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The Insemination

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; wax; foam; saran; wrap; encase; transport; tease; mast; cons; X

Hi Gromet one of your readers complained I never get inseminated and had I any plans in the future to allow a dastardly male to perform the sex act on me and allow my body to do what it was designed for and if I had trouble finding a male to complete the task he was willing to take a couple of hours off work to help out. Now I really appreciate the offer but at my age it would rather spoil the life style I have grown used to. And any way after the story "The Burglar" he would have to get in the queue as there seems there are a lot of Gromet readers out there are in front of him standing in the queue with their tongues hanging out.
Story continues from Foaming Part 2

Well John has been experimenting since he covered my head in foam for a way of covering me totally in foam without the need to protect my body with cling film due to the nasty effect of the foam on the skin.

The main research has been into some form of release agent that will protect the skin and stop the foam burning in, or adhering to the skin and causing damage.

He had looked at all sorts of chemicals then by accident he read a article about fibre glass casting, where a release agent was sprayed on the form to be cast first then the fibre glass was able to be removed without sticking to the mould. He visited several marine workshops to see the process in action were boat hulls were being cast, and watched the hulls being removed from the mould with apparent ease perhaps a little brute force in places but it worked.

He returned home and tried the fibreglass release agent with varying degrees of success but still not good enough to risk a human body "mainly mine". Then he remembered a worker in the boat yard who told him he had cast a copy of an ornament using wax as a release agent, he then ordered a couple of kilos of wax used for casting candles. The wax was melted down then poured over his gloved hand; it soon set then the foam was sprayed over the hand after ten minutes it set solid holding his fingers in a rigid block of foam. He cut slowly around the outside, and prised the two halves off with ease he smiled he had cracked the problem the next test would be Jenny's body.

The following day I have just got in from work and I received a phone call from him. "Hi Jenny when you have a minute come over I think I have cracked the foam problem," he also informed me his wife was away that afternoon. So after a shower and a bite to eat I drove over to his place he led me out to the out building at the back, on a small gas ring was a ladle of wax it was melted but not too hot. He asked me to sit by the bench roll up my sleeve and hold out my arm, I held out my arm as he picked up the ladle of warm wax then gently poured it over my hand and arm, then with a hair dryer set on cold he directed the cool air over my arm the wax set as a second skin in no time at all.

He now picked up an aerosol can of polystyrene foam and sprayed my arm, my arm felt warm as the foam went through its chemical change expanding and turning its self into solid foam. From just below my elbow to the ends of my fingers was now solid foam. He took my arm laying it on the table gently cutting into the foam starting up by the elbow then prising the two halves apart the section around the arm came apart quite well, when it came to the fingers it had to be removed in bits as the cutting had not separated it properly, but basically it worked this was a big step forward in foam mummification.

The next week John told me he had noticed I was off the following week and by chance his wife was away on a course, would I like to help him with the foam experiment. Well a kinky few days was better than watching the TV, washing and tidying up so I agreed. Monday morning I turned up at John's place I parked around the back and walked into the out building. John was like a boy with a new toy, he showed me a large tin bath filled to a depth of several inches in melted wax.

I was asked if I would strip and immerse my body in the wax till I was fully coated up to the neck. I was a little worried as I thought we should has tried out a bit more experimentation but John assured me he would be very careful as this was only a trial, he then asked me to step out of the bath on to a wood block besides the bath. He wanted my arm's to be held tight by my sides and legs together then he filled a garden spray with the liquid wax and put a second and third coat of wax over my nude body, I could see myself glistening in a mirror as the wax dried. He asked me to keep as still as possible as the wax set.

Within a few minutes the wax coating had hardened in the cool air as hard as it would get with the heat of my body below keeping it flexible, John now sprayed a aerosol of foam over my body starting at my ankles, After about six cans I was fully coated up to the neck you can hear the foam creak and groan as the foam sets and expands it is also very warm to say the least but with my head and feet still uncovered it was not too bad.

After a short while the main heat due to the chemical reaction as it dried and turned into solid foam I was now held quite ridged, it is unlike any other form of bondage you are held completely firmly there are no tight spots. I suppose it would feel the same if you were totally paralysed not one bit of your body can move, breathing was no problem it seemed to dry leaving the space for the expansion of my chest as I breathed in and out.

