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It Was Dark Part 3: It was Dark - The Test

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2011 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; leather; club; bond; gag; bdsm; cbt; wax; femdom; tease; torment; wrap; susp; oral; denial; reluct; XXX

continued from part two

Part 3: The Test.

Oh shit another email from her!! It was sent, yet again to my work. I’m for the chop if the boss finds out. Especial if he sees those photos!!

I don’t dare open it here so I send it to my home email and hope and pray that it was not urgent like last time. Still its late Friday afternoon so I will be home soon.

I try to concentrate on my work; however there is this weird mix of emotions rattling through me. Anticipation, apprehension, no that’s fear, excitement. Literally I am shaking in my boots and about to wet myself. A strong coffee to calm myself, but it backfires and increases my emotions so now I am shaking and truly about to shit myself.

I sit on the toilet not knowing whether to laugh or cry or just scream in frustration. They are doing this to me and I don’t even know what they want!! I am like a puppet and they are tugging at all my strings.

Time rolls very slowly by until at last it is time to go. The traffic seems 10 times worse than usual and the journey takes forever. Eventually I get there race inside and turn on the computer. Ever notice it takes forever for a computer to start up.

The email is there. I open it and read:-

The Test.
You are going to a party Saturday night the likes of which you have never been to before. You will go alone and you will follow these instructions to the letter or else!!
Instructions: - You will dress head to toe in black leather with no underwear allowed.
You will make a pole as per the attached sketch and you will purchase a role of black pallet wrap. You will need these at the party.
When you get to the party your name will be at the door and you will be required to pay.
In your letter box there is a letter, which you will not open. The address of the party is on the back of the envelope. You will find Mistress T at the party and on your bended knees you will give this letter to her. You will then do exactly as she says and you will not speak to anyone. You are her slave for the evening and will do anything she asks.
PS she does not know we exist or who you are and it will stay that way won’t it?


That left me in a sweat of anticipation and fear all night. There was nothing I could do except wait for tomorrow.

The attached sketch just showed a piece of 40 mm pipe 2.1 m long to which was attached a 1.8 m length of chain. The chain attached at two points 1.4 m apart and had a shackle in the middle of the chain. It was a fairly normal lifting bar. What was intended to lift and how was not shown. I'm pretty handy at making things and a quick trip to the hardware shop, drilling a couple of holes and putting it all together did not take long.

Finding out where to get a roll of black pallet wrap looked much harder and I still had to find some black leather to wear.

The local bike shop supplied the leather at great expense. A heavy black leather jacket, leather trousers and at their suggestion long black leather boots. I quite liked the boots, they had style, and the rest made me look like a reject from the Hells Angels.

It was getting late and I still had to find the pallet wrap. The local removals store had clear wrap but not black. A google search found lots of industrial suppliers, however it was Saturday and they were all closed.

Then google found a local sex shop that sold BDSM gear that had a roll. Phew, then I realised they were clear across town.  I raced over there, found a place to park and approached the door. It was then it hit me. I don’t go to sex shops, not my scene at all. I hesitated plucked up my courage and entered. I search and search past rows of things I had not even dreamed of and still I could not find the black wrap. “Need help” said a voice behind me. I turned to find a very spunky, very gay man who was obviously turned on by me just itching to touch me. “Eh um no um that is yes” I stammered. He smiled very sweetly at my embarrassment and cocked his head to one side in a questioning way and said nothing. He just waited. “Eh wrap eh black” I managed to get out. “Oh kinky” he said with a knowing smile and beckoned me to follow as if I was a cute puppy on a string.

He found the wrap. I paid. “Your very welcome come again” he smirked. I leaped out the door and nearly fell into the street.

Back home it was getting late, I changed into the leathers which made me feel both dirty and powerful at the same time. I almost felt like I was a criminal off to commit a crime.

Time to go. I was in the car heading off when it hit me. What was I letting myself in for this time? How did I get myself involved in all this? How can I stop it? Do I even want it to stop? My driving was very erratic. People honking at me, I must concentrate or I won’t get there. The anticipation was killing me and the apprehension was frightening me to the core. Half way there I remembered the letter. Shit it is still at home!! Quickly I retrace my steps.

