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Hazels Return

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; strip; naked; tease; hood; susp; nipple; wrap; insert; encase; resin; cellar; entombed; stuck; cons; XX

The story below is a follow up to my earlier story "You are A product to be Dealt with” and is a work of fiction, But should Hazel return as I hope she will it might be become A true story and its all Gromet's fault.

The phone rang it was seven in the morning I thought to myself "Who the hell is this at this unearthly hour?"

The answer phone machine clicked in and my voice mechanically drowned, "Hi Jenny is out at the moment but leave a message after the tone and I will get back to you as soon as possible".

I sat there listening the tone sounded and a women's voice came through, "Hi this is Hazel I am sure you remember me as you have just written a story on a site called Gromet’s Plaza and I am ringing to see if we can get together again!"

Quickly before she hung up I picked up the receiver, "Hi its me Jenny I am in and I would love to meet you again." Hazel went on to explain she now lived about ten mile away at a seaside town called Colwy Bay and would I like to call and see her the sooner the better, as I had a week off work and had planed nothing special I agreed to turn up the following day.

I drove into the town of Colwyn Bay turning off the express way and following the directions she had given me the previous day, I was quite surprised she was living in a very nice part of town and in a very nice plush house she must have done very well for herself or found a rich sugar daddy, As I pulled into the drive she opened the door and came out to greet me holding me in a deep embrace and kissing me as if we were long lost lovers, “Its great to see you Jenny come in”. She explained she had read my story on Gromet’s site got in contact with him and he had passed on my phone number and that was that.

We discussed what each of us had been up to over the years, and yes the conversation got round to Bondage. I admitted when she had mummified me all those years ago it was one of the greatest turn on's sexually I had ever had and hoped she might repeat it, Hazel smiled why don't you stop the night and we can relive old times and try a little bondage for good measure. I thought for a minute I had nothing planned and I had the week off, What the Hell!! Why not enjoy myself so I agreed. We went into the kitchen and had a meal she had prepared earlier; I asked her if she was still into mummification she smiled.

"Well I would be happy to start again if you fancy a session." I laughed and agreed, "Come on then lets go down to the cellar I have set it up in the hope that you might agree to be mummified.”

Hazel led me to a heavy thick steel door then down the stairs into a well fitted out room it was ideal for mummification, a body type trolley in the centre of the room it was capable of being raised or lowered to suit what you were doing, a small electric hoist was fitted in the ceiling, a three seater settee was against the far wall it was ideal for bondage. Hazel laughed, “Lets not waste any time, let’s start were we left off.” At that she started to strip off, not wishing to be left out I to started to undress soon we both were naked, we sat on the settee and embraced and kissed like long lost lovers, perhaps we were.

After a few minutes holding feeling and admiring each other, I commented how I reminisced about the last time she had mummified me, Hazel laughed, I stared at her “Will you do it to me again? It really was a erotic experience when you did it to me last time.”

Hazel looking deep into my eyes "Who am I to refuse such a request."

Then embracing me again, kissing me very passionately. We stood up "I want you get on my body trolley and kneel on all fours." This I did, Hazel now felt my breasts that were hanging pointing downwards, “You still have good firm small boobs not a lot of give in them.” she commented, then went on to explain "When I mummify you, in order to emphasize the shape of your breasts I am going to bind them while you are in this position as it is much easier, this will make them appear bigger when you are bound." She then picked up a roll of masking tape, then pulling the breast downwards stretching it slightly she started to bind from the base down towards the nipple. The masking tape was ideal as it stuck to the breast and did not slip off; soon she had finished taping the right breast, and then did the same to the left breast. Soon they resembled the breasts I once saw Madonna wear at a pop gig.

Hazel bound a little more tape till she had achieved the shape she required "That's great," she said. “Right off the table.”

I slipped off the table and I must admit I admired my own breasts, both were now pointing forward with both the nipples exposed and on view on the point of the cone shape. "Now instead of mummifying you as we did all those years ago I have developed a better way. I want you to stand here on this mark on the floor."

She then picked up what can only be described as a leather hood she undid a series of straps at the back then opened it up and slipped it over my head asking me to open my mouth so the plastic tube fitted to the inside of the mask was able to enter my mouth. Gently she buckled it up at the back pulling it tight till it fitted like a second skin, the mouth tube was forced into my mouth holding my tongue down making it difficult to speak.

“Are you OK?” she asked I mumbled a sort of yes.

