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It Was Dark Part 4: The Life Style

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2011 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/m; sbm; catsuit; sleepsack; straitjacket; hood; bagged; bdsm; electro; femdom; diapers; hum; cbt; oral; mast; sex; climax; reluct/nc; XX

continued from part three

Part 4: The Life Style.

It was Friday night. I had been out with some of the boys from work. I was not drunk; however I had drunk a few beers. Well may be more than a few. So I was not concentrating as I got out of the car, closed the garage door and went to walk inside. So I tripped over the parcels stacked near the kitchen door. How the hell had they got there?

There was a single red rose on top of them. Shit Rose! Shit! I had not heard from Rose for weeks. Not since I had been humiliated and tested at that BDSM party. I had thought maybe I had failed the test or she had realised she had taken things too far.

I grabbed the parcels and sneaked them into the kitchen so nobody could see them. Oh hell she has me under her control already. There is nobody to see me! This is my house. The outside doors are all locked and there is nobody who can see me so why am I panicking? I don’t even know they are from Rose.

My guts tell me they are and I don’t need to be psychic to know I am in for it again. Dark black fear grips me compounded by a shiver of delighted anticipation. Suddenly I am cold sober. That is the last thing I want to be right now. I pore myself a stiff drink. I am going to go to bed and ignore the parcels.

Halfway up the stairs I loose control. What if she knows I haven’t opened them? What will she do? What are they? What I am I to do with the contents? Questions, questions, it is late. I am going to bed.

There is something on the bed. A rose? No, a very thorny rose stalk with the head cut off attached to a note. Oh No. I knew I should have opened them and that is exactly what the note said “Naughty boy. We bring you lovely presents and you did not open them”.

I could just ignore it. However when I did that in the past things, nasty things, happened to me.

Dutifully, reluctantly, fearfully I walk back down to the kitchen. There they are, three of them thrown onto the kitchen table.

I stare at them, scared of them and what they may contain. I turn the first box up the right way.

Winter Heavy Industries Seattle USA is all that I can see written on the box. Reluctantly and with some degree of trepidation I open it.

On top is a receipt made out to me and a credit card printout. Shit they have charged this all to me! Under that is a packing slip from Winter Fetish. I sort of stare at it for a long time reluctant to know just what they have brought for me. Part of me is terrified and part of me just has to know what they have planned for me.

I recover enough to read on.

Item 1. Darlex Heavy Duty Premium Sleepsack.  Size; large. Colour; black.

Item 2. Darlex Dickie Style Hood. Mouth hole only. Colour; black.

Item 3. Darlex Straight Jacket Short. Integral hood with mouth hole only. Size; large. Colour; black.

Item 4. Men’s Style PVC Catsuit. Size; large. Colour; purple. Integral feet and hood. Hood with mouth and eye holes.

Oh shit they are going to make me their prisoner again.

I am shaking with fear and anticipation. Terrified of what they may do to me and part of me can’t wait for it to start.

Then I remember the second box. It is much smaller and fairly heavy.

It is just a plain brown box without any markings. Opening reveals a sea of foam pieces hiding who knows what. Only one way to find out and I thrust my shaking hand in only to come up short on cold hard steel. There is a piece of machinery in there which reveals it self to be a small electric winch with a remote control. Now what the heck is that for?

The third box was larger and lighter than the others. It was also plain with no indication what was inside.

Inside on top were two pairs of soft plastic under pants. Under that was a big packet of adult diapers. Oh no. No way was I wearing them that would just be too humiliating. Immediately my mind leaped back to the test and the public humiliation. They couldn’t! They could not want me to wear diapers in public. NO WAY! I was panicking, sweating in a cold fear filled sweat and literally shaking with fear.

This is madness. Why oh why am I so terrified of wearing a diaper when all the other stuff means I am to be held prisoner and probably tortured as well. Rose, playing with my mind again. She seems to know exactly how I am going to react and precisely how to trigger my darkest fears. I seem powerless to stop her.

