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Halloween Display

by JSmith7471

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© Copyright 2002 - JSmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/ff; drug; wrap; bandages; tape; latex; cocoon; display; toys; climax; reluct; X

Mummification and Encasement Club
Halloween Display
by JSmith
This story picks up at the end of the "Missed Meeting"

Bob was released about an hour and a half after the meeting. This had been determined, by his mummifiers. Tim and Lisa had stayed to help in his recovery. Once he was free of the bandages, they helped massage some life, back into his stiff and sore body. The worst part occurred while he cleaned up in the shower. His pubic hair took a half hour to unsnarl. It was so full of dried cum. Lot's of ouches as some hair pulling out was inevitable . As Bob was getting dressed, he thought about how he would set Becky up for a little payback. After Tom, Lisa and he talked amongst themselves for a while, a plan began to form.

Halloween was around the corner and the Mummification and Encasement Club, discreetly, always put up a monster display in one of the member's front yards. This was done mainly, to entertain the neighborhood kids during trick or treating and allowed the club to collect some money for local charities. 

The exhibits usually consisted of scenes from monster/ horror movies. The scenes were stocked with detailed mannequins. Sometimes the club members would dress up in costume to interact in the scenes. Everyone enjoyed this activity, immensely. At a previous meeting, the list of scenes had been discussed and settled on.
              -A cocooned person in a giant spider's web, with animated spider.
              -Victim in a torturer's steel body cage, ala' John Willy.
              -Victim strapped to a wall with torturer nearby.
              -Peasant girl encased on a rack, being stretched.
              -Live mummy surrounded by Egyptian embalmers in tomb.

The first and the last scenes, provided the opportunity he was looking for. After some more lively discussion, they settled on the mummification scene. His revenge would include the strictest immobility and sexual torment of the highest order. Outwardly, she must look like a mummy, but no one need know what was going on under the bandages. (Everyone in the club had been mummified or encased at one time or another. Either as a display, a trick or practical joke, over the years. The members were always looking for a chance to get even or top one another.)

Tom and Lisa thanked Bob for the chance to be in on this. (They had both been on the receiving end of Becky's bondage in the past.) They all laughed as they walked out to their cars. Goodnights were exchanged. Lisa got into the car as Tom and Bob stood and talked for another minute. "Come on Tom. Let's go, I'm tired!" yelled Lisa as she blew the horn. "Gotta go. She knows how I hate that horn blowing!" said Tom, as they clapped each other on the back, chuckling to themselves.

Over the next week, Bob formulated his plans and collected the items he would need. He had decided that along with Tom and Lisa, he would need to bring Jessica, Ben and Brandy into the inner circle. The actual deed would occur at Brandy's house, where the display was to be set up this year. This was going to work out perfectly. Bob spent the final few weeks buying or borrowing the things he needed. The word had leaked out among the other club members, and the anticipation level was running high. 

For the Halloween's Eve meeting, usually about five or six members would show up earlier in the morning to help setup, build and prepare the displays for the night. Since word on Bob's plan had gotten out, the work crew had swelled to fifteen and it looked like the expected membership turnout that night, threatened to burst the walls on Brandy's house.

Time flew by as the day of the Halloween meeting arrived.  Becky was working a half-day and would come over when she finished. Bob was meeting the others at Brandy's house at 9:00 AM. Bob, Tom and Lisa greeted each other, along with the other work crew when they arrived at Brandy's house.

"Where's Becky?" asked Lisa. "I can't wait to spring the trap on her."

"She's working until 11:00AM and then she'll be over, straightaway." replied Bob with a big grin, "You just can't wait to get in on this can you?"

"Be patient honey, you'll be more involved than you think.", replied Tom as he kissed her.

As the other members arrived, they all drifted out to the garage to start working on the displays. Bob, Tom and Lisa walked down the hallway into the guest bedroom to make sure all the supplies were prepared.

