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Happy Halloween 2

by JayJay

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© Copyright 2012 - JayJay - Used by permission

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continued from part one Happy Halloween – Part Two

Happy New Year!

After the New Year it was back to business as usual. Her boss finally gave up on the contractors renovating the old building, broke the lease, sued for a large chunk of money and found a new building closer to my house, but on the opposite side of town from her condo. She made the commute a few times, but generally she stayed at my place and our games and experimentation continued. Other then an occasional long weekend or a couple vacation days, there was no foreseeable way that an opportunity to stay mummified for nearly three months was going to present itself a second time. But the occasional bondage play during the week and the longer sessions on the weekend kept her appetite at bay.

She cleaned up her condo and soon placed it on the market. By Valentines Day a buyer made an offer on the place allowing Vicki to clear a substantial profit from when she bought it roughly five years ago. All the paperwork was signed and the deal was done a week before St Patrick’s Day. Ever since her Halloween wrapping, Vicki had been researching breast augmentation and looking for local doctor’s that could increase her bust and modify her butt. When the deal was signed, she had selected a process, a doctor, a size, a surgery date and the money from the condo to pay for it. She decided to celebrate one last day drinking green beer as a B-Cup, then that Friday she would make the change and be ready for April Fool’s Day with a J-Lo ass and an E-cup chest.

While I was concerned about the surgery, her sister Nicky was downright pissed off. If the two of them were on speaking terms, Nicole certainly would have tried to convince Victoria not to go through with it. But as soon as the surgery was over, Nicole made her appointment. She also made the doctors and nurses sign a confidentiality agreement promising they would not tell her sister or anyone that she was having the exact same surgery. Nicole claimed that she and Vicki were identical in everyway and she didn’t want Vicki’s surgery to change that. The entire staff went along with the little deceptive game not knowing what was really going on. In reality Nicky had embezzled millions from her company and the cops were closing in on her. As far-fetched as it was, Nicole had planned to flee the country and leave Victoria falling for the crime. Since Nicky and Vicki had the same basic education and did the same job just for different companies, it was not too unimaginable to think that either one could have pulled off the crime. In order for her scheme to work, the two of them must be identical in everyway, if that meant Nicky sported E-Cups for the rest of her days; it was worth the $120 million tucked safely away in an off-shore account.

The surgery went without a hitch and soon Victoria had the most amazing breasts she had been fantasizing about and an incredibly shaped and curvy ass that I would never be able to take my eyes from. Unbeknownst to us, Nicole’s surgery went equally as well and once again you could not tell the two of them apart. They were genetically and surgical twins once again. A month had passed when we received a knock at the door. I opened it and was greeted by the local sheriff, two FBI Agents and the local mortician requesting if Victoria McAllister Preston was home. Not knowing any better, I invited them in and retrieved Vicki from the backyard as she was lounging by the pool. She quickly grabbed a long t-shirt to help conceal her dignity and sat with the rest at the dining table. The cops explained that Nicole was their number one suspect in a corporate embezzlement case that suddenly went cold when her body was found in a stranger’s apartment from a drug overdose.

Vicki was stunned, not at the loss of her twin sister, or that she was a suspect in a major theft, but she didn’t know she did drugs too. ‘One more reason to hate that worthless bitch’ Vicki quietly thought to herself as to not raise suspicions and make her the new number one suspect. They quickly questioned her and interrogated her but soon realized that the two never spoke and their was no reason to suspect that Vicki knew where the money was hidden or that Nicole may have confided in her as to what she had did with the money. Vicki and I were just as surprised as the cops were to discover that Nicole had a $15 Million life insurance policy left in Vicki’s name. This is what made the cops question Vicki, and although leaving the money to your hated sister still seemed suspicious, maybe it was a last attempt to mend old bridges. The questions continued for nearly an hour until the police were satisfied that Vicki had not played a part in the embezzlement or the pending insurance fraud.

Once the formalities were done, the mortician spoke up. “The reason I am here today is to help explain the victim’s will and last requests. Apparently your sister was fonder of you then you thought, as she has made you the sole heir to her estate. But as such, she has some very strange requests in regards to her burial. It seems Nicole was very into Egyptian antiquities and therefore desires a mock burial as her final resting place. She has chosen you to oversee the entire operation. Nicole’s will states that only you would understand and only you could do it right.” Victoria grabbed my hand further shocked that Nicole seemed to know about her secret passion and furthermore that Nicole seemed to have the same hobbies.

