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Meredith's Romance 3

by Kurai Kokoro

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© Copyright 2009 - Kurai Kokoro - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; mum; wrap; caught; FF/fm; breathplay; oral; cons; X

continued from part two

"I thought you said we were doing some suspension," Meredith said, feigning disappointment.

Alan was once again at Meredith's house playing bondage games with her. They both had plastic and suffocation fetishes, as well as many others. Alan was wrapping plastic around all her limbs seperately, rubbing her skin with his hands at the same time.

"Well maybe I'll just suspend you while you're all wrapped up if you're so impatient," Alan said, now wrapping between her legs and over her shoulders.

Meredith grinned real big, "I never thought of that, what a perfect idea."

Alan smirked, that was what he was planning on doing anyway.

"I've got an idea Alan," Meredith said excitedly, "I froze a key for my handcuffs in a big ice cube and ran a string through it. Now I can wear the ice cube around my neck while you suspend me, then you can tie yourself up and you won't be able to get out until the key melts and drops to the floor, and I won't be able to get out until you get untied and unwrap me. Can we try it? I already froze the key, it's in the fridge. Pleeease?"

"Alright, calm down, I can do that. It'll be fun," Alan replied, tickling her belly.

Meredith stepped back and giggled, making her plastic catsuit crinkle, noisily.

"First, I have to get you hanging where you're supposed to be," Alan said putting Meredith's hands down by her sides to begin wrapping her towards immobility. He stretched the plastic wrap tight and applied many layers. Alan wanted Meredith's skin to be relatively cushioned against the ropes that would hold her body's weight. Soon he wrapped Meredith's legs together making her a single column of shiny plastic. She looked so cute, Alan's own little package of adorable beauty. Meredith loved it as much as he did, she was beaming back at him.

Alan had already looked around her house and found that the support beam in the living room ceiling would be the best for supporting a person. Alan picked up Meredith in his arms and took her downstairs into the living room. Luckily, Meredith's stairs weren't steep at all, making it very easy to carry her downstairs safely. Meredith's mind was completely wrapped up in the moment. It was so romantic, here she was, bound to immobility in plastic wrap, totally naked underneath, with a strip of plastic going straight through her soft lower lips, and Alan with nothing but a pair of jeans on, sockless and shirtless, carrying her down the stairs, with her cheek on his shoulder gazing up at him sweetly. When they got down to the bottom he kissed her very romantically, and laid her down on the couch, pushing her long, sandy brown hair behind her ears with his little finger.

Alan went back upstairs to get the rope, handcuffs and any other bondage gear he would be using. He came back and began wrapping rope around Meredith's mummified form at regular intervals. Ankles, calves, knees, thighs, wrists, waist, forearms, elbows, shoulders, all ensnared by the ropes. At each of these loops, Alan took the end of the rope and threw it over the support beam at the top of the room, until there were nine ropes dangling from the ceiling, each going over the support beam and down to a loop of rope at some point on Meredith's body. Alan pulled each rope together slowly and twisted the nine dangling ropes together, being sure that they were all even in length, so as not to pull one part of her body more than others or leave too much slack in any one place. When he was satisfied with his work, he slowly pulled on the ropes with one arm, and steadied Meredith with the other arm. She was slowly lifted off of the couch and into the air, swinging gently against Alan's side, while he pulled her higher and higher, until she was about four and a half or five feet off the ground. He then tied the ropes to an eye bolt across the room.

"It's kind of a large chunk of ice," Meredith said, reminding Alan of the key in the freezer.

"I'll go get it and start thinking of how to tie myself," Alan replied, "be right back."

He came back into the room with a couple rolls of shrink wrap, Meredith's hairdryer, some more rope, a pair of handcuffs, and a roll of electrical tape, the kind that gets tighter with body heat.

"It is a big block isn't it," Alan said dropping the other items and holding up the ice-cube by the string, "it'll probably be good for a couple hours or so, are you sure that'll be okay?"

Meredith lifted her head, "Sure, we'll just have to tough it out, once you lock the cuffs there won't be anything we can do about it."