I sit there in stunned silence contemplating my fate. A silence broken by my mobile with a text message. “It is late peter take the presents and go to bed”. They must be watching me!

I gather up the boxes and slowly reluctantly climb the stairs to meet my fate.

Once there nothing happens. No messages, no notes, no phone calls. I wait and wait and finally decide to follow instructions and “go to bed”.

I take my cloths off and go to the toilet then when I pull back the bed clothes to find my pyjamas there is the note or rather there are the instructions. Long detailed instructions.

“1 Take the winch. Place it in the wall bracket above your bed and plug it into the power socket.”

What bracket? Then I look and sure enough there is a bracket mounted on the wall above the bed.

“2 attach the pulley on the winch cable to the hook on the end of your bed. Just pull and the cable will spool out.”

There is a small carriage on the cable with a line and a small hook hanging from it.

I do what I am told!

“3. Put on a diaper and a pair of plastic pants. We don’t want to make a mess do we?”

Suddenly my mind leaps back in time to early childhood laying there in a wet stinking nappy crying my eyes out because NOBODY will come and change it and it stinks!! They have abandoned me to a wet stinking fate.

What is this all about what are they doing to me?

“4. Put on the cat suit”.

No please, no thank, you just short sharp orders.

I pick it up. It is soft, flexible; stretches every which way and it feel very, very kinky. I have never worn anything like this before. There is a shiver of anticipation as I run the material through my hands. Shit this stuff is turning me on!

It is quite easy to get into except I have to pull it some to get it over the diaper. It has feet attached and also a hood with a mouth hole and holes for the eyes. The back zip takes a bit of doing but eventually I get there.

I glance in the mirror. Then find myself admiring myself. I look very sleek and sexy in this cat suit. It is making me feel hot in more ways than one.

“5 Spread the sleep sack on the bed and get you lower body in it. Attach the hook hanging above the bed to the top zipper. Pull the hood over your head and pull up the back zipper. Put your arms in the sleeves inside the sack. Have a good night”.

Now what do they mean by have a good night?

Dutifully I do as they say. The hood kind of scares me. It does not have any eye holes just one for the mouth. The material is strange as well. Sort of tight and stretchy, it moulds itself around you enclosing you in a tight embrace.

It is a bit of a struggle getting in and pulling the hood over my head.

I am just getting comfortable when I realise I left the bedroom light on. Before I can do anything about that there is a whirring noise above my head and the zipper glides up my body sealing me in the sack.

Realisation!! I am stuck in their power yet again. Stuck here until they decide to let me out. Panic I struggle there is no way out NO WAY OUT. I AM STUCK. CAPTIVE POWERLESS

I just have to await me fate. What ever that may be.

It seems to take forever to get to sleep. I am hot and sweaty with the beginnings of a hangover. I feel trapped, waiting for something to happen, but nothing does.


Hours later I wake up startled at first to find I can’t move my arms, stiff and sore from lying on my back and busting for a pee.

How do I get out of this? I have got to go. All that beer has hit bottom.

I yell out. “Hey let me out, toilet time”.

There is only deafening silence.

If they are listening they are in no mood to help.

I really do have to go. I am busting.

Them I remember the diaper. That will solve the problem.

NO my mind revolts. I will not be treated like a baby. I can’t possibly piss my pants.

I have got to hang on until they let me out or can I get out?

I struggle. I squirm. I roll around and over, all of which does nothing to get me out of the sleep sacks tight embrace. All of which makes the need to go even worse. I try to cross my legs. The sack makes that impossible as well. My arms are tight by my sides and I can’t get them free. Can’t even hold myself to stop me going.

Finally there is no way I can hold on. There is a warm wet feeling down below and a sigh of relief. I can feel a puddle forming under me and pray this diaper will soak it up.

There is also a huge rush of humiliation and I find myself crying like a two year old. How the hell can peeing the bed feel so bad? Then I realise it’s not peeing the bed that’s the problem it’s me having no control.