She now taped around my elbows then binding around the body just below the breasts, then around my wrists then around my hips holding my arms close and tight to my body. She now went over to the wall and pressed a button, the electric hoist lowered a hook from the ceiling then she attached the hook to a ring fitted into the top of the leather head piece, then pressing a button the hook started to raise till I was almost being stretched and raised by my head I was now standing very, very upright with my feet just touching the floor.

Hazel now taped around the feet and ankles I must admit I was now well secured and going nowhere. Hazel now set to bandage me starting from the feet on reaching the top of my legs she left a gap so my vagina was visible and backside was just visible. She carried up the body till I was completely bandaged up to the neck, my bound boobs stood out well with the nipples just showing. Hazel held up a mirror so I could see myself, I must admit I certainly looked the part.

Hazel now stood back looking at me “Do you remember all those years ago I said to you, ‘Once you strip off and allow yourself to be bound you cease to be a human but a product to be dealt with’?" I mumbled, “Well you striped off entirely by yourself and you stood there while I bound you, do you agree?” I mumbled again,

“Good as long as you agree, I now wish to inform you that you are now a product and you are going to be dealt with!”

She now opened up the vagina rubbing the clit in a circular motion, soon I was being worked up in no time at all I was approaching an orgasm, my clit was now enlarged after being aroused by Hazel's expert rotating finger, then seemingly to move the rotating finger slightly off the clit for a fraction of a second, she slipped a super thin wire noose over the tiny clit that had now appeared from its little home under the small flap of skin.

Grinning rather evilly as she pressed the wire down towards the body at the base of the clit then gently holding it there with two fingers and slowly and gently pulled the thin wire noose tight around the clit to the point were it was about to amputate the clit, sending me into a erotic orgasm. She then twisted the wire gently to stop it loosening or slipping off plus adding that fatal little bit of extra tightness, then giving the clit a gentle kiss as if saying goodbye.

I think at this point I was now into my second orgasm and not aware of what had just been done to me. She then picked up a tube of super glue smearing the edges and the insides of my outer lips of my love tunnel with the sticky solution, then pinching the lips together for about one minute. On releasing them she placed her fingers on the hairless lips testing to see that they were glued firmly together with my now enlarged throbbing clit trapped inside with no hope of release unknown to me.

She now rotated my body so my backside faced her she picked up an object about ten inch long, covering it in Vaseline she slid it oh so gently into me, gently manoeuvring it till my body accommodated the object leaving a large knurled nut protruding, this she started to rotate the effect was electric, the far end deep inside me started to expand forming a large bulb inside of me. Just when I thought I was going to be burst she stopped then removed the brass nut, the complete object was now unmovable without the nut to deflate it.

She greased my arse with super glue squeezing it together and holding the edges together till the glue set. She now started to place a second layer of bandages over the body on reaching the nipples she massaged and suckled the nipples; my body was in rapture as orgasm after orgasm swept over me. I was quite proud on my nipples they were longer than most women had, and were easily aroused.

Hazel was sucking and kissing the right nipple then as her lips slipped off the nipple for a brief second as a similar thin wire that had been used on me previously was slipped over the nipple the now become enlarged, She now continued to suckle the nipple causing the tip to enlarge beyond anything I had know or experienced before, I was gasping with the overlapping orgasms and was not aware of the thin steel wire closing around the base of the nipple and again at the point of amputation she stopped, giving the end of the wire that fatal little twist to stop it undoing plus adding that little extra fatal tightness.

Then subjecting my left nipple to yet another loving session driving me wild and again slipping another wire over the nipple as she continued to make mad passionate love to it. Both nipples were enlarged, by the time she had finished with them they resembled a sort of dark blue almost black round marble due to the wire noose around the base of each nipple.

I seemed to have been in a continuos erotic state for ages and was close to collapse with the continual orgasms, as I cooled down I was aware she was painting my complete mummified body with a thick white solution. I mumbled through the mask, she told me it was an epoxy paste and would soon harden and not to worry. I do not think I cared at that moment due to erotic exhaustion. As soon as she had finished she smoothed the whole body it glistened shinny white and was rock hard.

She now undid the hook from the helmet that had held me upright then dragging my rigid body on to the trolley, she unstrapped the leather helmet removing it from my head, I asked for a drink of water, which she helped me to drink. I said my clit hurts and my nipples too. She smiled saying "Don't worry its just the treatment that they have been subjected to, they are not used to it, the pain will soon disappear trust me."

