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First-Hand History 2

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; naked; statue; temple; captive; encase; gag; insert; sci-fi; toys; denial; reluct/cons; X

continued from part one

Part Two

“Ok, looks good. Fan out in pairs and get started. I’ll watch for sentries.”

Nodding, the others fanned out silently. Watching them go, Melissa Roberts sighed with relief. On her first, nearly disastrous, trip to Egypt’s past, she’d come alone. This time, she’d brought a team. This meant support, even if it did require a certain loss of modesty.

Glancing down at herself, Melissa shook her head ruefully. In the interest of speed and security, it had been decided to send the team together all at once. With such a large send, the power demand was very nearly at the limits of the system, so in order to reduce demand, the team had been allowed nothing that would increase the mass of the send. Unfortunately, this included clothing. Basically, the entire team had arrived at their destination totally naked.

Now, watching as the others slipped away, Melissa relaxed slightly. As the only female in the group, she had been acutely aware of her own nudity, and even more aware of all the naked maleness surrounding her. The sight of her nude teammates had done nothing to reduce the arousal Melissa felt at the excitement of this new adventure. Now, with the others gone, she could focus on her audacious plan.

On previous trips, interaction with her surroundings had been strictly prohibited. Her capture and mummification had been totally unplanned. This time, she intended to not only interact, but to take a great deal of her surroundings back with her.

It had been her idea, which the others had quickly adopted. In a little over three hours, the things around her would all be destroyed by a raging fire. By coming back now, gathering these things up, then returning them to her own time, she would preserve them without changing the flow of history. If they were going to be destroyed anyway, it would hurt nothing to take them. Which is how Melissa Roberts found herself wandering naked through the legendary Great Library of Alexandria.

Slipping silently down the wide corridor, alert for any sign of security, Melissa was suddenly startled by the sight of a dark form ahead. Cautiously, she approached, relaxing as she recognized the stiff outlines of some form of statue. Curious, she approached, examining it in the dim light.

The statue depicted a naked woman, standing with legs slightly parted, arms straight at its sides, mouth a dark oval. Something on the statue’s right shoulder caught her eye. Examining more closely, she saw what looked like a type of hinge. More exploration showed that the statue was, indeed hinged on its right side, with latches on the left side. Her curiosity growing, Melissa opened the latches.

As she did, something slid out from the top of the statue, something else near the middle. With a mental note to examine these protrusions later, Melissa opened the statue to peer into it’s empty interior. This statue was no more than a shell, she realized. Wondering as she did how it had been made to so faithfully depict a woman’s curves.

As she peered into the dark interior, Melissa was startled by the sound of muttered words approaching. A quick glance around showed her nowhere else to hide. With a resigned shrug, she drew the shell open further, then stepped in and pulled it nearly closed. Standing silently, breathing through her mouth for silence, she listened as the voice approached.

Since her last visit, with its nearly fatal results, Melissa had taken time to learn ancient Egyptian. Now, listening from her hiding place, she understood the mutterings of a watchman unhappy with the need to make regular rounds. Slowly, the voice approached, halting directly in front of the shell. Melissa heard the voice complain about spirits making mischief at night. Though the reference escaped her, she had no problem understanding when the shell suddenly snapped shut.

Gasping in shock, Melissa felt something large, round, and slightly rubbery in feel push past her parted lips, filling her mouth and quite effectively gagging her. At the same time, another large object pushed between her thighs, entering and filling her with one slow thrust. Her earlier arousal hadn’t really faded, allowing for an easier entry. Still, it would have sent Melissa up onto her toes were such movement possible. Outside, the voice receded, the watchman continuing his rounds, leaving her trapped helplessly within the shell.

Desperately, Melissa struggled to free herself, but the tight fit within the shell allowed no movement whatsoever. She could only stand, legs slightly spread, arms at her sides, enduring the shapes that filled two of her major openings.

Well, she thought ironically, at least I know now what it was that came out of the thing when I opened the latches. Her tongue examined the shape filling her mouth. Lower down, her muscles worked slowly, clutching at the shape between her thighs as it’s presence began adding to the arousal she’d already felt. Melissa moaned as she felt herself begin the slow climb, cursing her love of bondage as her helplessness, along with that thing filling her, conspired to drive her arousal ever higher. And the thought that, this time, there would be no rescue didn’t seem to inhibit that arousal in the least.

Unlike last time, Melissa carried no retrieval device this trip. Instead of each member of the team carrying a separate device, a single, larger model had been sent back, calibrated to take everyone within a given area. This meant no retrieval, and no way the others could find her. After all, they would be busy securing the contents of the many shelves and niches, not looking inside stray statues along the corridor.

Again, Melissa fought to escape, only to, again, relax in defeat as the tight confines allowed no movement. She could only accept her fate, relaxing as much as her steadily growing arousal would allow. Soon, her muscles were clenching with near desperation at the shape buried between her thighs, her mouth sucking almost eagerly on the matching shape filling it. Her plight seemed to fade as a familiar haze of need filled her mind, slowly growing into an all-encompassing fog. Please, her mind begged silently, if I’m going to die here, at least let me cum first!

Eternities of time passed as she stood helplessly within the shell, her mind screaming the pleas her gagged mouth couldn’t utter. Every muscle writhed helplessly, and she could feel the moisture trickling down the insides of her thighs.