Oh shit now I am late on top of every thing else. Eventually I arrive in a sweat, knees knocking at a very non-descript building in an old industrial area. I check the address, yep this is it and there is the door, plain and black and solid looking.

I knock and wait, then it opens and a tall powerful woman in a police uniform beckons me inside. It’s dark inside the small entry. “Name” she demands. I give it. She checks her list and sure enough it is there. “Ninety dollars” she demands holding out her hand. I hand over $100 she makes no sign of giving change and points to the inner door. “I need to find mistress T” in blurt out. “Don’t we all” she smirks and again indicates the inner door.

Inside is chaos. Bizarre weird chaos like I have never seen before. People dressed in rubber, leather, what looks like PVC and many not wearing much at all. Some are not wearing anything but a collar around their necks.

I stand stunned in the entry, not quite knowing what to do. There are heaps of people here. There must be close to a hundred. I slink into the crowd hoping not to be noticed and look around. Blind amazement overcomes me. This is a dungeon! There are racks and benches to tie people to. There are places to hang them from and the walls drip with nasty things to hurt people with and chains and ropes to tie them up. What have I let myself in for?

“You’re new here aren’t you!” she demands from behind me. I swing around and have to look up. She is huge, dressed to kill in jet black latex and radiates power.

“Yes I gulp”.

“First time?’

“Uh yes” I whisper.

“Great I will find somebody to play with you” she grabs my arm and starts to drag me off.

“I have to find Mistress T” I blurt out.

She stops dead. “Oh dear.” “Who sent you?”

“I can’t say”

“Oh well it was nice knowing you” She drops my arm as though it may bite her and struts off.

I am alone again in this crazy crowd, but now there is a space all around me as though I have a bad smell and they don’t want to get too close.

I am left alone as the party starts to hot up. People are being tied up and flogged, suspended in rope, somebody is screaming in the corner as hot wax is poured over them and suddenly there is a presence along side me.

“You where after me” she states. She is small, petite and dressed as a pirate captain complete with sword and a real live parrot on her shoulder.

“Mistress T?” I ask. She doffs her hat.

“Here to command you” she states.

I fall to my knees “Uh um I have a letter for you”

“Well are you going hand it over?”

I do and wait nervously while she reads it.

“Humph, humph, interesting. You brought the things? Later much later. Enjoy your self until then.” She stares at me, smirks and walks off leaving me none the wiser.

Again I am left standing not knowing what to do. Stranded like a beached whale.

I look around at the activities that are taking place all around me. Some scare the hell out of me. There are people having needles stuck in them in very sensitive areas. One person is being branded with a real red hot branding iron. I can feel the pain as the stench of burning flesh assaults my nose. This is a seriously serious place.

A hand clasps my shoulder and squeezes.

“Come with me” she commands and struts off. She is a tall proud women dressed in a shiny black leather military style uniform that commanded respect and she knows she will be obeyed.

I follow not knowing what to do.

She takes me into the centre of the room, looks me up and down and laughs.

“T said to keep you safe until she has time for you”. “Strip!” “NOW!”

I hesitate and she slaps my face hard.

“Fuck” that hurt. My pride more than my face, I just was not expecting it.

“Well?” she glares.

I would have walked away, but found myself in a circle of people. People who by the look on their faces expected to see me either submit or be hurt. Either way they were waiting for the fun to start.

Reluctantly I started to undress. As my clothes came off they where taken from me by the crowd and disappeared. The enormity of what is happening starts to sink in. I am stripping naked in front of an audience of weirdos.

I start to blush with embarrassment and shake with fear. She comes up behind me, brushes her body over my now nude behind and whispers in my ear “It’s not me you have to fear” and slaps my bum hard with a resounding whack.

“Stand up straight and look straight ahead” she commands. She snaps her fingers and a beautiful young woman in a very short maid’s uniform comes to stand in front of me with a silver tray.

I glance down at the tray and flinch as my arse is slapped even harder. I turn to see what she is hitting me with, it really hurts only to find, it hurts even more when I don’t obey her.

She grabs my head forcibly by the flesh under my jaw and points it straight ahead, grips my shoulders painfully and makes it very clear that I am to stay still and do exactly what she says. I get the message without her uttering a word.