"There sure is a lot of stuff piled here. More than we'll need for Becky.", commented Lisa.

"Some of this stuff is Brandy's personnel stash that she uses for her own play." answered Bob. Lisa nodded in acknowledgement, and went back to what she was doing. Tom and Bob stole a quick glance and exchanged a smile with each other. When everything was set up, they joined the others in the garage, working on the displays.

At about 11:30AM, Becky came breezing through the door, "Hi everybody! Let me change and I'm ready to help." she yelled with a smile. Bob met her at the door and handed her a cool Diet Coke as she charged past. "Thanks hun." she tossed over her shoulder, as she headed for the bathroom to change. When she came out in her old clothes, she made a bee-line for the garage. Bob was in a trance staring after her. Nice tight faded, hip hugger jeans and a tightly stretched tee shirt. "I could stare at that ass and body for hours." thought Bob. "Too bad, she won't be in them for long."

"I'm famished. Do you have any snacks or munchies. I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch?" Beck said to Brandy.

"I'll be serving snacks in about a half an hour. Can you hold out till then?" answered Brandy.

"Sure." responded Beck.

Everyone in the inner circle stole smiles and knowing glances between each other. So far, so good. Becky slammed the rest of her soda down and went to work.

Time passed quickly as the work progressed well. After about a half an hour, Becky stopped and looked at Brandy." All of a sudden, I really need to pee, bad!" she said. She walked quickly down the hall and turned the corner into the bathroom. After a few minutes we heard her rustling about and the toilet flush. "Wow, I can't believe I peed tha.a.a.."

As she came out the bathroom door, Tom came around the corner, stepped behind her, and covered her mouth with a chloroform soaked rag. The look of surprise in her eyes was priceless. Bob looked at her as Ben held her arms to her sides. Her kicking was futile.

"Remember the Coke I gave you? It contained a diuretic, courtesy of Nurse Jessica. Your bladder should be totally empty, and since you haven't eaten all day. Time for me to get even. You'll be joining our displays for the night." Bob said with a grin.

Tom now pinched her nose shut with his thumb and forefinger. She had to breath in the chloroform fully, in thru her mouth. 

That was the last thing Becky remembered, as she slipped into unconsciousness. She slumped into Tom's arms, as Ben grabbed her legs and they carried her into the guest bedroom. They laid her down on the bed and Jessica injected her with a sedative, in the forearm. "That will keep her out for about an hour." commented Jessica. The conspirators began to gather. Brandy and Lisa stripped off her clothes while Bob and Tom grabbed a pile of bandages and moved them to the bed. The girls were fondling her nipples, watching them grow hard and erect. Even though Becky was out like a light. Bob bent down and gave her a tender kiss on the lips, whispering softly into her ear. "I hope you enjoy yourself. This is going to be a very long night!" He swore that a smile briefly crossed her face.

Bob and Tom each took a leg and began wrapping slowly and precisely, from the top of the thigh down to her toes. The wrapping looked smooth and was evenly applied. No amateur work here. Lisa and Brandy each prepared a vibrator for Becky's openings, lubing them liberally. Lisa gently parted her lips and slid hers in the front, first. The boys rolled Becky on her side and Brandy slid hers into her ass. Becky sighed softly as the rear vibrator went in.

"Watch the wires and how you route them." warned Tom. "Are you sure she is out for awhile?"

"Trust me." answered Jessica. She was staying out of the main action, standing along the wall. Four people around the bed were more than enough to perform the task.

"Could you get us all something to drink Jessica?" asked Tom. "Thanks." Jessica nodded and walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Becky's arms, were individually wrapped, from shoulder to fingertip by Lisa and Brandy. Brandy then took some adhesive tape and wrapped it around each hand and each foot to prevent the bandages from loosening. Lisa then took the roll of tape and put two wraps around the top of her each thigh and around the tops of her arms. Again, to better secure the bandages against loosening. "Don't over wrap her, she needs to be flexible, when we finish." Cautioned Bob.

