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Meredith's Romantic Mummification

by Kurai Kokoro

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© Copyright 2004 - Kurai Kokoro - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; plastic; nylon; cons; X

Note: Although I am a martial artist I am not sure of the customs of boy-girl match-ups in hojo-jitsu practice since I have never taken Jiu-Jitsu classes. What I know from Jiu-Jitsu is the fighting techniques, not the weapons (staffs, ropes, swords) techniques, mainly because my weapons training comes from a different discipline. Anyway, if the customs are slightly incorrect, forgive me and enjoy. Also, I wrote half the story before realizing I should have given character descriptions so I decided to leave it go. Just Imagine Meredith with sandy-blonde hair, normal complexion, about 5'  9" or 10" and Alan with brown hair, tanned complexion, 5'  11 1/2"

Alan,   Alan!  Alan was pulled out of his daydream by his martial arts instructor, Mr. Edwards. Alan had been taking forms of Aikido and Jiu Jitsu for some time now and he was coming close to earning his next belt. The instructor was asking him to practice a form with a lower-ranked student while Mr. Edwards works with some other students with the Jo staff. Alan answers a polite "Yes Sensei" and goes over to the other side of the mat's white line to practice. Alan begins practicing a kneeling hand grappling technique called "Kotegashi" with a student named Roy who he has been friends with for a while. Still, when he got up and sat on the line after they were finished, watching the sensei with the other students, his mind and eyes kept wandering over to Meredith, a student that had joined the class only about a month after he did. When she first walked in, his heart skipped a beat, but not just because she was so cute, but also because she was his secret crush all through grade and high school.

Alan had had fantasies of being tied up or kidnapped with her or by her as a kid, but then he convinced himself to stop thinking about those kinds of things because he only thought they were silly childhood thoughts. Then he became a teenager, and all his thoughts were about the cuddling and romance he wished he could have with her, sadly, he always was too shy to even be friends and start a normal conversation with her. Then came the internet, and his life would be changed forever. He found out about bondage, packaging, breath play, and his biggest new-found turn-on, mummification. He even learned the terminology. He learned that he had a plastic "fetish", and that people actually tied each other up for fun! 

Over time, Alan had tried many self-bondage scenarios. In his spare time his mind would often wander to scenes with Meredith, how he could mix romance with bondage and fetishes. He imagined her tying him with an adorable loving tone in her voice, he imagined her taking command and dominating with a firm will, he imagined wrapping her in plastic wrap and cuddling with her, and falling asleep with her in his arms, he imagined binding her to the point of immobility. The truth was, he didn't care whether she was tying him or he was tying her, he didn't care whether it was romance or strict, he loved all of the moods. Occasionally he would shudder at the thought of meeting Meredith again only to find that she was into things too painful for his liking, but he would tell himself he could take moderate pain, and that things would work out. He didn't really think that he'd ever get a chance at those dreams, but he still indulged in self-bondage and kept on dreaming. Heck, he probably wouldn't even see her again, that is, until she walked into the dojo that day. From that point on he kept imagining ways to approach her, but he'd tell himself she might not be into bondage anyway or not even looking for a boyfriend. So he just kept on daydreaming and enjoying being in the same room with her.

Eventually, they would be in an excercise together, or arrive at the same time or leave at the same time, and they could strike up a conversation or two...    once in a while. It got to the point where he at least didn't draw a blank all the time from being around her. He could actually carry on an intelligent conversation with her, but he was still not sure of how to let her know that he liked her. If he could just enter into that girlfriend-boyfriend zone, he was sure he could be romantic, or cute, or whatever he could pull together, but he needed something to break the barrier, something to show her that he liked her, and that they shared an interest and that he was worth her while. Little did he know, fate was working in his favor.

It wasn't too long before Meredith and Alan's class was going to begin learning Hojo-Jitsu, a form practiced with a long rope, used to restrain the opponent with a series of loops. Usually their arms will be pulled up behind their back and restrained there. What an opportunity! Alan's mind was racing at the possibilities, if he could just get a perfect opening to say something to Meredith. It couldn't be outright saying, "I'm getting turned on by this class, how about you Mere?"   Yeah, definitely not that. It would have to be cute and subtle, where, unless she knew what he meant, she wouldn't notice and be alarmed and think he was a freak. 

