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It Was Dark Part 8: Rescue and Release

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2012 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; MF; D/s; mum; wrap; cocoon; diaper; latex; sleepsack; gag; cage; collar; bond; captive; hogtie; susp; bdsm; electro; torment; reluct/nc; XX

continued from part 7

Part 8: Rescue and Release

I got up early. She woke up as I was getting out of bed. I left her stuck in the rubber sleep sack whilst I showered. She did after all have a diaper on so she could wait. Though somehow I don’t think she liked the idea. When we had both dressed and Rose was cooking breakfast I was thinking how we could rescue Lillian and trap ROSE.

Rose was one step ahead of me. Boy, she would make a fine executive, always thinking ahead.

“We can use his car and his remotes to open the gate and the garage and I know what they knocked you out with.”

“What did they use?” It had knocked me out pretty well straight away.

“It’s a veterinary product in a pressure pack can. It is normally used on animals in pain that you can’t safely approach. Knocks them out quick smart but only for a short while. There is some in the boot of his car.”

“Is he going to be OK with this?”

“Sure he wants out and he is scared stiff of being an accessory to kidnapping both of you. We just have to pick his car up at the airport. I will follow him to the airport, you meet me there.”

“Ok” was all I could think to say.

I did however think to pack a bag with some bondage items, my bolt cutters and a portable battery operated angle grinder.


That day time seemed to slow right down. Eventually the afternoon came I walked out the house and walked a few block before I caught a taxi to the airport. We met as agreed and she led the way to the car park.

“We will have the wait a little while. He is going to call her to say his meeting was cancelled and he will be home about 11, that way she will be expecting to see his car come into the garage. He told me she always waits in the lounge for him to come and kneel before her. I have got his overcoat and hat. He always wears his hat into the lounge and takes it off when given permission. This should be easy.”

Well there were two of us so it should be OK. We went and got ourselves a meal to while away the time. We took both cars, parked hers around the corner and I drove his to his house with Rose hiding on the back seat.


When we made our move it worked like clock work. She did not suspect a thing. Far too arrogant to even suspect somebody may strike back. We had her bound, hooded and gagged before she had recovered enough senses to know what had hit her.

We left her and went to find Lillian. Finding her was easy. Freeing her was not.

The cell she was in was securely locked with a large bolt and padlock. The padlock was far too big for the bolt cutters however my angle grinder would do the job. It did but it took some time.

Once we were in we found Lillian in a PVC sleepsack tied to a bunk. She had a hood on and was gagged. When we took the hood off she was terrified when she saw me and even more terrified when she saw Rose. She was obviously trying to talk so I undid the gag. Rose was beside herself and confused by Lillian’s reaction.

“Don’t move me she screamed, don’t, don’t please.” She was gasping for breath. “The collar”.

There was a large bulky collar tight around her neck. There was a light glowing on it. “What does it do?” I asked.

“If I move too fast or try to escape it shocks me.” She gasped in panic. “If I try to take it off or go outside this cell it is set to knock me out or kill me.”

I looked at it closely. It resembled an anti barking collar for a dog. It had been modified. There was a connection visible under the buckle, break that and you would set something off.

“Can we untie you and get you out of the sack?”

“Yes” she said.

We untied the ropes and undid the zipper so she could at least breathe easily. She was in a sorry state, badly bruised all over. She had been left in the sack far too long and had been lying in her own excrement. She was also wearing a chastity belt with wires coming out of it.

“It’s locked on and includes a vicious remote controlled vibrator.” She sobbed.

“Can we take it off?” I asked as gently as I could.

“It’s lock on. But they just seem to unlock it and take it off. I hate it and what it does to me.” She looked at me pleading to be rid of it.

The bolt cutters made short work of the padlock and Rose gently eased it out and off her lover.

I was a bit worried about ROSE so I went upstairs to check on her. She was struggling on the floor. I had used some of Rose’s handcuffs on her to pin her arms behind her and another pair on her ankles.

She was not going anywhere fast even though she was trying to. I rolled her over and slapped her hooded face twice. Hard because I was angry at what she had done to Rose. She lashed out with her legs and nearly got me. I rolled her on her face and pounded hell out of her backside until my hand started to hurt.

