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Lydia and Me 3

by Pleasewrap

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© Copyright 2005 - Pleasewrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; wrap; mum; cocoon; tape; gag; bfold; toys; insert; tease; denial; climax; cons; X

story continues from part two

Chapter Three - Cleaning Up

“Those berries were great. Could I have some more?” 

I looked up from the paper and grinned. “They’re right next to you. Help yourself.” 

Lydia glared at me with only somewhat feigned annoyance. She obligingly struggled in the wrap that I’d put around her and said, “I’m supposed to just drop my face in them and dig in?” 

I laughed as I put down the sports section and sighed as though exasperated. I crawled across the bed to where she sat, in a sort of straightjacket made out of plastic wrap. When I’d woken her up, I’d let her use the facilities, but left no doubt that I was in charge now and there would be no breakfast until I was satisfied that she’d been accounted for properly. She smiled coyly and said, “Whatever could you have in mind?” 

When she’d returned, I’d wrapped her arms and torso individually with the wrap, then had her hold her arms in front of her like the stereotypical Indian chief in a bad western, one on top of the other with hands touching elbows. I’d wrapped them together like that, passing the roll between her arms and body a number of times. She’d pouted almost comically and said, “I might have a use for those, you know.” 

I’d grinned back as I finished wrapping them together and said, “I brought breakfast, but it’ll be hard for you to eat it with that gag you used on me in your mouth.” 

She’d pouted some more, but couldn’t keep it up long and a smile slowly spread across her face. I pulled her arms down so that they touched her stomach and framed her breasts, then begun to pass the wrap around her body when I realized I’d forgotten something. A quick trip to the bathroom and I found cotton balls that I’d bought ages ago and had forgotten about, which would go perfectly over her nipples for future use. My tools in hand, I’d returned. 

She’d turned so that her back was to the door and was peeking out a little slit at the side of the blinds when I returned. I coughed and tried to look stern as she turned around. She got the pout out again and said, “I just couldn’t wait to look around. I’ve only seen this place in the dark.” 

I made the universal “tsk-tsk” noise as I’d steered her back towards the bed. Then I’d thrown two wraps over her stomach and arms and started wrapping upwards. When I reached her breasts, I put a cotton ball over each nipple, pausing to toy with each which made her squeal and squirm invitingly. I pretended to ignore it, though it had to be pretty obvious I was getting turned on myself since I just had my T-shirt and underpants on at the moment. 

I continued wrapping until I’d reached her shoulders, then unrolled some of the wrap and placed the roll on the bed. She looked at me a bit apprehensively as I did, and struggled a bit as I picked up her vibrator from the side of the bed. As I walked back, she pouted but spread her legs without waiting for me to ask. I smiled as I got down on one knee and inserted the toy where it would do some good, the cord dangling but not heavy enough to pull out the bullet. 

She started to put her legs back together, but I stopped her before I stood up and retrieved the plastic wrap. I twisted the roll slightly so that I could bring it over her shoulder and down between her legs. “Isn’t that going to get in the way later?” she asked. I didn’t answer, instead pulling the wrap tightly up over her ass and back up over the other shoulder, then back down again. I repeated that process two more times so that four layers trapped the bullet inside until I decided to remove it. 

“You’re not being very friendly, you know” Lydia said as I finished and tore off the wrap, my arms circling around to her front as I rubbed against her, leaving no doubt that I was enjoying the proceedings in her mind. She swayed against me slightly, but I pulled away and headed for the ball. As I turned back towards her, I held it up and said, “You were warned.” 

I unrolled a sheet large enough to go almost around her head and stuffed put the ball in the middle of that. I wrapped it like a candy and looked around until I found the half roll of wrap that Lydia had used last night. It was on my night stand, which reminded me of the sleep mask I’d bought when one of my projects had put me on many planes and working many late hours. I put the mask over her eyes and stuffed the ball into her mouth, smothering her “But I’ll be good…” before she could finish it. The laughter in her voice made it obvious that she would neither be good, nor did she care if I gagged her. I left the “tails” of the gag out of her mouth so that the plastic would catch them and keep the gag from slipping back. Then I used the half roll to wrap her head leaving only her nose exposed, even wrapping from under her chin around and over her head to limit her ability to open her mouth at all. 