I lay there demeaned and humiliated.

My senses are somehow exaggerated. It feels like I am being crushed held in the tight embrace of the sack. I can’t see a thing through the hood. My sight and hearing have gone and even the warm wet feeling has disappeared. My hands touch only the sleep sack and can’t move much and I can smell only a bit of my own sweat and a faint odour of the plastic.

The anticipation is killing me. I know something is going to happen however nothing does happen. I seem to have been laying here for a long, long time.

Whirrrrr. I awake with a start! What’s that? The pressure on me relaxes and I realise I am being released. I could pull my arms out of the sleeves. I don’t because by now I know to await instructions. By now they have control over me and I know I will do as they say.

Hands pull my hood off, large, strong powerful hands. The light blasts into my eyes blinding me. It is along time since my eyes could see.

When I can see I am not at all sure what I am seeing. It is a vision in white. Shiny, slick, plastic white fitted tightly around a large strong body. I wait for instructions. Only a mummfff comes and sleek white hands urge me to sit up. The body is gagged and is wearing a white PVC Catsuit with a built in hood. Who is this?

I am ushered silently into the bathroom and pointed at the shower.

The body pulls down the zipper on my suit and leaves.

I am soaked in sweat and smell of urine. Off come the plastic pants and the humiliating nappy. Into the bin that goes. Off comes the Catsuit and into the shower I go.

I am dreadfully thirsty and greedily drink the shower water. I would have had a long luxurious shower, but after what seems like only a few minutes there is a rapping on the shower screen and I know not to linger.

After drying myself I go back to my bedroom and almost trip over a chair. On it is a large class of a green coloured fluid and a butt plug. There is also a very short note “insert 1 and drink all the rest”.

The butt plug has been lubed and with some pushing slips slowly in place

The drink turns out to be some sort of smoothy thing. It smells and tastes revolting. I struggle to get it all down without throwing up. Later I wish I had thrown up.

For want of any instructions I sit on the chair and wait. It is not long before things happen. My stomach churns, cramping and is roiling. I start retching and burping, however the real action is at the other end as my bowls start to spasm. It is not long before I know I have to go and very soon. I struggle to contain myself as I make my way to the toilet. I barely get there before the pain in my bowls and stomach forces me to my knees.

I don’t make the toilet. I throw up and simultaneously my bowels explode sending the butt plug flying. The cramps are doubling me up and I would have screamed only I was to busy retching.

There is a hand, that same hand on my back. Another hand gives me a tall glass of water and indicates drinking.

I drain it. It is slightly salty and clears to taste out of my mouth. Unfortunately it seems to go right through me and finishes cleaning me out.

The hand indicates the bathroom and the shower. Humiliation nearly over whelms me as I clean up myself.

Dry again I wonder what they will do to me next.

Who is the body in the Catsuit? That thought suddenly pops into my mind? It is obviously male. I have never ever heard her. Could it be Rose? Could she be a he? No he is acting more like a servant or do I mean a slave?

Back in the bed room the now clean Catsuit awaits me draped on the bed alongside the straight jacket. It is obvious what I will be wearing.

The stretchy tight fitting Catsuit has been powdered and slips easily over my body. I am reaching for the zipper when the hand again touches me. Now where was he hiding?

He looks at me. I see the look of pity and despair in his eyes. He seems to know exactly how I feel and he knows what I am in for and does not want it to happen to him.

That done he helps me into the straight jacket. I have never been in one before. Well who would have, aren’t they meant for the insane. Or are they meant to send you insane?

The jacket is a tight stretchy fit. The shorts are squeezing my manhood as the long tight sleeves are pulled up my arms. The attached hood is a bit of a struggle but once on he has no trouble pulling up the back zip.

It is surprisingly comfortable. Embraced as I am in a tight fitting stretchy Catsuit and squeezed even further by the jacket.