The Class was all lined up, while Mr. Edwards spoke to the class about the Hojo-Jitsu techniques. Alan got in line. He was going to casually get in line next to Meredith, but his friend Roy was coming over to get in line with Alan so he ended up in between Meredith and Alan. "Darn" Alan thought. "Roy" Mr. Edwards called, Roy replied with a "Yes, Sensei" and went forward so that Mr. Edwards could demonstrate some introductory ties on Roy for the class. As Roy left Alan took a half-step to the left towards Meredith as if he was correcting the line. As Mr. Edwards was pulling the ropes around Roy's hands the class looked on watching the rope fly up and over and under Roy's arms. while the rope was becoming more secure and extensive, Alan noticed that Mr. Edwards had not used any knots. He leaned over to Meredith and said, "I'd rather use knots, they just seem more secure and snug." 

"Yeah, or just use handcuffs, you can't break out of them," she said, almost purposefully. 

"And the length of chain gives you more room to struggle," Alan said, barely believing what he was saying. 

Meredith giggled, "I see, you're a freak too," 

"Yeah, I guess so," he couldn't believe what he was hearing, she actually said it all for him. 

He thought about where to take this and tried to ask her out. "Hey would you like t.." But then Roy came back and stood beside him, thankfully on the other side of him, but still it was too awkward to ask her out with Roy standing right there. "Meredith," Edwards called, "Michelle will practice with you." Michelle was a girl in the black belt class. They helped Mr. Edwards whenever they could with the lower ranked students. "Yes, Sensei." Meredith replied.

After class was over, Roy and Alan were heading out to Alan's car to go catch a movie when Alan noticed that Meredith had just ended a conversation with Michelle and was picking up her gym bag to leave. "Oh crap, I forgot something, I'll be right out, rev the car up." Alan said to Roy, tossing him the keys as he turned to head back, pretending to pat his pockets in search of a missing item. "Sure, man." Roy said, as he walked out. Alan took a slow relaxed breath as he walked over to Meredith. "Meredith?" he said.
She turned from her quick step, "Oh hey." 
"Hey," Alan replied, "I was wondering if you would like to go out and get a bite to eat after a movie with Roy and me?" He couldn't ask her out on a date yet so he figured Roy's presence would make it casual enough. "Sure, what's playing?" She asked. "Movies, I suppose, I haven't checked lately," Alan didn't even think of that, what if Roy was planning on seeing some kind of violent, or stupid movie, "I actually don't know what Roy wanted to see, but..."  "That's fine, I don't really mind." Meredith replied, saving him from his poor planning, "I was actually going to ask Michelle to take me home, and I didn't have anything planned, let me tell her nevermind and I'll be right out." 

Outside, Roy was going through Alan's CDs, and had just found some "Linkin Park" when Alan walked up and told him that Meredith was coming with them so find something a little more mellow. "I don't know what kind of music she likes so put on some `Weezer` or... " Roy cut him off, "girls like `Dashboard Confessional`."  "Perfect," Alan said just as Meredith was walking up. "I'm ready," she interjected. "Okay let's go," said Roy.

During lunch, and on the drive home, they all talked about their interests, schedules, jobs and anything else they could think of that made good conversation. When Alan asked Meredith where she lived to drop her off, they found that she was in between the drive from Roy's to Alan's house, so efficiency demanded that they drop Roy off first. "Yes!" Alan was thinking to himself, now we'll be able to chat alone a bit. Roy's stop came and Alan got out and went around to the driver's side, and Meredith got in the passenger's seat. Alan waited a few seconds to make sure Roy got in all right, then he drove off. Alan and Meredith continued talking and chatting while Meredith looked through his CDs, commenting on the different artists. It was going fine until she popped open his glove compartment and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Holy Crap!" Alan thought, he always kept them in there for self-defense since taking a person down is one thing, but keeping them down is another. 

"Looky what I found!" Meredith said, slightly embarrassed, but after all, they were his, "You really do like that kind of stuff!" 

Alan tried to make his mouth stop stuttering and start explaining, "no, really they're uh.. um.. " 

"Calm down, geez, " she knew she was correct in her assumption by his face's beat-red color, "I like it too, it's fun, don't feel bad." 

"Are you serious or just messing with me?" he asked, still nervous but happy that she was so understanding. 

