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It Was Dark Part 2: It was Dark - And Getting Darker

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2011 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; kidnap; transported; bagged; conditioning; wrap; bond; bdsm; breathplay; cbt; electroplay; femdom; tease; torment; oral; climax; reluct; XXX

continued from part one

Part 2: It was Dark - And Getting Darker.

I was at work; it was a perfectly fine autumn day, not a cloud in the sky or any worries in my head.

I opened my email inbox and there it was with attachments. Shit it can’t be. She doesn’t know my work email. But somehow she did. Of course she did she had had access to my wallet for days. My business cards are in there.

But why was she sending emails to me at work? I quickly forwarded it to my private email address and deleted it from the work computer.

I had tried for weeks to contact Rose (if that was her real name) or at least find somebody to mummify me and now she had contacted me and I was scared! Very scared, terrified in fact. So scared I had not even looked at what she had to say. Terrified at what the attachment may be and who else she may have sent them to.

It brought up all my issues from last time. She had drugged me, kidnapped me, mummified me, forced me to have sex with her and tortured me. I wanted no more of that and now she may be trying to blackmail me.

But part of me did want more. Part of me was excited, very excited. I was sitting here sweating and shaking with both fear and anticipation. My mind was off on a journey of imagination, thinking of all the things she could do to me and how I would feel.

“Morning meeting Peter”. “Are you alright you look shocked?” said John my Boss. I slammed back to reality with a jolt. Whatever Rose wanted it would have to wait.

“Eh yer Ok.” “Just lost in thought. I will be there in a sec”.

All day I tried to focus on work, however the thought of Rose and what she could do to me tormented me. Eventually I told John I was not feeling well and took the afternoon off. It was after all Friday before a long weekend. A weekend for which I realized I had no plans.

I raced home, hoping for more; terrified I may get what I want. Fearful that this may all come to nothing.

I literally stumbled in the door and leaped onto the computer. Opened my emails and there it was. I could not bring myself to open it! I just sat there staring at it. Too fearful, no terrified of what it may contain or worse still what may not be there. I would be terribly disappointed if it amounted to nothing.

I had to know I simply could not avoid opening it.

Fuck that’s me or at least my penis or was it. The second photo confirmed it was me. There was me wrapped tightly in plastic all except my head with the glazed drugged look in my eyes.

I took my eyes off the photos long enough to read the text.

It was short and simple “Meet me at the same place as last time or else at 4 pm.” Shit it was already 3 pm.

I raced to get ready.

Then suddenly it hit me. WHY? Why the hell was I racing to meet my fate when I had no idea what was to happen to me. Why? What was driving me to do this? I must be crazy!

But I could not stop myself. Was it fear of the “or else” consequences? No I had no idea what the consequences may be if I didn’t go and I did not even care. I wanted to have that experience again to feel alive, really alive. To feel out of control. To have that fearful sense that somebody else has total control over you.

A little voice in my head was saying “be careful”. They could hurt you.

So what?

“They could keep you prisoner for ever.”

That stopped me!

“They could kill you!”

Alright a little bit of insurance.

I will write a note and leave it here to tell people where I am going just in case I don’t come back. Then if there is a problem at least the police will know where I went and why.

I will go one better I will email the note to my work email I can always delete it when I get to work.

There that’s done.

Got to go. My mobile phone rings. It’s a text message. I’ll read it later.

No better look just in case. Shit it’s from Rose.

“U are going to b late Rose”

How the hell does she know I am going to be late? How the hell did she get my number?

My mind jumps to her email “or else” it said.

I’m starting to panic. She is already controlling me and I haven’t even left home!

Calm down. Stay calm. This whole thing is a bad idea. I am not going. Too dangerous. What right does she have to tell me what to do?

At least that’s what the logical part of me was saying.

The feeling, sensual part of me had picked up my keys and was heading for the garage wondering if I would survive the “or else”.

I was half way to the car when I noticed the smell, sort of sickly sweet.

“Quick catch him.” Later, much later, that was all I could remember


It was dark, inky, velvety, very black dark. The kind of dark when you can’t see your hand in front of your face.

It was very quiet, not even a whisper of sound. It was easy to breath; there was a large rubber tube in my mouth. My mouth would not open; something soft enveloped my whole face, pushing softly but firmly all over it. My nose was pinched shut by the enveloping softness.

