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It Was Dark Part 7: How sweet is Revenge

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2012 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; slave; mum; wrap; cocoon; diaper; spandex; sleepsack; gag; collar; torment; latex; catsuit; blackmail; toys; sex; climax; reluct; X

continued from part 6

Part 7: How sweet is Revenge

I took out her gag before I totally drifted of the sleep. I wanted to make sure she was safe. She looked like she was going to snarl at me them thought better of it. Sometime, much later, she was thrashing about and woke me up.

“Please master I need to go.” She pleaded.

I was angry at being woken up and was about to say no when I realized she was in my bed and the pallet wrap was bound to leak. Reluctantly, I got up, found the paramedic scissors and cut her out. She raced off to the toilet.

“Have a shower” I yelled after her.

I cleaned up the now very sweaty remains of her wrap and chucked it into the bathroom. She can sort that out later. But what to do now? I could put her in another room and tie her up, however I quite liked the idea of her stuck in my bed, my playmate. I rummaged through her bag of toys.

There was an amazing variety. Too many for me to decide on in the middle of the night. I selected one a wide studded leather dog collar. Well used by the look of it. I also decided the sleep sack would have a new customer tonight.

I was laying it out on the bed when she returned. She still had the towel wrapped around her.

“Strip!” I ordered in my most commanding voice.

She did so reluctantly. She had a quite fine body, firm fleshed, very fit and very, very sexy. Down boy, down.

I took the collar. Showed it to her and was about to put it around her neck when she dissolved into frantic tears. Floods of tears, her whole body shaking with emotion. She could barely stand up.

“You did agree” I said.

In between the sobs and floods of tears she blurted out. “But that’s Lillian’s.”

Oh, so that was why it was so well worn.

“Then you can wear it until she is free.” I barked. I was probably being very cruel. Somehow I knew it would be good for her and reinforce my control over her.

She did not say anything. She did slowly calm down. Then without a word she presented her bare vulnerable white neck to me.

Gently and very slowly and purposely I fixed the collar in place. I realized later being collared had much more significance to her than to me. Once collared she lowered her head and stared straight ahead at a spot on the carpet. Shivers of pent up emotions flowed over her body.

It was late I could sort this out in the morning. In the mean time bed. I pointed to the sack. Like a robot she climbed in and placed her arms in the internal sleeves. I pulled up the zip all the way up to her neck and over the collar. The sack was way too big. It did not hug her tight as it did me. It would do for tonight. Tomorrow we would need to find something better.


The alarm startled me awake to find a strange body in my bed. A body that had snuggled up alongside me as though it needed comforting. Or was she just used to sleeping with somebody.

She was just waking up. She jerked awake, like a startled animal, saw me and looked like she was about to scream. Then she must have remembered where she was and collapsed back on the bed. A sigh or was it a sob escaped her lips. She looked straight up at the ceiling and awaited instructions.

“Time to get up.”

She wriggled her trapped arms. I undid the zip, allowed her out and pointed to the bathroom. “You have 5 minutes then you can get our breakfasts.”

She looked at me with a query on her face. Unwilling to break the rule of silence and ask.

“You will just have to guess what I want for breakfast. Get it wrong and you will be in trouble” I gloated as the look of fear flashed across her face. She was normally in control and did not like it one bit when somebody else controlled her.

I lay there savoring the feelings of power until she came back into the room, towel wrapped tightly around her. She looked at me and inclined her head to the bathroom. I ignored her and indicated the closet where I knew she had hung her clothes. I don’t think she had ever dressed in front of a man.

I lay there looking at her. “Fuck you” she swore silently and proceeded to dress. She forgot the collar. I took it to her.

“You will wear this when you are in my house. Always!”

She took it, put it on, lowered her gaze to the floor and went downstairs.

I showered, dressed and when I reached the kitchen a rather sumptuous breakfast awaited me with her waiting by my chair to serve me.

I enjoyed the breakfast and her reluctant company.

“What are your plans” I asked.

“To find and free Lillian.”

“Good” I said “I don’t like people who hold others against their will.”

“I must go” she made for the door.


She blushed, removed it and left it on the stand near the door.


It was late when she returned. I had started to worry. She could have been in trouble. She also could be that ROSE so why was I worrying about her. She had brought some extra bags with her. She held her fingers to her lips indicating silence. She took something out of one of them, plugged it in and turned it on. It buzzed them settled down to a steady hum.

She was worried. She made for the kitchen and was making herself a coffee when I pointed to the entry stand. Fuck she swore, but she did put her collar on.

“Well, tell me what’s going on?”

“I am not sure. I think they may be watching us or listening.” “That thing is an anti spying device from security at work.”

