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Livin’ the Mummy Dream 2

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; wrap; board; nipple; toys; tease; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part 1 Part 2

She woke up later that night from a strange, wonderful dream involving being out in public in extreme bondage. “Wow, what a crazy fantasy dream!” she thought, as she tried to move her bound arms to no avail. At the end, she was pissing her diaper, which she was in fact now about to do. She had no idea what time it was, as her neck-braced and ball-gagged head was completely covered in tight white vet-wrap, as was her entire torso except her squeezed, jutting breasts, with her arms and hands wrapped tightly together with elbows nearly touching behind her back.

She pissed in the thickly padded diaper and sighed in relief. She rolled onto her other side on the memory-foam king-sized mattress, using her tightly toe-booted feet and legs for leverage, not disturbing him a bit. He had thoroughly wrapped her stockinged and tube-sock-covered arms and hands together with the wonderful clingy vet-wrap, then tightly wrapped around them and her torso, down to her hips, sealing her arms immovably against her back. He wrapped between and around her large breasts in a figure-8 pattern, squeezing them beautifully and making them bulge out.

Her shoulders, her neck-chin brace and entire head were snugly wrapped all up, the large rubber ball stuck in her mouth, spreading her jaw and lips wide. She was wrapped stiff, her torso and neck unable to bend. She couldn’t bend her stockinged, tightly thigh-booted legs very much. Her feet and toes were pointed severely straight-down in her beloved  tightly-laced and zipped leather ballet/toe boots. She had slept, or semi-slept this way many times. They had had wonderful bondage-sex earlier before he wiped her off and diapered her, kissing her ball-stuffed mouth and her hard, jutting pierced nipples good-night and fixing her pillow for her.

She sighed, reveling in her tight, mummifying bondage. She could not move her severely bound, semi-numbed arms or hands at all. She wouldn’t have her bondage any other way; it had to be tight! Her shoulders were feeling better now, as used to this strict, strenuous bondage as she was. She was quite flexible, had great circulation and loved tough, demanding binds. He was an excellent bondage master, very thorough and fastidious. She had joked to him last year that seeing how much vet-wrap and tape they went through, he should buy stock in the company! He looked the stock up and added many shares to his portfolio, profiting nicely! She was very impressed with his business savvy and astuteness. She was very impressed with everything about him, including his cock! What a kinky internet match made in heaven!

He had taken her away from her old, struggling, broken-relationship, recently unemployed life 2 years ago to a wonderful life of ultra-bondage, sexual joy and luxury. He had been the 6th online suitor from the bondage-fetish networking-meeting site she had registered with. It was time for her to get exactly what she wanted. After a few great correspondences, she knew she had finally found The One. Mark was her absolute dream come-true and he definitely made her extreme bondage and sexual fantasies come true! And she was his dream-woman. The mummy-bondage life was hers and he was amazing! He swept her away from the Northeast to the Southwest in southern California, as she left nearly everything and everyone far behind her. She and her alcoholic mother were not close, but she kept in touch with her younger sister and re-married step-father, who she considered her real Dad.

Mark was a few years older than her, nearly 30. She’d soon be 25. He had been married once and had no children. This in fact was the issue over which he and his wife had divorced, as she had begun pushing to have a child, which he had been adamantly against. He still didn’t have any desire to have a child, which factored hugely in her being with him now, as she didn’t want to have a child, either. It wasn’t conducive to their extreme bondage life-styles, selfish as that may seem, but they cared not one whit about what anyone thought. Their priorities were clear and straight, and they were doing their small part for population control. Not everyone needed to be a parent!

She swallowed and drooled a little from the stretched corner of her stuffed mouth. Her wrapped, sheathed hands were less tingly now. She tried to move her arms, feeling the wonderful crushing, immobilizing tightness. She tried to move her tightly braced head and neck, loving her inability to do so. She tried to bend her feet, held stiffly en-pointe by the wonderful tight boots. Her big bound, bulging boobs were quite firm and hard. She thought about the past day spent in wonderful, super-tight, rigid mummification and her super-intense orgasmic ordeal. She shuddered. She thought about him finally getting home and his handsome face as he lovingly fed her while still wrapped hard to the mummy-board. Then being freed to shower and do stuff before being wrapped up in his tight, loving embrace and making bondage love.