By this time, Jessica had returned with some sodas for everyone. They all drank theirs, and then returned to the mummification. Tom took a fresh roll of bandages and wound it thru her crotch and over her hips to secure the vibrators into their respective holes. He used one more roll and didn't stop until Becky was white up to her navel. 

While this was going on, Brandy took some white cotton rope and cinched Becky's breasts at their base until they were squeezed into taught rounded globes. The nipples protruded and were as hard as rocks. Lisa couldn't resist leaning down and giving them a licking and some nibbling. She then slipped a small adjustable hairpin clip onto each nipple. They all sat her up, and while the girls held her, Bob and Tom began wrapping her torso from the hips up. With practiced skill, they passed the roll of bandages between them, back and forth. Round and round went the roll as they wound her body tightly. 

In a few minutes, Bob was winding the bandages around her breasts and shoulders. The bandages made the transition from her shoulders to her neck, where he finally stopped. Wrapping her neck tightly, but not enough to restrict her breathing. Though not done, she was a sight he always enjoyed. Completely white and tight from her neck, to the tips of her toes. Her waist. The flare of her hips. "God." thought Bob. That figure, the way her breasts stand out, so round and they hadn't even secured her arms behind her yet." Bob's cock throbbed in his pants, a slight wet spot evident on the front. Lisa's voice snapped him back to reality.

Tom looked at Jessica and then his watch. Lisa suddenly commented that she had to pee really bad and excused herself to the bathroom. They laid Becky down and everyone stopped as Jessica reached for the chloroform and pad from the top dresser draw. She handed it to Tom. "No hurry, the dose I gave her will have her in there for a few minutes." commented Jessica. Tom called Ben over as they waited around the corner in the hallway.

A few minutes later the bathroom door opened and Lisa stepped out. Tom and Ben were on her in a heartbeat. Ben grabbed her arms and pulled them back behind her as Tom slapped the chloroform soaked pad over her nose. He then put his other hand over her mouth. As she breathed in the fumes thru her nose, She felt the light-headedness start to sweep over her. The sweet smell was overpowering, almost sickening. She knew what was happening and that she was helpless to stop it. Tom looked at her with a mischievous grin, "Bob and I decided that Becky needed company. You're on the menu, so to speak." 

The darkness closed in as her consciousness slipped away. Tom nodded to Ben and told him to take her into the living room and put her on the couch. Her clothes were removed and she was gagged, hogtied and blindfolded. Jessica followed with the syringe of sedative. The hogtie had pulled her arm and leg muscles as taught as bowstrings.(per Tom's instructions) Lisa had started out laying on her stomach, but quickly rolled onto her side. Her breasts and pussy mound were out for all to see. A pile of clips and clamps were placed in front of her on the floor. Some of the workers from the garage took a break and came out to play with Lisa. Everyone else hurried back to the guest bedroom. Becky's preparations were resumed. Bob rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her arms behind her. Her wrapped arms were placed palm to palm as Brandy began wrapping at her hands. Her arms were almost touching as the bandages passed her elbows. Bob swore that he heard her groan, though unconscious. Brandy finished the wrapping at her shoulders and then wound around her chest a few times. Her arms were now in a single sleeve of bandages. As they rolled her onto her back, she began to show signs of reviving. 

At this point, Becky thought she heard voices. They seemed far off in the distance. She could feel pressure and sensations, but that was it. Then nothing.

"We've got about five minutes before she's awake." said Jessica.

"Gag her or secure her legs?" asked Brandy.

"Lets gag her now. I want her quiet while we finish." replied Bob.

Brandy propped her head up with a pillow, while Jessica grabbed a large foam ball and worked it into her mouth. The ball expanded and filled her mouth, trapping her tongue on the floor of her mouth. Brandy laid three strips of adhesive tape over her lips to hold it in place.