John was overjoyed at the result as he taped the foam outer covering with his knuckles, I had to smile. He now informed me he was going to cover my head with cling film, the breathing tube was inserted between my teeth, it was a much larger diameter than last time as I had complained of difficulty in breathing. Now expertly he bound my complete head till every bit was covered by the cling film. Now several inches of foam were sprayed over my head, the light of day soon disappeared along with it all sound also disappeared.

I was held there quite solid in complete silence, then I was aware of being moved, my body was laid down on my back I was then aware of my feet being sprayed with wax. My breathing tube was also being removed, this worried me at first but once removed I found I was able to flex my mouth and communicate with John. Hearing was difficult but I seemed to manage. Next my feet were covered in foam I was now sealed in the block of foam.

I suppose it is at this stage were you realise you have handed over your very well being to another, as I once mentioned in one of my stories once you willingly allow yourself to be stripped and bound you have given up any rights you once thought you had, you are now a product to be dealt with as the Domme thinks fit and there is nothing you can do about it.

This time I was cooler than the first time it was still very warm, breathing was a lot easier basically because I was not panicking this time. I now felt my encased body being moved I asked what he was doing but no answer was forth coming, It felt as if I was on a trolley then a bit more man-handling then due to the motion I realised I was in a vehicle and being driven somewhere. After a while I was being moved again. Again being laid on my back, I was also aware of movement on the foam body mainly around my breasts. Every now and then something was touching my skin and slowly traversing around the complete breast area then a section of the foam was removed exposing both breasts. Now the same feeling started around my pubic bone travelling out and down the inside of my legs then the area over my vagina was exposed.

I asked what was going on and what they were doing to me but no one replied, I was sure I could hear voices, and male voices at that! My breasts were being fondled and suckled while it was a nice feeling, I was worried as it was obvious there were several males at work all around my foam encased body. My clitoris was now being massaged and I was sure it was standing tall as fingers slid in and out of me working me up causing me to breath faster, a finger was inserted into my mouth feeling my tongue and encouraging me to suck it, this was difficult as I was breathing a bit fast. Then the foam hole I was breathing through was being enlarged to expose my complete mouth and nostrils, now the fingers returned to my mouth feeling inside my mouth and encouraging me again to suckle them I must admit it was quite erotic.

I was told to keep my mouth as open as it was possible to do, I was beginning to sweat quite a bit as I was being well aroused, the finger was tracing around the tongue when I became aware of a salty taste, I soon had to swallow as the thickish salty liquid dribbled down the finger and into my mouth, I could not close my mouth due to the fingers between my teeth. I was now aware as to the nature of the liquid it was male sperm, I coughed a couple of times due to the amount being fed into me. Then the finger was removed.

All was still for a short while I had just regained my composure when what felt like a one inch plastic tube was being fed into my vagina, it was in a well lubed passage due to playing with my clitoris moments ago, soon the tube was in as deep as it would go. In no time at all I realised a plunger was being pushed down the tube forcing a thickish warm liquid deep into me, the liquid was warm and I had no doubt as to what it was but due to the amount. I wondered how many males had been needed to produce such a large amount. My body shuddered as the liquid was pumped in. Now the tube was withdrawn and a rubber plug was inserted sealing the large amount of sperm deep inside me. A piece of bodge tape was pressed on to my hairless virginal lips sealing the entrance holding the rubber plug inside me.

The angle of my body was now altered so my head was considerably lower with my feet several feet higher than my head and I was left in this position for a good hour or more. Then I felt movement I think it was John's voice, I could hear explaining to someone that due to the angle of my body, gravity would help the sperm to score and he was just doing me a favour helping the sperm to travel on its merry way.

I was now loaded back into the transport that brought me here returning me to John's place, I was unloaded and taken into the out building. Now the foam head piece was being removed, I was glad to have my head in the open air and John now informed me I was to stay encased for the next few days so things could take their natural biological course. The table was elevated to the acute angle as before, John inspected the tape covering over the virginal passage that held in the rubber plug and sealed the sperm inside me, he peeled the tape back inserting a thin tube into the urethra to allow me to pass water then resealed the tape covering.

The week ticked by John, fed me as required then on the Friday John started to remove the foam from my body. John removed the last of the foam and helped me out commenting how well the wax release agent worked. I had to agree, then asked him where I had been taken and who were all the other voices and why had he decided to inseminate me? He smiled and said that was his little secret and my little pleasure yet to come.

As I walked away I had to smile to myself thinking of all the trouble John had gone to collecting all that sperm and buying an expensive elevating table, I had never told John I had been sterilised a couple of years ago, but the week had been better than watching TV and washing up.



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