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The Rescue Attempt

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2000 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; surgery; castrate; wrap; bandage; resin; permanent; display; nc; XXX

To get the full benefit of this story it is advisable to read "A Holiday to Remember" first.


Rob was convinced Jenny was being held against her will so he decided to go to Egypt to see if he could rescue her but like most men he jumped in with both feet 

Rob stepped off the plane at Cairo airport, he was here to find his missing Cyber girlfriend Jenny, she had visited Egypt last summer and the last he heard from her was a E Mail saying she was having  "A Holiday to Remember" and she would be visiting the Cairo museum tomorrow to see the mummies. Since then he nor anyone else had heard any more of Jenny, it was as if she had just disappeared. 

Rob booked into the Cairo's world famous Shepherd’s Hotel, compared to the rest of the city it was pure luxury, waiters waited on you hand and foot Rob thought to himself Jenny would have loved this place she enjoyed being waited on. His room was the height of luxury, from the window he overlooked the pool surrounded by holiday makers soaking in the sun, in the distance the three giant Giza Pyramids stood towering in all there splendour just beyond the city limits. 

He unpacked his bag and wandered down to the main bar, he asked the waitress for a beer when she returned with the ice cold much needed beer he paid the bill leaving her a generous tip, while she was thanking him for being so generous he showed her a picture of Jenny telling her he was in Egypt looking for Jenny who stayed at this hotel and never returned the UK. The girl looked at the picture, “Yes I remember her she was a slim pretty girl.” 

She stared at the photo, “Yes I remember she was really interested in the museum of Egyptian Antiquities.”  

“Is that far from here?” asked Rob. 

“No only about twenty minutes by taxi providing there is no traffic jams or the taxi does not break down!” said the girl.  Rob thanked her and he decided to start his search for Jenny at the Cairo museum, as that was the place she was heading for when last seen.

Outside in the street away from the air conditioning the heat and dust was quite something, several beggars soon latched on to him, this was their only way to get any money but Rob was not in a giving mood, he hailed a taxi, jumped inside and ordered the driver to take him to the museum of antiquities. The taxi made its way slowly through the dense city traffic every now and then the driver would bang on his horn and yell at other drivers who he considered had invaded his road space. It was just over twenty minutes when the taxi drew up outside the museum, he got out of the taxi paying the driver, walked across from were he had been dropped off passing between two of the many coaches that were dropping off tourists for the day.

Rob made his way through the iron railings and walked towards the main buildings, several large statues had been placed around the area in the grounds and it was a very impressive sight, he approached the main door several guards all carrying guns stood around the cashier it seemed every one had a gun in this country. He paid the entrance fee, once inside it was as if he had entered another world he turned to his right passing several large statues and glass cases containing bits and pieces taken from sites in the area, he had no idea what he was looking for but he felt sure the clue to Jenny's disappearance was here somewhere. 

Rob continued his way around the museum passing through the Tutankhamen room with all its treasures on show, there was a man standing in the corner of the room, to Rob it was obvious he was some form of official, Rob wandered over and asked if he spoke English? The man smiled and nodded, “Yes of course my name is Mr Moshed. I am head of research into mummies can I help you?”

Rob showed him the photo of Jenny and asked, “Have you seen this girl? She was visiting here some time ago and has disappeared!”

The man looked at the photo of Jenny and shook his head, “Sorry I do not think I can help you, lots of girls pass through this building.” 

Rob wandered off as he went around the corner Mr Moshed switched on his mobile phone.  “Hello Joseph, there is a man out here looking for our last mummy, you know the one that was Jenny!” 

Rob made his way to the far end of the museum, there was a separate section dealing with mummies and he had to pay extra to enter. Once inside there were a row of mummies, some were in a battered state but on the right were several that were perfect, he walked up to the first he read the notice it was the body of Queen Tyre, the next was of Queen Smenkhkare, the third was another Queen. Rob looked at all three it was incredible, all three were so perfect their female form showing through the bandages and their eyes seemed to follow you it was as if they were still alive. 

At that moment a voice behind him asked if there was anything he wanted to know about the mummies, Rob turned around and was grated be a man who introduced himself as Dr Joseph LaMothe, the new head of biological research. He informed Rob that he had recently arrived from the United States were he had been working in a university doing similar research. Rob commented on how life-like the three mummies were!

Dr. LaMothe commented they had only recently been added to the museums collection and he was very proud of them, as a lot of work had gone into them to make them so life like. Rob showed him the photo of Jenny, “Have you seen this girl in here?” he asked.  Dr. LaMothe shook his head. Rod replied, “I am sure this museum holds the key to Jenny's disappearance, this was the last place she was seen.” 

At that the Dr asked if he was alone in the city and do many people know you are here looking for this woman. Rob shook his head, “No I have not told anyone as I did not want to alarm them, and I just said I was going away for a few days. But some how I know Jenny is here somewhere I feel so close to finding her.” 

At that moment Mr Moshed the research director entered the room, Dr LaMothe explained he was sorry but could not help Rob. At that moment Mr Moshed was passing behind Rob who was seated looking at Dr LaMothe, Mr Moshed picked up a bronze statue and in one swipe hit Rob across the back of the head,  LaMothe looked on horrified, “What do you think you are doing?” 

At that Moshed replied, “This man was getting too close, I am sure he knew more than he was telling us and anyway you told me the other day you have almost perfected a method of mummifying males and we need one to replace old Ramesses as he is falling to bits!” 

The two men dragged Rob through a concealed door into a well-equipped laboratory; Rob was lifted on to an examination table. Dr LaMothe now injected a small amount of a clear liquid into Rob's arm, “There that should slow him down, its my new paralysing solution!”