Meanwhile, back in the living room, when Lisa came around, she found herself the center of a great deal of sexual attention. Five of the members had wandered out from the garage and were using this bound, helpless female for their entertainment. Lisa squirmed and moaned in the depths of stimulation overload. The last thing she remembered was coming out of the bathroom and being grabbed in the hall. She had no idea where she was now. Her breasts and nipples were being fondled and clamps attached. Her senses reeled as she felt a finger working it's way in and out of her ass. (This anal feeling was new to her. She liked it!) Moist, warm lips and a tongue fondled and enclosed her clitoris. This was almost too much happening at once. After a few moments, her bound body shuddered in the first of multiple climaxes. As soon as one mouth or a set of hands tired, another took its place. It seemed as if their mission was to keep her cumming forever. She wondered if her juices were dripping and staining whatever she was laid on.

With Becky now effectively silenced and her arms helpless, it was time to finish her mummification. While Ben and Tom held her legs together, Jessica and Brandy, each grabbed a roll of bandages and began wrapping her legs together. Tight enough that they appeared and felt as one. As soon as her feet were done, the guys released her legs and stood back to watch the girls work. The bandages spun around her legs, as her calves, knees and thighs became one. They finished by overlapping the wrapping on her hips. The girls had been efficient and thorough, the compression of the bandages being very evident. 

At this point, Becky began moaning as her head rolled from side to side. "She's coming around.", observed Jessica. "What do you want to do, another shot?"

"No, I want her awake. It's no fun if she's not aware of what's happening to her." Bob replied as he walked over to her head.

In a moment, she was fully conscious and looking around at everyone. Initially, panic showed in her eyes, even though she recognized everyone there. Her pussy and ass felt stuffed to the max. She loved that feeling, and tingled all over as her muscles squeezed the vibrators wishing they were on and pounding away. Having them in and not on was pure torment and her S.O.B. of a husband knew it. The tightness and confinement of the wrapping only served to heighten the sensation. She wished Bob,..or anyone would start rubbing her breasts and body.

 Her first reaction was to struggle. Her legs bent at the knees as she pumped the air, with her feet wiggling. Her upper body twisted and turned as she strove to free herself. Deep inside she knew she was wasting her time. In a moment her head fell back onto the pillow as she snorted in defeat and frustration. She nodded her head at Bob and mmmphed at him. "Hi honey. You seem kind of surprised at your situation.", he taunted her. She shook her head in agreement. "You didn't really think that I wouldn't be looking for an opportunity to get you, after that incident at the August meeting." Her eyes widened. "I deliberately waited so you'd think that all was forgiven." Bob chuckled. "Right now your wrapped from the tips of your toes to your shoulders, with a vibrator in front and rear and some snug nipple clamps installed courtesy of Lisa. Your going to become part of this years Halloween display!"

She began struggling again, though futilely to escape the bandages. Bob and Tom reached down and held her still so she wouldn't roll off the bed. 

"Sweetheart, you know you're not going anywhere. Now settle down so that we can finish. Oh, by the way, you'll have company tonight, Lisa will be joining you!"

"It's so nice to see you so tight in white, but still able to wiggle. You'll need that later tonight in the display." said Bob.

Tom and Jessica sat her up on the bed as Bob grabbed a roll of bandages. He started at her shoulders and wound his way up over her neck. The bandages crept up over her gagged mouth and wound around her head up to her nose. Bob paused while Tom pushed conformal foam plugs into her ears. The wrapping proceeded up over the top of her head and under her chin covering her ears. In his excitement, Bob grabbed another roll and finished off her head. When he was done only a long slit remained at her eyes and a hole at her nose to breath. She grunted briefly and then began wiggling her torso and head in a final escape effort. She looked so sensuous squirming on the bed like that.

"Calm down honey. We aren't even done yet. Save your energy for tonight." Bob tried to sooth her. 