She takes a blindfold from the tray and applies it tightly to me then tells me to open my mouth and forces a large ball gag in.

She squeezes my balls painfully when I make to protest and when I bring my hands up to protect my balls she grabs them and expertly secures them with some cuffs made of what feels like leather. The cuffs rise up and my hands go with them until they are pulled tight over my head.

Something is attached to my right ankle and my feet are kicked none too gently apart and my left ankle is also secured. My arms are hurting as they have to take much of my weight. I try to stand on tip toe to relieve the pain, however being blinded and with my legs spread all I succeed in doing is falling forwards until my full weight is hanging on my wrists.

Hands, rough ungentle hands, manhandle me back upright and take pleasure in touching me in ways I do not like.

They lower my hands slightly which eases the pain. This is a damn uncomfortable way to stand. How long am I to be held like this?

“You will be here a while until T is ready for you”. She whispers. She must be reading my mind
“Enjoy your self”. “Hay folks this one is open to a bit of touchy feely. No rough stuff at least not too rough” she yells to the crowd.

Oh no now what?

It only takes seconds before the invite is taken up and there are hands, sensual sexy hands groping me all over. I try to move away as far as the restraints allow. It’s no good they are all around me. Somebody puts plugs in my ears and earmuffs over them. I sink into muffled silence. Dark black, quiet and very scary silence. I stagger, I’m falling, but no the hands hold me and excite me and scare me.

There are strong, rough, callused hands exploring my private parts, squeezing, rubbing, and I suddenly realise masturbating me. Male hands!! Oh shit I was not bargaining for this.

They stop just before I come and the sensual sexy hands take over. Sensually erotically feeling my chest, my face and then caressing my balls. I feel a condom rolled expertly over my very erect penis as two hands reach from behind me to massage my nipples. I tense up as my penis is swallowed and can’t stop myself from moving with the rhythm as it is sucked and licked to a state where I know I must come.

But no she spits me out and squeezes him very painfully. Fuck they are just playing with me!! My frustrations must be showing as I am left alone standing in my dark silent very uncomfortable place.

Oooo what is that? It feels like a feather or is it my imagination. No there it is again on my face, then my nipples and then nothing. Along time of nothing. Then it’s there again. Down my thighs, across my balls, it makes me shiver with anticipation.

A breath a gentle breath or is it a breeze on my nipples. WHACK!!!! Ahhh fuck that hurt as my right nipple takes a stinging blow. Whack on the left one and then WHACK on my penis. I stagger back to escape the blows only to fall hard on to my knees. The pain in my penis brings me to tears as I writhe in agony.

Before I can recover something thuds into my thighs, my hands are lowered and pulled forwards and I am pushed down onto a waist high bench. A strap of some sort is fixed around my knees; another one over my waist and a third keeps my neck down. My knees hurt like hell where I landed on them and my penis is still stinging from that violent whack.

Before I can catch my breath a cold slimy finger starts to explore my back side. Probing, around and around, teasing, pressing, and ENTERING! I am gasping for air and shuddering and shaking all over.

It thrusts embarrassingly in and out and I know that huge crowd is watching. Absorbing every moment every moment of my distress and rejoicing in it.

It withdraws slowly tantalisingly slowly. Only to be replaced by something cold, metallic cold, slimy, working its way into me. I tense, this is not allowed. But it is relentless pushing its way in. It hurts to resist and it hurts even more, this sense of being violated. I would scream if I could but all that comes out is mmmmfff.

Somebody’s hands warm sensual hands rub my back and down my thighs. It’s ok the hands tell me it’s ok little one let it in, it’s OK. I am sobbing with the feelings. Never have I felt so violated so embarrassed and all in front of this craze crowd.

The sobbing isn’t helping to keep it out and with each sob it moves further in. Then with a plop it suddenly slips the last bit in. I gasp and try to catch my breath. Those hands pat me on the back side. There, there that wasn’t so bad was it, they imply. Then dragging their fingernails up my spine they withdraw. Leaving me in the dark silence to feel my fate.

