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Kandy Kane 2: Hard Kandy

by Steff

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© Copyright 2013 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; majick; machine; encoat; encase; cocoon; insert; display; tease; foreplay; fondle; toys; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Kandy Kane 2: Hard Kandy

Since their first adventure in the candy factory (see “Kandy Kane”) Mika and Trevor have been dating regularly. Their relationship was really strong and for the first time in his life Trevor was truly happy. He loved Mika not only because she beautiful but because she was smart, funny, easy to be around but most of all she wanted nothing from him but his affection. She was the first person he had met that didn’t use him for his money and she was ok with his magic. Mika had a crush on Trevor in high school and when she and him they met years later, they got along really well and she like the way Trevor treated her and handled himself. He was sure of his actions but not cocky about them.

They had had sex since the candy factory and he had tied her up also since then but Trevor wanted to try another idea he'd had. One night after a date that ended with them in Mika’s bed Trevor asked, “How would you like to spend a few days at the candy factory?”

There was a twinkle in her eyes when she replied, “A few days? What did you have in mind?”

“All I will tell you is that you will have to take a few days off work. The minimum duration of the spell is 4 days. I can also tell you that it should be as fun as the last time you were there.”

She looked at his mischievous grin, “Why is it that I don’t like that cutie little mischievous grin of yours? I will tell you what since you have kept your word and only used your magic on me with my permission I will take the time off. I just need to know how many days YOU want me to take.”

Trevor had a look of relief on his face, he kissed her deep and passionately and said, “Have I told you recently that I loved you? Take the week off 3 weeks from now so that will put it with a 3 day weekend so I get you for 10 days.”

“10 days. Aren’t you a greedy one? I will tell you what.” She kissed and continued, “You tell me you love me again, take to that little waffle place near your house for breakfast, and spend at least one full weekend with me before that and you have a deal.”

He gave her a serious look then said, “I love you and I will take you for waffles but the weekend together... that is asking a lot. That means snuggling, talking… romantic things like that…” He was interrupted as Mika hit him in the face with a pillow three times before he finally caught it laughing. “OK! OK! You win! I will even agree to spend 2 weekends with you.” They both laughed and then after passionate love making they fell asleep in each other arms

Trevor was true to his word and spent 2 weekends with her before he took her to the candy factory. The night before he had made sure everything was in order so he could get started right away. He picked her at her place and then took her to the back entrance and up to his office.

Grinning like a little school girl she said, “I remember what happened last time I was here. I hope you can top it this time.”

He thought about how much he actually loves her and replied, “This is your last chance to back out. If you do then we can just go to the movies and dinner. If not then remove your clothes and kiss my ring.”

Mika knew the ring was magical and kissing it would have something to do with Trevor’s plan. However she trusted him to the point of falling in love with him so she decided to go for it. She removed her clothes, spun around slowly and the kissed his ring.

“You will not regret it,” he said then he kissed her. After the kiss Mika was led out into the candy processing area and takes her the top of a machine. The machine has a large vat and it was filled with a blue liquid candy. Trevor touches Mika with the ring, kisses her one more time and the shoves her into the candy.

Mika felt a warm tingling all over then Trevor kissed her deeply. Just as she thought about how good a kisser he was she was shoved into the liquid. The liquid candy is warm but not uncomfortable. Once inside the candy her arms were forced behind her back with her hands palm to palm and her forearms up to her elbows were touching. Next her legs were bent at the knee and pulled alongside her. Once her legs were positioned her head was forced back so she was looking up.

Mika had held her breath as long as she could but the time came and she had to breathe. Since she had held her breath for so long she opened her mouth to take a deep breath. As she did the blue candy poured into her. Kind of surprising was the fact that she could still breathe. Because of the candy inside her mouth Mika was not able to close it all the way.

Next she felt the candy begin to fill her pussy. It was warm and tingly as it filled her. It felt like it was never going to stop as the amount of candy was getting uncomfortable. Finally it stopped filling her and started to withdraw a little, wiggle and pulsate. The sensations felt really good and she was rapidly getting more worked up. Her breasts started to get squeezed and messaged which also helped get her even more excited. Then to Mika’s surprise she felt something smooth but solid slide into her ass. Whatever it was it was the largest thing she ever had up there but it felt REALLY good. As the object slid deeper into her it started to vibrate and that force her over the edge and an orgasm washed over her. The intensity was pure ecstasy. Every nerve in her body seemed to come alive with pleasure. Since she literally could not move that only added to the pleasure. Soon her existence was nothing but pure ecstasy. The orgasm seemed to last for an hour but it finally receded leaving Mika in a wondrous afterglow and totally content.

Her curiosity got the better of her so she opened her eyes to see what she could see. Mika was able to see through the candy as clearly as she was looking through normal blue glass. She could not however move or close her eyes. She saw Trevor walking around her inspecting his work.

After Trevor pushed Mika into the candy he walked to the other end of the machine. He was really impressed with what came out the other side. Mika was encased in a hard blue candy that looked to be about one inch thick. Her arms were pulled behind her with her elbows touching. Her head was pulled back forcing her to look up. Her mouth was opened slightly lined with candy and her lips though covered in blue candy were just outside the edge of the hard candy. Her breasts were squeezed at the base and the forced into cones ending with her hard nipples sticking up. Mika’s legs were bent and held beside her allowing easy access to her crotch. Her pussy was covered with a candy that also went inside her forming what looking like a candy sheath. Finally her ass had a three foot long white rod coming out of it. The candy covering her was hard so the rod was held firmly in place and would not move. Trevor was very impressed because Mika looked like a lollypop fuck toy.

