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The Perfect Donor 2

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2003 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; mum; cocoon; reluct; X

continued from part one

Part Three

As Tiffany continued to pat her self on the back for her great save; she was still holding her hand over my mouth. Then Donna whispered in a low voice, "You all most got me, that was a bad boy! What are we going to do now that you already had a misfire. First things were going to untie you from the table and only the table then will sit you up." Then with a pain full flick on the head of my penis Donna says, "Don't make a sound or you'll be sorry do you understand?" I then nodded yes. Still Blindfolded I felt the hand go away from my mouth and my body being sat up. Tiffany then asks Donna, "Is it time for you know what?" Donna then replies, "I guess so, go and get it." As I sat there on the table Mummified and Blindfolded my mind went blank, now what. 

As I hear Tiffany's heels walking across the floor, Donna speaks up and says, "Yes that's Tiffany returning and what's in her hands. I am going to let you in on a something, I have a gay friend that takes Viagra, so while visiting him I looked for them while using his bathroom, thinking to myself these could come in handy. Now getting back to what Tiffany has in her hands, in one she has a Viagra pill, in the other a tall glass of ice cold water, you can probably guess what happens next especially if you want some water." Tiffany walks up to me and says, "Open your mouth." At first I resisted then I felt a hand wrap around him and squeeze needless to say I opened up wide and Tiffany dropped in the pill, then she gave me some water to wash it down with. After making sure I swallowed it I was instantly gagged again. Now unable to say anything and still Blindfolded and sitting on a coffee table mummified.

I hear the glass being set down next to me. Just then Tiffany says, "Boy you sure look hot there and we have at least a twenty-minute wait, maybe I'll cool you off a little." I then felt two Breasts leaning on my knees and two hands moving up my legs, then as a shiver went up my back I felt this ice cold tongue go up and down my penis, then she stopped. Listening I heard the glass being set back down on the table, then within seconds I felt like a human pop sickle as her icy cold lips wrapped around him and her icy cold tongue massaged him. Having a little experience with cold water, its not good for your penis, but as she stayed with it and time passed I actually started to grow, and it felt a little different, he grew thicker and bigger each time Tiffany took him in and out. She must of noticed because as she took him in and out, I was moaning in ecstasy behind my Ball Gag, but at the same time she was also moaning, not like before more intense like it was really turning her on. Even though it went on for a while I felt like I could go forever, he was staying hard as a rock and I didn't feel like I was going to cum. 

Donna then comes over and says, "We can start now." Just then Donna tells Tiffany, "I will start, then will switch on and off until he's ready then you can take the first blast and I the second." Donna then removes my Blindfold and pushes me back down onto the coffee table; quickly Tiffany binds me back down to the table. Donna with her tight Bronze Spandex Dress on, kneels next to me and starts blowing me again except this time more intense, slowing down then speeding up. Now with the Viagra in full swing I felt like I could go for hours, little did I know that's what they had in mind. While Donna was blowing me, Tiffany was working her with a vibrator, and at times her head disappeared for a few minutes, which turned me on thinking that Tiffany was eating Donna out while blowing me. Then everything stopped and Donna stood up, then looking at Tiffany, Donna say's, "He's all yours take him all, and milk him dry!" Tiffany now with a smile on her face says back to Donna, "You better get a seat this could take a while." Tiffany then tells Donna that she read that using different positions helps in the flow and the path that sperm will travel. Donna then says, "Go for it, we've got all night and more if we need it." 