"You've got to be the best thing to ever happened to me," Alan said, leaning down to kiss her before slipping the ice cube's string around her neck. "Okay then, I'm gonna start tying myself," he began wrapping electrical tape around her mouth to the back of her neck. Once he had her silent, he wrapped a strip of tape up to the rope going from her shoulders to the support beam, to hold her head up so her head didn't just dangle and make her neck hurt.

Alan took his jeans and underwear off and began to wrap his legs seperately in shrink wrap. When he got up to his crotch he wrapped his cock down towards his back and pulled tight. Then he began to wrap his legs together, wrapping around and around, all the way up to his chest, and back down again, until the roll was all used up. He picked up the blow dryer and plugged it in to a nearby wall socket and began heating the plastic, shrinking the layers together and tighter to his body. Once the plastic was very tight, Alan turned the dryer off and wrapped a length of rope around his ankles, and he tied an even shorter length from that to the chain on the handcuffs. Alan was almost finished, he scooted himself over, directly underneath Meredith, before taking the electrical tape and wrapping it around his mouth to the back of his neck about three or four times. He looked up into her eyes and winked at her. She winked back and smiled as big as she could from behind the tape gag. As Alan rolled over onto his stomach to complete his hogtie, he couldn't believe how tightly the plastic was squeezing his legs and body, it was like his legs were one.

As Alan snapped on the handcuffs, he thought he heard something outside, but he didn't think anything of it. Meredith's house was in a residential area, so it could easily have been one of her neighbors closing their car doors or something like that. Well, it was one of Meredith's neighbors, and they were getting out of their car, but unfortunately, they were in Meredith's driveway!

Meredith heard the car door, and she too thought it was one of her neighbors. Then she remembered that she was supposed to go shopping with her friends, Katie and Amy, today. They had casually made plans a week ago and it had slipped Meredith's mind by now. They had the keys to each other's houses just because, and could easily let themselves in, and they probably would too. Meredith began to panic, writhing in her cocoon, trapped between heaven and earth. "Please let it just be a neighbor," Meredith cried in her mind.

Alan had just locked his handcuffs on, when he heard her rustling in the plastic and turned his head around to look up at her. No sooner did he see a look of urgency on her face than he heard the doorbell ring. Alan's mind raced, who was it? He wished he could ask Meredith who it was but he had gagged them both. Could it be Meredith's brothers or sisters or even, gasp, her parents?! Alan didn't know any parents that it would go over with well, to find out that their daughter is dating a kinky guy with a severe plastic fetish.

Meredith prayed that her friends didn't come in. Maybe they'd see Alan's car in her driveway and realize that she had company and not come in. Her wishes were brought to a screeching halt when she heard someone fiddling with the locks on the door. Then the door opened. "Where are you Mere," Meredith recognized Amy's voice, "we waited at the mall for a half hour, you should've called," Amy shouted into the house.

Meredith tried to turn her head back far enough to see the doorway that they would surely come through to get to the living room. She could barely see a hand with Katie's wristwatch reach over to flick on a lightswitch in the kitchen across the hall. Alan just laid his head down on the floor with a defeated look. There was no way he could get free in time now, even if the handcuffs had suddenly fell off his wrists, he was still wrapped in plastic with his grilfriend swinging directly above him in a plastic cocoon. Meredith listened as the quick, but casual footsteps stopped suddenly, she knew she had been spotted.

"Oh, my gosh," it was Katie's voice, "Amy, come in here now, this is unreal."

Meredith heard a few quick steps and then the same dramatic stop. "Holy crap," the girls began laughing hard. Meredith wished she could just die. "Well, who do we have here," Katie said as she leaned down towards Alan, feeling his plastic-covered backside. Amy picked up a knife sitting on the floor a few feet away and cut Meredith's tape gag off.

"That's Alan," Meredith replied, "we went to school together, now we're in the same martial arts class."

"I guess this is some type of meditation practice, right," Katie asked sarcastically, knowing full-well the meaning of words like "kinky" and "fetish".

Amy was looking over Meredith's mummification, "looks like you two haven't quite decided who's the master and who's the sub yet, huh?"

"Oh no, actually we just like switching back and forth. Like if I come up with a new idea for..."

"ANYway," Katie interjected, "it looks like since neither of you wants to be the dominant, you'll just have to be our slaves."