My arms, he is pulling the sleeves around me and securing them with belts. The he moves in front and binds them further with another belt that goes around both of them. I have the inevitable feeling that escape has just become impossible. So is seeing through the black total enclosure hood. I am off in a world of silent blackness. Made even more silent when a rubber gag is secured in my mouth and inflated. Thankfully it has a hole in it to breathe through.

He leads me slowly forwards, turns me round, one step backwards and suddenly I am falling to land splat, helplessly on the bed.

My feet are dragged around and I am left lying there in my tight restrictive bondage. Left in sensory deprivation, unable to free myself, or hear, or speak, or smell but worst of all unable to see.

Left in silent anticipation of what is to come next.


Later, much later, though who knows it may have been minutes or hours, I could sense a presents near me.

No, not one, there are two or even three people there. Somebody tickles my feet and I jump. Reassuring hands gently stroke down the inside of my thighs. Other hands stroke my head and yet more hands slowly unzip the zippers over my manhood.

Cold air and then warm humid breath flows in over my penis followed by a hot wet tongue. The tongue slowly but surely excites and erects him. Then a mouth envelops him and excites him even more. I feel myself about to come when the mouth is replaced by ice. I gasp with shook and try to pull away. My legs are grabbed and held tight while the ice flows up and down and around relentlessly. I am hot and sweaty in the cat suit but somehow cold shivers are dancing up my spine.

A hot oily hand grasps him, another squeezes my balls, pulls them and deeply massages then at full stretch.

My balls are released. Hands, strong powerful masculine hands masturbate me. Slow strong powerful strokes, up and down and around and around until again I am about to come.

Whack, whack, WHACK, three powerful intensely painful blows whip him and I scream into the gag. I am powerless to move. My upper body is held tight by the straight jacket and my ankles have been tied to the end of the bed.

I have just recovered my breath when whack another single blow lands with stinging force to take it away again. Hands, gentle soft female hands rub the pain away and somebody kisses him ever so softly on the glands.

Whack, another sting blow surprises me then the hands again.

Whack, even harder and I scream with the pain. Struggling against the jacket which hold me tight I have to escape I can’t take this. But struggle as much as I can, I can not escape. My arms are held tight by the sleeves and the straps and there is no way the jacket can be pulled over my head the shorts on the bottom stop that completely.

Whack again and I am sobbing now hoping this will soon be over but knowing it won’t be it never is.

The pain they inflict on me is random with long delays so I never know when it is coming and it seems to go on for ever and ever.

Then I realise it has stopped or at least it has not happened for a while. I lay there in stunned silence just the faint whistle of air in the breathing tube.


Later much later hands touch my feet and untie me. The sit me up and then help me to my feet. The take me to the toilet then sit me in a chair and leave me. They must have strapped me to it as later when I try to stand I can’t.

I am stiff and sore and my bum aches from sitting too long in the one place. I can still move my legs but nothing of my upper body.


Hands grab my ankles and other hands strap then securely to the chair legs.
The gag deflates and is roughly pulled out. “Drink” is the command. A tube is placed in my mouth which when sucked on flows a cold slimy fluid into me. “All of it” the command when I take a break.

I finish it as quickly as I can. They unstrapped me and lead me around and around. I have no idea where they are taking me. The push me into a space and close the door. There isn’t much room to move. Which ever way I turn there seems to be only walls. I dare not try to sit or I may not be able to get up. They just leave me there strapped tight in the jacket and sweating in the cat suit. Hooded so I can’t see. Totally their prisoner. Totally under their control.


Hours later they come for me. March me out of my prison around and around until I am getting dizzy. My knees hit something and I fall uncontrollably forwards on to my face, onto a bed. They roll me over tie my feet in place legs spread apart and open those zippers again.

My bruised and battered penis feels the cool air caress it and flinches in anticipation. Gentle hands reassure him, excite him and erect him. A condom envelops him and a body descends on to him and gently works up and down on him.