My anger was getting worse, God I could kill this bitch. But I had other plans for her. I took out some rope passed it through both sets of cuffs and pulled tight until she squealed into the gag.

I then picked up the hog tied bitch and carried her down stairs.

Rose was tenderly comforting Lillian as best she could without moving her. I dumped ROSE none too gently on the basement floor and removed her gag. She snarled like a wild animal.

“How do I get this collar off?” I demanded.

“Fuck you.” she snarled.

I smacked her face again twice. I enjoyed it.

“Well?” I asked.

“Fuck off.” Was the reply.

There was a chain hoist in the middle of the cellar. I lowered it and hooked it on her handcuff. I raised the hoist until her body started to come off the floor then I cut the rope and continued to hoist up.

She had no choice but to struggle on to her feet and then to bend over or her shoulders would break. That’s not the most comfortable position to stand in. I made it even more painful when I found the floggers hanging on the wall. I picked one I thought was the most painful.

“No the end one hurts the most.” Lillian interrupted.

I tried it out, full force no warm up to see if she was right.

Rose screamed. A high pitched ear splitting scream.

I don’t think ROSE was good with strong pain.

I did not ask her any questions. I just enjoyed inflicting pain on her whilst I wondered if this was where they had brought me.

She stopped screaming and was sobbing now, but she was stubborn and would not tell me what we needed to know.

Eventually she past out and I had run out of energy.

I had enjoyed it, but we still had to free Lillian.

I looked again at the collar. If it was a dog collar it had metal studs that pressed on the flesh to pass the electricity through. We may be able to do something about that.

I went looking for what I needed. I found it in the kitchen. A thick flexible plastic pastry sheet and a pair of scissors.

“I know this will work, but I am not sure I can get it on without you being shocked a couple of times. Is it ok for me to try?” Lillian nodded and I set to work with the scissors.

I cut a strip a little wider than the collar and long enough to go all around it. It was I hoped thick enough and flexible enough to do the job. Getting it on was the hard part. I had to keep her still or she would be shocked. Slowly and very gently I slipped it around her neck and fed it under the collar. Luckily she was soaked in sweat which made the plastic slide over her flesh. Slowly easily I threaded if in place whilst Rose held Lillian’s head.

Eventually we were there. Then came the risky bit, undoing the buckle. Oh shit I thought, if this thing goes off Lillian should be ok but who ever is holding it will get shocked. I glanced around. Like any good dungeon this one had an ample supply of rubber gloves. I put some on then though maybe not enough so I put two more pairs on.

Time to test it. I said a silent prayer that I knew what I was doing and undid the buckle. When the connection broke there was a violent buzzing and lights came on but no shock got through.

I was about to drop the vile thing in the bin when I had a thought. What a wonderful toy for ROSE. I carefully did up the connection and put the collar carefully on the bunk. It seemed happy there with just the original light on.

Rose helped Lillian up. She could not stand and I had to carry her upstairs. Rose ran a bath for her and I laid her gently in it leaving Rose to clean her up.

Back to the basement I went. I had ideas for my ROSE.

She had come to and was having trouble dealing with her painful position. I walked up to her and pulled a little on the chain hoist.

“No” she screamed. “Please no.”

I lifted her head up. She opened her mouth to speak; I slipped in her gag and slapped her face yet again. She slump dejectedly.

I lowered the hoist until she was on the floor and ripped her clothes off. Then I picked her up and carried her into the cell. There I lowered her into the sleep sack, into Lillian’s filth. She was going to have a very uncomfortable night with her hands behind her.

I zipped the sack up most of the way just leaving her neck exposed. I strapped her down tightly to the bunk so she was not going anywhere.

Then came the fun. The piece of plastic I wrapped around her neck and secured it with a small piece of duct tape. The collar came next. It was buzzing as I placed it on her. She froze; I think she knew exactly what I was doing. It was a bit of a struggle to make the connection before I did up the buckle. Obviously you where supposed to do that before you turned it on.

Pity I did not know how to turn it off.