"Sure, I'm serious, just be careful about who you tell, understand." she said with a slight tone of command in her voice but a smirk on her face. "Gotcha," Alan replied, somewhat relieved.

When they got to her place, she invited him to come in and have some coffee. "Sure I like coffee, I don't drink it very often but it's okay," Alan said, knowing he had never had more than three cups of coffee in his life. "Good, do you like light or dark?" Meredith asked. "Dark please," Alan replied not quite remembering what the difference was. They went in and it was pretty early so they just watched tv and chatted. Eventually Meredith brought up the subject that they both wanted to touch. "So, do you know alot about tying," she asked, not wanting to say "bondage" for fear that he was just a novice. 

Alan sensed that and said, "You mean bondage?" 

She giggled and replied, "Yeah, that's it. I get most of my information from the internet, it's hard to find guys who like that kind of stuff, well, you know, it's hard to approach a subject like that." 

"Yeah I know what you mean. So what kind of bondage do you like?" he asked, hoping he was not being too forward. 

"I like lots of kinds, but the stuff that sticks out in my mind is mummification, where you use plastic wrap to wrap your partner up like a mummy, and then... " 

"Yeah that's my favorite kind too, but I kinda have a uh plastic fetish," Alan said, "but any kind of bondage is fun, like rope bondage, and suspension, and chain bondage and... " He stopped when she got up and told him to hold on, that she would be right back. 

He wondered what she was doing and the awkward loneliness began to awaken his nervous fidgeting habits, but he soon snapped out of his thougts and every other uncertainty when she came in dressed in what looked to be a nylon catsuit but it somehow looked slightly wrinkled. "Ta-da!" she said, "this is what I dress in for a little excercise and just to have some fun around the house, I have a little plastic fetish too, it's plastic bags on my arms legs and body, then the nylons go on over that to smooth it out and make it feel tighter, how do you like it?" 

He was amazed, firstly, he had to try this out sometime, secondly, she looked unbelievable in it, he couldn't tell if she had her bra and panties on underneath but that didn't really matter right now. He just sat there, staring, looking her over, 
"Wow! it looks amazing!" 

"It feels amazing too, if you bring yourself off while you're in it you can really get a workout and sweat off a few pounds too." Alan commented, "Pretty handy idea if you ask me, but it needs something..."  "What's that?" Meredith asked coyly. "Some ropework, what do you think?" Alan tried to bring bondage up. "Well, actually I've always done solo bondage and fetish stuff so I've never been real securely tied, but I have been in school with you since first grade, so I guess a few ties would be fine, I think I trust you."  "Well, I value that trust and will not take advantage of it, now where's the rope?" Alan asked getting excited. 

"Most of my kinky stuff is in my special box in my closet, except for thngs like saran wrap, which is in the kitchen where it should be," she said giggling at the feel of the plastic and the great twist of fate that had presented itself to her in the form of Alan. She led Alan up the stairs, her legs swishing together as she went. When they got to her room she opened the closet and drug out a medium sized trunk. Alan said, "That's pretty big, I could probably fit in there!" 

"That's a good idea, I've been in there a couple of times myself," she said as she opened the hasps. Inside were many items of bondage like gags, handcuffs, rope, blindfolds, and other bondage toys, mixed together with tons of plastic bags of different sizes, shapes, and thickness. Alan pulled out one of the smaller bags and, knowing full well what it was for, tested her and asked, "This one's kind of small, what's it for?"  Meredith replied matter-of-factly, "Oh, bags that size are good for putting over your head, you can really get turned on by suffocating you know, not to death, but you know, just until you can get off, I actually will usually put a head bag on while I'm in this suit to heighten the experience, that's another part of having a plastic fetish, you'd probably like it." 

"Yeah I've done that before, I just didn't know if you did that and I didn't want to scare you, with suffocation, you know?" 

"Yeah I gotcha," Meredith then continued, "hey! here's some rope, show me what you can do, not too tight though, just show me what kind of ties you like." 