I tried to move and found my whole body was encased in this soft rubbery stuff. My legs where separated and my arms held away from my body. Even my fingers seemed to have been separated.

I could move. I could move quite a lot. I flexed all of my limbs and my whole body. I could rock from side to side and back and forth. Even bounce up and down, which wasn’t a good idea as I soon felt sick.

However I could not escape. Whatever held me in its grip just gently pushed me back to the same place I started from.

Well not quite the same. All that movement and the rubber or what ever it was rubbing on me had given me an erection. At least it would be an erection if he could stand up. My now very large penis was trapped, held tightly to my stomach.

I was tempted to move some more so I could come when my whole world moved. I surged back and forth with the acceleration and rolled side to side and bounce gently up and down.

I think I am in a vehicle. Going where? I don’t know wherever they are taking me.

The movement is taking its toll, I feel sick, then forget all about that as my penis is feeling every movement as the rubber (it must be rubber it is so soft and flexible) caresses it. Caresses it my foot, it is stroking it, squeezing it, exciting it with every movement of the road. Fuck this is ridiculous I am being fucked by a car!

Not just fucked, but coming big time.

Then I realize they have stopped. Well I haven’t, I struggle and keep up the rhythm, backwards and forwards in my rubber prison.

Icy cold water pours over my penis; I yelp and gasp for breath. My erection shrinks rapidly away to be replaced with freezing shivers that shrink even my balls to tiny hard marbles.

Sweet, sickly is all I remember as I drift off to oblivion.


Lights, bright, strong, powerful lights shining directly into my eyes awaken me. I can see. That surprises me, and then I realize all I can see are the lights and nothing else and the lights are so bright I have to shut my eyes.

It also surprises me that I can move. There is nothing holding me nor is there anything covering me. My clothes are long gone. The floor under me is padded and has a safe comforting padded feeling. I crack my eyes open to see what I can see. The lights are very bright, many of them shining down from a high ceiling. The walls, the floor, ceiling all are shiny white and when I touch them they feel softly padded and made out of a very flexible but tough plastic.

There is nothing in my cell, just the 4 walls, the floor and the bright light up high. Not even a door that I can see. Just blindingly white walls and those powerful glaring lights.

Lights, which suddenly are flashing on and off at a fast pulsating rate, which is making me sick and hurting my head.

I close my eyes and shrink into a corner. Is this some sort of torture cell? Are they trying to brain wash me? Even through my closed eyes the pulsations are getting to me.

Then it is black, total black. The blackness leaps at me crushing me back into my corner. All the mythical beings of the dark are after me all my childhood fears of the dark, I scream and scream and scream and fall sobbing to the floor.

Time has no meaning in the dark until I am rescued by the light blaring at me. I get up; I have survived the night, only to have the lights pulsing at me, disorientating, head aching, gut wrenching pulsations.

I will not surrender to them I stand my ground in the middle of the cell with my eyes closed. I know what they are trying to do and I won’t fall for it they won’t drive me mad.

No lights, just the inky black scary, dark. I'll just stand here until they turn them on again.

Slowly gently at first I start to move, I’m rocking, no falling, no still standing, which way is up. Sickening disorientation, every tiny movement becomes a rollercoaster ride in the dark.

Thump I hit the floor, shaking and shivering and throwing up.

A jet of icy cold water hits me solidly in the guts followed by many others which chase me in the dark. The plastic floor is slippery and in the blackness I stand and fall many times before finally finding a safe place to hide in a dark corner.

I try to sleep but the shivers keep me awake and awake the fear of the dark rises up. A terrible horrible nightmare of a monster rises up and overwhelms me. I sit sobbing my heart out.

Then flash they are on again glaring down at me. At least I know which way is up. Or do I? There are visions on the wall that move, that flow sideways, in fact all ways, up down around and around. I can’t stop looking at them and I am loosing the plot. They are making me sick, disorientating me, taking away my reality and substituting something else.

Substituting some much distorted images of me. Not just me now, but me from the past. Photos of me from way back. How long have they been following me? Shit they can’t have. These are photos of me as a baby! Distorted, violent ugly images of me. I start retching; I would be throwing up if there was anything left. It just gets worse as the lights change color to a sickening violet blue and then a bilious green. Then back to flashing brilliant white light.

I know what comes next. I have to find me a safe corner. Instead I am trying to climb up a wall. At least I think it is a wall it could be any thing or is that any think!