Then I went back to my work. I didn’t think that she was secure enough about the body yet, particularly when she started sweating and the wrap got a little slippery. So I started at her shoulders, anchoring the wrap and then unrolling enough to go around her upper body and then pulling as tightly as the plastic would bear before actually wrapping it around her. She fidgeted a bit and I continued the process all the way down to those wonderful hips, then back up to her shoulders. 

She moaned as I reached her shoulders and finished the job. I pushed her legs together and used the half roll to secure her ankles with four tight wraps around them. Then I did the same just above her knees with six or seven turns. While I wanted her bound, I knew she had to be hungry and I only wanted her secure for some vengeful play until I was ready to feed her. 

Then I picked up the duct tape and threw two turns around her ankles and thighs over the wrap, followed by two turns directly over her arms as they drew a line below her breasts. Her cleavage caught my eye, enhanced by the pressure her upper arms applied to them. I put down the duct tape and began rubbing my hands over her very gently, squeezing strategic points and eliciting groans and squirming in all the right places. I pinched her nipples as best I could through the wrap and the cotton balls, which seemed to be firmly enough since she groaned and tossed her head. 

She was still standing when I connected the control for the vibrator to the cord that protruded from between her legs and waited with it in my hand. She stood still for a moment, waiting for my next touch. When it didn’t come she said something the gag made incomprehensible and started pulling against the bonds with her arms and upper body. I left her to it for a moment, then turned on the vibrator and returned to caressing her, paying particular attention to the skin still exposed on her legs. She groaned, quite loudly with the gag in, and struggled harder. 

I continued this for a while, then I stopped touching her and went around behind her, vibrator is still going. I reached for the control, which I’d dropped on the bed, and shut off the vibrator. She groaned again and shook her head then moved it around as though looking for me. When I touched her butt, she almost jumped and I threw my other arm around her to make sure she didn’t fall. She swayed in my grasp, but didn’t need any more assistance and rapidly pushed her rear against my erection. I let her get away with it for the moment, reaching around to massage her breasts through her bonds. She ground a bit harder as I did and again attempted to speak. 

I backed away from her, eliciting more struggling, and moved back around to her front. With my left hand I massaged her right breast while my right drifted to her nether regions, pushing fairly hard to be felt through the layers of wrap down there. As she twisted her head, I bent and kissed her gently on her neck, licking slightly as I moved to the other side and repeated the kiss. 

Then I raised my head and put my mouth by her ear. She was breathing fairly heavily now, and I wanted to make sure she could hear me. “Your letter never arrived. Maybe I’d moved before you sent it, in which case you were in Australia for at least four months before writing and that’s far too much time. Maybe it got lost in the mail, in which case you should have sent more than one copy. Or maybe the postman just decided he didn’t like me. Regardless, a woman of your obvious investigative powers should have found a way to find me.” 

She leaned her head back and struggled as I continued my attentions, and I started to get worried that she might fall. So I removed my hands and steered her towards the bed, not wanting the disorientation that a blindfold, plastic wrap, and erotic tension can bring to result in a fall. She sagged back in the bed almost gratefully, only to squeal a bit when I realized she was on the vibrator remote and “accidentally” turned it on as I retrieved it. 

I looked around as she squirmed on the bed, one hand idly tracing circles from one breast to another. Then I spotted the scissors she must have brought with her, since I didn’t own any of the medical types that have a blunt bottom blade. I retrieved them and pinched the wrap over her nipple using the cotton ball as both a point of compression and a means to pull the wrap away from her skin. I snipped a hole there and removed the cotton ball, then repeated the process on her other breast. 

The Lydia I’d known had always had amazingly sensitive nipples. So much so that I’d brought her to climax numerous times without approaching actual intercourse. With the vibrator and the wrappings, I knew she’d be well on her way. The sharp intake of breath and groan as I freed them said that this hadn’t changed. She moaned plaintively, knowing what I must have in mind and wanting me to hurry it along. 

I grinned, not that she could see it with the blindfold on, and shifted my position so to make it easier to reach my targets. She twisted towards me, but couldn’t get very far in her present condition and I gently pushed her down. She was mine to toy with as I saw fit and I knew she was loving every moment of it. I let her stew for a minute, even switching off the vibrator briefly just for the reaction it would bring. 