As I squirmed just a little in anticipation knowing what was soon to come, a rather arousing shiver surrounded my immobilized body. As I watched Tiffany approach me in her tight Blue Spandex Dress and her 5" stiletto's heels, my eyes widened. As her legs widened to straddle the table, her dress rolled up a little at a time, almost there she bends down and starts to jerk me off, then whispering she say's, "You did save the best for me, didn't you?" She tugged a little harder until she had him pointing straight up, then making her way directly over him she took her left hand and grabbed him at the base. As she slowly eased her body down I could feel myself pre-cumming, just then I felt this extremely tight hole being forced open, as Tiffany let out a loud moan. As her body lowered down taking all of him in and forcing her more open as she continued to take him, I to tried to let out a moan except it was muffled by my gag. I knew that it was going to be a long and interesting night considering I have never had one like this. I can say I never gave anal sex, yet Tiffany taking advantage of the moment and forcing me to give it to her added a whole different feeling, almost as if I was being raped. 

As she leaned back holding onto my ankles Tiffany raised her body up and down in a perfect motion, but what aroused me even more was that every time she went up she used her ass muscles to squeeze him and that was making it very hard to hold out. Luckily the Viagra that Donna gave me, or the fact that I was so close to cumming 5 times and was just left hanging without any satisfaction could have been the reason why I was holding on. Finally after giving her anal for a while she got off of me and said, "You were enjoying that way too much." Tiffany now looking down at me still in her Blue Dress smiles and says, "You know what! You're going to be here for a while, so it's time for you to cum in me, are you ready for me? Since you're already in this wonderful position I will keep you there." Again straddling the table as she worked her way up me, she placed her hands on my chest and lowered herself down guiding him in as she reached my base. As I started to wiggle and squirm knowing quite well that I was finally going to cum, Tiffany speaks up and says," Oh' Yes you can fight it all you want but it's going to happen." 

As I squirmed in my Bondage she seemed to feed off of it and continued to move and go faster until finally we managed to get into a perfect rhythm. Within minutes my body tensed up and her muscles began to squeeze him with every pump. (In the background I could hear Donna saying milk him dry, milk him dry.) Then as the pumps got faster and the squeezing got more intense, she reaches for a pair of pantyhose and puts them under my shoulders and works them down my upper arms, then stretching them apart she crosses them across my chest and pulls each end tight as she laid her body on top of mine. Unable to move and the fact that the pantyhose constricted me even more, I exploded like never before filling her up, thinking she was slowing down I relaxed, she didn't she continued to pump and squeeze until I came again. Finally, she laid on top of me waiting for my sperm to work it's way up her tubes, my eyes closed and my erection stayed hard for as long as I can remember, then I must of dozed off. 

I must have slept for a while, because as I woke up I felt as if I had slept for 8hrs. The only problem was it wasn't a dream, standing on each side of me was Donna and Tiffany. Tiffany all happy and giddy asked me, "Did you sleep well?" As I nodded yes Donna says, "That's good, because now it's my turn and after seeing you and Tiffany together I've got big ideas for you." Donna then tells Tiffany, "Get the chair; I'm going to untie him from the table." When Tiffany came back with the chair Donna said, "Help me get him in it." While sitting there Donna tells Tiffany to go and get the other Viagra pill. As I tried to move around Donna took him and squeezed him once again, telling me you better perform and be real good and do what ever I tell you. When Tiffany returned she had the pill and glass of water, as she put the pill in front of me Donna said, "I'm going to hold you real tight while Tiffany removes your gag, if you make a sound I will squeeze real tight, do you understand?" I nodded yes. Tiffany removed the gag and put the pill to my lips, I held them shut resisting, but as I thought I was being a smart ass Donna squeezed him a slight bit which instantly opened my mouth and the pill entered, followed by water washing it down. Then the gag was placed back in my mouth and tightened up. Donna tells Tiffany, "Make sure it's tighter then before, I don't want to hear anything, not even a moan." I then felt the gag becoming very tight as it fastened behind my neck. 