In reality, Nicole had been spying on Victoria since last summer and found Vicki’s various sexual interests to be quite perverse and farthest from her own vanilla tastes. “She has requested that the burial be quick and that no embalming fluids be used to preserve the body. As the police had to finish their investigation we have already lost a couple days. Her body is in cold storage in my facility but we need to make arrangements post-haste. We would like to get things underway immediately and unless the officers see any reason to further delay the inevitable, we would like to start tomorrow. She has already supplied the sarcophagus and many of the supplies to ensure she could live on after this life has past. Whatever odds and ends she did not have, we have purchased on the behalf of her estate. My assistant is a close friend of hers and he is prepared to assist with the operation at our facility. We are prepared to begin Monday morning if you think you will be able to fulfill her last wishes.”

Victoria was very taken aback. It was just a random Sunday morning; by no means did she intend to bury her sister on Tuesday. They had not spoke in years and the emotional part was finally starting to catch up. After a good cry, Victoria asked if she could see her sister, it would be the first time in almost eight years. We drove down to the mortuary following the cops. The mortician unlocked the main doors and lead Vicki through the waiting room to see her evil twin sister. As she passed through the double doors of the lobby, she turned to me and apologized, but felt the need to do this on her own. I told her I was there for her, but it was a demon that she needed to face one last time. It was something she wanted to tackle by herself to bring closure to the years of emotion that had split the two of them apart. I kissed her gently and allowed her to go forth. The mortician had already pulled the body from storage and left the two of them alone in the room. He returned to the main entrance to console with the agents and I who were sitting in the front lobby.

Nothing could have prepared Vicki for the emotional or physical experience she was about to undergo. She stepped up to the table to pull the sheet back from Nicole’s face and greet the soulless creature she had avoided for so many years. Vicki was startled to find her lying there on the table with her eyes open. She wanted to reach down and close them but was afraid to touch her or to give her that due care that she wasn’t sure she deserved. Just before the tears began to well up, Vicki felt an incredible pain in her leg and dropped to the ground narrowly missing the stone tablet her sister was laid out on. Nicole had jabbed a needle in her leg while she was standing next to her that caused immediate temporary paralyses. Vicki’s crumpled body lay on the floor as her allegedly late sister crawled off the table to peer into her eyes. Seeing she was in fact paralyzed she ran to the door to see if anyone was coming to her rescue, then returned to the desk to retrieve a vile of liquid from a hidden compartment. Vicki lay there on the ground unsure of what had happened or what was about to happen. Nicole stripped back Victoria’s shirt and injected the large vile into her arm and then breathed a sigh of relief.

“My, my, my Vicki, you’ve made a wonderful accomplice so far. I could not have picked a better scape-goat then you.” She began stripping off Victoria’s cloths from her limp body as she continued on with her explanation. “As I am sure the cops have told you I am into my company for over a hundred million bucks. The money was pouring in fine until last year they found a glitch in the programming and started looking into the money that was getting siphoned out of the system. That’s when my boyfriend who works night’s here at the mortuary helped devise this incredible plan. We would fake my death, and then swap bodies here before the burial, and then I would live as you in your pathetic perverted little world until the insurance check came in, then dump your boy toy and collect the real money in Barbados.” Victoria was floored, literally. If she could have reacted she would have done anything, but her shocked and drugged body could do nothing but play dead as her last strands of clothing were removed. Pointing to her oversized matching breasts Nicole carried on, “You almost blew the whole thing when you got these things last month. I had to make sure I had the same surgery just to not arouse suspicion. Since I have always hated big-breasted women and you have now forced me to live on as one, you will get to enjoy yours for eternity as well. You see we don’t intend to kill you, but have chosen to mummify you, bury you and leave you to enjoy your perverted fetish six feet underground in my tomb.”

By now Vicki was completely naked and Nicole was wearing her cloths and doing her best to match her hairstyle. Fortunately Vicki had a hairclip in her purse, so Nicole clipped her hair back and went about her plan. She hoisted Vicki’s paralyzed body up on the slab and positioned the sheet over her as if her body had never moved. “Having a friend in the death business is a good thing when you are trying to fake your own. He arranged to modify the temperature of your cell, my previous prison, in cold storage so that you won’t freeze. The lower temps and the drugs I have given you will keep you alive and conscious but unable to fight back or move for about three or maybe four days, just long enough to mummify you, place you in the sarcophagus, deliver you to my funeral, say goodbye to all my friends, then bury you for all eternity in the grave of your sister.” Victoria was going mentally insane, this couldn’t be happening, it was another dream or nightmare, and it couldn’t be true. “All I have to do is tough it out with your boy-toy for a month or two until the insurance money rolls in and never have to deal with either of you again.” With her final statement laid out on the table, she pulled the cloth over Vicki’s face and left the room to rejoin the group.