"Until you can make your own decisions," Amy said, now looking over the ropework suspending Meredith in the air, "we'll just have to make them for you."

"Okay where's your kinky toys, Meredith," Katie demanded.

"Upstairs in the trunk, Mistress," Meredith replied sarcastically.

Katie, still stroking Alan's plastic-wrapped body, looked over at Meredith sternly, "uh-uh, I'm not your mistress, I'm taking Alan here, he's gonna be my little puppy dog, aren't you Alan."

"nm nm," Alan mphed, shaking his head. Katie looked a little ticked.

As Amy went upstairs to get Meredith's kinky stuff, Katie went into the kitchen and came back with a roll of plastic wrap. "You're not in much of a position to refuse me Alan," Katie said seductively while pulling a piece of plastic wrap off the roll. Katie had brown hair, blue eyes, and was about 5' 8". She was wearing a mini-skirt which she pulled up to pull her panties off. She rolled Alan over, pulled the tape off his mouth, and stretched a piece of plastic wrap over his face before kneeling down with her knees on either side of his head. She smoothed her skirt out so that it layed over her lap, hiding Alan's head from view.

Alan knew what he was supposed to do. He stuck his tongue out to lick Katie's soft underside through the plastic. Katie felt his tongue delving into her and spread her legs apart, further pushing her pussy onto Alan's face and suffocating him. She stopped short of an orgasm and stood up off of him, stroking her breasts. "What's wrong, puppy," Katie asked, rubbing his cheek through the plastic that was still stuck to his face. Alan's body was slowly writhing on the ground. "Is that plastic hurting you," Katie cooed, "aww it's just a thin piece, baby." She slowly pulled the plastic off his face.

Alan was beginning to enjoy her teasing, but he didn't want to hurt his relationship with Meredith. Amy came back downstairs and tossed Katie a ring gag. Katie quickly slipped it into Alan's mouth. Meredith was getting frisky watching Alan suffocate under Katie's pussy, "he really has a heavy plastic suffocation fetish," Meredith said as Katie untied the rope from Alan's hands to his feet, releasing his hogtied position.

"Looks like since Katie has already claimed Alan, that means that you're mine, Mere," Amy said, looking through the duffle bag of bondage toys and plastic bags she had brought down from Meredith's room.

Amy pulled out a head-sized plastic bag and slipped it over Meredith's head. The bag was solid white so Meredith couldn't see out. Amy took a roll of electrical tape and wound it around Meredith's neck, as she began to untie the ropes from the eyebolt that was keeping Meredith suspended. Once the ropes were untied, Amy slowly lowered Meredith to the floor.

"You know what Alan?," Katie asked, "I've read online that piss drinking is actually not that bad for you. They say doctors from many different cultures used to practice it, and that pretty much the only downside is that it has a high salt content, making it bad for people who, well, shouldn't have that much salt."

Alan thought for a second, he really didn't like the idea of drinking piss, but if it wasn't bad for him, well then tasting bad is the worst that could happen, oh well.

"Just think of it as an honor to be able to drink from me," Katie said as she slid off her mini-skirt. She picked up a plastic bag from the duffle bag and put it on her own head, before positioning herself over Alan's open mouth. Amy was busy untying the ropes from around Meredith's body as Meredith slowly suffocated in her own plastic bag. Katie pulled the opening of her bag closed with one hand, shutting off her air, and positioned Alan's mouth onto her quivering pussy. Alan began licking her pussy as she suffocated, maybe she would forget about pissing on him? No, she let him lick her for a few seconds and then let go with a stream of piss straight down his throat.

Alan was low on air beneath her dripping mound so he had to swallow all of her golden juices so that he could at least breathe. Katie's legs were shaking, it seemed as though she would keep pissing forever. It tasted horrible and Alan began thinking how glad he was that he had never gotten involved with a girl with a piss fetish, until now unfortunately. Alan coughed on the foul liquid and Katie felt it splash back up onto her pussy even as he tried to swallow it all. Katie finally ran out of urine and Alan began licking her pussy after swallowing it all. Katie's head bag was being sucked tight to her face with each breath. Her lungs were beginning to feel that ache, but her pussy was also having intense sensations.