Alan was happy now, "All right, turn around, I like to do the hands first to give you that feel of security early on, along with a gag and blindfold, but since this is our first time I'll leave that off so you can tell me if I hurt you or it's too tight."  "Thanks," Meredith replied, feeling a bit more relaxed from his thoughtfulness. With her plastic and nylon suit still on and sitting on the floor, Alan began to tie her hands together behind her back, looping it around her wrists about four times before wrapping the rope around the coil of rope vertically to make a type of rope handcuffs. He then did the same just above her elbows but he didn't try to pull her elbows together to touch because it might hurt her if she's never been tied like this before. Then he asked her if she wanted him to put some loops around her back and breasts. 
"Give me the full treatment just not as tight as you can." she replied, slightly dazed from how good it felt to be bound. 
"Okay, just tell me if you don't want me to do something or it gets too tight. Oh yeah, do you have an idea for a safe word, like something to say that means you're not just kidding around or enjoying yourself and saying `stop', or `no', or `please'." 

Meredith thought for a second, "I know, how about Ma-Te?" Ma-Te is like saying uncle in martial arts. 

Alan laughed, "Okay perfect. Now if you say that I'll stop right there and untie you or ungag you or whatever until you can tell me what's wrong, okay?" 

"Okay, now keep tying," she said jokingly. "Okay," Alan said, and continued to tie about three loops around her breasts, two underneath and one above. Then Alan moved down to her legs and began by tying together her ankles, then made about 3 loops above and below her knees. He even tied together her big toes, tickling them a bit to make her wriggle around a bit and test her bonds.

He then paused to ask her again, "Everything?"  To that Meredith replied almost demanding, "Everything." 
"All right, is there anywhere that it's too tight or too loose?"  "No, just keep going." She begged. So Alan began to make a few loops around her waist, and then tied a rope from the front of the rope, through her crotch, up behind her to the other side of the waist loop, making a crotch rope. 

"Wow, that feels great, it's pushing the plastic and nylons into me," she crooned. 

Alan then pulled her feet up behind her and tied a rope from her hands to her ankles, and asked her, "Now then, how do you like that?"  She felt her bonds and then said, "Three suggestions, first, pull the hogtie much tighter, second, I have a ring gag and a few scarves in the trunk, pick out your favorite scarf and gag and blindfold me." 
"Okay, what's the third?" Alan asked, getting curious. 
"Get the head bag you asked about earlier, put it over my head and wrap duct tape around my neck to make it airtight," Meredith said gasping from excitement.  Alan felt a little worried, "Okay but how will I know when to let you out?"  Meredith replied, "Can you see my hands? I'll keep them in a fist until I want you to let me out, then I'll open them both up real wide, and clap, just to be positive."  "All right,  Hold on."

Alan went over to the trunk and pulled out a roll of duct tape and a plastic, head-sized bag, he got a clear one so he could see her face, then he got a gag and a red scarf for a blindfold and went back over to Meredith and knelt down on the floor. First he pulled the hogtie much tighter, so that her body was bowed up and tensed. "Are you ready?" he asked kindly. "Come closer," she said quietly. He leaned his face down close to her and she kissed him softly under his eye. "Go ahead," she said. He then picked up the ring gag and put it in her mouth, and buckled it behind her head pulling her hair over the straps. Then he put the blindfold over her eyes and tied it snugly behind her head. "Don't forget," he said, patting her hands, "open them up as soon as you're ready, and if you stop struggling or breathing, I'm taking the bag off right then to make sure you're okay."  She nodded her head, and he picked up the bag and slowly slid it down over her head, then he yanked on the crotch rope to make sure it was tight enough so that her struggles would get her off, then quickly took the tape off the roll and wrapped it around her neck. He bit the tape off and sat back to watch.

She held her breath for just a couple of seconds until he sat back to watch her and then she exhaled. The bag expanded around her head a little bit, but she had purposefully taken a very small breath so that there was less air in the bag. She began writhing around on the floor to work the crotch rope into her and against her clit. She still remembered to keep her fists clenched so that Alan didn't take the bag off too early. As she sucked back in the bag closed around her face making a wonderful crinkling sound as it did. She was sweating very much to add to the pool of sweat that had already accumulated in her plastic cat suit, held tight by the panty hose over it. She let her breath out again but this time she had to inhale much quicker. 