With all that had taken place that day; I didn’t even notice the few quirks about Vicki that I would normally pick up on. Certainly it was an emotional roller coaster for her so I wasn’t too concerned when she seemed lost at my house. She seemed to forget the little things like which drawer was for her socks, where she kept her makeup, which cupboard contained the plates and where we kept the glasses. The next day we returned to meet the mortician and his assistant to carry out the elaborate procedure on her sister. I could only imagine that Vicki secretly wanted to be the one getting interned, not the one doing the interning. Little did I know that Vicki was in fact the one getting stored away and also the one who wanted most not to be involved. The first matter at hand also seemed the most redundant. Nicole had requested that an IV tube be attached to her arm and also that a catheter be used to drain away any bodily fluids. Next they installed plugs up both her ass and pussy that was later connected to collection tubes as well. I was surprised that nobody else spoke up and thought these were absurd precautions to be undertaken for a dead body in the modern century. Despite my insistence, the mortician insisted that a patient’s body is sacred and that his or her intentions must be honored even after their death. In retrospect it’s ironic that he spoke up to continue the charade when I found out later he was not even involved in the scam.

With her redundant bodily functions taken care of, the team moved onto her remaining orifices. Her ears were plugged and then covered in wax to prevent removal. I thought they were simple foam plastic plugs but in reality were very complex blue-tooth audio transmitting devices. Soon the small transmitters were activated to allow trapped Vicki to hear what was taking place around her, but leaving her unable to prevent the inevitable. It was Nicole’s intent to torment poor Vicki well after she was buried. Next they opened her lips and applied a bright white strip of tape over her teeth. The tape was a thick sticky material that was padded and pushed to fill all the crevices and lock her teeth together as one. Next they took a sharp needle and some thread and began loping it through her upper and lower lips. When they were done her mouth would be held securely closed making it impossible to communicate outside of her six-foot enclosure. With her mouth-sewn shut, they repeated the process to her pussy, sewing her lips tightly closed and securing the plug deep within her.

Vicky’s mind was a blur as she could feel the coarse thread pierce thru her lips and slither thru her sensitive flesh. When the Mortician and I weren’t looking, she placed a pair of thick high-tech contact lenses over her eyes that would allow her to see the injustices taking place to her body. Taken directly from a James Bond Spy novel, these particular contact lenses could be linked to a video display so she could see exactly what was taking place on her screens and never blink an eye. Just to torment her even further, they did the same procedures to her eyelids, sewing them shut and blocking out all possible natural vision once her head was under wraps. The last step prior to the actual wrapping involved a large thick chrome steel posture collar that wrapped around her neck and held her head in rigid alignment with her shoulders. The overlapping ends of the steel collar were coated in special epoxy then riveted together ensuring it would never be removed. Despite her blinded and paralyzed condition, Vicki was all too aware of the familiar feeling of a stringent posture collar encapsulating her neck.

Once all of the underlying preparations were completed, it was time for the actual wrapping itself. They began by wrapping each limb in its own sleeve of stringent ACE bandage style material. The three-inch wide strips quickly encapsulated her body starting at her feet and working their way up her body. Her feet were wrapped in several layers and were pulled straight down into an almost en-Pointe position. Vicki could feel her ligaments strain as the wrapping got tighter and tighter and her feet were contorted farther away from her natural flat position. The wrapping continued up her legs and soon over her hips and crotch securing her plugs and catheter within her body for all of eternity. With her legs and feet secure they started at her hips and worked their way across her stomach paying special attention to her breasts. Soon her mammoth E-Sized breasts were throbbing as the constriction tightened around the base further exemplifying her tits. Next her hands and arms were quickly engulfed in their very own sleeves of stretchy wrapping.

Once her arms and torso was completed they slide her immobile body off the end of the table and proceeded to wrap her head. To avoid getting her hair caught in the bandages, they quickly tied her long dark hair off in a rubber band and shaved it from her body. Vicki gasped inside at the feeling of the cool razor sliding cleanly over her bald scalp. Nicole, who was standing over Vicki commented; “In her last act of kindness Nicole has donated her beautiful long mane of dark hair so that an unfortunate chemotherapy patient does not need to face this world alone.” It was a very touching thought, but one that was uncharacteristic of Vicki to say about her sister and furthermore very out of Nicky’s heartless attitude towards other people. It soon became yet another clue that I overlooked and simply waved it off as part of the emotional trauma that is inherit with the ending of another person’s life. Unceremoniously the head wrapping continued and soon her neck, face, and head became one continuous extension of her body enveloped in a never-ending cocoon of white.

