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Silkbound Into Slavery 2

by Mike Silklover

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© Copyright 2005 - Mike Silklover - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mum; silk; cocoon; bond; nc; X

Part Two

Miss Jones knew the number of her removal firm by heart and she happily  tapped in the digits for the East London firm whilst humming a Frank Sinatra tune to herself. She was extremey content with the way things had gone so far, and was looking forward to her cruise with great anticipation.

"Put me on to Mr Cratchett would you please", she said as the receptionist answered at the other end. "Ah Cratchett, it's Miss Jones here. I have a removal  job for you. Another one of those international assignments that you do so well. I need you to get a crate and packing materials sorted out and get them down to  me by tomorrow afternoon. I will also need you and your unsavoury colleague  Jenks to accompany the package and look after its contents throughout the trip. Plan on a Size 14 crate but you will probably need extra packing materials. This  particular package is a litle more lively than most you have handled in the past." 

Stephanie finished the call by going through one or two administrative points  about the arrangements and then hung up, satisfied that her colleagues would deliver the crate on time and to specification. Cratchett was without doubt a  rogue and a criminal, and had graduated from furniture removals to human  removals some years ago when he realised how profitable it was. 

He had been recommended to Stephanie by a good friend from Birmingham who was  also in the slavery business, and so far he had proved totally reliable. Unsurprisingly, competent 'removal' firms were few and far between, and Stephanie had to accept Cratchett's rather sadistic manner as one of the drawbacks of doing business. That said, the goods he delivered were always  securely packed, and although he and Jenks were far from gentle with their charges, they always arrived in a generally healthy condition. 

Her phone call completed, Stephanie stopped in the doorway to the spare  bedroom as she headed for the kitchen to put on supper. Her newest acquisition was exactly where Stephanie had left her, a bound gagged, hooded and muffled silk mummy, roped securely into the centre of the king size bed. The regular inflating and deflating of the tight silk pillowcase hood told Stephanie that  Sarah was still alive, and the throaty rasping noise that came from beneath the muffling silk scarves told her that Sarah was unlikely to be wasting her valuable breath on calling for help. 

She smiled to herself and gave a little shudder of delight as she imagined the torment and discomfort that Sarah would be suffering as she struggled to breathe through the multiple layers of silk. She was rather looking forward to tomorrow morning, when she would unwrap Sarah and feed and water her before  preparing her for her long voyage. 

She fondly remembered the look of horror on the faces of her previous  captives as they saw, for the first time, the crate that was to be their prison  for the next three weeks. Indeed she often dreamed about it. She ached inwardly to see that same expression on Sarah's face tomorrow, as she realised that her bondage until then had merely been a mild diversion.

Stephanie slept like a log that night, wrapped up in the white silk sheets of  her king size bed, and buoyed by erotic dreams of the look on Sarah's face as she removed her blindfolding scarf and allowed her to look into the specially  prepared crate. 

Sarah meanwhile had a fitful and interrupted sleep. Aching from the tightness  of the ropes that cruelly encircled her from ankle to chest, she was fearful that if she slept, the many layers of silk that bound her face would cause her  to suffocate. So she valiantly fought the onset of sleep, completely unaware of the passing of the hours. Despite her best efforts however, she eventually succumbed to her exhaustion and drifted off into a troubled sleep. 

As Stephanie still slumbered the next morning, her mind full of the  possibilities offered by a first class cabin on a three week cruise, next door,  the silk bound mummy that enclosed Sarah in its tight folds, started to stir. 

As Sarah came slowly to consciousness she realised that she was completely disoriented. She at first thought that the darkness was from the closed curtain  in her flat in Godstone. She tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but  realised that for some unknown reason she had no control over her arms or legs. Despite trying, she remained completely immobile, lying on her back, unable to move a muscle. 

Many sensations and feelings now assaulted her senses as she tried to  understand what was amiss. Not only was she unable to move her arms or legs, which seemed to be welded to her side, but her mouth seemed to be stuffed full of soft material and a tight and muffling bandage covered her face and head. 

Suddenly it all came flooding back; her new weekend gardening job, the drugged lemonade, her bizarre kidnapping by Miss Jones and the severe gagging  and hooding that had accompanied her silk sheet mummification and roping to the  bed. 

