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Return Of Ankhesenamun

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2016 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; mummies; display; hist; unwrap; transform; bodyswap; trapped; encased; discovery; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

story continues from Kendell's Discovery

"This is......amazing."

Gina Hanley stared at the museum's latest addition. Five mummies stood in carefully prepared niches in the display wall. From the display, her eyes fell to the note that had accompanied the mummies.


These five were discovered together at a new site Trevor is digging. Sorry you weren't there to oversee their placement, but I asked the director to set them up before he told you about them. Bigger surprise that way, don't you think? Anyway, the one in the middle was Ankhesenamun, and she was some kind of high priestess. The other four, best as we can tell, were her handmaidens. So far, we've not been able to find anything about her in any records, but you know how good they were back then at erasing people they didn't want remembered. Which means we may never get anything more than her name and title. I should be there in a few days, if I can talk Trevor into giving my clothes back.



Gina grinned, then turned her attention back toward the display. The display was very well arranged, and the mummies themselves looked almost too good to be real. Looking at the softly yellowed wrappings, Gina found herself wondering if someone had replaced the real items with fakes. Running her hand along the center mummy's head, she frowned at the soft, supple feel of the wrappings. Wrapping this old should be hard, brittle, but this could have been put in place yesterday. This, she decided, was something she had to check into.

Carefully, Gina examined the head, finding the end of one of the wraps. Slowly, carefully, she began unwinding the cloth. Once completed, this section would reveal the eyes beneath, while leaving the rest covered. No sense exposing the rest of the thing to the elements, she reasoned, if she didn't absolutely have to.

As the eyes were revealed, Gina felt a growing sense of astonishment. The eyelids, far from the cracked, withered bits of skin she might have expected, were softly rounded, as if the eyes were merely closed in sleep. For long moments, she stared at the soft skin. Then, amazingly, the eyes opened.

Stunned, Gina stared into large brown eyes that gazed back at her sharply. There was something mesmerizing in that gaze, and Gina found herself unwilling, maybe even unable, to look away. Her awareness narrowed, until only those eyes remained in focus. Then, slowly, even they began to blur and fade into darkness.

Staring into darkness, Gina could still feel. Her body seemed to have straightened, her hands folding over her crotch. Gina was aware of tightness all over her body, as if she were being squeezed from all sides at once. Her mouth felt full of something that felt like cloth. Puzzled, the tried to move, but her body remained still. Slowly, the darkness began to lift, her eyes slowly focusing on the form in front of her. Gradually, her eyes began to pick out details, until she stared with widened eyes..... at herself.

Shocked, Gina struggled to move, while also trying to push the cloth out of her mouth. All to no avail. Whatever held her was far too tight and secure, leaving her totally immobilized and mute. Her struggles ended at the sound of her own voice.

"Such an interesting language you speak," she heard her image say. "So short, so direct, and there is no music in it. Still, if it is the language of the land, I must use it." Glancing into Gina's wide eyes, she smiled.

"I," she said, "am one who, in your tongue, would be named Ankhesenamun. I am High Priestess of Qatisa, mother and source of all earthly pleasure. I was accused of enjoying Qatisa's gifts too eagerly. For this, I was doomed to an eternity of solitude. Now, however, you have freed me of my curse, that I may once more walk the earth, enjoying once more the pleasures only Qatisa can give."

Reaching up, she cupped large breasts. "Is it not interesting," she continued, "that our bodies are so similar? Fate brought you to me, just as fate will allow me to find others to free my maidens of their curse, that we may be together again. For now, though...."

With this, she raised one hand, from which still dangled the strip of cloth Gina had removed from the mummy. Desperately, she struggled again, but could only manage a feeble twitch as the cloth was replaced, covering her eyes and plunging her into darkness.

Turning from the display, the woman who had once been Gina Hanley walked quietly from the room. Behind her, only the sharpest eyes would have seen the slight quivering of the center mummy, while only the sharpest ears could have discerned the soft, muffled sounds of weeping.

* * *

Far from the museum, Kendell Raines slept. Exhausted by a night of passion with Trevor, she slept deeply, and, in her sleep, she dreamed of dark passages and mysterious chambers.

Through these passages and chambers, Kendell moved silently, her naked body shining in the light of torches. Gradually, she found her steps leading her into a circular chamber, its very stones seeming to exhale an air of ancientness. In the center of this chamber stood the very same man she'd seen before, when she'd passed out at Trevor's dig.