While her entire body was covered with four or five layers of bandages, they took great care to ensure that her nostrils only received a single covering. My Victoria Impersonator quickly explained that this was to allow her to continue breathing the glorious air long after her soul had departed. I was a fool to not have called her bluff, but who was I to doubt my girlfriend and the post-mortem wishes of her crazy former sister. With her head fully covered I thought for sure we would be done, but appeared to only be through part one. Her stiffening body was lifted off the table and a thick steel panel was placed underneath her. The panel was cut out to mimic the body of a person whose legs were held tightly together and her arms were crossed over her stomach beneath her incredible breasts. Nicole spoke again to explain the second half of the experiment. “Nicki has requested that the white covering of her naked body was to signify the virgin body that was never spoiled by life. The outer layers are to signify the blackness and permanence of death itself. The heavy rubber coatings will hermetically seal to one another and as time goes on they will bond to one another and harden to form a material that is tougher then the hardest of steels. Within months the rubber will begin to breakdown, get absorbed into the layers of cloth beneath it and she will soon be forever contained in an impenetrable skintight suit of amour.” Vicki could hear every word in absolute clarity as she screamed inside begging for someone to hear her and step forward to prevent this next assault on her body, but nobody came to her rescue.

The sticky rubber tape was slowly and tightly wrapped around her legs securing them to the thick steel plate as a solitary tube. Next her arms were covered individually by the sticky tape as her stomach was wrapped tightly to the metal plate. Her arms were crossed over her taunt tummy and overlapped in a classic mummy pose. The instant the sticky rubber touched each other; there was no possible way of separating the two. With her arms elegantly crossed over her front, the wrapping of her body to the steel plate continued. Soon her body would be engulfed in 10 layers of sticky rubber nearly a quarter-inch thick all over her body. The only part spared was the small triangle of white beneath her nose, which Nicole referred to as her “air passageway into the afterlife”. Once she was completely encapsulated the group took a break and stopped for lunch. They would need to have her in her sarcophagus and transported to the funeral home by 4 pm. As the Mortician and his Assistant left the room, the Faux Vicki confided in me that this was making her so horny and she could hardly contain herself. She commented that she had picked up a bunch of rolls of the super rubber tape so they could share them later in private. The whole while she is rubbing my cock with one hand and caressing Actual Vicki’s encapsulated tits behind my back. Poor Vicki was trapped on the table hearing her evil twin sister make a move on her boyfriend while fondling her body that she was about to condemn to a slow and certain death. The bizarre unusual foreplay continued for twenty minutes until the two men return to finish off their task.

The men returned pushing the elegantly craved oak casket on a wheeled dolly. The ingenious casket was built of thick stainless steel with inlaid oak on all of the panels. It was the spitting image of the stereotypical Egyptian burial. The base of the sarcophagus was tapered as if narrowed to reflect the legs being drawn together as one. The center area was wider at the hips much like her limp and bound body laid on the marble table. The depth of the cabinet was exaggerated to allow her arms lying across her chest to fit under the lid. Even the breast area stood proud of the rest to reflect the female form entrapped inside. Despite the relative small size of her head, the skull area was extremely wide and flared out to contain the headdress that would cover her face during the viewing. They lifted the heavy carved top and set it to the side to allow them access to the interior. Inside the lower half of the sarcophagus was a two-piece larger then life mask. The top half had a golden likeness of her impeccable face while the back had a depression waiting to accept her skull. On the top was a gold and jeweled crown that flared up and out to form two large flanges of blue and gold to mimic her flowing hair and ornate showpiece that would be typical of an Egyptian Queen.

Next they lifted the frozen body into the rich silk lined interior of the coffin and positioned it perfectly inside the deep rich interior of the container. While Nicole distracted the mortician, the assistant secretly made the connections on the inside of the box that would be responsible for maintaining her life well after she was buried. With the connections made inside the box to deliver the nutrients, air, and remove the waste, all they would have to do is make the same connections at the gravesite and her entombment would be complete. They then proceeded to attach the painted gold headdress onto her body. The large jeweled piece would fit over her head and nested into the sides of the cabinet securing her head permanently inside. The remainder of her body was covered in fine cloth completely hiding the black rubber strips encasing her body. Sparkling jewelry and scented flowers were laid atop her body accenting the remarkable display that would be hers through all passing of time.