A feeling of overwhelming panic sudenly overtook her whole being and she threw herself uncontrollably against the tight bonds in a forlorn bid to escape the clinging silk. At the same time she let rip a piercing scream that would, under normal circumstances have woken the whole of Esher on that quiet Sunday  morning. However, Sarah's predicament was far from normal, and all that emerged  from her silk stuffed mouth was a muffled but frightened squeal. 

Nevertheless, it still carried to Stephanie's room where it served to rouse  the lady of the house from her blissful but shallow slumber.

Sarah's blind panic continued unabated as the layers of silk covering her  head sucked against her face as she tried to gather enough air for a second  scream. Her mouth was stuffed full and her only access to air was through her  nose, now covered by the silk scarves and the pillow case Stephanie had applied yesterday. 

Only with the strongest application of self control did Sarah manage to get  her panic under control and she managed to get her breathing slowly back to the  shallow, laboured breathing that she had found worked best in maintaining an adeqaute air supply. 

Fortunately for her, the silk scarves that had become so damp and clingy last  night had dried during the night, allowing more air to pass through them. On the other side of the coin, Stephanie's red silk scarf that filled her mouth had  also dried during the night, and the folds of silk had dried and stuck to the roof of Sarah's mouth. The size of the gag stuffing did not allow her to move her tongue around to moisten the silk and she laid on the bed dejected and in  intense discomfort, as she tested once again the bonds that held her so securely. 

Her spirits sagged further as she realised that all that awaited her today was yet more time in the hateful silk cocoon and then incarceration in a crate for shipment to Thailand. If her eyes had not been so tightly bound by the silk scarf she would have cried at the pain, discomfort and sheer injustice of the  whole affair. 

The squeal from Sarah's room stirred Stephanie and she slipped from beneath  the luxurious silk sheets and sat up on the side of the bed. She always slept  naked because she loved the feel of the cool silk caressing her body. Without  bothering to slip on the silk gown hanging on the back of the bedroom door, she padded across the deep pile carpet to the doorway of the bedroom inside which  Sarah was a bound prisoner. By the time she got there Sarah had regained her composure somewhat and the silk covered mummy was still. Stephanie sighed in disappointment that she had missed the entertainment. 

"So, you're awake at last Sarah!", she said in a voice loud enough to startle  the body beneath the ropes and silk sheets, "and making far too much noise. I  clearly underestimated you. I know it is early in the morning but I think I will start on your preparations as soon as I have had breakfast." 

"If I have time", and she made a mental note to make time, "I will explain to  you the rigours of your coming cruise and tell you some of the unpleasant things that have befallen previous slaves on their journey."

Sarah 'mmphed as best she could into the dry silk packing her mouth. She had spent over 14 hours unable to hear anything but the rustling of the silk from  the layers of scarves tied around her head, and she was glad to hear a human voice again. On the down side, she was chilled to hear Miss Jones deliver her  words in such a cruel and arrogant tone. This was truly a very dangerous and deranged lady. 

"Don't go away while I shower and change will you my dear? There is so much  for me to tell you about your coming trip, and the measures we will be taking to ensure your security and cooperation. Once I come back, I will let you have a shower and the opportunity to freshen up, albeit a short lived one".

As Stephanie walked back to her own bedroom to shower and dress, Sarah's spirits soared. Not only was she to be released from her suffocating silk prison sooner than she had expected, but there might also be the opportunity to escape. Stephanie would have to untie her to allow her to use the bathroom. If she was to be untied she would stand a good chance of escape. 

Stephanie was tall and slim, but in a fair fight Sarah knew she could defeat her without too much problem. Also, the drug from the lemonade had now left her  system and she would have all her senses with which to plot her escape. On the down side, her limbs ached after being bound for so long and she wasn't at all sure that they would work if called to act in a hurry. 

The minutes dragged by incredibly slowly as Sarah waited for her opportunity.  She tested the limits of the muffling layers of silk once again, trying to suck as much air into her lungs as possible before the silk clamped itself back over her nose and prevented further inhalation. She would need to be as fit as  possible when Stephanie untied her.