I turned the intruder back on, and lay atop her slightly. My lips found her left nipple and began sucking, my tongue making small circles on occasion and my teeth nibbling at her ever so slightly. She moaned louder and I was glad that we were no longer in shared housing with walls that were far too thin. I kept this up for a minute, then brought my left hand over and began massaging her clitoris as best as her prison allowed. 

She groaned and said something that I thought was “Yes, please!” I smiled as I continued my attention to her left breast and brought my right hand up to her other nipple. 

She kicked her legs slightly at the contact and nodded as she took deep breaths loudly through her nose. She would have been panting if her mouth hadn’t been stuffed full of sponge. I tweaked and toyed, nibbled and rubbed, licked and pinched, knowing that I had her exactly where I wanted her. Predictably, she screamed into her gag, shuddered under me, and seemed to collapse back into the bed. 

I smiled as I pushed myself up and turned off the vibrator. I straddled her with the scissors in my hand and carefully started to cut the plastic where her jaw met her neck. I pulled the “mask” over her head and dropped it on the floor, the gag coming with it. For the moment, I left the blindfold in place as I leaned over and kissed her gently. She returned it heartily. I sat back up and she said quietly, “I figured the letter never made it somehow, but it never came back so there was no way to know.” 

She sounded both satisfied and sad at the same time and I bent over to kiss her again. A tear rolled out from under the blindfold and I removed it. There was such emotion in her eyes it was hard to comprehend. It seemed to convey both misery and relief, fear and satisfaction, despair and hope at the same time. 

“I tried to find you through the alumni association once, but you hadn’t given them an updated address either. I just didn’t know if you had walked away from your old life to start fresh somewhere else. All I knew is that you’d moved and I had no way to contact you. You’d even…” 

I stopped her with a long kiss and then rolled off of her. With her arms where they were, it was a strain to reach her lips and when I did it had to put some uncomfortable pressure on her stomach. She was still crying, though it seemed not as hard and she looked at me as though asking for forgiveness. 

“So you got on a plane to come here and scare the hell out of me before screwing me?” I said it softly and with a slight smile on my face, leaving no doubt that the words weren’t backed by any of the anger that they might imply. She laughed a little and grinned sheepishly. 

“I couldn’t be happier that you did. Hungry?” 

I’d left her wrapped up as I fed her, and we talked as we ate. I glanced at the chocolate sauce occasionally, realizing now that I’d brought it and never used it. But while many attractive ideas came to mind, I decided that there would be plenty of time for that later. We discussed work, our travels, and some select details of the relationships we’d had while apart. Occasionally, I’d let my hands stray across her exposed nipples, and she seemed to alternatively growl and beg for more. 

I’d left briefly to get the paper since one of my neighbors seemed to like stealing it, and when I returned she’d looked at me coquettishly and asked “You ever planning on letting me go?” 

I’d smiled and turned on the television so she wouldn’t be too bored as I scanned the paper. As I started reading the business section, I said “Maybe. You’ll just have to wait and see.” 

So when the berry question came up about twenty minutes later, I figured I might as well move things along. I grabbed a strawberry and fed it to her, then asked “Still nice and comfy?” 

She smiled, picking up on the mischievous tone in my voice and said, “I’m getting a bit warm, but don’t seem to be getting any freer.” 

“Good,” I said, then I got up and walked out of the room. She called after me, “Ray? Where are you going?” but I ignored her and headed to the bathroom. 

I returned to the bedroom about ten minutes later, and Lydia was struggling in the plastic and tape. She looked at me with a bit of annoyance and said, “You might have turned on the vibrator, at least.” 

I laughed as I picked up the control and scissors and put them on her stomach. “Do I need to gag you again?” I said as I bent to kiss her, then slip my arms under her. I picked her up and she giggled. 

“I suppose that depends on what’s next,” she said, kissing my chest which was now bare, the T-shirt left behind in the bathroom. 

I paused and kissed her before turning sideways to go through the door and head to the bathroom. I carried her in and carefully positioned her so that she sat on the edge of the tub, her feet in the bubble bath that I’d drawn. She looked up at me as I guided her into the warm water, then climbed in after her. 

“Why it’s time to clean up, my dear,” I said as I leaned against her and kissed her deeply. “And time for the master to receive his pleasure…”


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