They closed the lid on the box and proceed to load her into the back of the Hearse. The funeral home was a quick half-hour drive across town while Nicole and I went home to change and prepare to attend her own funeral. As soon as the lid was closed, a miracle occurred. Nicole activated the high-tech contacts sewn beneath her eyelids allowing her to see whatever was broadcast to her new home. During her trip to the funeral home and while she waited for all of Nicole’s friends to see her off to her final destination, Vicki was kept entertained by the video of all the procedures that had taken place to her body during her internment. Vicki was disgusted by the things that had been done to her against her own will and frightened by the fact that she was soon to be buried alive in exchange for her sister’s freedom, but at the same time her body was sopping wet with desire that only made her feel further violated.

Back at my house, faux Victoria was rummaging through her closets looking for something special to wear. She called me in after selecting a full rubber cat suit with an exposed crotch and open breasts. The suit had an incorporated collar that would lock to the rear zipper when fully in place. When I asked if that was appropriate funeral wear, she replied, “look how we just buried the little slut, don’t worry, I doubt anyone will object on the little bitch’s behalf.” and then carried on getting ready. Next I helped her tighten one of her smaller corsets constricting her waist to a very attractive 20-inch size. She completed the outfit with a pair of heavy black solid cloth stockings that would hide her rubber-clad legs. She complemented the black stockings with a very business like deep gray knee length dress with an ultra conservative white blouse with a high neck to conceal the top of the rubber cat suit. She found a pair of white cloth opera gloves that went nearly to her shoulders then found a pair of five-inch heeled shoes to cover her feet. A new black blazer over the blouse completed the outfit. Soon she was the perfect vanilla girl on the outside hiding sweet rich dark chocolate on the inside.

When we arrived promptly at the funeral home we had the place completely to ourselves for the first hour. As the funeral director had put it, “sometimes couples need a while to reflect and mourn in private before facing friends and family.” Certainly there was not going to be much mourning between these old enemies, but Fake Vicki certainly felt that a lot of moaning was in order. Nicole had switched Victoria’s vision over to a secret camera she had hidden in her purse. The purse was placed on a nearby table and Nicole went to work on exacting her revenge. As I was staring into the coffin at her estranged mummified sister Nicole came up behind me and began stroking me relentlessly. Despite how sacrilegious the whole sequence would seem, it wasn’t long before we were going at it like bunnies rubbing against the sarcophagus using it like a sex toy. Occasionally we would take turns feeling the rubbery exterior of the bound Victoria underneath her elaborately decorated body.

Meanwhile Vicki could only watch in horror as Vicki’s evil sister began living out Nicole’s new life in the shoes of Victoria’s old one. Soon we finished with our business right before the funeral director arrived to explain the details for the afternoon. Eventually droves of Nicole’s friends began arriving and mourning the loss of their good friend. All the while commenting how much my girlfriend Vicki resembled the dearly departed Nicole. Nicki worked hard to contain her laughter as she fought to not greet her friends as if they had known each other for years, but instead as if they were meeting for the first time. Meanwhile the Real Vicki was stuck inside her private Hell just wishing someone could bring the whole charade to an end.

The viewing on Monday ended much like it began. After the place had cleared out, Faux Vicki and I had another session making love against her sarcophagus and yet again after climbing on top it once the lid was closed. All was documented by the hidden camera and rebroadcast to the bound Vicki inside her cloth and rubber prison. There was a letter in the mail Monday from Nicole’s insurance company indicating that a check would be issued and they would need some key accounting and banking information in order to deposit the funds. The excitement of learning that Vicki and I soon would be wealthy due to her late sister’s drug habit lead to a long night in the basement dungeon. We returned the next morning to the funeral home, but due to the late night of binding Nicole to the rafters in the basement, we were running late and got there barely in time for the guests to arrive.

In retrospect I am sure Captive Vicki was very appreciative since she would not need to witness yet another session of me pounding her allegedly departed sister wearing her favorite clothing. While the final viewing and ceremony was taking place, the mortician’s assistant was checking the gravesite to confirm the plumbing required for the coffin was in place. The large concrete rectangular box had already been placed in the bottom of the six-foot hole the night before. The assistant had snuck out to the graveyard and plumbed the four-inch diameter PVC pipe containing all of the connections and fittings required to support her life after death. All that would be required is to place the oak sarcophagus inside the steel reinforced concrete container facing the right direction and then a quick plug in with the adaptor and the deed would be done. He made one last visit before the body arrived to make sure nothing had been disturbed and then waited for the end of the long journey.