I am shaking in fear of the dark and it is still light. I plead with then to leave the lights on and the only result is that the lights slowly fade away. Leaving nothing but me. Just I, insignificant, terrified me screaming in the dark.

Many cycles later as I lay in a fetal position sobbing quietly to my self I felt a touch. A touch around my throat. I must be imagining it and I curl myself tighter in a ball. I am still in the dark with weird thoughts going through my head.

But no, I am not imaging it at least I don’t think so. There is something around my neck and something is being slipped over my eyes. Something soft squishy and rubbery is pressing on my eye balls.

They are pulling on my neck. I try to stand and am pushed back down on to all fours and pulled gently along. My mind is a blur; I don’t know what is happening to me. I just do what seems safe. I crawl along on all fours following the lead on my collar. My knees hurt the floor is cold and hard. We turn into some where. The floor is smoother and less cold. I hear water running close by, my head is pushed sideways into the stream and I drink greedily. I am very thirsty.

The water stops before I have had enough. I open my mouth to complain and a large rubber ball is pushed in. I try to spit it out but it is attached to a strap that is now tight around my head. I am too exhausted and confused to resist. I am not even sure what I am, let alone who I am. We walk on. Maybe I am a dog. I seem to be walking like a dog.

We stop. They back me up, and then lift me up so I am standing. I sway dangerously uncertain of how to stand. They push me back against hard cold metal. Cold, hard and somehow comforting to have a support behind me. Then there is a strong wide belt around my chest and then another around my hips. Then another around my throat, I don’t like that one it squashes my collar into me. Then my head is pulled back by yet another strap this one across my forehead and my eyes. Ah I feel safe at last, at least I can’t fall. I seem to have been falling for ever.

They are putting some sort of cuff around my wrists and now my ankles. I don’t even wonder why I just stand there in a daze.

The cuffs must be attached to something; I can feel my wrists being pulled outwards.

OH SHIT, I scream as I lurch backwards my safety suddenly gone. I slam down hard, horizontal now, my wrists pulled violently upwards and outwards my legs suspended in mid air and spread wide apart.

I am suddenly feeling terrifyingly vulnerable, total insecure. That’s a stupid irrational though. Here I am tied down tightly to a steel table; I could not be more secure. I am totally under their control and I am not I realize safe.

I lay there shaking and sobbing a totally broken man. I want out I want out right now. I try to speak and my breasts explode in fire. Fuck that hurts. They hit me again harder this time and a hard object pushes my gagged mouth closed. I mumble and this time my buttocks take the stinging blow. I’m slow, but I learn, talking is very, very painful.

I bite hard on the ball in my mouth to stop any sound.

A hand strokes my face. Then a long period of nothing, I just lay on my back, legs and arms spread waiting and waiting for what ever will happen next.

I must have dozed off as I awake with a jerk when a cold slimy finger enters my anus and starts to spread some cold slimy goo all over it.

Memories arise from the depths. Not pleasant memories. Memories’ of something, where something should not be. Memories that materialize into fact. I suck in my breath as a large cold solid object is trust none too gently against my anus. I try to resist but exhaustion and the constant strong pressure means it slips slowly inside as if it were meant to be there. It is big and cold and uncomfortable. Out it has to come out. I tense to push it out and my buttocks explode with agonizing pain. It seems they want it to stay in!! I collapse and allow what will be to just be.

The cold hand has my balls and is placing a cold metal ring around them. They cringe away from it as it closes tightly around their base. Now the hand has my penis and is stoking it working it up and down exciting it. Strapping something tightly around its base and OWWWW pushing a cold metal rod deeply in its end.

A women’s hand brushed gently over my thighs. It makes circles on my stomach and lightly brushed down my arms before coming back to the thighs. It was massaging my thighs, strong long even stokes on both thighs at once. Oh that feels good.

But it does not last, she stops and I jump a she sticks cold clammy pads high up on my inner thigh then half way down. I almost ask what they are but I would only mumble in the gag and feel more of those sharp, burning, stinging pains.

She sticks 4 more on my stomach and two on each arm. I feel something long like spaghetti draped over me and attached to the pads. Oh shit they are electrical pads. WACK, SHIT, FUCK, I must have said that out loud as my breasts explode in stinging fire. I start to cry, I don’t want that, stabbing, jolting, shocking, electrical pain again. It was way too much last time.