Alan was licking fast, swirling about, quickly trying to bring her to orgasm, as his air was running out and her convulsing, squeezing legs were making it harder and harder for him to get a breath. There was no reusable air in Katie's bag now, and that's how she liked it. She knew her most powerful orgasm would come when her body thought there was nothing else to do but cum and then die. Of course she wouldn't die though, she would merely complete the first half of that destiny. And so she did, she began to cum, hard and violently, her knees began to shake, and a dull pain began to grow in her thighs as everything she had was pumped into that orgasm.

Katie slowly pulled the bag off of her face, it slid off, still clinging to her features. She rolled off of Alan's mouth, his tongue still licking her juices from her lips. Alan looked over at Amy and Meredith. Amy had since taken the bag off of Meredith and was also enjoying a little face sitting.

"Mmm, that's nice, how did Alan do, Katie?," Amy replied with a euphoric look on her face. Katie just sighed contentedly. Amy stood up and went over to get another plastic bag.

Now with her mouth free, Meredith decided it was a good time to seal her and Alan's fate, "Alan was planning on spending the night, so I guess we're all yours until tomorrow morning."

"Well that's just wonderful, isn't it my little puppy," Katie began coddling Alan again.

Meredith giggled, "I think he likes it, looks like we'll all be playing together from now on, huh, Alan?"

Alan just laid his head back, pretending to be distraught.

"I think I'll just wrap you up completely and then we can go to bed, whaddyasay puppy?," Katie said as she picked up a roll of plastic wrap and turned Alan over. Katie began wrapping Alan's arms together so she could take the handcuffs off without Alan getting his hands free.

Amy, meanwhile, was putting a plastic bag over Meredith's head again. She pulled it tight and then wrapped electrical tape around Meredith's neck. Then she took the tape and began wrapping around the top of Meredith's head slowly coming down over her eyes, over the bridge of her nose, compressing the bag to Meredith's face. Then she started from Meredith's neck and began wrapping around and around, slowly upwards, up over Meredith's chin, then her mouth, finally stopping just under her nose. Meredith's head was now a complete black electrical taped mass, but with no air. Amy let Meredith suffocate a little, carressing her plastic-wrapped body, as it wriggled around and struggled for air.

Amy stuck her fingers into Meredith's plastic covered nostrils, giving Meredith her much-needed air. Amy then taped the sides of the plastic to the sides of Meredith's nose, to make sure the plastic didn't slide over Meredith's nose, as plastic tends to do with sweat. Katie was wrapping Alan's arms together and holding the ice cube with the key in it in her mouth to melt it quickly. She began wrapping up around his shoulders, and then on up around his neck. Before she started on his head she took the ring gag out for a second. Alan took that second to stretch his jaw and work the ache out of it. Katie tore off a couple pieces of the wide electrical tape and stretched them across Alan's mouth. Then she started wrapping his head with the plastic. She poked a hole under Alan's nose and did the same to him as Amy did to Meredith's nose, taping the plastic into place.

The ice cube in Katie's mouth had melted now so she undid Alan's handcuffs and wrapped his hands to his body with more plastic wrap, completing his mummification. Amy and Katie stood back and looked over their two mummies. Meredith wrapped from toe to neck in plastic wrap and then a plastic bag on her head covered in electrical tape, and Alan wrapped completely from head to toe in plastic wrap. "Okay time for twenty questions, Meredith," Amy said stepping over to Meredith's mummified form, "nod your head for yes, shake your head for no. Do you have any bondage videos?"

Meredith nodded her head.

"Is it with the rest of your videos beside the tv?"

Meredith shook her head no.

"Okay, then are they downstairs?"

Again, no.

"Then they're upstairs," Amy said, apprehensive, knowing she was getting closer.

Meredith nodded her head.

"Are they in your room?"

Another nod.

"Okay then," Amy said, standing up, "I can find them from there."

Amy went upstairs to look for the tapes. "How about we wrap you two together and then put you to bed like that?," Katie asked. Alan nodded and rolled over towards Meredith. Katie giggled, "of course... I would like to sleep with my little puppy tonight, maybe Amy will wrap me up together with the two of you, and we can all sleep together, hmm?" Katie layed down next to Alan as he and Meredith were wriggling closer together. "I really think you've got a good boyfriend here, Meredith," Katie said, wrapping her arms around Alan, "you two make a cute couple."