She now held a snorkel like mouth piece in her hand smearing it with more of the sticky super glue, I asked what it was "Oh just a little lube to help it to slip in place, then it will stop it slipping out as it sets.”

It did not dawn on me it was super glue, she then pressed it between my teeth telling me to close my teeth on it, while she held my lips apart she placed a large spoonful of the white resin into the sides of my mouth pressing it against my teeth and smoothing it down pressing it into every crevices between the teeth. After about a minute had passed she asked if I could open my jaws, I was a little amazed and shocked to find my jaws just would not open, they were completely locked solid there was no movement at all. She then squeezed more super glue between my cheeks and gums then pressing the lips and cheeks into place and holding them closed against the rubber breathing tube for a minute then smiling and saying, "As I told you before you are now just a product that I am dealing with.”

Hazel now picked up a soft flexible plastic plug about two inches long and about half an inch in diameter first swabbing out the left nostril then squirting in super glue, then sliding in the plug till it completely filled and blocked off the nostril. The same procedure was carried out on the other nostril, then just to make sure they were sealed, the outsides of the nostrils were covered with epoxy resin. Then she lifted the top eyelid painting the edge with glue then pinching it against the bottom lid holding them together till the glue set, the same was done to the other eye. Then Hazel asked me to try to open my eyelids, as hard as I tried they just would not open.

“You may wonder why I am doing this to you? Well years ago you pinched my boyfriend and recently your have tried to take over Gromet’s World, well enough is enough, I want Gromet for myself and I am certainly not letting you take a second man from me!”

She then forced about a spoonful of the thick white resin into each ear blocking off all sound. She then proceed to bandage my head leaving just the one inch breathing tube protruding for me to breath through, she then coated the complete head with more of the thick white resin till I resembled a plastic dummy, I do not how long I was entombed in my plastic world but I was aware of some movement. Hazel was examining her new acquisition, two days had passed Hazel was dribbling in through the mouth piece a high energy food substitute to keep me alive as she had final plans for my body.

Hazel had always been jealous of Jenny but never let her know, but trying to do away with Gromet was the last straw so now it was time to punish her once and for all and to make sure she never took anyone's boyfriend off them ever again. She now reattached the hook to the top of Jenny's head lifting the plastic mummy into an upright position dangling just above the floor level, she then lifted a metal manhole from the floor exposing a round hole about eight feet deep and about two feet in diameter, now positioning Jenny's dangling body over the hole she pressed the button and lowered Jenny gently into the hole till her head was just above the floor level, she now attached a long breathing tube to the stub of a tube that protruded from the white resin head that allowed Jenny to breath then she pressed the button again till Jenny reached the base of the hole. Hazel reached down into the hole about two foot, the hook was unclipped and removed leaving Jenny standing upright in her vertical tomb. Hazel now dragged a hose that was attached to a pipe in the corner of the room, standing over the hole she opened the valve in the end of the pipe allowing pure thick resin to pour into the hole.

As soon as the level of the resin reached the floor level Hazel closed the valve then slid the metal manhole cover back in place causing the excess resin to overflow over the floor, within ten minutes the resin had hardened securing the metal lid in place for eternity. Out of a small hole in the centre of the steel lid was the breathing tube, protruding out of the now solid resin tomb below, Jenny was held completely solid her nipples and clit had now stopped aching as Hazel had promised, in fact there was no feeling at all! Everything was quiet and dark, it was a bit of a turn on being mummified, but Jenny could not understand why she was not being aroused by the thought of it, she also wondered how long Hazel would leave her mummified perhaps if she was very lucky it might be all night!

Hazel, her work now completed turned and left the cellar closing the thick steel door behind her, after putting out the light she locked the door to the cellar placing the key in her bag. She picked up her air tickets off the hall table for the flight to Australia and Gromet’s address, then left the house. It was very quiet down in the cellar, just the faint sound of gentle breathing could just be heard in the now empty dark room.

Of course if the truth was known Jenny never had taken control of Gromet's site it was all faked by Gromet, he had become that jealous of Jenny's stories and feared her popularity amongst his readers, he faked his own abduction knowing of Hazel's jealousy and now he will claim Hazel reached Australia and set him free, but it was all arranged before hand. And they now live happily ever after down by the billabong. Meanwhile Jenny now dreams her short time away somewhere in a cellar in darkest North Wales.


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