"My shoulders and arm muscles are already pulled tight, with them bound behind me. The squeezing sensation of these bandages is so incredible. What else can they do to me?" Becky thought to herself. She was now trapped in her own world. Feeling, movement and sound having been taken away.

Bob looked at Brandy, "Is our latex sheath ready?" Bob asked.

Jessica walked out of the room and returned in a few moments with what looked like a rolled up, white condom about eleven inches in diameter. Jessica explained, her face about two inches from Becky's ear. " Since it's supposed to be cold tonight, we're going to put this snug sheath on you to hold the heat in. It will also hug you even tighter." Becky sat there turning her head from one to another of us, humming to us. Obviously, she wasn't as excited about the prospect as we were.

Tom and Jessica stood at one side of the bed, while Bob and Brandy took the other. They all worked together, starting at her feet and slowly unrolled the latex sheath, working it up and over her mummified form. The elasticity of the latex, allowed it to stretch and cover her completely up to her neck. Her mummified body went from a flat white color to a shiny white. The latex clung so well, every feature, every wrap seam; every smooth curve was highlighted with the dull shine. Jessica left the room and returned with the matching hood. Other than the neck opening, it had three small holes, which lined up with her eyes and nose opening.

"Make sure all the holes line up." cautioned Bob.

Tom and Brandy steadied Becky while Jessica and Bob grunted, pulling the neck opening wide enough to pass over her head. Becky twisted as the latex closed down around her head.

"This feels as if an elephant is sitting on every square inch of my body. Please don't let them do any more." She pleaded to herself.

They all stepped back and looked on in awe at how fantastic Becky looked. She could see them all from inside her cocoon and from the looks on their faces; she realized that she must make a fantastic sight. She hoped some one was taking pictures. She wanted to see this one from the outside later.

Bob walked back to Becky, "Almost done babe. For the display tonight, you need to look like an antique mummy, not a space age one. One more layer and your done."

Tom brought in a roll of thin double-sided tape. All four of them lifted Becky off the bed and stood her up on the floor. The tape was applied to the latex from her head to her feet in six equally spaced strips. Old strips of muslin were woven in a criss-cross pattern, loosely around her to imitate the Egyptian appearance they desired. The double-sided tape held the cosmetic bandages in place for the night, but allowed flexibility. She was laid back on the bed and everyone except Bob filed out. 

Bob sat with Becky on the bed for a moment. "You look incredible and you'll enjoy tonight. Now relax until we set up the displays. We need to take care of your buddy.Lisa." Bob slowly caressed her head and body. She crooned softly in her bondage, rubbing her head against his thigh. He knew that she enjoyed this type of confinement the most. After a few minutes, he went to join the others.

Tom, Jessica and Brandy walked into the living room, just in time to see Lisa cumming on Ben's dexterous fingers. She moaned loudly thru her gag, tossing her head from side to side. Her body tensed as if to explode. Tom walked over to Ben and winked at him. Ben stepped aside as they quickly traded places. Tom continued the stimulation. "Having fun Luv?" Tom asked as Lisa suddenly stiffened and stopped. Tom pulled the blindfold off. With drool leaking past her gag, she turned four shades of red with embarrassment. She saw the five people watching her stimulation and reaction. As she scanned their faces, she realized there was no sympathy here. Her eyes found only big smiling stares.

"Looks like it's your turn Honey." Said Tom. "And they're all here to help. It's a dam shame you annoyed me with your horn blowing the other night. That was the clincher, that made up my mind!"

Tom pulled his finger out from between her pussy lips and slowly licked the juices off as he stood up. "Time for you to come with us. Becky's already done, and you're next."

Bob rolled her onto her stomach and released the cord that created the hogtie. Lisa began struggling immediately. She squirmed desperately, trying to avoid the five sets of hands that eagerly pulled her off the couch. She was carried back into the guest bedroom with Becky. 

Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw the level of encasement that her best friend was in.  She recognized that the top layer of bandages was nothing tough, but she saw what looked like a sheath with a layer of bandages underneath. By the lack of movement she saw out of Beck. She assumed it was very tight. She knew she was in for a very tight time in the old house tonight. She was laid on the bed beside Becky, their eyes met. Both of them were begging, pleading for help from each other. Help that neither could provide. Becky was picked up and carried out of the room by Bob, Tom and Brandy.

Jessica hustled about the room getting things ready. As the three returned, Jessica took out the hypodermic with the sedative. Tom looked at her. "Ready?" he asked. She nodded and walked over to the bed.

Tom looked down at Lisa, "I've come up with an extra special encasement for you. The teasing will be exquisite!" Tom rolled Lisa over and held her right forearm as Jessica injected the sedative. Lisa struggled briefly as she rolled onto her back. Her struggles quickly diminished as a peaceful look came over her face. Her eyelids fluttered and then closed as she blacked out.

Jessica and Bob had the ropes and gag off of her in a few minutes. Brandy and Tom grabbed a cotton rope with some knots spaced a few inches apart, on it. They lifted Lisa enough to tie the rope around her waist securely, but loose enough that it rode on her hips. The long end hanging in front, was pulled thru her pussy lips, between her legs and up thru her ass cheeks. Care was taken to line up the knots in front, so that they stretched across her clitoris and would stimulate it when pulled. Lisa was rolled over onto her stomach. The loose end of the rope was tied to the waist rope, at her back. "Not too tight!" cautioned Tom. "For this to work right, it has to move, not just press hard."

Brandy walked over to the bed with a well-lubricated vibrator. She pulled the rope to the side and gently inserted it into Lisa's anal opening. The rope was returned to its original location, left to press the vibrator in. Lisa was laid back down. Bob and Tom stepped back, allowing Jessica and Brandy to take over Lisa's encasement. Since Lisa liked her restraint more rigid and tight, Tom decided that they would use pallet wrap and duct tape. These were Tom and Lisa's favorite materials.

Jessica grabbed a roll and the girls started wrapping. Both of her legs were done separately, with the plastic stopping at the edge of her labia.(Fortunately, Lisa shaved, so no hair pulling problems occurred.) "Don't go too high, so no hair pulling occurs." warned Tom.

"Hey! Let the professionals do their work." smiled Jessica.

Starting the wrap right above her pussy, the girls passed the roll back and forth as they rocked Lisa from side to side. The plastic wound quickly around her torso. The boys sat Lisa up and held her arms out to her side. This allowed the girls to wrap her breasts. They wound between, over and around, shaping her 36D's into nice round globes that almost stuck straight out from her chest. After going around her shoulders and wrapping a layer on her neck, they stopped. She was lowered back onto the bed.

Bob took a pair of scissors and cut small openings in the plastic for her nipples. The plastic had been pulled so tight during the initial wrapping, that her nipples fairly popped out. The girls each took an arm and wrapped them from fingertip to shoulder. The plastic layers were nice and smooth, with few wrinkles or creases. Working quickly and efficiently, Bob and Tom stepped over to the bed and put her arms against her side. With the guys help, they started wrapping at her shoulders. Her body was again rolling back and forth as the rolls of plastic passed under and around her. Each wrap, each layer went on clinging to the previous layer. Lisa was being enveloped in an inescapable cocoon. They paused at her hips. Tom coiled up the loose end of the rope and nestled it down in the vee between her thighs, below her pussy. They resumed wrapping and were finishing at her toes a few minutes later. Lisa looked so smooth and shiny. The plastic had already begun fogging up underneath, from the body heat.

"You ladies do good work!" commented Bob.

"Thanks, but we're not done yet." Replied Brandy.

"Let's get her silenced, then wait for her to revive. Then we'll finish." said Tom. The four nodded in agreement. Brandy pushed a foam ball into her mouth and sealed her lips with two strips of duct tape.