Dr Moshed commented, “Well I will leave you to it, if you pull your finger out he should be on display by the end of the week.” at that he left.

Dr Lamothe called his assistant Kim in to assist; the two cut all the clothes off Rob leaving him naked on the table. Kim asked, “How long before he regains conscious?”

Lamothe replied, “Not to worry on that score he has been injected with paralysing solution, we are going to mummify him starting today.” 

The two rolled Rob over onto his stomach, Kim shaved the hair from the back of the neck and then painted the area with sterilizing solution, then cutting a flap of skin and the underlining tissue away exposing the second and third vertebra, the top of the second vertebra was sliced open to expose the spinal cord. The Doctor stood back, Kim now held a small electronic device in a pair of tweezers, on the under side was two sharp points, these were pressed into the spinal cord the effect was to basically neutralize all motor functions so there would be no movement of any of his limbs, once the implant was in place a solidifying solution was poured over the wound to seal it this dried within minutes. 

Rob was now rolled back on to his back, he was just regaining conscious he tried to speak but his mouth and tongue refused to work in fact he couldn't move a muscle. Dr Lamothe explained he was going to become a mummy and would be displayed next to his beloved Jenny he had so nearly discovered. Kim was now passing a tube through Rob's mouth into his stomach, soon the contents were being drained then several flushes of a sterilizing solution. While this was going on automatically, Kim was threading a second tube into his urethra; a good foot was inserted to drain the bladder. Rob even through he had no muscular movement realized with Kim handling his penis an erection had started. A larger tube was pressed into the rectum this immediately started to suck out all solids then pumping in sterilizing solution, soon his whole inside was drained and cleaned out. 

Rob looked about himself in horror he could not believe what was happening to him. Once the rectum and bladder were drained and cleaned a plastic solution was pumped in to fill the empty cavities, meanwhile Kim was inserting a screw wedge in between his teeth forcing his jaws apart.

Now the Doctor looked down Robs throat soon he was passing down a plastic airway, this entered Robs body through the nasal cavity, soon passed the Larynx and into the airway. A small collar around the tube was now inflated so Rob was now breathing through the tube only, due to the inflated collar that sealed the airway, the tube that was still in his stomach now started to allow the solidifying solution to flow in, once the stomach was full it started to back up the throat, just after it passed the now sealed airway the stomach tube was removed, a few minutes passed and the solution now started to set solid in his body. 

Kim now started to shave away all Rob's body hair till his body glistened like a new pin, now with his inner cavities filled all the tubes were removed and he was left on the table overnight to be finished the following morning.

Kim was first in the following morning she opened Robs lips and painted the teeth with a thick solution of the solidifier, holding his jaw closed till it set she then painted inside the cheeks and gums holding the lips closed in a nice smiling position till they set. She then wheeled the trolley into a large machine and soon a blue light was travelling up and down Rob's body, his whole body was being subjected to a radioactive pulses to kill off all bacteria both good and bad. As soon as the process had finished he was wheeled out, a harness was fitted around his head and shoulders this was attached to an electric hoist, soon he was lifted off the table and held in a standing position.  Dr Joseph Lamothe now entered the room between the two of them they finished connecting a few tubes that would supply all nourishment and bodily needs for the next few years. 

Kim now started to bandage him as a mummy starting at the feet, as she worked his way up the body and just as she was about to bandage the penis an erection started, this had always been Rob's weak point you only had to look at his penis and it was rising like a rocket ship. Kim stopped bandaging as the penis climbed to full erection and stood there throbbing away just short of ejaculation. She called Dr Lamothe over, “We seem to have a problem here! He has developed this giant erection, if he ever develops a erection like this when on display it will give the game away!”

Dr LaMothe studied the problem, “Well until we cure the problem we cannot go any further!”  He thought for a moment, “I do not want to amputate it as that would be a shame as basically I want him complete, I tell you what Kim place a restrictor on the scrotum, we will leave it a couple of days and that should cure the problem for him.” 

Kim went over to a chest of medical tools she came back with what looked like a U bolt, the scrotum was placed in the U and then a sliding bar was placed on to the two ends of the U and slid down against the scrotum, then two nut's were screwed down crushing the scrotum against the bottom of the U, each nut was given a extra turn for luck so isolating the testicles. Kim had always wanted to perform this procedure so took great care to make sure the nuts were good and tight.

At the end of the second day Kim examined the clamp, the testicles seemed to have withered in size, she thought to herself it was a shame but it was best for Rob as she was sure he would not want a nasty erection ruining all the work that had been done to him.  She released the clamp, the testis were stone cold they had obviously died due to the blood being cut off and had shrivelled during the night so that should solve the problem hopefully.

She now continued the bandaging and she was now able to handle and bandage his now limp penis with no problem of erection at all, it seem to take less than half the space it did before, basically Rob had been castrated yet able to keep his testicles. As soon as he was bandaged from head to toe and looked like a mummy he was sprayed with a resin type solution to harden off the bandaged and age them. 

When the museum closed for the evening Rob was wheeled out and placed next to Jenny who he had come to rescue. Dr Joseph Lamothe and Kim looked down at the pair; they had to admit both seemed happy. As they switched the lights out and left for home, a small tear seeped from Rob's eye as he starred upwards he thought to himself, ‘well at least a couple of good things had came out of all this, firstly he had found Jenny, secondly he had been cured of that nasty erection problem that had plagued him all his life and thirdly he was now famous and next to Jenny!’ 


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