There’s a hand gently stroking my checks brushing away the tears, caressing and caring for me. That's making me cry even more. I dissolve into tears. SLAP, the same hand slams into my cheek stinging me with surprise. My emotions are a mess. Does she care for me or is she just playing with me?

That touch, on my thigh, that touch of plastic, cling wrap plastic molding itself to you binding you tightly in its cold embrace. A cold embrace that rapidly warms so you almost can’t feel it is there.

The wrap is working its way down my leg slowly and carefully so no bit of skin is left exposed. At some stage she removes the cuff and my leg is free. I contemplate kicking out, and then realize it is already too late as I am unable to bend my knee. Whilst I contemplate that she has wrapped the rest of the leg and replaced the cuff.

The wrap goes all the way down to my feet. My feet she extends pointing outwards and binds them tightly so they can not straighten. She does the same to the other leg. Then binds something soft to my ankles and to both knees.

The plug in my anus is pushed solidly in as far as it will go and they pull my legs together and wrap them tightly in place. Up and down the wrap goes over and over until my legs are one solid mass of plastic and flesh.

One arm each, they proceed to convert my arms into cold clinging plastic wrappings. Then they are pulled down and stretched out over my head and wrapped, or are they using tape it feels stronger and smaller, together at least my hands are and part of my lower arm. The position strains my shoulders. It’s bearable but not comfortable.

They swing me upright and release the straps. My pointed feet touching the ground with my toes and some of my weight taken by the cuffs still in place on my wrists. Fuck this hurts. I am not used to standing on my toes and my arms were defiantly not meant to hold my weight. I try to move to relieve the strain and am rewarded by stinging blows to my breasts. I grin and bear it. At least I would grin if the ball gag in my mouth allowed it.

They work rapidly to wrap the rest of me. Breathing becomes harder as the wrap covers my stomach and chest. The wrap starts up my neck and I expect it to cover my head but they stop and pull my head forwards. The wrap continues behind me to finish wrapping my arms pulling them painfully towards one another.

The pain of standing in this position is getting to me; I am starting to shake uncontrollably.

They pull my head even further forwards and remove the ball gag. It comes out dripping with saliva. At last I can swallow and relieve my mouth. But only for seconds as I open my mouth to flex my jaw another gag is pushed crudely in place. This one rapidly inflates to fill my mouth and cheeks. I am forced to breathe through my nose as the gag completely fills my mouth and pushes my jaw down.

I have no time to get used to this before some tight stretchy rubber is pulled tightly over my head; it feels like it is taking my ears off as it is force roughly past them. It closes snuggly and tightly around my neck sealing my whole head inside a tightly fitting helmet. My breathing becomes harder and I am struggling to breath. I hear the air rushing through a narrow passage and can feel the rubber helmet expanding and contracting slightly with each breath. When I breathe in it sucks tightly against my head and when I breathe out it relieves the pressure slightly.

I really have to work at breathing. Push air out, suck air in, never enough air, always short. Always I need more air. Really struggling, feeling myself becoming faint from lack of air. They don’t seem to care. They are still intent on wrapping me. Wrapping me to something that was not there before, something long and cold is up against my spine, pressing lightly on it.

My arms, legs all of me is being wrapped to it, even my head is forced back against my arms and secured. A moment ago I could move it. Now it is secured tightly in place.

FALLING, falling forwards, falling upwards my feet are going up and my face must be about to hit the floor. But no I am flying, moving in all directions at once. Falling unseen into despair. Can’t breath can’t save myself, can’t take it. Too bloody much as I slip into oblivion.


Big deep breaths flood my lungs with air. Big deep uncontrollable breaths. Something is breathing for me, I struggle against it, I try to stop the air, and it just flows in and out as it wishes. It blows me up like I was a balloon and then just lets the air out with a whoosh. In and out, in and out relentlessly. My head feels funny like you do when you hyperventilate. SSSSS in and whoosh out. SSSSS in and whoosh out. For minutes I try to find a way to control it. SSSSS and whoosh. SSSSS and whoosh. It just does its thing and I have to surrender to it. Totally surrender to give up even the desire to control it. It makes me feel inhuman like I am a machine. For all the control I have I may as well be one.

Then I start jerking like some demented machine. My arms have a mind of their own. They jump and try to break free of the wrapping. Only I am not doing it. They are doing it themselves. Mindlessly uncontrollably they jump. Stronger and stronger, then I recognize it. It’s those pads they are making me jump with electricity.