Suddenly, the shape between her thighs withdrew, leaving her feeling strangely empty, abandoned. Melissa moaned loudly as the shape between her lips also withdrew. She felt the shell move, and then dim light filled her eyes as the shell swung open.

Bradley, one of her team, eyed her curiously as he helped her step from the shell. For her part, Melissa’s eyes were filled only with the sight of Bradley’s cock. Moaning, she reached for it, only to feel his fingers encircle her wrist, stopping her.

“Mel,” he said softly, “you’re probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, but Dan would kill me if I let you do that. Besides, we need to get moving.”

Melissa stood staring at Bradley, her mind struggling to force coherent thought through the fog of arousal. “Right,” she whispered huskily, “right. How are we doing?”

“The second team came through on schedule,” Bradley reported. “They’ve sent nearly everything back, and it’s almost time for us to go as well.”

Melissa’s eyes widened at these words. If the retrieval were nearly done, that meant she’d been trapped for over two hours. No wonder she was so damn horny. She gazed longingly at her companion’s hard cock, then forced herself to turn away.

“Ok, let’s move.” Every muscle trembling with need, Melissa began staggering down the hall. Bradley reached to support her, only to have Melissa flinch away.

“Don’t,” she warned huskily. “The way I feel right now, if you touch me, you’re going to wind up on the floor with me sitting on that cock. You have no idea how much I’d like that, but we don’t want to get left behind.” Somehow, she managed the ghost of a smile. “Besides, you’re not the only one Dan would kill. Now let’s go.”

As they moved, Melissa slowly regained her composure. “How did you find me?” she asked, bringing a smile to her companion.

“We got worried when you never returned,” he said, “so I offered to look for you. I’d almost given up when I noticed that one of the statues seemed to be rocking. I saw the latches and decided to investigate.” The smile became a grin. “After all, I remember your last trip. You have a way of finding the kinky side of history.”

Melissa blushed hotly. Bradley had been part of the team who’d removed the wrappings binding her on her return from that other trip. There too, he’d seen her naked and helplessly aroused. Then, as now, he’d remained a gentleman. Melissa felt the sudden urge to hug him, resisting with an effort at the thought of how close that would bring his cock to that desperately empty spot between her thighs.

Passing through the door into the room containing the retrieval device, Melissa heard a shout behind her. Turning, she saw the watchman approaching at a run, a short blade in his hand. Stepping back, she slammed the door closed, dropping a bar into the brackets mounted on the door’s frame. Satisfied the watchman couldn’t follow quickly, she stepped back.

A sudden, searing pain in her ass made Melissa jump with a gasping scream. Turning, she watched as a standing torch toppled, its flames licking at the curtains of an alcove. Stunned, she moved toward the fire now climbing the curtains, only to feel Bradley grasp her wrist, yanking her away.

“Come on,” he said urgently.

“But the fire……”

“No time. We have to go.” Giving her no time to argue, Bradley dragged her toward the rest of the group, clustered around the retrieval device. Melissa’s last sight was the flames eagerly consuming the empty niches of the alcove.


Melissa turned, feeling the sterile pad covering the burn on her ass stretch with the motion. “What is it, Dan?” she asked quietly, her voice resigned.

“Are you alright?” Dan watched her, a concerned look on his face.

“No,” she replied, “I’m not.”

“But you did it,” Dan said earnestly. “You saved the contents of the Great Library from destruction. All the knowledge of the ancients, all the wisdom lost for centuries, is ours now. You’ve done something amazing.”

“Have I?” Rising, Melissa eyed her lover sadly. “Dan, I destroyed the Library. Me! I caused the famous fire.” She shook her head. “If I hadn’t gone back, maybe that fire would never have happened. Maybe all these things would never have been destroyed in the first place.”

“But they weren’t destroyed,” Dan insisted. “You saved all of it.”

Melissa sighed. “You don’t understand,” she said softly. “Without the fire that I caused, all of this stuff would have been safe where it was. It would never have been lost to history. How would history have been different, better even, if these things had been available during the centuries after the Library was destroyed.” She sighed. “By me.”

Dan’s hands gently grasped her shoulders. “Mel,” he said, “you don’t know that. If you hadn’t caused the fire, something else might have. History isn’t that easy to change. And as it is, the history we know is still intact.”

Melissa shook her head. “Not good enough. Twice now, I’ve gone back to ancient Egypt. And twice, I’ve wound up helpless, horny, and doing my best to fuck an ancient Egyptian dildo! I followed a Mongol procession half way across Asia to learn the location of Genghis Khan’s tomb, and they never saw me, but every time I go to Egypt, I get in trouble. I’ve had enough. I’m resigning from field work, effective immediately.”

Dan started to argue, but the determination in her eyes silenced him before he spoke. “What will you do?” he asked instead.

“I’ll help evaluate the things we brought back,” she replied. “We’ve got a lot of scrolls and books to translate and add to our store of ancient knowledge.” Melissa turned away, then looked back with a soft smile.

“Who knows,” she said wistfully, “maybe I’ll find the design of that statue shell I was trapped in.” Melissa felt her nipples harden at the memory. “Maybe I’ll even have you build a replica. For research purposes, of course.” And at the thought of that “research,” her smile grew.


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