She could feel the air getting stale as her breath put moisture on the inside of the bag. She continued to hold her fists tight as she wiggled and stretched for all she was worth. She couldn't let the bag off yet, the crotch rope was still grinding into her so perfectly. She exhaled again, this time she couldn't even make the bag balloon much at all, she had to breath in again. Oooh it felt so good when the bag clenched against her face. It felt as though her head was in a big, wet, stretchy, snake's mouth. The crotch rope brought her back to reality, she could feel that warm powerful glow between her legs. Underneath the crotch rope and the nylons, and the plastic, she was so close to exploding. 

Now her breaths were hardly even breaths at all just constant shallow exhaling followed by a series of rapid gaspings sucking the plastic deep into her mouth through the ring gag. She could feel her head getting light, the room spinning, the crotch rope grinding, when suddenly, she came in an explosion! Her entire lower half was convulsing, and she just kept jerking, writhing and cumming. In the midst of such a powerful orgasm, she almost forgot what caused it. The bag! She had totally forgotten it was so tight to her face. She wanted to leave it on because it kept the orgasm going, but her lungs needed air and of course if she died she could never do this again! Her lungs were aching, just another second, oh keep going! Suddenly everything began to fade and she began to go limp.

Before she fainted she felt Alan's hands rip a hole in the bag where the ring gag was, but she didn't taste pure fresh air, it was slightly warm. Alan's lips were over her mouth, breathing into her, he was breathing through his nose and from his mouth into hers, how erotic! She felt wonderful, she was alive, she just had the best orgasm of her life, and she was still tied up in plastic, a bit sweaty, but that goes hand in hand with plastic fetishes, right?! 

Alan kept breathing into her as she came down to earth from the peaks of her orgasm. After a few minutes, he pulled away and began to untie the rope connecting her hands and feet into a hogtie. She suddenly began squirming and groaning for all she was worth. So he came back to her face and took her blindfold and gag off. "Wait, don't untie me yet. Go downstairs to the kitchen and get the rolls of plastic wrap from the top drawer on the right. Then mummify me like this with the plastic bags and the nylons still on, and in a hogtie." 

Alan then replied, "How about I untie the ropes first and then I can wrap your arms and legs seperate before mummifying you and then I can bend your legs up behind you and mummify you like that so you'd still be in a hogtie."  Meredith thought for a second and said that that would be good. Alan untied the ropes before going downstairs to get the plastic wrap. 

When he came back up she was stretching her achy limbs out on the bed. "Hey, tomorrow's Saturday. If you're not working would you like to stay here tonight after mummifying me and unwrap me in the morning?"  Alan replied rather excitedly, "Sure, that'd be great!" 

Meredith added, "And if you want, I'll get some plastic bags and nylons and you can get into a plastic uniform too!" 
"That'd be a perfect end to the night." Alan said, so Meredith got out the nylons and plastic bags. She helped Alan into his suit to make it quicker. 

First they took two big black trash bags and put two holes in the bottom corners of one for his legs and three holes in the bottom corners and center of the other one for his head and arms. Then they put a trash bag on both of his arms and both of his legs. After that they took the trash bag with two holes in it and poked his feet into the two holes and slid it up to where it covered the bottom half of his abdomen from his crotch up. Then they took the trash bag with three holes and poked his head and arms through the holes and slid it down until it covered his chest and upper half of his abdomen. They put a strip of tape around his stomach to hold the abdominal bags on. Then they took a pair of nylons and put it on over his plastic bag-covered legs, then another pair of nylons with a hole in the crotch over his head, sliding his arms into the two legs of the nylon. Now he was covered in nylon with an entire layer of plastic underneath. They put one more strip of tape around his belly to seal the waists of the two nylons together. "Wow, it really does feel as amazing as it looks."  Alan said. He had taken everything off but his underwear beforehand, but you could clearly see a bulge indicating that he wasn't lying about the incredible feel. "Now you know why I lounge around the house like this," Merdith said. 

Alan stated "Okay, your turn." Meredith giggled in anticipation of full mummification as she leaned down to get the first roll of saran wrap and hand it to Alan. "First, spread your legs." She spread her legs about three feet wide as Alan leaned down to start wrapping he stroked her nylon-clad ankle feeling the pressure of the bunched-up plastic underneath. "All right then, let's get you into your pajamas for the night." he said as he fingered the roll of plastic to get the first layer loose. He began by wrapping each of her legs individually until he got up to her crotch where he began wrapping vertically from her navel, over her shoulders, under her crotch, up over the other shoulder and down again to her crotch. He did this about three times and then wrapped around her abdomen horizontally until the roll ran out. He grabbed the next roll  and began to wrap each arm seperately up to her shoulders. 

