, surprising anxiety episode came on, his heart palpitating crazily and his breathing becoming fast and labored. He strained against the stifling bondage. He fought to quell the attack, slowly regaining control. “Control! No panic, no mental weakness now!” he thought. “She’s got to be home soon!” His heart and breathing rates slowly returned to normal.

He wondered again what her “something real good” was that she had in-store for him tonight. Suspension? Outdoors? Fiberglass casting? His loins stirred as he thought about getting off tonight in bondage. His cock stiffened.

At last, he heard the front door slam. He was giddy with relief and excitement! She came upstairs. “I see you’ve been doing just fine there, Mumman! It’s real cool! I'll shut off the air. Are you ready to get out, or should I wait awhile?” He vocalizes as if to say ‘very funny!’

“I know, I was kidding! I’ll take some pictures of you, as I have through each phase so far! Phase 7! Phase 8 tonight after you clean up, have dinner and rest!” His hungry stomach is growling as she snaps the pictures from all angles. “We’ll have a nice photo documentary of this super-bondage marathon! OK, I’ll cut you out now!”

He moans in anticipation of release as she cuts off the layers of tight plastic shrink-wrap around him and the massage table, and the multiple lengths of tape holding his head down across his forehead and mouth. She starts cutting him out of his tight, thick silver sheath of duct-tape as he breathes sighs of relief, then cuts off the sweaty under-wrap from his limbs and torso. She peels it away as the cool air gives him chills. He slowly starts to move for the first time in over 10 hours.

“Hoo, Mumman, you smell! Better hurry up and shower and drink and come downstairs!” He slowly props himself up, his back and joints stiff and sore. Shivering, he gets into a sitting position and unstraps the tall, padded leather posture collar, then unzips the tight Darlex full hood. It’s the first light he’s seen in over 10 ½ hours! He hauls his sore self up off the padded table, looking at his indentations in the cushions. He shuffles to the bathroom to cut off the electrical tape wrapped around his mouth and back of the head. He removes the soggy gag-pad that filled his closed mouth fully, depressing his tongue.

He gets a cup-full of water. As he gulps it down, dribbling it, he looks in the mirror. He looks like hell! He has a deep hood-seam indentation down the center of his face and he’s exhausted, chilled and hungry. He gets the pissy, sweaty padded diaper off and quickly gets into the shower, washing up very thoroughly. He dries off and weighs himself, happy and surprised to see he’s lost over 5 pounds since Saturday. He goes below to have his dinner: nutrition shake, soup, Gatorade, yogurt, mushy foods and vitamins. He thinks a hamburger would be nice, but she even controls his diet this week!

He gulps it all down hungrily as she busies herself in the kitchen. “What now, dear?” he asks.

“What now dear what??”

“Dear Mistress!”

“Just relax for a while, go watch TV or take a nap! Leave your cock alone! Remember, you only get off this week when I allow it!”

“Yes, Mistress-dear.” He goes to the living room, turns on the TV, makes a couple phone calls, and falls asleep. Long-term strict bondage was exhausting!

She smiles to herself, thoroughly enjoying this game. She’d never envisioned herself as a strict, controlling bondage mistress before. They were both enjoying this new role-playing. She was giving him his ultimate fantasy this week, in spades! He had to comply and deal with it! She had to keep it up relentlessly, to keep giving him his fill and take him to new limits! He’s in for a hell of a bondage session tonight, she thinks.

He’ll be well-fed, re-hydrated and rested for the next long ordeal. She lets him sleep while she cleans up, then relaxes for awhile. She’s about to make a real ultimate fantasy of his come true! “Sick” boy will be really out of commission! There will be no break or escape for him!

He sleeps for about an hour, watches TV and makes a phone call. He hears her upstairs and goes up. When what to his wondering eyes should appear, but cases full of plaster bandages and some bondaging gear! They smile at each other. It’s like Christmas! She had a large metal bowl filled with warm water and plastic sheeting spread out on the floor beside the bed.

“Hey, Mumman! I was about to get you! It’s time for you to get plastered! I’ll start with your arms, then your legs! Aren’t you excited??”

“Oh, yes, Mistress-dear!” He is quite excited. He goes and sits on the edge of the bed as she gets the first roll of cast padding wrap out. They’ve done this before, but it’s been awhile. He loves the whole process and the creeping immobilization of his limbs.

“First, put on your head bondage! Here’s your rubber ball, your cervical chin collar, swimcap, earplugs and ace bandages! Put this long black sock over your eyes and wrap your head all up!” He quickly does as told, the huge ball cramming his mouth. He is soon blind and deafened, incapable of speech, his head and neck immobilized, tilting back. She begins securely wrapping the cast padding over his entire hand and thumb and up his wrist as he gets an erection. She playfully swats it, continuing to wrap his arm up over his bicep, his arm slightly bent.

“Mr. Dicky wants to play! Soon enough!” she says. She cuts 4 long strips of 4” plaster bandage, laying them all together, then dips them in the warm water. She slides them between her fingers to strip off the excess water. “Hold your arm up, Mumman!” She applies the layered strips under his elbow from wrist to near-armpit. She wraps the splint into place with more cast padding, keeping his arm slightly bent. “Hold it still! Keep that position!” It slowly hardens. She puts a roll of 3” plaster bandaging into the water, squeezing it. She then begins the process of tightly casting his entire arm and hand with the 3” bandages, smoothing it out as she goes. She is very careful and thorough.

He loves the warmth and stiffness enveloping his arm and starts squeezing his hard cock with his temporarily free hand. She smacks it and admonishes him. Soon, his cock and his head will be out of reach and her control will once more be complete. She applies many layers, locking his arm and hand into a rigid hand-shake position, his thumb sticking straight up at 90 degrees, his fingertips all covered like mittens. Then she begins on his left arm, expertly casting it in identical fashion. The casts are super-strong with the splints underneath, allowing no flexing damage to occur. As she went, she smoothed and compressed the plaster bandages, ensuring perfect bonding. The compression was perfect!