"What have you done?" With this, Kendell suddenly found herself wrapped just as she had been before. Only the large presence between her thighs was missing this time. Squirming helplessly within her sudden cocoon, she watched as the man approached her.

"You were chosen," he said, halting in front of her, "selected carefully because you could see. Your powers allowed us to bring you to us, in order to prevent the release of the evil one. This is why you were shown. This is why you were warned. And yet you failed to heed our warning. Instead of preventing, you aided in Ankhesenamun's release. Even now she once more walks the earth, while someone you know well has taken her place. In time, she will free her handmaidens, imprisoning innocent women while they take their place in the world. Once all five are free, they will begin anew their ancient revels."

The man paused. "Your world," he finally went on, "is corrupt, decadent beyond the imagining of my own time. Even so, it is ill prepared for what is to come. For, once her handmaidens are free, Ankhesenamun will seek to awaken Qatisa from her slumber. With none to oppose her, your world will slowly destroy itself in search of ever greater pleasures."

Slowly, he shook his head. "Were it my choice," he said, "I would leave you here, trapped forever in this place between worlds. It would be a fitting punishment for your crime. It is not, however, my choice to make. You will be returned to your world. If you wish to remain there, you will make haste to find and recapture Ankhesenamun before she looses Qatisa once more on the world. Succeed, and all will be as it should. Fail, and you will return here, to remain for all time a prisoner. Go now, and do what must be done."

Suddenly, the chamber vanished, replaced by the ceiling of her own room. Kendell's body sprang up, as if tensed muscles were suddenly released from confinement. Standing beside the bed, she stared around her, barely noticing when Trevor raised his head from his pillow.

"Kendell," he said sleepily, "are you alright?"

Turning, Kendell leaned down to kiss him lightly. "These past few days have been great," she said softly, straightening, "but I need to go." Turning away, she began dressing, moving with jerky speed.

"Go?" Trevor watched her with puzzled eyes. "Go where?"

Now dressed, Kendell turned back to face him. "Home," she said simply, slinging her purse over her shoulder. "To stop what we started."

* * *

Gina. Not really a proper name, given that it said nothing about her status or position. Still, she did rather like the way it rolled off the tongue. Gi-na. It was the nearest to musical that she'd heard in this newly learned language. So Gina she would be, at least until Qasita had been awakened. Then she could assume her old name and titles. The new Gina.

From the mind of the old Gina, she'd learned many things. This new language, a somewhat bewildering array of strange customs. And the way to her new home. Leaving the museum, she displayed some of her new knowledge by hailing a taxi. During the ride, she considered initiating the driver, but it was too soon. Maybe later.

Home, she discovered, was a nicely furnished apartment. At first, she simply wandered about, marveling. Things were so different now! It seemed they had a device for everything, from the taxi to strangely powered torches that showed no flame or smoke. And the television! She knew she'd spent a lot of time staring at that marvel!

Finally, she made her way to the bedroom, gazing with approval at the large bed. With fumbling fingers, she shed her clothing, wondering as she did at the strange fastenings. In particular, the clasp of her bra amazed her. How, she wondered, did they make such small metal hooks that could resist the pull of this wonderful, stretchy cloth? For a moment, she idly fastened and unfastened the small hooks, delighted at how snugly they fitted together. Finally, boring of this, she discarded the bra and stretched herself out on the bed.

As she relaxed, her hand reached toward a bed side table, slipping inside the withdrawing an object she somehow knew would be there. Gazing at the long, round shape, she smiled. It had been too long since she'd indulged in the gifts of the Goddess, and it was high time she began again. After gently stroking herself to readiness, she slipped the long shape within her, burying it deep beneath her thighs. Once it was fully inserted, she twisted the base, her whole body jumping as the thing suddenly began vibrating within her.

Oh, Goddess! She'd known from former Gina's knowledge, what would happen, but knowing and experiencing were two different things entirely. Her whole body radiated pleasure from the vibrations within her. Making no attempt to muffle her loud moans, she began thrusting the vibrating thing deep within her. It had been too long, and she only hoped there were enough batteries to satisfy her.

Tomorrow, she would begin the search for the ones who could free her handmaidens. Tonight, she would devote her body to Qasita, and to the true pleasure that only the Goddess could give.

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