She swooned in her tight bondage, thinking about tomorrow’s long day to be spent mummified on her special padded board cut and shaped to the exact dimensions of her prone, out-stretched form. She thinks about the wonderful electric vibrators being stuck in her and the wide-gauge catheter tube being anchored in her bladder. She thinks about her big, warm morning enema. She thinks about the powerful vibrating nipple-clamps he’ll attach to her thick nipple-rings. She gets excited and would love to rub her clit and twist and pull her nipple-ring. She strains her trapped arms and hands for the hell of it. She sighs and breathes heavily. Her pussy is hot and wet in her pissy diaper. She feels hot in her bound constriction. After a considerably long time, she finally settles down and falls into an exhausted bondage sleep.     

In the morning they get up around 7:00 to get ready for their respective day’s work, but not before having pierced nipple foreplay and sex with her lying on her back on her bound arms. They get off quickly and noisily. He cuts her out of her tight vet-wrap prison and she gets her stiff arms, shoulders, neck, jaw and back working, doing her familiar stretching routine. She unzips her long, tight leather boots and gets her stiff foot and calf muscles moving. They do their bathroom business and shower together, admiring each  other’s trim, sexy bodies. He shaves while she gives herself a big warm, cleansing enema, enjoying the whole procedure. He gets dressed and they have a light breakfast. He pulls out her sturdy custom padded apparatus to wrap her steadfastly to while she fills her dispensing container with the cold re-hydrating energy drink to connect her drinking tube into the big ball-gag.

She gets everything in place and deeply inserted into place as per her regular routine. As usual, she is in excited anticipation, though feeling tired still. He finishes checking out the news and sports below and comes upstairs. “Ready, Hummy?”

“Mm-hmm!” she says, sitting tightly ball-gagged and neck-collared and latex-gloved on her wonderful padded table. The clamped catheter tube sticks out through her tight panty-girdle’s crotch-hole and the electric cords run out from the big vibrators stuffing her tight crotch.

“OK, sexy, lie down. This is gonna be real tight! You won’t be able to move a muscle!”

“Mm-HMM!” she says.

Hours later, she lies there flat in her stretched prone position, indeed unable to move a muscle! Today she is a vision in solid, shiny black, done up as securely and tightly as she ever had been in her life. This was intense! He had been incredibly thorough. Instead of the vet-wrap, he had wrapped her down with heavy, stretchy plastic packaging wrap and wide black electrical tape, overlapping it and covering her solidly and very tightly, even carefully covering her blindfolded entire head, except her nose-tip, of course. He had wrapped and taped completely over her ball-gag and then punctured a hole where the on-demand drinking tube was inserted. “Boy, Mark was inspired today!” she thinks. She is one with the padded table. Her sheathed arms and hands are trapped above her head with elbows bent at a 105 degree angle with her upper-arms angled 45 degrees up from her shoulders. Her legs are spread wide at a 60 degree angle.

She remembered the exciting day when she had her body traced onto the special thick plywood board in this position, carefully getting into the optimal arms and legs angled position she could endure for extremely long periods, and for his convenience in fucking her on it. He had the thick, sturdy sheet cut exactly to her outline and a strong metal frame bolted to it. The frame pivoted on a strong spindle in the middle, like an inversion/gravity table. It could be spun around or locked in at any angle. Thick memory-foam padded the surface, like her mummy-board. Very comfortable for long periods, and much fun to be flipped and tilted on!

Today was an “open-ended” bondage day. He had won the roll of the dice earlier, so he decided how long and how intense, and to deprive her of knowing the time. They had a rule though: no maximum vibrator settings while she was left alone, unless, like yesterday, she asked for it. Her vaginal and anal vibrators were on a very low sub-orgasmic setting. Her nipple-clamp vibrators, though, which were attached to her thick nipple rings, sticking out of the wrap and tape along with her nipples, were turned up all the way, tied up to the nipple bar. Not exactly conducive to a bondage nap. The strong vibrations and pulling kept her awake and aroused.