“Oh I have some things for you.”

She pulled my company laptop and phone out of her bag and placed them on the table. The look on her face made me wonder had she looked? What was on there?

There was a knock at the door. “That’s dinner” she said as she went to get it. It seems she had ordered takeaway on the way home. She was very organized and efficient. It was easy to see why she was a high flyer.

We had dinner in silence.

“Who is ROSE she blurted out?”

Fuck she knew or at least she had looked at my phone messages or emails. What had that ROSE said? My face must be beetroot red.

“Who gave you permission to speak?” “Down on your knees NOW!”

It came out with a mixture of rage, anger and frustration directed I realized at ROSE and not at this Rose. Still it felt bloody good to order Rose around even though I now knew this was the wrong Rose.

It felt damn good to let my rage flow, to be in my Power. It also felt a bit wrong or did it. I was enjoying being in my power, having power over another person. Making them submit.

She hadn’t. She was still sitting there.

“Do I make that phone call?”

She got up looked me in the eyes then lowered her head and meekly submitted.

Down on her knees before me she looked weak and powerless.

“STAY.” I ordered.

I waited a little while then I went to get what I would need.

When I returned she was still there head down in a pose of submission.

I went behind her and placed the blindfold over her eyes.

Still behind her I said “OPEN”. She reluctantly opened her mouth. Roughly I stuffed the big red ball gag inside and did up the straps.

“Stand” I guided her back to the dining room chair. “Sit” I pushed her gently back. Her legs hit the chair and she fell into it. A few turns from the roll of cling wrap made sure she would not stand as I proceeded to bind her tightly to the chair, her arms by her sides. Her head was defiantly up. I pushed it down and found myself caressing her hair in a loving way.

I had to think. I opened up the laptop. Let’s start there. Damn the battery is flat! I start looking for the charger and an extension lead. Then wondered why? I usually work in the office. There is a spare charger there all set to go. Why am I working here? In front of her. For some reason I am reluctant to leave her.

The laptop had only emails from people I work with who obviously did not know I was gone. Nothing from ROSE.

The phone was different it had a new message from ROSE and I had not deleted the old ones. The new message said simply:

Hope you enjoy your new toys

and your new found freedom.

Now we will have plenty of time to play.

Shit ROSE knew what has happened or she has caused it!!

Worse still Rose has seen this message and the old ones.

ROSE may also know what was happening here. Damn!

I took out her gag. She was still blindfolded and tied tightly to the chair.

“What do you know?” I demanded.

She stayed silent. I slapped her face, not hard but enough to let her know I was in charge.

“I am not that ROSE” she yelled.

“I know you are not. I also know I have had enough of being in her power and I will NOT let you have any power over me either!”

“Good” she said. “I don’t want her to have power over me or anybody else. Especially I don’t want her to have Lillian. I think she has kidnapped Lillian. I think she is using me to get at you. I think she is using Lillian to get at me.” She sobbed quietly. I just sat there.

She kept sobbing. I went behind her, put my hands on her shoulders to reassure her and found myself caressing her hair and then her body.

Wrapped as she was she could not resist. She had stopped sobbing and was quivering when I stopped. I had no idea what to do.

“Bed” I said “I need to sleep on this.”

I cut her loose but left the blindfold on. I guided her up the stairs to our bedroom. OUR BEDROOM? OH!

I had at least done some thinking during the day. Made some preparations for tonight. I took off the blindfold and sent her off to the toilet.

When she came back I handed her a diaper. It was for men but it would do the job. She looked at it then looked at me. Humiliation all over her face.

“What is his number? Your bosses home number?”

She put on the diaper. I handed her the plastic pants. She put them on sobbing as she did so. I indicated the sleep sack. She climbed in and slipped her arms down the sleeves. I lifted her head and slipped on the hood. It was not very tight but would stop her seeing, make her feel more helpless. It would leave her totally in a dark world of her own. I zipped her in and wished her good night.

I stood there a while looking at her helpless form laying there trapped and defenseless. Then I climbed into bed, my bed, with my woman, pulled the bed clothes over us and snuggled up to her rigid form.

Slowly very slowly she relaxed.


Morning did not bring any grand insights. I was up early and we had an early breakfast together. She was silent and resentful throughout.

I looked at her, she lowered her gaze. I reached across and lifted her chin up. “I am not sure I can trust you and I think you don’t trust me.”

She nodded.

“However I am willing to work with you for our mutual security. Are you?”

She nodded.

I decided to take control. “Tell me about Lillian?”