As it seemed as if they were waiting to see how the Viagra would work for a second time, they left me only to return with two glasses of wine and a glass of ice. Donna takes a drink of her wine and says, "I think you need some help." She then gets the glass of ice and stands in front of me still wearing her Spandex Bronze Dress and her 5" Stilettos Heels. Then as she goes to her knees she whispers this is going to be fun. As the chair was locked in the non-rocking mode she rested her Breasts on my knees and stretched her arm under the seat and released the lock, which let it rock very easily. Donna then took an ice cube and put in her mouth and worked it around, while doing that she took one in her hand and started rubbing my penis with it, which instantly woke him up and sent chills up and down my spine. I didn't think he would get excited from this but as I relaxed the Viagra started to do it's job. As he grew with every stroke of her ice-cold hand I shivered in delight, there was going to be no more fighting from me. When she got him where she wanted, she changed her position and leaned over and took him deep inside her mouth, which needless to say felt like he was being put into a freezer. Donna then kept the ice cube moving around him as she went up and down him, slowly at first then speeding up at times; it was a very different blowjob. She did however make sure that I wasn't going to cum by holding tightly around his base. 

When Donna thought I was close she stopped immediately and stood up looking rather surprised, she then said to Tiffany, "He shouldn't be ready this soon." Donna then asks Tiffany, "You did give him the Viagra pill didn't you?" Tiffany with a cracking voice said, "Sure I did, you were giving him a rather chilling and erotic blowjob." Donna then says, "Well something's not right, I'll be back." As Donna returned she had another glass of water and another pill, Tiffany then speaks up and says, "I don't think you should give him another pill." Donna says, "Shut up you had your turn I'm making sure." Donna goes over to Tiffany and whispers something in her ear then I hear Donna apologize for telling her to shut up, then they both laugh. Donna then comes over to me and says, "Your going to swallow this." As I shook my head no, knowing that you shouldn't take 2 pills in such a short time I resisted. Donna then called over Tiffany and Tiffany went to her knees, as Donna released my gag, Tiffany leaned over and started blowing me, as I tried to keep my mouth closed Tiffany raked her teeth up and down him slightly biting as she went. Not knowing whether she would really bite him I gave in and opened my mouth, the pill was then put in and the water followed washing it down. Tiffany then continued to blow me until Donna returned. Then they both pushed the chair back into the bedroom. 

As I sat there not knowing what was going to happen to me next my heart started to race, which scared me. Donna then ask Tiffany to help her get me into the standing position, while Tiffany was holding me up Donna went to her knees and started to give me a hand job, slow at first then fast. Looking up at Tiffany, Donna says, "I don't notice any change." Then stopping with the hand job she goes into a blow job again starting out slow, then I could feel her moving her tongue around as she took him in deeper. Within minutes I felt him growing bigger then ever, I don't know if it was the Viagra or just being so turned on about how all this could happen to me. As I felt him growing she was moaning as if he was filling her mouth with every stroke. I think she was finally testing me because she didn't stop she just continued to go faster and faster. Once satisfied she stopped, then sitting me back down in the chair I noticed she had this devilish smile on her face as she walked over to Tiffany, my legs felt weak as if they were ready to buckle. They both came over to me and stood me up again, this time they managed to get me over to the bed. They laid me down so that I was in the center of the bed. Donna then says, "Its time." As she straddled me and made her way up my legs in her tight Bronze Dress, I could feel him growing in anticipation. 

As she hovered over him she put both her hands on my chest and lowered her body down, as he slid in without any assistance she let out a short moan. To me he seemed thicker and bigger then ever, every up and down motion let out moans from the both of us, she just didn't hear mine. She went slowly then she went fast, knowing that it was all up to her what the out come would be. He made no attempts on cumming as she pumped harder and harder pushing it to the max. As it went on she tried different positions including turning her back to me and grabbing my ankles as she swooped her body towards my feet. Then out of no where she stops and climbs off of me, asking me as she makes her way off the bed, "You were getting close weren't you?" As I nodded yes hoping that she would climb back on. She then says, "Not yet, just like Tiffany said earlier positioning is everything." Then Tiffany comes over to the bed and starts to give him another hand job, as if to keep him up while Donna disappeared. 