Once the ceremonies were concluded, the last of Nicole’s elaborate plan was put into order. The crowd slowly exited the building to return to their cars for the formal procession. Inside the building a thick bead of glue was attached to the bottom lip of the container and the lid was placed on top of it. Next nearly a hundred screws were used to secure the joint together and make sure the glue dried completely. As each screw was tightened, the specially fabricated screw snapped off leaving a smooth rounded head in its wake. The smooth head gave the appearance of a rounded rivet and guaranteed that nobody would be able to back the screws out and retrieve the body. Her will stated that she wanted to guarantee that nobody would ever be able to desecrate her gravesite.

With each fastener getting locked in around her head, the gold painted headpiece was further securing its place in time. As each of the many Titanium screws were fit into the predrilled holes around her head it was aligned to the two-pieced headdress inside the casket. As the screws were fastened using high-speed drill motors, the heat generated was fusing the screws to the headpiece permanently welding the top and bottom as one. Each screw pierced a small hole in the tiny pressurized capsules spaced around the headpiece. As soon as each of the screws was secured the epoxy gel began to leak into the headpiece and expand and solidify. Soon the headpiece would be fused shut and filled with hardened epoxy permanently securing her head, neck, shoulders, and gilded metal headpiece as one solid unit. If she could ever be retrieved from her wooden sarcophagus, the ornate titanium headpiece would forever keep her blinded, deaf and muted inside her rubbery-formed steel prison. To make matters worse, as soon as the lid was closed, her contacts once again sprung into motion and a video detailing each of the sarcophagus’s ingenious ideas began to play dropping Victoria into a deepening pit of despair and desire, as she was becoming the Egyptian mummy she always dreamed of becoming.

The Hearse followed by the parade of cars arrived just after lunch. The sarcophagus was removed and carried over to the freshly prepared site. It was then lowered deep into the dark concrete abyss and a final prayer was said. One by one each mourner left tossing flowers randomly into the pit before them until eventually it was just Faux Vicky, (masquerading as my soon to be late girlfriend) the priest and I. Fake Vicky asked for a few moments alone and the Priest and I left to return back to the dissipating processional. As we disappeared over the hill, Imitation Vicky waited for a few moments until she thought the coast was clear. She unbuckled her heels and carefully lowered herself into the hole. She removed the adapter hose from her purse and attached it between the concrete box and the wooden coffin. “I know you can hear me you little slut. I always told you I would get the last laugh and now I have. In a few moments the workers will return and place the heavy concrete top above you sealing you inside your wooden tomb, inside a reinforced steel and cement prison buried alone under six feet of settling soil. Only you, the mortician’s assistant and I will ever know your fate.”

Vicki was screaming desperately inside her hardening shell, but even she couldn’t hear herself. Nicole continued randomly placing the tossed flowers over the adaptor tube so nobody would see the changes she had made.

“And as soon as my check arrives and I cash it, he will suffer your same fate, of course it will be faster and not as elaborate as your own fate had to be. Naturally as soon as I kill him, there will be nobody around to keep you alive after I leave the country with all my millions. Oh well, we all must die eventually.”

Vicki was now in a panic, her fate all but sealed. Certainly I would realize what’s happened and rescue her. But even if I did, with her head encased in a titanium shroud and her body wrapped in rubber as tough as steel and buried inside a sealed oak cabinet, what good would being rescued afford her.

“I have one last surprise for you. In case you are ever let out, which could happen, but chances are slim. I have programmed the sarcophagus to take over your body while I am away. It will control your vision and your hearing and with time convince you this was all your idea. If you ever try to convince the authorities that I have escaped, you will implicate yourself as the real perpetrator to all the crimes I have committed and only you will pay the price. You will go to prison as Nicole Marie Preston while innocent Victoria has eluded the police and is living life as a multi-millionaire in a foreign country and unable to be extradited. Additionally, the computer will be programming your mind to be addicted to sex and crave any type of satisfaction at any costs or price. You are probably better off dead then an extremely hot bimbo lusting after sex serving life in a high security women’s prison.”