Once he was done that he told her to lay down on the bed so that he could wrap her feet. When he secured her feet he stood her up and started wrapping all the way up her body with her feet together and her arms down to her sides. He used up the rest of the roll doing this. When he was finished he asked her if she wanted her head wrapped. "Yes definitely. Make sure you leave my nose well open so that I can breath. Oh and make sure that when we go to bed you hold me in your arms for the cozy feeling and so that if I have trouble during the night I can wake you up easily," she replied. 

Alan said okay and then thought for a second, "I think that if I hogtie your legs to your thighs behind you then your legs might start to hurt during the night. How about I wrap your legs to your thighs for about an hour and we watch a movie together, then when we're ready to go to bed I'll cut the wraps holding your legs to your thighs, okay?" Meredith didn't even have to think, "Yeah they're already a bit achy, that's a good idea. I have that gangster movie "Bound", we can watch that."  Alan said, "Perfect," and went to get the movie set up. When he came back, he picked her up and set her on his lap and pulled her legs up behind her and wrapped her calves to her thighs to make an effective "hogwrap". Then he set her on the bed beside him on her stomach, and put a pillow under her chest and chin to take the stress off of her neck, then started the movie.

After it was over, Alan cut the wrappings binding her calves to her thighs and sat her up in the bed. "Are you ready? I'm going to cover your head now," Alan said, readying her for the night of complete mummification. "As ready as I can be," she replied sweetly. She then leaned up against him and nuzzled her face into his chest, feeling the nylon covering and the plastic underneath. Alan kissed her on the head and sat her up straight. He took the roll of plastic and began wrapping her head starting down from her neck up over her chin and mouth and over her face, avoiding her nose, and then wrapping from her chin over her head, and slowly working back to wrapping around her neck again. He kept wrapping until the roll ran out. Then he took a little piece of tape and taped the plastic to the sides of her nose so that it didn't work it's way over her nose in the middle of the night. Finally he laid her down and took a few seconds to gaze at her beautiful mummified female form, and feeling his own arms and body covered in nylon and plastic with one hand and stroking her cheek with the other hand. He leaned down, tickling her feet to test the wrappings and make her wriggle around a bit. She could barely move. She felt wonderful. A layer of slick, sweaty, plastic bags, covered by the clingy nylons, and embraced by the shiny, smooth plastic wrap holding her tight. What wonderful dreams she might have!

The next morning, Alan woke her up stroking her tummy. "I bet we're hungry aren't we?"  She mewed a bit and squirmed around to show that she was awake. He asked her if she was ready to get out and have something to eat. 

She shook her head no, so he cut her head wrappings off and she said, "Why don't you feed me breakfast? You've got to take care of me. 
He said okay and went to the bathroom to take off the nylons and plastic bags and wash himself off. When he was finished he got his jeans on and went over to Meredith. "Okay, but I must warn you, the only breakfast thing I know how to make really well is pancakes so it might get a little messy," Alan warned. She giggled and said, "That's okay, I'll just be messy then, it'll be fun." So he picked her up and took her downstairs to the kitchen, and after he made his pancakes, they had the messiest breakfast they had had since diaper days, laughing the whole time. 

Once they were all cleaned up and Meredith was cut out off her cocoon, they decided to go out to the mall to get lunch and hang around. On the way there, Meredith asked, "Hey, when did you get off yesterday?"  "Oh yeah, I just never did I guess, maybe next time."  Meredith replied slyly, "You bet you will next time, cause next time I want to have you tied up." Alan smiled and said, "that sounds good to me."  Then Meredith laughed and said, "By the way I didn't have anything on under the plastic yesterday."  They both just laughed. 

continued in part 2

 I hope you liked that story, if you share any of these interests please e-mail me and maybe we can instant message sometime or something. As you all may know, sometimes it's hard to find someone that shares these kind of interests to chat with. If you'd like to make any more contact, I do live in Harford County, Maryland so e-mail me at [email protected], instant message- nunchakuboy2018 if you'd like to chat or comment on the story. 


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