My immediate fate is to have somebody tickle my feet and to make me squirm. Already uncomfortable, squirming just makes me feel what is inside me, how helpless I am and how much my knee hurt from kneeling on the hard floor for what feels like hours but is probably only a few minutes.

Something drapes across my shoulders and then across my lower back. It is soft, has multiple strands and is quite heavy and rough.

Thud, OWW, shit they are flogging me. Thud, thud, thud repeatedly relentlessly the flogger rises and falls. It is a dull thudy hurt. Not at all what I was expecting and once I get used to it I realise I can stand this. In fact I could get to like it!!

They move and now my shoulders and upper back are being flogged. It feels much worse there. Still a thud as it hits but with more sting as it penetrates to the bones. Luckily it is not long before they stop.

Hands again rough, callused, coarse hands grate across where the flogger has been. My skin cringes and prickles and is almost unbelievably sensitive. I want to get away from those hands however trying to move just reminds me of my predicament and the intruder inside me.

AHH, fuck, shit, hell, ice handfuls of ice brushed over my super sensitized skin have me squirming and writhing in agony. AHHH, AHHH fuck that’s cold. Then a towel that feels as though it is made of coarse sand paper is rubbed briskly and none too gently over me.

Before I can regain my breath searing burning pain explodes on my backside. My brain goes into overdrive and can think of nothing else but that branding iron. I scream into the gag again and again until I realise whatever is burning me is running down my bum cheeks and cooling as it goes. O shit it’s only wax, hot molten wax and while I am trying to figure out how much damage that does it moves up my back and then down to my feet. There must be many people pouring hot wax on me.

This is all getting too much, much too much. Then I remember it hasn’t even started yet I still have Mistress T’s work to endure.

At least the wax has cooled. I can feel it hardening on my skin. I wonder how hard it will be to get it off. I need not have worried.

Sharp, something very sharp cuts into my shoulders. It feels like the flesh is being cut from my bones. Again I scream into the gag. What ever it is scrapes across my skin. Sharp, scraping, dragging, flaking the wax off me. My super sensitive skin screams and squirms under the knife. It feels more on fire now than when the wax hit it.

Hands again soft gentle but strong hands. Hands massaging me rubbing me with oil, lots of oil. Caressing caring sensual hands, comforting hands, nurturing hands, calming hands. Hands that release the straps. Hands that help me up. Hands that rub me gently all over with oil. Yes all over. Shit that is exciting as the hands gently grasp and work their way around my genitals.

My hands are being gently raised, still in their cuffs. Not stretched as before just gently held above my head.

The ear muffs are removed. A parrot squawks very near my ears.

Mistress T!!! Oh shit what now. I have had enough already. I can’t stand any more. “Please just let me go” I try to say but all that comes out is a very faint mmmfff mmf mf mf mfff.

Hands, the massage hands, all over me head to toe covering me liberally with oil.

My legs both my legs I know that feel they are wrapping me in plastic. Tight cold plastic up my legs. My balls clinched and twisted painfully and released.

More plastic around each arm up to the cuffs.

My left foot released, roughly lifted off the ground and wrapped tightly. Then the other foot. I am temped to kick out now my feet are free, however past experience warns against that it just brings even more pain.

Ahh, both my feet are lifted up leaving me hanging by the wrists as my feet are swiftly bound together. They are placed under me relieving my wrists of my weight and the wrap proceeds relentlessly up my legs.

My penis and balls are gripped and pulled and left out side the wrap as it is pulled tightly around my stomach. Shit that’s tight, I am struggling to breath. It’s sooo tight. What are they doing? I have been wrapped before it was never this tight. Then I felt it. The wrap, last time it stuck to me this time it slips over me. Slips on the oil. Slips and binds me ultra tight. They can pull the wrap as tight as they want!  

Up to and over my shoulder and back down to my feet. Up and down, up and down until I am tightly, terrifyingly tightly, breathlessly, mummified.

The last time they go up they keep going over my face and up my arms. I am panicking; gasping for breath they have not left me a breathing hole. Down comes the wrap, even tighter over my face and around my neck. Up again tighter still. NO AIR. NO AIR I scream uselessly into the gag. Then suddenly there is a tearing sound and cool beautiful fragrant air pours over my noose and sucks thankfully into my burning lungs. GASP, GASP, GASP I pant. Thankful SO thankful for the small mercy of air wonderful air.