After a short while Donna enters the room wearing a Black Latex Dress which was very tight and form fitting, but this one had extra's. Then Donna asks Tiffany to help her get me to the floor, and as I made my way down I noticed that the pole was next to me. They then slid me back to it so that my toes were touching the pole, then as Donna held me back so that I was in the leaning back position Tiffany brought out ace bandages that had to be 6" wide then starting at my waist she wrapped me to the pole then continued up me until she reached my shoulders, needless to say I couldn't move. Donna then leaves the room and returns with four pillows; she then uses ace bandages to fasten them all together. She then placed them in front of me leaving a space between them and me. Then I noticed that Donna's dress had rings and things on it, which before long I knew what they were for. Donna stood in front of Tiffany as Tiffany put her arms in a Spandex Binder and laced them up tight, then Tiffany fastened them to the center rings going down her back. As I watched in disbelief, Donna says to me "Like you said at the bar there's no sex like Bondage sex." 

The Perfect Donor
Part Four

As Tiffany walked Donna over to me she helped her kneel on the pillows, Tiffany speaks up and says, "OOP's I almost forgot the best part." Tiffany then goes over to her bag and gets out a Penis Gag and brings it back to where Donna is laying, as Donna's telling Tiffany don't put that in my mouth, Tiffany instantly shoves it in and buckles it up behind her neck. As Donna now begins to struggle with her face buried in the pillow, I fined myself getting very aroused. Then as she struggles Tiffany reaches down behind her and makes sure that I'm ready by stroking him several times as he very quickly responds to her touch. Tiffany then pushes Donna back against him, and as he's tries to find his way Tiffany steers him in. Just starting to enter her, she starts to moan and squirm, then Tiffany goes to the front of her and says, "I'm doing this for you baby!" And she pushes her all the way back forcing him in all the way, she lets out a loud muffled grown. As Tiffany pushed her back and forth I was building up with each push, then as my body tensed up I felt her explode on to me which in return I exploded like never before, but it wasn't done yet Tiffany says to a very limp Donna, "remember milk him dry." Tiffany then continued to push Donna faster and faster until she exploded once again and I to exploded for a second time. Then to my knowledge I must have passed out because I awoke in my car facing the Beach fully dressed and coherent. I then didn't know what to do so I shook my head in disbelief and drove home. When I got home I had some explaining to do because my Wife was waiting for me and she wasn't happy. So since I was gone for eighteen hours it must have happened, right!

As time went by and things were okay with my wife and life got back to normal. Then one day my wife calls me at work and says, I have to go to the Mall, she then says the kids are also going so were all going out to eat out, but the kids have to buy shoes. I then tell her that I only have my uniform to change into, her reply was we're only going out to eat, were not going to a high-class restaurant. I then say okay I'll meet you there. We all meet and start to walk around the Mall, just then out of the corner of my eye I see two woman standing by strollers arguing with there backs to us. Then as my wife says that's pretty messed up arguing around your kids, my kids speak up and say we can't remember hearing you two argue like that. Then as they turned around our eyes made contact, as I realized that they were them I started to walk faster, as my family yells wait up. As I turn to see where they are, I can see that there following me. Knowing how disturbed they were, who knows if they would do anything to my family in retaliation knowing now that I lied. So I let them go on their way why I said I was going to check out the Electronics section. Tiffany and Donna proceeded to follow me into the store; the only thought I had was if their children were really mine. As they approached me I couldn't help but smirk. When they reached me Donna says, "I hope you didn't get into to much trouble." I replied not really but it took a whole night just to explain where I was. Tiffany then says, "You were telling us the truth the second time around." I again said yes. I then asked did it happen the way you planned, they both smiled and said, "Oh yes." I then said, "You have two beautiful baby's, does it changed anything now that you know?" They both again said no. Then like it never happened we all went our separate ways never to be seen again.
                                           The End

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