She tried to wiggle her trapped, severely pointed-down feet. Her feet, muscles and tendons had become used to this position and she could now walk on her toes with relative ease in the severe ballet/toe boots, which she was very proud of. She tried to move any part of her very tightly wrapped and taped body and was entirely thwarted. Once again she was in mummification bondage nirvana. She now had not a care in the world. This was the life! She drifted along on an ultra-bondage high. She carefully sucked down some of her liquid sustenance. She sighed.

The chiming clock was off today, so as the hours passed, she was losing track of time. She’d like to hear his voice on the telephone speaker. No call. She thought she heard a noise nearby through her plugged ears. Her heart raced and she vocalized. Nothing. Then she notices the intensity of her big electric pussy vibrator increasing, along with the big butt-plug vibrator! She hollers, wondering what the hell is going on! The intensity of the vibrations increases dramatically and she hollers out, surmising that Mark has snuck in and is getting her juiced up. She cannot see a thing, or any light at all. It had better be Mark! She hollers out to him and gets no response. Now the settings are way up, well into orgasmic territory! She hollers and squeals and breathes heavily. This is scary and damn exciting! She screams out through her nose, not one ripple of movement evident except for her heaving ribcage. Her slender abdomen is squeezed down very tightly, feeling like she has a tight corset on.

“You devil, Mark!” her mind shouts as she continues hollering out, moaning and squealing. “There’s no way this is an electrical malfunction! Both of them??” 

There is no response as the inevitable orgasm approaches. “They’re both up to full speed!” she thinks. Her wet pussy pulsates and contracts around the strong nubby vibrator, helped along by the powerful butt-vibes. She cums in a raging wet torrent, screaming and squealing, straining against the all-enveloping super-tight bonds. She shudders and shakes uncontrollably, her buzzing, hot pussy at the epicenter of the quake, the shocks and after-shocks reverberating throughout her stiffly immobilized form. She hollers out his name behind her ball-gag, getting no response or comfort. Another climax is about to besiege her, sucking her spinning out of control into its vortex as she screams uncontrollably. Another claims her, and another, sending her into ultra-bondage, ultra-orgasmic delirium. She shakes, feeling the cascading, violent climaxes rip through her pussy, clit and rigidly-contained body, screaming and hyper-ventilating.

Almost imperceptibly, the wicked orgasmic vibrations start to slowly abate in her pulsing pussy and ass. A strong after-shock wracks her as she hollers and trembles. Another lesser trembler hits her quivering clit, partly conducted by the large catheter tube. The power further diminishes as she hears her hard pulse pound in her plugged ears. She hollers at him, yet still no response! Slowly the vibrators go back to her low-level maintenance setting as her heart and breathing rates slow down. She hollers his name and there is only silence. What a mind-fuck! And body-fuck!

She listens intently as her breathing slows down and hears nothing but the buzzing nipple vibrators. Her stretched nipples are sore. Has he slithered out and left her? Is he sitting there watching her?? “He is really something else!” she thinks. She knows the security alarm system is first-rate. How could anyone break in and not trigger it? Did he set it?? She makes an inquiring noise. She seems alone. She can do nothing anyway in her state of totally bound helplessness. She hollers out again in exasperation. He’s never done this before. “He’s gotta be playing a new game!” she thinks. “This is an all-time mind-fuck!”

“Hi, Gina” he says, receiving a startled scream in response. “I thought it’d be fun to fuck with you today! That was really something!”

She says something that sounds like “you asshole!”

“Yeah, I’m a jerk, but that was really intense! I got off too!”

She mutters ball-gagged obscenities. He unties the nipple clamps from the nipple bar, turns them off and removes them from her nipple rings. She moans in relief. He removes the drinking tube from her ball-gag and clamps off the catheter tube, disconnecting it from the low-hanging piss-bag. He unplugs the vibrators and tapes the cords against her. He tilts the bondage board up to a vertical upright position as she makes approving sounds. She does not slide down one iota. He kisses her big ball-gag. “I love you. I guess that was a bit of a nasty thing to do to you, Hummy.” She ‘mmms’ in agreement. “Just trying to keep things exciting and new, Dear! Now, let’s take you for a little spin, shall we?” She squeals in delight and excitement.