Meredith leaned forward to kiss Alan through both of their plastic layers. Romantic and erotic! Amy came back down the stairs just then, "jackpot," she stated giggling. Katie decided to ask Amy, "Hey, Amy, do you think you could wrap us three together for the night?"

Amy was putting a tape in the vcr, "Sure, why not. But for now, you and I are going to watch some other people get some fun out of mummification and suffocation, we've been too busy, ourselves," she said, sitting back onto the couch with the remote.

"Awesome, I'll get the lights," Katie replied walking across the floor.

Once Amy and Katie had had their fill of Meredith and Alan's bondage videos, Katie got up and began to strip. "Wrap me up nice and tight, I've never been completely mummified before," Katie said excitedly, her body shivering from excitement.

"Well," Amy said, drowsily getting up from couch, "if you want tight then we should use shrink wrap instead of normal plastic wrap."

"There's a roll in Meredith's closet," Amy continued, "and since our two lovers here would have to pay a professional dominatrix money to do to them what we've done for them, we'll just use that roll of shrink wrap in exchange for our services." Katie giggled and then thought for a second, "hey Amy, if we're gonna go to bed we'll have to carry them upstairs."

Amy looked down at them and shrugged, "okay, Alan first, you get the legs." They carried both of them all the way up the stairs.

Once upstairs, Amy wrapped both of Katie's arms, and both of her legs seperately, then she wrapped her stomach and chest, and then her head, leaving her nose open. Katie moved around a little as if dancing, feeling herself with her plastic-covered hands. Alan and Meredith had been laid on Meredith's bed and were wriggling together like two snakes making love, kissing each other with their plastic wrapped lips.

"You two are pretty impatient," Amy stated, moving Katie's arms together to restrain her, "you'll have all night for that. Hey Mere, I need a place to sleep, do you have a sleeping bag?" Meredith nodded towrds the closet on the other side of her bed. Amy went over to the closet and pulled out a big blue sleeping bag with pink fleece lining on the insides, "I suppose I'll sleep in this on the floor since you three will be a little more uncomfortable than I." Katie's vision was very blurred and her eyes were almost completely pressed shut from the shrink wrap encircling her head, so she didn't dare move. She mmpphhed to Amy without turning around or trying to see her. "Calm down, what you think I'm gonna leave you to fall down?," Amy cooed sarcastically. Amy came over and began wrapping Katie's legs together to complete her mummification.

"Okay let's get you three ready for bed, anybody need to pee?," Amy questioned, leaning Katie down to sit on the bed. Katie shook her head no, and giggled recalling her last bathroom break with Alan's mouth. Meredith and Alan nodded, but not very urgently. "Well I don't have time to take you both to the bathroom, so I'll just fix the situation myself," Amy said, turning to go downstairs. As Amy came back up, the three mummies heard the rustle of plastic come up with her. The rustling quieted as Amy let whatever she was holding fall and settle to the ground. Then she came over and got Meredith and Alan positioned to sit upright on the edge of the bed with Katie. Then she leaned down and picked up the roll of shrink wrap and set it on the bed. Finally, she began helping each of the three cocooned friends to their feet in turn. As she did so she tried to keep them leaning slightly against each other but still standing moderately straight.

Once they were positioned, Amy picked up the roll of shrink wrap from the bed and, holding the three tightly together, began wrapping around and around, starting at about their chest height, working her way down to their ankles, wrapping tightly and spiraling downward ever so slightly with each rotation. Amy used up the rest of the roll, which was alot, wrapping the three of them together, from their necks to their ankles, before laying them down on the bed. She bent down to get the plastic item that she had brought up earlier.

With the large, three-person mummy laying halfway onto the bed, and their large single-column leg hanging off onto the floor, Amy began to pull the plastic item up around their legs. "If you guys can't hold yourselves until morning, at least your piss will be caught in this bag," she stated as she pulled a large, plastic trash bag up to their combined stomach level. Once she had gathered the mouth of the bag up around their middle, she began winding around and around them with a roll of duct tape that she must have brought up with the bag, sealing their pissing area inside the bag. "Well, now that you guys can't wet yourselves, or mess up the bed anyway," Amy said as she pushed the large plastic mass over to lay square in the middle of Meredith's bed, "I guess it's time for me to hit the sack." She pulled the sleeping bag over to the floor beside the bed, "Nighty night."