Realisation leaps in my mind. Shit I am being raped. They are having sex with me. Using me as their play thing. I struggle between the affront of it all and the need to come. She comes first. She pushes down hard thrusting my penis deep inside her as a long shuddering orgasm that shakes us both followed by an explosion from within me as I come. I sigh with relief and instantly with no warning my face is slapped hard twice. It seems I am not allowed to enjoy this, it is just for her.

She lingers a while squirming gently on my penis glands then rises. Another hand a strong powerful hand pushes him down and does up the zips. They leave me, their thing, restrained and ready for their next use.


Much later he unties me takes off the jacket and the suit and leads me to the shower. I can barely stand. It is dark outside and when I came back to the bed room there is another glass of something on the chair and a note. “Drink and sit” it says. “Do not move”.

I do as I am told. The drink is foul I can barely get it down and I am afraid it will not stay down. It does, however it proceeds to go straight through me.

In minutes my bowels are cramping and I just have to go. I make it just in time. He comes in and hands me water and indicates I should stay. They are cleaning me out again.

Later the door opens and he indicates I should follow him. He goes to the bed. There they are. The diaper, the plastic pants, an electric butt plug, the Catsuit all cleaned and ready for me. I shudder and if he was not there I would be crying.

He holds up the plug and indicates I should bend over. It is cold, slimy with lube and with long wires dangling loosely. In it goes all the way sending shivers of fear and anticipation up my spine.

I stand and pull on the diaper, too exhausted to feel any emotions. Then the plastic undies. Then the suit. It still feels kinky and exciting even though I have been in it for… days? It certainly feels like days.

I waddle to the bed and there as expected is the Sleepsack open and waiting to embrace me. Strangely there is another one alongside it. Oh I suddenly see that’s for him. He is getting the treatment too. I turn to face him hoping for help but I can see he is totally in their control and will not help me or even himself.

I climb on the bed and into the sleep sack.

He connects up the wires for the butt plug.

He helps me get my arms in the sleeves that will restrain them all night.

He puts the tight fitting hood over my head shutting out the light and zips it up.

He pulls up the zipper all the way locking me in the sacks tight stretchy embrace for the night

I can feel him wriggling about on the bed. He grumps and I realise he has been gagged all day. There is that whirring noise as the winch does up his zipper and I lay back waiting for it to happen.


I wake; I must have somehow got to sleep. There is a squirming throbbing feel in my anus. It grows and I am reminded that he put that electric plug there. I know what that means they have used them on me before. I know it will get worse. I know they will make me come and I know they will make me scream.

Something pushes against my mouth. A gag I close my mouth firmly not letting it in. Unfortunately the only way I can breathe is through my mouth and eventually I will have to open it or die. I don’t want to die. I open up and the gag pops in, inflates and chokes off my protests.

The plug does its work. Higher and higher it pulses. More and more I squirm and struggle. My whole body is pulsing, my penis erect, and my whole being a shuddering pulse of electricity. I come and come and come and still it does not stop. I scream and scream and pass blissfully out.


It starts again I have lost count of how many times this is. I am totally exhausted. I must be getting used to it as this time whilst I still scream I do not pass out. I just pray for it to stop. Then I notice it is not me that is screaming. It is him along side me. Screaming into his gag.

At least I have a partner for my pain.


It must be morning. He is unzipping me. I drink their foul drink. I shower and dress in the Catsuit and the straight jacket. And they leave me all alone. They don’t come near me all day nobody does.

They have abandoned me! They have left me all restrained, unable to escape, blind and totally unable to help my self. I am hungry, thirsty, I am totally frustrated.


He returns that night to tuck me in bed. He does not feed me however I am allowed to drink.

Thank god they did not use the electric plug and I have a reasonable nights sleep to be woken by the whirr of the winch as it unzips me.

I lie there not knowing what to do. Eventually I get up to find it is early Monday morning. There is nobody in the house just a rose and a thank you note. “Enjoy the presents” it says “Looking forwards to seeing you soon” Signed Rose.



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