Now both his arms were perfectly stiff and locked in position as the casts dried. He breathed heavily in excitement. Now the long leg-casting process began. She had plenty of 3 and 4” plaster bandages and methodically went about the business of immobilizing his legs and feet. His legs were slightly bent and splinted and she casted his feet in a severe downward point. This was a special, new treat for him! Never had they plaster-casted his legs before! He felt as if he had stiff, rigid ballet/toe boots on! His feet and toes were completely covered in many tight layers. She got the hair blow-dryer out to hasten the plaster drying process. He loved the heat inside his stiff casted limbs. This sure beat the drywall fiberglass casting! These casts were thick and heavy!

“There, Mumman! You look like you’ve been in a real bad skiing accident or something! You’re like that until I say! Guess how long that will be?? Until the end of your “vacation!” He exclaims unintelligibly. “That’s right, you’re not getting out of those casts until Sunday night! Five solid days!!” Wow, he thinks, this is fucking ultimate! “As you know, I’ll be gone a lot for the next 4 days, so this is a great plan for you! I’ll have to feed you and take care of everything for you. You’ll be totally helpless, not even able to get up and take a piss or shit! I’m your bondage nurse-mistress! Speaking of which, do you need to piss now?”

He indicates affirmatively. She gets the bed-piss container and positions his semi-hard cock into it. “I’ll wedge it there until you piss. It’ll be bed-time soon, dearest! Then I’ll have to catheterize you, but in the meantime, after you piss into that, I’d like to fuck you!” He makes a loud, excited exclamation! He concentrates on pissing and finally does so. She removes the container and gets on top of him on the bed. She pinches his nipples hard as he gasps and moans excitedly. Then she sucks hard on his nipple as she grabs his hardening cock. He tries to move his arms and hands and legs and feet within the tight, heavy casts. He breathes hard through his nose, his mouth thoroughly plugged with the huge ball and bandages around his head. The neck-chin brace holds his head tightly and immovably.

She roughly jerks his now super-hard cock up and down, sucking and biting at his tit. Then she mounts him, slamming herself down on his raging cock. She begins to lustfully ride him, alternatively pinching his, then her nipples very hard. They moan, groan and grunt in fevered pitch as the urgency rises and the juices rise. He raises his casted arms as if to hold her and moves his stiff legs up and down. They are in a sexual frenzy as she slams herself up and down on him. She screams as she comes, fingering her clit. Then he cums hard, hollering through his nose. Their frenzied movements abate, as she collapses on his heaving chest. They lay there happily together for a long while in after-bliss.

She finally slithers off him, kissing his shoulder. She goes to the bathroom as he lies there helplessly, happily. She comes back to wipe off his cock. “That was fun, Mumman!” He ‘mmmm’s. “I’m going downstairs for awhile and then we’ll get ready for bed! See you later, Mummy-dearest!” He bids her adieu and relaxes into his bondage. He enjoys his restricted ability to move and wonders if she’ll allow it tonight. Maybe she’ll tie his casted limbs down. She’ll probably leave his head bondage on, he thinks. It’s almost like having his head in a cast, too. A cast over his head wrap would be redundant.

He revels in his casted semi-immobility. ‘Five days of this!’ he thinks. ‘I sure can’t walk with my feet casted downward like this! This is fantastic!! I’ll have to be catheterized or diapered every day! She’s incredible!’ He lies there blissfully for a long time, waiting for her.

She comes up in about an hour. “Nighty-night time, dear! Time for your catheter!” She unwraps it and, as before, expertly inserts it up into his bladder, inflating the internal balloon with sterile water and attaching the tube to a large collection bag. It is a strange, uncomfortable yet stimulating procedure! His cock gets hard. “Can’t have you moving around too much, now, dear! Get used to this!” She gets lengths of rope, attaching them to his casted wrists, tying them tautly to the upper bedposts to the corners of the bed. She puts a small pillow beneath his braced and wrapped neck and head for comfort. She puts a pillow under each knee before roping his casted ankles down very securely to the corner posts, stretching his legs out as he moans.

She put a sheet across his torso, then got more rope, looping it around casted knee and elbow, pulling it under the bed to the opposite knee and elbow, tying it off tightly. She then attaches and pulls other ropes around them and across his body for further immobilization. Again, he is impressed at her diligence and thoroughness! As she completes the web of ropes he is now thoroughly immobilized. His erect cock tingles as he tinkles some more through the catheter.

“Comfy, dear?” He moans. “I’ll take some pictures now, then get myself to bed downstairs!” She snaps away as he tries to see what movement he has. Practically none! She finishes and gives him a peck on his big ball-gag. “Sleep tight, Mumman! Goodnight!” He vocalizes, conveying goodnight to her. He sighs, knowing how tough a night this will be! Maybe sleep will claim him eventually, in many hours! Right now he is quite excited and plenty of saliva is coming up in his mouth to swallow. He feels quite warm. The tight, heavy casts feel awesome! He is exquisitely trapped!

The warm glow of sex in bondage is still with him well into the night and he is relatively comfortable on the memory foam mattress. The familiar shoulder and back discomfort in this position dissipates gradually, gratefully. He zones out in total bondage bliss. He periodically strains to move as the hours crawl by and sleep eludes him. The casts are so tight and the ropes are so taut! The catheter is a distraction, too, as his cock goes periodically up and down. He’ll be in casted helplessness for 5 whole days! What an ultimate vacation!! What incredibly strict, immobilizing enforced endurance!



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