Once buckled on it settled down to the one light and she relaxed. I reached under the collar with my gloved hand and pulled off the tape and the plastic. I most have been a bit careless as she jumped and screamed into the gag. It seemed to take her a while to realize that if she got shocked, she moved and if she moved she got shocked. I think it only stopped when she passed out. Oh well pity about that.

I went back up stairs.

Lillian was asleep on the couch. Rose was hugging her and crying. I left them be for a while. I went to the kitchen to make me some strong coffee, it was very late. Whilst waiting I contemplated what we should do with ROSE.

Rose must have smelt the coffee. She came into the kitchen, hugged me and thanked me profusely for helping rescue her lover.

“What do we do with ROSE?” I quietly asked.

Rose exploded. “She is not ROSE! I am Rose. She is JOAN, fucking, murderous, torturing JOAN and I want to kill her slowly painfully.”

“Sorry” I stammered. “I know how you feel. I must admit I enjoyed hurting her. Maybe you should spend a little time alone with her.”

“Yes maybe I should, but not now. Lets get Lillian back to your place and we have to get his car back to the airport.”


I arrived in a taxi back from the airport just before dawn to find Lillian and Rose snuggled up together in a sleeping bag on my bed. I was too tired to do anything but climb into bed.

Rose woke me up. She was dressed for work. Lillian was missing.

“I called him to let him know what happened and to talk about an idea I had. I have to go to work to sort some things out. I will be back tonight. Lillian is in the kitchen getting your breakfast. Bye.”

I was still waking up. I showered and went downstairs. Lillian was shyly waiting for me. She served me breakfast in silence. I did not know what to say either. I smiled at her. She smiled back.

“May I have permission to speak master?” she whispered.

Master, how come I was suddenly her master?


She sank to her knees and lowered her head. “Thank you for rescuing me. Rose said I must serve you as well as her. I would like that.”

The way she said it made me feel powerful and in a strange way needed. She was submitting to me, she needed a master to dominate her, it all felt so natural. She was a true submissive. I was very tired. Lillian offered me a massage then put me back to bed, she even tucked me in. She could not do enough for me.

Much later she woke me up. Rose was on the phone.

“I will be a bit late home.” She apologized.  “I have to visit Joan; it seems she is having some time off to do an advance management training course.” She was calling from work and obviously could not say much.

“Ok see you when you get in.” I said as I wondered what sort of advance training Rose had in mind.


Lillian cooked and served a magnificent dinner which I demanded she share with me. Rose arrived hours later looking exhausted but very satisfied.

“Well are you going to tell us?” I queried as she sat down.

Lillian was torn between wanting to know what happened to Joan and her need to serve Rose her dinner.

“I won’t tell you what he and I did to her. Suffice to she that she is not very happy. I will tell you what we have organized for her.” Rose knew how to make a point so she started eating with a huge but sinister smile on her face and left us in suspense.

When she was finished Rose congratulated herself. “Sometimes I come up with the most brilliant ideas.”

She waited awhile as if contemplated how good the idea was then went on. “I contacted a friend of mine in the BDSM scene. He knows some people who train slaves for their masters.”

“It’s quite expensive we could not afford it. But that is where my genius comes in. With his help we got the company to pay. We put it down as a management training program!”

“We also persuaded Joan to pay for another months training, sign all her money and property over to me and to sign a letter like the one Lillian signed. Joan really is not very good with receiving pain. It seems she only likes to give it. Also it turns out she can’t stand being tied up or put in sensory deprivation. After a night and a day in the sack she was like soft putty in our hands. I also talked to the people who run the training. Apparently they have customers who purchase well trained slaves, so she won’t be back.”


That night I had the pleasure of having two women in my bed both in sleepsacks snuggled up on either side of me. One was totally submissive and one who was going to make my life very interesting.

It would be interesting indeed. We were both powerful people although I had only just come into my power. We could struggle to find who was the most powerful or just maybe we could share that power. Or maybe we could take it in turns. I still had a need to be tightly restrained, kept in dark, not knowing what would happen next and stimulated beyond my wildest dreams. For somebody to have total control over me. For me to surrender to their will.

However I had also discovered the joys of being in control, of being powerful, of having somebody under my control and somebody to meet my every need.

Yes, a sharing, a coming together for the good of both of us. We had it seems much to look forwards to.


The beginning.



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