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Foaming 2

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; naked; bond; bagged; wrap; tape; foam; cons; X

continued from part one

Polystyrene foam expands in all directions once the chemical reaction is started. Once this reaction begins, it cannot be halted! Depending on the type it will expand from 5 to 10 times it's starting volume. Simply put, a 1/4" layer of the liquid is going to become 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" of solid foam. If there is nowhere for the foam to expand outward (ie a plastic bag or something else that will give) it IS GOING TO EXPAND INWARD! (ie, against the person inside).


Well over the past few years my journey into the realms of mummification had ventured further than I had ever dreamed possible, to me it was a dream come true, my interest in mummification had started many years ago after a journey to Egypt and visiting the Cairo Museum and seeing the mummy's on display there.

I started off allowing my body to be mummified in plastic and cling film, this was a start and quite thrilling but it was extremely hot being encased in plastic of any form. I very soon progressed to being bound in cotton bandage, this was a big improvement from the comfort point of view and I may add a very safe form of binding. I soon found out the body had to be stiffened, this was accomplished by using a body board under the body, mine consisted of a two centimetre thick board cut slightly smaller than my body shape, to this I was secured above and below each joint - ankles; knees; pelvic region; above and below the breast; neck and forehead. Once this is done there is no movement possible then the bandaging starts, but anyone who has read my stories will all ready know this.

This form of mummification stood me well at the time I never dreamt I could go one better, that was until I met a Doctor who was into S&M. Sex to him was of secondary importance, his speciality was subjecting the female to unusual forms of bondage. We would discuss various forms of bondage and internment that the female could be subjected to. Of course not all were pleasant and some proved rather impractical. Then one day John phoned me to say he had a new form of interning a female that he really thought I would be interested in, he told me it was the ultimate in complete bondage and completely painless.

A week or so later I visited John and he showed me an aerosol can that contained an expanding foam as used by builders for filling gaps. The foam can be spurted into a container and soon it expands at quite a rapid rate completely containing the object in the container sealing it in a block of foam. He went on to explain the foam was not very skin friendly at all and skin had to be insulated from the foam at all costs, also the fumes can be a little nasty so good ventilation is essential. He suggested we have a small trial and after some discussion I agreed as I had known him for some time and participated in his experiments in the past so there was no problem of trust which is vital in this game.

I now stripped off and sat on a stool, a breathing tube was inserted then about a dozen layers of cling film were wrapped around my head and neck completely sealing in any trace of skin, the cling film was bound down to the base of my neck. Now a thickish plastic bag was placed over my head and the breathing tube was pushed through a small hole in the bag, then my head was bound in layer after layer of bodge tape, clamping the plastic bag to my head and neck. Now a second thickish plastic bag was placed over the head, the tube again pushed through a small hole so I could still breath, this bag was taped around my neck leaving the rest like a balloon around my taped head.

Now at this point I thought I was restricted but what was to come really surprised even me, He made a small hole in the outer bag and inserted the tube attached to the aerosol can of foam, the can was allowed to insert a quantity of foam, he then inserted it on the other side of the head again inserting foam, soon the foam encompassed my complete head and swelled up inside the plastic bag. There was a lot of creaking and groaning as the foam expanded, it seemed to press on the eyes and cheeks, my head was now totally encompassed.

The feeling is beyond any other form of bondage I had been subjected to before, you have no choice but to feel submissive in this position and with your hands tied behind you there is nothing you can do you really are the complete submissive chick. And the whole body is accessible you can be transported and shown to friends of the Domme they will not know you and you will not know them all very kinky really.

After this episode John now plans to wrap my complete body in cling film and a large plastic bag then stand me in a tube which will be filled with foam perhaps I will become the first foam covered mummy.


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