No sooner had I realized this when there is a gut wrenching jolt to my stomach as the pads there are activated. Once again I am fighting for breath as the stomach pads fight with the breathing machine. I am violently breathing out when the breathing machine forces me to breathe in. My lungs feel like they are going to burst. I can’t go on like this!

Then it all changes. The left side of my guts is breathing out whilst the right side breathes in. My guts are twisting in knots, but at least I can breathe or at least the machine can breathe me. Then they get it right and my guts are working with the machine and I am being breathed rhythmically again.

Now it’s my legs or rather my thighs that are pulsing. My whole body is moving in waves. Arms, guts, thighs. Arms, guts, thighs. Whilst it is strong it is also exciting. The plastic rubs on my trapped penis as the excitement builds. OH, OH fuck that thing up my arse must also be electric. Clench, release, clench, release pulses my anus exponentially increasing the excitement and erecting my penis.

They are working me rapidly to a point of no return. Totally under their control I am going to come and come soon!!

AHHHH, AAHHH!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK screaming burning pain surges through my penis, again and again and again. Relentless stabbing, fiery, electrifying pain flashes through my balls and along, no inside him. I squirm and writhe but there is no escape. I come like I have never come before screaming in agony. Pulsing, pulsing, no end in sight until I am milked totally dry and am left shaking violently head to toe.

It’s all stopped now, just the slow rhythm of the machine breathing me. SSSSS and whoosh. SSSSS and whoosh as I drift off into who knows where.


Hot sweaty and exhausted I awoke to find I am still alive, still wrapped, still breathed, and still trapped. Deep inside there is some vestige of panic, but I don’t have the energy for that and I just lie there like a dead fish out of water waiting to be filleted or what ever else my fate may be.

OH no it’s starting again. Anus pulsing, pulsing slowly gently this time. Exciting, stimulating, erecting, controlling, but strangely this time it is gentle, exciting but almost soothing.

A touch, hands two hands on my nipples, gently massaging them until they too become erect. Then cold air rushes over them as the wrap is cut and they burst free. Warm lips brush over them and then set to work sucking and licking them. Ahh that feels so nice. They stop! And the hands slide slowly down to my penis. It too is cut free to feel the cool cool air.

OWW Fuck the rod down inside is pulled none too gently out. I had forgotten it was there despite what it had recently subjected me to. Hands gently squeeze him and rub him in a tight embrace. Oh that feels so good I could enjoy this.

WACK, WACK, WACK AHHHHH!!! Stinging burning blows strike my erect tits and equally erect penis. I would have jumped 6 feet high had I not be totally immobilized in cling wrap. I shiver and shake with the unexpected stinging pain.

Hands, they are at it again, massaging sensually sexually over my breast, my penis wandering over my body at will. I brace myself I know not what comes next. Always after the bliss comes the pain. Always.

But it does not come. The massage continues, I know it is coming, I know it. The tension takes its toll on my exhausted body and eventually I slump. I know the pain is coming and I know I can’t do anything about it.

What does come is a condom slipped over my still erect penis. What a strange thought flies through my head. “How long can they keep my penis erect” It seems to have been hours.

The thought is washed away when a mouth and a very busy tongue attacks him together with two hands working on my breasts.

I have been on the edge it seems like hours and rapidly he responses. I am COMING. OWWW FUCK SHIT I scream as she bites me hard on his head and then that thing up my arse explodes in to full blown action. I COME pulsing in pain and agony and come and come and come down that dark tunnel of despair into oblivion.


It’s cold and hard and very uncomfortable. I try to move but the wrap holds me in its soft embrace. I can see. I can see the ceiling, my ceiling, my garage ceiling. The lights are on, it’s dark outside. I roll over and the plastic gives a bit. Give, moves, I can move my hands, I can break free. But should I? They won’t like it if I get free. I could be punished. I don’t want that, or do I. What a crazy thought.

Think Peter think. But it’s a struggle to think. My mind still seems to be controlled like it will hurt if I think. I just wait. They will be along soon and do what they will with me. Or will they. I am home; this is my house I rule the roost here. Or do I? Or do they still control me.

Ring tone, that’s my ring tone, its coming from my phone along side me. Should I answer it? If I do they will know I have broken out.

But what if they want me too? Cautiously I break one hand free and reach for the phone; it stops as I pick it up. Then rings with a text message. 

I read it slowly in despair. It says “Very naughty peter that will cost u when we see u next time”.



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