They left the room and walked down the hall into the garage to see how the displays were progressing. As Bob passed thru the living room, he saw Ben watching television. A Devonshire video, it looked like. DP- 229, if he was not mistaken. "Where's Becky?" he asked.

"In the box, until we're ready." Ben replied.

Bob walked over to the couch, removed the cushions and lifted the lid. Two green eyes blinked and then stared up at him out of the couch bottom. Heavily muffled noises came from the general direction of her mouth and she wiggled slightly. Though the cut, contoured foam held her quite snugly. Bob bent down and kissed her on the forehead. He gave her boobs a squeeze, closed the lid and replaced the cushions.

When Bob stepped into the garage, he saw that the displays were progressing well. They were about finished and it was only 4:00 PM. The group would start setting up in the yard about 5:00PM. After five or ten minutes, Trish walked into the garage, "Hey, you guys have one very conscious, struggling victim in the bedroom, who needs attention".

"Thanks Trish." replied Tom as he turned to walk out.

"Everything looks good for tonight." Nodded Bob.

The four trooped back into the bedroom and stood around the bed. Lisa looked around the faces for a minute and then began struggling. The plastic crackled and squeeked with her struggles. "Lllll... Mnnnnn..Gaaaaaaaooooo!" She yelled into her gag. Brandy grabbed Lisa's sheathed legs and held them in the air. Lisa realized more wrapping was coming. Jessica grabbed a roll of duct tape and wrapped her feet from toes to ankles in a few minutes. Her wrapping was slow, methodical and neat.

"Ok, Let's get this done!" said Tom. Lisa felt them all grab her at her sides and shoulders. In a second she found herself vertical and looking out the window into the yard. While Tom and Bob steadied her, Jessica and Brandy resumed her duct tape mummification.

Though she couldn't see down, she could hear the duct tape peeling off the roll and feel the tightness as it was applied, crawling up her legs and body. Around and around her, as if being encircled by a snake trying to squeeze the life out of her. She hoped she would still be able to take a breath as it covered her stomach, diaphragm and chest. They were on their second roll and showed no signs of letting up. The tape was being pulled as tight as possible. It seemed that the tape was contracting after it was applied. As they passed her hips, her sheathed arms were bound even more tightly to her body. In a few minutes, her breasts were compressed and covered. They finished wrapping the tape over and around her shoulders and neck. It took a couple of minutes for her to adjust her breathing to the new level of tightness.

Tom walked over with a narrow roll of pallet wrap and wrapped Lisa's head completely, avoiding her nose opening and eye slits.  Her struggles were now feeble with little movement from the neck down. Bob and the girls held her securely. The girls ran their hands over the smooth, silver sheath. Not a wrinkle or pucker showed, in the silver, tape coating. They had done a fantastic job! 

As soon as her head was completely covered in pallet wrap, Brandy took the duct tape, and starting at her neck, covered her head in it. Again, the job was neat and smooth with hardly a pucker anywhere. Jessica had taken a pair of scissors and cut separate pieces to fit around her eyes and nose opening. When she was done, the girls held her so that Tom and Bob could stand back to admire they're work.

"Is that a sausage in your pants, or do you just like mummies and cocoons." cracked Brandy, as the girls howled with laughter. Tom's erection quite evident. Lisa stood there helpless, never imagining that she could be this confined. Both of her openings stuffed to the max. The incredible pressure of the wrappings all over her. And the stiffness. She felt like a statue.

They layed her gently, back on the bed. Bob took a hobby knife and cut small holes in the tape at her nipples and her crotch. After stimulating her nipples to hardness, he tied a string onto each nipple. He pulled the crotch rope out and uncoiled it. Tom walked over to her. Looking into Lisa's eyes, he reached down and began gently tugging on the crotch rope. His constant tugging and release of the rope had the knots sliding over her clitoris. In a moment she was panting and moaning, her eyes speaking volumes, begging him not to stop. After a few minutes of this, he slipped his fingers between her swollen labia to extract a taste of her juices.