He gets to the side and gives her a good push, sending her spinning forward end-over-end. She squeals and breathes excitedly, loving the feeling and disorientation. After a few revolutions it begins to slow and he lets it go until it stops, leaving her tilted face-down. She makes noises of sheer delight. He grabs the body-table and spins her in the opposite direction, going head-over-heels backwards. She cannot imagine a better thrill-ride in the world! She stops face-up, feeling slightly dizzy and disorientated. With no visual reference, this is really a trip! He repeats the cycle, spinning her forward, then backward over and over, making sure she feels OK. She loves the rush of the blood pressure changes in her head and the feeling of disorientation. Her tightly wrapped and compressed body does not move at all from its stuck position. Throughout, she moans, squeals and breathes in excitement, straining, loving it.

“OK, Love, I hope that makes up for scaring you earlier!” She answers affirmatively. “Let’s play a little game before I go. Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.”


“Ha-hah! OK, heads I win, tails you win.”

She makes an inquiring sound. “Heads, I decide what to do with you for the rest of the night, tails, you decide what to do with you for the rest of the evening!” She agrees.

“Let’s flip for it!” With that, he gives her a hard spin forward as she screams and squeals. “‘Round and ‘round she goes, and where she stops…” She gets very dizzy from the high-speed revolutions, screaming the whole time. She slows and stops after about 6 dizzying spins, face-up.

“Heads up, I win!” She moans, wondering what he has in store for her tonight. She can hardly tell which end is up, feeling as though still moving. “It’s been fun, Dear! Now I have to hook you back up!” He locks her into the horizontal position and hooks everything up as before, except he leaves her pierced nipples alone, except for giving them a good tug and twist as she mews. “I’ll put you up at a little angle, Hummy-dearest.” He tilts her up about 15 degrees and locks the table. “Hmmm, how high should I set these vibrators??” She makes pleading sounds.

He turns them on and with an evil smile turns them up and up, and up. She screams and squeals pleadingly for him to back it off. “Too high, Dear?”

“MM-HMM!” She would be a total wreck if he left them at or near top speed!

“Hey, heads, I won!” She screams out in distress and anger, getting very aroused. He leaves them buzzing at high-speed as she hollers and squeals. He wants to see her cum again. Cum she does, in a screaming, quivering, quavering tizzy. Then he slowly turns the power down to a more reasonable level to keep her on edge for the next few hours. He leaves them at half-speed. She begins to calm down.

“There, Hummy! Just simmer for the next few hours! Duty calls! Money to make!” He kisses her wrapped and taped-down forehead. “Later! Love you!” She vocalizes back and off he goes. She feels hot and sweaty. She is wary of the vibrator levels, feeling on the edge of cumming. No sleep this afternoon, either! Oh, what a life!, she thinks. She languishes in her awesomely tight wrapped and taped prison. More piss fills the bag and she drinks more fluid, sucking on the huge ball stretching her mouth. She wonders about the time. She strains against the awesome bondage, unable to move even a finger. She seeks out her happy place in her mind, finding relaxation elusive. It would help if she didn’t keep feeling on the verge of orgasm!

To cum, or not to cum, that was the question. Her pussy tingled and her big butt-buzzer amplified the vibrations. She felt it in her catheter tube too, up into her urethra. She decided to try to push herself over the edge, straining at her super-tight wrappings, feeling the totality of her crushing bondage. She strained, moaned and breathed hard, getting herself more excited. Finally she was rewarded with a wonderful orgasm, her pussy spasming and contracting hard on the large vibrator as she tried to move to release the orgasmic energy. It was all contained within her rigid form, making her shake and shudder. She squealed, moaned and mewed as the energy reverberated through her like a ringing, vibrating bell.  She laid there panting, feeling hot and tired. She drank more of her vital rehydrating energy and vitamin drink.

She nearly dozed off, her body wanting sleep that the vibrators denied. She kept feeling on the verge. She really didn’t want to orgasm any more. Her tired brain was barely functioning. She slipped into ultra-bondage la-la land, into exhausted submission. Much time slipped by. She missed the chiming clock giving her its hourly updates. Would he call her? She liked hearing his voice. She moans in her absolute, total immobility, tiredly resigned to this tough marathon session. More time passes…

The phone rings, jolting her. It is her half-sister Sheila across the country on the answering machine. “Hey, Gina! What’s up? I’m pretty bored hanging out here! No job yet!” She’d just graduated high school and was about to turn 18. “Dad said he could give me a super graduation-birthday present! I can come see you in California! We can have some fun out there! I know what kind of fun you like to have!” Her heart-rate jumps. Her sister is the only person she’d intimated to about her bondage predilections and lifestyle. “I fantasize about it too! Are you tied up right now?”