Victoria had been beaten and there appeared to be no escape. Nicole had made one key error in all of her scheming. She had underestimated the ability to climb out of a freshly dug grave and was now stuck trying to get out of her own grave. She had been cursing herself for ten minutes when two men showed up staring down inside the grave. They quickly reached down to give her a hand asking what had happened. Nicole was relieved and explained that she was saying her last words and tossed her flowers onto the coffin when her purse slipped from under her arm. Not wanting to be a bother she took off her shoes and climbed down to get it but didn’t think about how she would get out. She thanked the two men again as she put her shoes on.

She walked away and stopped by a nearby tree to watch the men finish the job. They used the backhoe to lift the heavy concrete lid from the trailer nearby then lower the lid onto the matching half beneath the surface. The supporting chains were disconnected and soon dirt was dumped over the hole. Nicki left the men in peace, knowing she had gotten away with everything. She pressed a button on her remote activating the plugs within Vicki’s body and started the video and audio that would slowly reprogram her sister Vicki to become the recently deceased sexually overcharged constantly in heat Nicole. If the plan worked, within months Vicki would convince herself that she had done all the unthinkable things that her sister had done. That she had conspired to have her sister take the insurance money with the plan to dig her up after the police went away. She was well on her way to becoming a mind-controlled sex addict that was submissive to anything with a heartbeat.

Nicole would return two weeks later for the headstone placing ceremony. Vicki had regained control of her body just days after she was buried. But despite having full control over her own body, it was wasted as she was completed encapsulated without even the slightest hint of movement. Nicole had arranged the ceremony while I was at work giving her a few hours alone with her sister. Vicki had been struggling relentlessly for freedom for two solid weeks. Her only accompaniment was the vibrations in her loins and the never-ending subliminal messages for her to submit to Nicole’s wishes. She vowed that she would never allow her own mind to betray her and take the fall for her sister’s crimes even after her death.

Nicole; still living her life above ground as Victoria; opened the secret compartment by the newly placed headstone and refilled the containers with fresh nutrients. She also plugged her hand held PDA into the data port and checked Vicki’s vital signs. All the while she was speaking into her Blue Tooth headset tormenting her captive and egging her on trying to break her. She rambled on about all the wild sex we had over the last weeks and berating her for her kinky side of sex. She reminded her what a great lover I was and how Vicki would never get the feeling of a real man ever again. With each comment Vicki could be heard grunting and trying to scream obscenities at her sister, but her glued teeth and sewn lips were impervious to any real noises. After all the vital checks were completed she said good-bye and told her she had enough nutrients to last for six months. In reality she would require return trips every month to recharge her nutrient supply, but by messing with her internal clock along with the sensory deprivation, she hoped that would speed along her conversion.

Nicole returned a month later to further torment her buried sister. To Vicki it had felt like a decade, even though Nicole had her convinced it was just half a year. Slowly her mental facilities were eluding her. Although she still denied any part of Nicole’s crimes, her libido was off the charts and she craved sex of any sorts to unimaginable levels. Nicole made it a point to mention she had received the insurance check and was now rich beyond her dreams but it was a drop in the bucket compared to the windfall awaiting her in Barbados. She also read a recent newspaper article in which a local Mortician Employee died in a car accident after leaving the local casino drunk beyond recognition. Now the only witnesses left behind are you and I, and I doubt you’ll be spilling the beans anytime soon. She refilled her nutrient supply and left Vicki to another alleged six months of confinement beneath the earth.

It had only been two months and already Nicole was growing tired of her required monthly visits. Meanwhile beneath the earth, the 24/7 onslaughts of submissive women serving their masters in an attempt to crack Vicki’s mind continued their ministrations. This was just one of the many preprogrammed video feeds designed to turn Vicki into a submissive sex slave with an out of control appetite. Vicki was startled by a change in scenery as her evil twin sister showed up wearing various fetish clothing beneath her favorite long trench coat. By Vicki’s limited cognitive skills, if this was the second visit, it would be a year later and Nicole was still masquerading as Victoria and living her life.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am having such a good time pretending to be you that I have decided to stick around a while longer.”

Vicki truly preferred death to entrapment at this time and thought that if Nicole would get bored and leave certainly she would simply be left to die.

“So I am going to stay around awhile and explore all these little fetishes you’ve developed. I thought you should know that I am still working in your office. But I don’t think you will be very happy with me. I’ve slept with nearly every man in the office including your boss. I’ve turned you into quite a notch on the bedpost. Between banging your boyfriend, nearly every guy in the building and a few of the hotter chicks from the office, you are quite the little whore. So you could see what you are missing out on, I have installed video cameras in my old apartment as well as in your former bedroom. Anytime there is any action in either location, you get a front row seat, SLUT!”