The next morning, Amy was surprised to find them all asleep. Amy grabbed the roll of duct tape and quietly tore off three gag-sized pieces, then she slowly put one piece over Meredith's, then Alan's, then Katie's nose. It took a few seconds for them to realize what happened. Then each of them started urgently writhing about on the bed. For all they knew the plastic wrap had somehow slipped over their nose and their only hope was to wiggle it free or wake Amy up. Of course, Amy was standing right there and watching while they struggled. She stepped onto the bed and straddled the wriggling mass. The vigorous movement was turning her on, as she rode them like a bronco, pressing down on the bed, holding them still. As soon as she noticed their movement was slowing down, she slowly plucked the tape from each of their noses, giving them their much-needed air.

"Good morning," Amy said cheerily. She began cutting the wrappings holding the three together. Then she cut Katie's wrappings off.

"Well, what are we going to do now," Katie asked as soon as her head was free.

"Well I guess we could let them go now," Amy said. Katie was still pulling a few pieces of plastic wrap off of her body as she walked over to the bed where Meredith and Alan's still mummified bodies lay next to each other.

"You guys have to promise that we can play these games more often before we let you go," Katie said seductively, creeping up Alan's body. As Meredith and then Alan nodded their heads, Katie started taking the plastic from around Alan's head, tearing a hole where his mouth was and stretching it open. Amy was unwrapping Meredith, and they both looked on as Katie began lowering herself onto Alan's face.

"Can I be next?," Meredith asked Amy.

Amy replied, "no, I'm next, then you two can ride his tongue all you want while I go fix breakfast." Meredith giggled at that, and after a while Katie began to whimper, and collapsed onto the bed next to Alan.

Amy hopped up onto the bed, "are you ready for me, Alan?" Alan was still breathing heavily, since Katie had only raised up a couple times to give him air. Amy grabbed a roll of plastic wrap and stretched it across Alan's face and then began wrapping his head again. As Alan began gasping for air, Amy poked a small hole through the plastic directly over the center of his mouth, "now stick your tongue through that hole." Alan drew a deep breath before sticking his tongue through his only airway. Once she saw his tongue sticking out of the hole, Amy sat down on his head firmly, holding him tightly between her legs. Meredith and Katie were looking through Meredith's bondage things on the other side of the room. Amy was moving methodically up and down on Alan's tongue. She climaxed and began shuddering over Alan's mummified body rather suddenly. It must have hit her quickly.

"You got the stuff to make french toast?," Amy said nonchalantly as she stood up and got off the bed.

"Yeah, just try not to make a mess of my kitchen," Meredith teased.

Meredith didn't need much incentive to literally jump onto the bed beside Alan. "Here we go," she said before straddling Alan's face. Alan was so overjoyed by now, he was making Meredith happier than he had ever seen her before. How lucky he was to have her as his girlfriend. Meredith finally came on Alan's tongue, and she immediately dropped down and kissed him, sliding her wet bottom down his plastic-wrapped body. She twitched and mewed a while longer while holding Alan in her arms and kissing him hard, breathing with him. She finally got up and began unwrapping him. He stretched for a few moments before dragging himself into Meredith's bathroom to take a shower, sweaty as he was from his night in plastic captivity.

Alan came out of the shower in his usual jeans and underwear, just in time to hear Amy call up the stairs that breakfast was ready. As all four of them sat around the table eating, thay talked of each of their first experiences with bondage, their favorite aspects of bondage, and so forth. The four friends went out for the rest of the day. At the end of the night, after Amy and Katie had returned to their homes, Meredith and Alan finally got a little quiet time to themselves.

"You know," Meredith said coyly, "as fun as that whole thing was, with Amy and Katie, I'm still going to have to punish you next time we play, for giving tongue-jobs to other girls. I understand you didn't have much choice in the matter, but you still did it, and you're going to have to pay some painful consequences." Alan shuddered at the thought of his beloved Meredith punishing him, but he knew he deserved it, and it just might be fun anyway.


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