Mika saw him walk up and start to message her breasts. The sensation was more intense then when he played with them normally and she could tell that the candy covering them was soft enough for him squeeze them. Now Trevor moved between her legs and slid a couple finger into her candy covered pussy. Again the sensations were more pleasurable than she was used to. In fact she had a little orgasm from him just wiggling his finger slightly. He then moves to her face and looked into her eyes. He kissed her candied lips and slid his tongue into her mouth. After a long passionate kiss he stood up.

“I know you can hear me,” he said. “The hyper sensations are only when I am playing with you. You look awesome. I took some pictures so you can see how good you look later. Here is the thing. The company is slightly behind so this weekend a small crew will come in and work. ‘Conveniently’ the only people that volunteered were single people. They will find you in the break room and know you are for their amusement.”

He bent down, kissed her deeply and began to play with her pussy. Almost instantly she was rocked by a surprise orgasm. The orgasm was not as intense as the first one she had in the candy but it was better. The intensity was perfect and her brain was able to process all the pleasure and emotions. It rolled over her until Trevor was finished playing with her.

“Just like the last time I can control how your body reacts to the stimuli I give you,” he said. “When the guys are here they will get to play with you. Your feelings will be linked to theirs. The more worked up they get the more you will. When they cum so will you. The really interesting part is that when they leave they will not remember you. After work I will play with you myself. After the 3 day weekend I will take you home and then you are all mine.”

He kissed me again then he walked out of my line of sight. I was surprised when he shoved his cock into my pussy. The sensation was incredibly pleasurable. He fucked my pussy fast and hard. In just a few minutes we both were rocked by a massive orgasm. Mika’s orgasm was sudden and intense. As her pussy twitched it caused Trevor’s orgasm to be prolonged which in turned increased hers. Finally the both came down from the euphoric high.

Breathing heavily Trevor walked to her head and kissed her passionately. After a couple minutes of kissing he said, “I have told you repeatedly that I loved you. I want to give you something to think about beside sex this week. Will you marry me?”

If she could move or show expression her jaw would have hit the floor. As it was all she could do was remain still. Just as Trevor got done asking her there was a flash that temporarily blinded her. When she could see again she was in the break room and people were walking in talking. Mika could tell when they walked in because the talking just stopped. Trevor walked in and told them that they could play when they were on a break or when they finished a load. There was a cheer and then she was left alone.

She didn’t know how long she was left alone but she was relieved to hear people come in. They had completed a load and came to check Mika out. They knock on the hard candy and the vibrations Mika could feel got her excited. The two guys talked about her for a minute until one of them slid a couple fingers into her candied pussy. That was all it took before one of them opened his fly and shoved his cock into Mika’s waiting pussy. Just like Trevor said she was getting as excited as the guy fucking her. She was really surprised when the other guy shoved his cock into her mouth. Getting it from both ends plus having her ass stuffed got her really excited but she could not cum. Finally the guy fucking her pussy came and that also brought Mika’s orgasm. The orgasm was long and intense but like the one Trevor gave her she was able to enjoy the whole thing. When it was over she was ready to go again however the guy fucking her mouth shot his load and then they returned to work.

Mika’s best guess was that every 15-20 minutes another guy would come in and play with her. Every time her pussy was fucked she would have another orgasm the same time the guy did. Lunch was a lot of fun because she had a cock inside her pussy and mouth for the whole 90 minutes. Guys also sucked and played with her breasts. By the end of the work shift the guys were tired but looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

After the last guy left Trevor came in. He spent the next 5 hours playing with her. He would alternate fucking her mouth and pussy. He would also suck and play with Mika’s breast until she would orgasm. When he was tired he kissed her for several minutes before he left.

The rest of the weekend passed just like the first day and Mika loved every minute. The orgasm felt awesome and the magic of the spell made sure she didn’t get tired out. She also loved the time Trevor spent with her before the guys showed up and the time after. After the last shift of the weekend Trevor shoved a candy dildo into her pussy. Then he pulled the rod out of her ass only to refill her ass with a candy plug. There was a bright flash and the next thing Mika knew she was at his house in the living room. Without warning both her pussy and ass were assaulted by powerful vibrators. In just a few minutes Mika was rocked by another orgasm. This orgasm, like the rest, was the perfect intensity but this time it didn’t stop. She rode the orgasm for a long time and remembered the whole thing.

When Trevor got home he went to check on Mika. She was hanging in the living room next to the TV. He knew she was in the middle of an orgasm so he just went upstairs, showered and fixed some food. After he ate he returned to Mika. He started to suck on her nipples and felt that her orgasm intensity increased. After a few minutes she was lowered onto the coffee table. Once she was down he shoved his cock into her mouth. He was so excited that it didn’t take long before he shot his load into her. Once he recovered her removed the dildos from her crotch and gave her a chance to recover.

He knelt down and started to gently lick her pussy and clit. After her brought her to three more orgasms he stood up and shoved his now rock hard cock into her pussy. This time when Trevor came she was rocked by the most intense orgasm of the weekend. The intensity of this orgasm caused her vision to go white and ecstasy was all she knew. This time there was so much pleasure that she passed out.

Mika woke to find herself in Trevor’s bed with him holding her. She snuggled down into him then he asked, “How was your weekend?”

“Yes” was her reply.

“What are you talking about?”

She propped herself up on her elbows, looked him in the eyes and said, “Yes Trevor I will marry you.”


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