“Hmmm!!” That smart little minx, she thinks.

“I wanna come out there and get tied-up real good for my 18th birthday! That’d be real special! No sexual stuff. Except for vibrators. Mark could tie us up together! I wanna try some of your equipment! I’m not a bondage virgin, you know! I told you about that boy. I made him tie me up real good and screw me. Of course, I’m on birth control, but I still had him use a condom. Gotta be safe! This would be the absolute best birthday present ever!! Call me later if you’re ‘tied up’. Wink, wink! Love you! ‘Bye!” 

She is in a state of semi-shock, her pulse racing. Her sister was a burgeoning bondage freak too?? How could she refuse her coming out here for her birthday? How could she refuse to give her what she wanted? What would Mark think? Getting tied up together?? The thought intrigued her, she must admit! She’ll have to sacrifice for her sister for a week or 2, she thinks. She’s never been to California and she’ll show her the fun places around the Los Angeles area, but she wants to come for a lot more than to just see the sights! Suddenly her simple life is about to get complicated!

Mark calls to tell her he’ll be home soon with pasta and shrimp to feed her. Wait ‘til he hears this news! She breathes heavily waiting for him. She hopes he can be accepting and accommodating of her sister. Maybe he’ll get a kick out of having 2 gorgeous women to tie up and look forward to it! She thinks of last month when they went out to a big bondage-kink event with him proudly leading her around on a leash in her shiny Spandex full-coverage zentai mummy suit, wearing a super-tight leather corset, very high-heeled leather boots, a tight leather armbinder squeezing her arms and hands together behind her back, a tall leather posture-collar and a tight rubber and steel bit-gag on her hooded head. Her big Spandexed, pierced boobs bulged out proudly. She was beside herself with excitement at being out in public for the first time in full bondage regalia.

They had seen 2 ball-gagged women bound intricately and inextricably together, awkwardly pecking their way around in high-heeled boots back-to-back with gloved wrists bound behind them around each other’s corseted abdomens, a wonderful tight crotch-rope arrangement keeping them very intimately close, ass-to-ass. He absolutely loved it and had remarked to her about how he’d like to bind her to another woman like that. She damn-near creamed, imagining herself being bound to another like that. Now into her fantasy her sister was creeping! She was getting excited. She did in fact cream herself a few times that night in her padded panties with her double dildo arrangement held in by her tight leather strap-harness. Cumming in public! What an incredible night!  

She almost came before Mark arrived with dinner. “Hi baby!” She vocalizes happily as he kisses her on her ball-gag. “Let’s get your head unwrapped for this wonderful Shrimp Scampi! I bet you’re hungry!”


He tilts her up and cuts the tight tape and wrap from all around her sweaty head and the  padded headboard. He removes her blindfold and unstraps the huge rubber ball-gag, working it out of her stretched mouth as she breathes in relief and gets her jaw and mouth moving. He leaves her padded cervical collar on and shuts off the vibrators. Her urine bag is getting full. He opens the Styrofoam container to feed her, smiling at her.

“Mark, I’ve got some big news for you! Play the answering machine!”


She watches his face intently as her sister’s message plays. His eyes grow wide and he looks suddenly to her, then back to the machine. His mouth drops open and he looks at her again. He looks back to the machine and gets an incredulous look on his face, then he starts to smile in surprise and amazement and looks back at her, shaking his head.

“Wow. I guess we’ll have to show her a good time! Ha-ha!”

She smiles and nods her head.

“OK, let’s eat! Then I’ll call her for you and hold the phone up to your head. When’s her birthday, next week?”


“Alright, find out about the date and everything. Then I’ll jack up those vibrators and tilt you forward so you can suck my cock, Lovey!”

She smiles. She’s glad he’s taking the news so well!



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