There is more wrapping going on up to my wrists and above then down my sides and around me. I have no idea what they are doing I am lost in the world of breathing. All I can hear is my own rasping gasping straining breath.

Shit this is tight. Breath comes painfully in small frantic pants not helped by my panic attack. Then my feet leave the ground as my wrists are pulled relentlessly upwards. I tense to take the weight on my wrists then realise the wrap is somehow taking most of the weight. What a relief.

Not for long as the wrap slips on the oil and pulls even tighter. I squirm and struggle to try to loosen the wrap only to make it tighter.
I try to tell them I can’t breathe. Not a sound comes out of my gagged and tightly wrapped mouth. They must have realised as hands gentle soft hands caress my face and glide down my side, soothingly, reassuring me I am not going to die at least not yet.

Slowly ever so slowly my panic subsides as more and more hands do there soothing work on me. Or do they! Some have found my penis and are stroking it sensually and gently massaging my balls. Others work on my nipples, crushed as they are under the wrap. Nether the less they are becoming erect. Wrapped the way I am, the hands can do what ever they want with me.

Some want a lot. The hand on my penis wants excitement. It is getting busy, pulling, twisting, squeezing, rubbing the glands, doing all it can to make him erect and make me come. Come I will and soon, very soon. My whole body wants to join in and my thighs thrust rhythmically into nothing. The hand has gone.

Pain, intense, sharp, stinging, pain sears through my fully erect excited penis bringing tears to my eyes. I jerk in shock just as another blow strikes and another and still more. Pain seems to flow in shockingly powerful waves over me then dies slowly away leaving me a sobbing wreck. Wondering what in heaven I have done to deserve this. Wondering if it will ever end. Sure in my mind that death would be a blessed relief. Wanting above all else to live to escape to be free and knowing that I am very much alive.

A hand in the dark on my penis, stroking gently, he flinches, the hand reassures. Sorry, sorry you’ve been hurt, there, there its ok now you’re safe. They lie. I feel him getting erect and cringing away at the same time. The hand gently, but forcefully places him on my stomach and somebody wraps him tightly in place. The hand strokes him gently sensually 4 more times then withdraws.

I brace myself expecting him to be struck again. It does not happen nothing happens; I just hang in the dark silences as waves of feelings flow over me. Good feelings bad feelings all mixed up with fear and excitement stew inside me.

Then hands again. Strong forceful hands grip my arse and spin me around and around then grab me tightly and bring me to a shuddering stop.

WHACK across my arse,     WHACK,    WHACK,   WHACK. They are flogging me. This time with passion and power like they want to peal the skin from my body. Pain explodes in me with every blow. The only relief is when they strike somewhere else and that is no relief at all.

They slow, taking their time between blows, striking a different place each time so I have no idea where the next explosion of pain will be. I just have time fully feel each blow before the next strikes.

I am moving into some sort of zombie state. Almost disconnected with my body. Fully feeling the pain and somehow floating outside my body as though it is too painful to live there. It seems to go on for ever then the pain changes. The next blow is even more intense and brutally concentrated. My mind flicks back to high school the headmaster’s office THE CANE! Searing intense pain in a violent line fires across my bum.

And another.

And another. Will this ever end? No

Another and yet more and more they come.

They lift my feet up and sharp stinging pain erupts on the soles of my feet. The same pain that had hit my penis, concentrated pain, just a few square cm of intense pain. Pain that now exploded up the back of my legs and worked its way back up to my bum. Stopped then exploded again on my tightly wrapped penis.

I screamed into the gag, screamed and screamed and screamed, reduced to a sobbing near hysterical heap.

Awhile later I became aware of nothingness. It had all stopped. I just hung in that dark silent tight space. Was I still alive? Or was this what death is like?

Much, much later my feet touched the ground with a gentle but pain filled jolt. There was a sensation of cold up my whole spine as something solid and long and round was pushed tightly against me. Pushed coldly against my stinging abused flesh.

Fear surged through me. What now? I had long ago had enough and just wanted to die.