“We lived together, we were lovers, she was a submissive I am a Domme. She also worked in my department. Nobody at work knew about us. One day I came home late and she was gone. The apartment was disturbed. She usually kept it very neat. I called the police. They were not very interested. Flat mates move out all the time. When she did not turn up for work I called them again. Then the note came to work. That was it as far as the police were concerned. I was frantic however there was little I could do. I checked around the BDSM people I knew and put out a few feelers. Nobody knew anything. Then the photos turned up. I know Lillian; she is terrified in that photo.”

“When did all this happen?”

“Four months ago.”

That was 3 weeks before things started to happen to me.

“Who knew you first name?” The question had flashed intuitively into my mind.

She thought for along time. “I only ever used it when I was with Lillian.”

“COULD Lillian be doing this?” burst out of me.

“NO, NO, NO way.” She was very affronted that I could even think that.

“She couldn’t, she was a very submissive submissive. She could hardly do anything without being told what to do.” Then a thought struck her. “She may do what her new Mistress is telling her to do, but I doubt it, we were too close.”

“What did you find out at work?”

“Nothing except the executive I told you about seems extremely nervous.”

“Can you describe him? ”

“He’s about 6’ 2” fairly big build, works out a bit so he’s fit. Dark brown hair that has streaks of grey. Grey eyes, big nose, a bit of a woos. He would probably make a good submissive.”

She could be describing the “slave body” that had helped ROSE last time she was her. Come to think of it there was also a second woman with small sensitive hands, however I never saw her and I did not see much of him.

I looked at Rose. “Don’t you want to know what has been happening to me?”

“I already know! You wrote about it all on your computer.”

“SHIT!” was all I could say.

“You’re quite a good writer?” she said it as a question challenging me to deny it.

“I must go or I will be late.”


I went out and brought some simple bolts to put on the insides of all the doors and windows. They had got in here before; they would not do it again.


She was smiling when she returned. She dutifully put on her collar as she came in the door. (Almost as if she wanted to)

“I know what is going on!” She almost laughed with relief as she said it.

“Who?” I asked

“It’s Joan, his very efficient powerful secretary.”

“Joan is ROSE?”

“Yes. She has him in her power, has had for sometime, maybe years. She lives at his place, though nobody knows that. He is terrified of her. Will do anything she asks.”

“How in hell did you find all that out?”

“I ambushed him in the executive loo. I told you he was a submissive. He could not resist when I came on strong. I told him I was an undercover agent and he was going to help or else. He is basically a wimp.”

“So where is Lillian?”

“In his cellar, in a cell, always kept in bondage. Apparently she has not been very happy to help her. ROSE, or should I say Joan, it seems is a savage heartless beast. We have to rescue her.”

“Them.” she said. “Both of them and get back at ROSE once and for all.”

“He will not be home until late tomorrow night so we may be able to do it then.”

She got up and started cooking. Cooking a gourmet meal for two.

After dinner I was just thinking about what to do tonight when she offered to give me a massage. It turned out to be an erotic massage on all those places a “normal” masseuse is told not to go. Oh boy I could enjoy lots more of that.

We went up to bed. I had no thought of tying her up. She didn’t share that point of view.

“Master” she said. “I took the liberty of bring along a few more things.”

She opened the other bag and pulled out item after item.

A packet of adult unisex diapers, a latex full body Catsuit, a heavy rubber Sleepsack, a very large insertable vibrator with a remote control or was it a timer of some sort and two large rolls of pallet wrap.

“You choose” she said.

It seems I was not the only one to like being wrapped up tight. She looked like she needed a lesson in control so I choose to mummify her after first inserting the vibrator. I got the distinct impression it was the first time it had been used on her.

I wrapped her totally head to toe, tightly with many layers. I left her to stew for a while then I started working on her. Just gently brushing my hands over her, making her quiver. Massaging her breast, cutting the wrap off them, rubbing ice on them, sucking them and vibrating them and other places with my Magic Wand. Then I remembered the remote controlled vibrator. Boy did she jump. I am glad she was wrapped up tight or she would have gone through the roof.

She was whimpering and gasping for breath and with a little magic form the Wand she climaxed again and again and again. Eventually I thought she can’t take any more of this and turned them off.

“More, MORE fucking more” she groaned.

I obliged for another two orgasms then let her rest for a few minutes and then cut her out. She was drenched in sweat and almost drowning in her own juices.

She showered, came back in the room naked and proceeded to get MORE by damn near raping me.

We were laying there relaxing when I remembered I was supposed to be in control. I picked up the diaper, the plastic pants, and a blindfold and indicated the rubber sleep sack.

“Meow” was all she said as she obeyed.

We slept together snuggled up, one in the rubber sack one hugging it.



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