Vicki was close to insanity. Not only was she living her life, but also she was ruining it. How could she ever expect to get out of here and return to a normal life after this? “I thought you should know that the rubber encasing your body should have hardened to an outer shell by now. Soon the thick layers beneath will start to flow under the increasing pressure and will flow into the cloth layers forming an indestructible composite that will hold you for life. See you in another six months.”

Victoria spent the next six months buried watching her fake self bang every guy and girl that Vicki knew and various ones she didn’t recognize. In reality it had only been 30 additional days, but the time games Nicki were playing were taking their toll. It was tough seeing her own self fuck her old boss, the coffee guy in the lobby, the maitre’de from the local lunch spot, but the nightly sex scenes with her boyfriend while Nicki was dressed in Vicki’s favorite fetish wardrobe that was really disturbing her. Her mind was starting to crack and she didn’t know if she could hold on much longer.

Nicole showed up again and interrupted her ongoing nightmare. “Being you is the best, so much sex, so many partners, no guilt, it’s good to be a whore when you are somebody else.”

Vicki was nearing the breaking point; this couldn’t go on much longer.

“I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying being you so much that I am opening a website in your behalf. I have installed cameras in your dungeon and will be broadcasting live performances of you getting bound, beaten, fucked, humiliated and whatever else takes place using your real name. That same website will be a front for the escort service that I will be providing out of my old apartment. Of course as usual, you will get the same front row seat you always have, after all, you are my number one fan.”

After the fourth month Vicki was at her lowest. Vicki perceived it as the second year anniversary of her death and she finally couldn’t resist the torment any longer. Her mind and body had turned to mush and all she could do was submit to the subliminal messages getting pumped into her brain. The mental stress was too much and Vicki finally cracked allowing Nicole to turn her into her submissive alter ego. This time when Nicole returned to recharge her nutrient system and mock her sister one last time, there were no screams of betrayal. No muffled cries to get out. Her vital signs were perfectly calm, but her mind had snapped. Nicole was finally victorious and updated the software to begin reprogramming her mind while it was at it’s softest. She left that afternoon after conquering her sister once and for all but feeling strangely empty. Nicole had successfully ruined her life, her body, her goals, her dreams and her mind, but now there was nothing left but a living breathing body being endlessly tormented beneath the surface. She left Victoria that afternoon knowing that she must move on now and start her new retired life in Barbados like she had planned so many months ago.

She continued tormenting Vicki from above by daily video and audio feeds from the website, as well as her private bedroom and the apartment she was keeping for her escort service. But she was growing evermore paranoid that the illegal operations were going to get her in trouble with the authorities. When she stopped in her fifth month to check up on underground Vicki, the mold was being poured and her mind was beginning to fill in the crevices. As Nicole asked her questions, instead of screams of dismay and hate she was seemingly replying as a docile creature. She could tell her spirit was broken and her mind was bending quite nicely. In Vicki’s mind it had been two and a half years since getting buried and nobody could have expected her to hold out that long.

Nicole returned to Victoria one last time and the conversion was all but complete. She informed Slave Vicki that she had mixed up a special batch of liquid that would sustain her life for six years, not just six months like the previous mixtures. In actuality, the previous concoctions were only good for a month and this would last six months. Therefore if she weren’t rescued by her one-year anniversary of her sister’s death, there would be no reviving her. Despite her exploited submissive state, Vicki was shocked that her Master’s could keep her underground for three years and be willing to do so for another six. She would have turned 27 shortly after her sister’s death. She had already missed her 30th birthday in her mind and was probably going to die pre-buried for her 36th birthday. By her count she had spent three years’ buried underground being constantly assaulted by vibrators keeping her on the edge while watching porn every waking minute. Her only sensory input for the last three years consisted of being tormented by her hated sister and constantly being turned on by non-stop sexual exploits. Knowing what was about to take place she slipped further from realty and deeper into her slave state.

Nicole left that day knowing she had gone too far and she had to go. She had already broken things off with me and booked her flight to leave the country. I was stunned to say the least but her mind was made up and she was determined. I was not aware of her dual life that I had played a part in launching her own bondage website that I was costarring in nearly every other day. I was oblivious to the fact that she had become one of the areas most notorious escort service and under investigation by two separate police precincts. I was not aware she had quit her job after sleeping with the entire office and spent her days moonlighting as a hooker. But most of all, I was not aware that the real Victoria that I had met almost a year ago was still buried underground and was hanging onto life by a very thin strand.

to be continued....


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