"All we need to do is paint you and your ready for the display." said Tom. They picked Lisa up off the bed and carried her into the garage.

Lisa watched the walls and ceiling fly by. She was placed on a piece of plastic and a few of the group brushed on a coat of thick, latex, texture paint. Thin, white cotton cord, like the type used on Venetian blinds was wrapped around her, from top to bottom. Occasionally, some paint would be reapplied. This simulated the spider's cocoon. They were careful not to cover the openings at her nipples and crotch .The paint had dried with the help of hair dryers and Lisa was lying quietly on the floor.

Now Fred walked in," Ok folks. We have about an hour and a half of daylight left. Let's get the displays up!" They carried Lisa back into the bedroom and strapped her to the bed. Then went out to help with the displays.

Over the next hour, the displays were positioned, including drink coolers and lawn chairs. Extension cords were run down from the garage. Some of the neighbors were already cruising thru with their children to check out this year's display. When this was finished, Tom, Bob, Brandy and Jessica went in to bring out the stars. Once in the house, Bob and Jessica grabbed an old war surplus wood and canvas stretcher, likewise did Tom and Brandy as they went for their respective charges. Bob and Jessica removed the cushions and cover from the couch and laid Becky on the stretcher. They met Tom and Brandy carrying Lisa at the front door and proceeded down the driveway in single file. The members cheered as the group approached. 

After the neighbors left, they did Becky first, as she was the easiest. She was strapped to the stone table and the wires for her vibrators were connected and hidden. A small cavity had been built into the tabletop to accommodate her arms bound behind her back. The three embalmer mannequins were placed around her. A sign described this scene as a struggling Egyptian criminal being mummified alive for her crimes. Ben tested the vibrators, the wiggling and moaning as she arched her body indicated everything was in readiness. He tightened the straps a notch or two and covered her eyes with a thin layer of gauze.

Meanwhile, Tom and Bob picked up Lisa to position her. "Dam hun, you've gained a pound or two." grunted Tom as he lifted her.

"NNNggg.Uoooooo!" Lisa responded. Her eyes burning holes thru him. Where Becky lay flat, the spider's web was at an angle. Lisa was strapped in at an angle facing out towards the crowd. They strapped her down.

Now the mechanical spider was mounted straddling her. A piece of sheer lace curtain was stretched from the spider's lower tip of its abdomen (the silk producing spinnerets) down to Lisa's breasts. The nipple cords were connected to levers on the spider's body. At the other end, the crotch rope was connected to the spider's fangs. As the fangs move up and down, they pull taut and release the crotch rope. When the spider's abdomen is moving up and down, as if spinning silk on a captive, her nipples were pulled and released. Lisa loved anal stimulation, so the vibrator was an added bonus. Used only when seen fit. (Of course, having it and not using it, could be a worse tease.) Everyone gathered around as the vibrators and the spider were activated. 

Within a few minutes, both girls were squirming and mewing in ecstasy from the stimulation. Enough to excite and bring them to the crest, but not enough to fulfill themselves.. It was going to be a long night for them. When Trish turned on the background Halloween music, it covered the girl's whimpering sounds. Everyone sat down and settled in as the streetlights twinkled on and the first trick or treaters came up. Bob and Tom took turns stimulating and teasing their wives all night. A steady stream of onlookers came thru most of the night. Later in the night Miss Johnson, (a school teacher, brunette, mid twenties, 5'5", nice tight figure with a set of 35 D's and nipples always erect) came by for the second time in the last hour. She spent a lot of time at the mummy and cocoon. "Don't they look so real." She commented. "I don't know how you folks do it each year. They look so alive. Even the way they move."

"Now Miss Johnson, you know that can't be a real live person under there!" laughed Ben.

As she walked away, we heard her comment, "I wonder how that would feel, being mummified? Soooo helpless and tight in there."

A few of the members exchanged glances. Maybe Miss Johnson would have the opportunity to find out. Sooner than she thought.



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