I felt it pushed against me. Wrap more wrap was being wrapped around me. Wasn’t there enough already? Rigidity took over my body as the wrap held me tightly to that cold round thing.  My exhausted over stimulated mind struggled to know what was happening. At least half of it did. Fearful of what the answer may be. The other half was lost in some weird place of it’s own as though it was somehow lost in a world of its own.

They kept wrapping up and down again and again. Then I few quick pats and it was done.

Silence, dark intense feelings of nothing. Waiting, waiting for lord knows what to happen. Cold icy fear presses on my spine. Anticipation, I know it won’t be good, it never is, but what will it be. I am shaking with fear. Fear of more pain, fear of the unknown, fear for my very survival. Shitting the pants fear which just reminds me of the invaded up my arse and concentrates the fear even more.

A vibration up the whole of my back. Whatever is coming is coming NOW!

My feet leave the ground and I am falling forwards, downwards, and up wards at the same time. An enormous jerk strikes my back and I swing violently back and forth and up and down. I am flying, out of control, chaotic, crazy, and flying.

Up and down round and round, totally disorientated, getting nauseous. Shit I can’t throw up, the gag I will choke and I will DIE.

It settles down. I seem to be hanging in space. The cold thing up my back is supporting me and yet does not seem to be there. At least I can’t feel it. I can feel the wrap and my flesh still stinging but little else.

I am lost in a world of darkness, silent unfeeling darkness. Sensation less darkness, no place at all. I seem to hang there for hours.

Sometimes I thought I felt something. A touch, a change of temperature, a presence, it may have been just my mind.

Sometimes I was reminded of reality when a stab of pain, just a single stab exploded in some part of me. I was not even sure that was real as there were long period of nothing in between and I could have been dreaming or worse still hallucinating. Maybe I am MAD.

I am hot, fiercely hot, sweating profusely in the tight oily wrap. I try to move to let then know I’m in trouble. Moving just make everything worse. Small movements turn to big out of control swaying, surging rotating reactions. Nauseous again, light headed with the heat, panicking. Got to get out. Got to get out now!

Hands grab me. They stop the movements. Hold me steady by the feet. Things land on my back. Feels like gravel. Hard to say what it is?

Icy cold that’s what it is when it finally gets to me through the many layers of wrap. Bitingly ice cold all up my back. The heat problems gone but now my back is fobbing with the icy chill on the super sensitive areas that previously stung from the flogging. I can’t stay still I have to move to relieve the pain and moving means out of control chaotic scary movements. It takes a long, long time to for the ice to melt or my back to become numb to the pain before I can settle back down and drift of once again in my dark silent world of despair.

Hours later, vibration, distant gentle vibrations jerked me back to wakefulness. OH no Not more. PLEASE NO MORE.

Thump I hit the cold floor and a long rigid round cold thing settled along my back and hits my gently on the back of my head.

I lay there shivering and shaking. A different vibration assailed me. A zip snip vibration moved along my back and the solid thing was lifted away. More zip snip and cold air flowed over my legs then my bum and up my back.

They are cutting me free. It’s over, its over thank God. Thank God.

Then the thought but is it? Fear took over. Keep quiet, be still, and don’t react. Just pray they are finished with you.

The gag comes out; the ear plugs removed, the blind fold blinds me as it too is removed. I am offered a glass of water which I greedily drink in one long gulp and look expectantly for more. I know not to speak!

“You better clean up the mess you made and have a shower” she said then looked me in the eye and said “I don’t usually go that hard on somebody I don’t know however in your letter you seemed to know exactly what you wanted and your Mistress wanted you to experience another Mistresses work and said you could take it”

I must have looked stunned.

“Well did you get what you wanted?” I could only nod.

“And did you enjoy it” I nodded again. It was too dangerous to offend her.

She pushed me back down, placed her foot on my penis and gently rocked it to and thro.

Then she said “looks like you are still well and truly in sub space. Clean up, have a shower and a coffee and make sure you check in with your mistress. I don’t want any comeback about not looking after subs” She smiled knowingly and walked out of my life.

Little did she know how shocked and stunned I really was and how much I desired never ever to hear from Rose again EVER.



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