She did not hear Stephanie re-enter the bedroom and jumped again as Stephanie  spoke. 

"Now. Let's get you untied my dear so that you can freshen up. If you are a  good girl and promise not to do anything silly, I will even let you use the  toilet on your own." Stephanie's voice had changed back to her normal friendly tone and Sarah allowed herself to believe that she had imagined Stephanie's  earlier chilling tone of voice. 

Stephanie had dressed in an immaculately pressed, fine white cotton blouse,  with a crisp red silk square folded cravat style at her neck, similar to the one that now packed Sarah's tender mouth. The crisp white blouse offset the very short black leather miniskirt and the high heeled black shoes that adorned her feet. Her white silk panties were clearly visible below the skirt, as was the black suspender belt that held up the sheer black stockings with a seam up the back. 

The outfit made her look just like one of the dominas from the Betty Page era  she thought, and she was pleased with the effect. Although the shoes were thoroughly impractical on the deep pile of the bedroom carpet, she wished to  make an impression on Sarah that she would take with her while confined in her  her crate. Stephanie loved the dominatrix look, almost as much as she enjoyed the activities and behaviour that such a persona allowed her to indulge. 

Sarah felt hands working on the ropes that bound her mummified body to the bed. "My, my! These are very tight. You poor thing, you must have struggled very  hard for these to have tightened so much. I bet they were very uncomfortable for you my dear. Such a shame that you didn't take my advice to just lie still and accept your fate. Never mind, we will soon have you free!" 

Although the irony was lost on Sarah due to her current position, Stephanie's  gentle and solicitous words were distinctly at odds with the expression of cruel  amusement on her face as she started on the unwrapping of her mummified  captive.

As Stephanie moved from coil to coil, unwinding the constricting rope, Sarah felt a huge sense of freedom. Although she was still securely mummified within the silk sheet cocoon, the ropes had become a cause of severe discomfort, and  she felt her morale rise as each new layer of rope was untied and discarded.  Stephanie started at Sarah's shoulders and worked down towards her feet, coiling  each length of unwound rope in turn and laying it neatly on the side of the bed  next to Sarah. 

Finally, Stephanie came to the rope that secured Sarah's silk wrapped legs to  the ring bolt at the end of the bed. Untying the final knot and shaking loose the rope, Stephanie unwound the silk sheet that wrapped Sarah's feet.

"You will appreciate my dear that I can not allow you complete freedom while you refresh yourself. I will need to hobble your ankles so that you can not run away from me." Sarah's spirits took a dive at this news. Realistically, there  was no way she could have expected to be completely freed. Maybe Stephanie's new  arrangement would allow her an opportunity to free herself later if she could  get enough time unobserved. 

Stephanie took a pile of brightly coloured silk scarves from the dressing  table and started to fold a number of them into wide silk bandages. Taking one of the folded scarves she proceeded to wrap it tightly around Sarah's right  ankle, winding it around her tanned limb three times before pulling the ends and  securing them in a tight double knot. She repeated the operation with another scarf on Sarah's left ankle and then took a narrowly folded scarf and threaded it beneath the windings on each ankle. She pulled the ends so that Sarah's ankles were brought tightly together, before tying off the joining scarf in a  double knot. 

"There. I hope that's not too uncomfortable. You should be able to stand and walk in very tiny steps to the bathroom. It will no doubt take you a long time, but then we are not in a rush today, are we?" 

Sarah tested her range of movement against the scarf hobble and realised that  there was just enough free play in the hobble to allow her to take the very short steps Stephanie had mentioned. Running while hobbled like this would be out of the question, she would fall flat on her face. Not what she was hoping  for at all, but at least she would have a small amount of mobility. 

Stephanie continued to roll up the long pillowcase and unwrap the silk sheets  that had proved such an effective means of mummifying Sarah. As she reached  Sarah's waist, she inserted her hands underneath Sarah's body and with a big heave flipped Sarah unceremoniously over onto her front.

Now don't panic," she cautioned, as Sarah started to struggle. "Just lie there quietly and breathe carefully while I tie your wrists behind your back. I  know you may find it more difficult to do your ablutions, but I am afraid I am  not prepared to take the risk of having your arms in front of you." 

Stephanie grasped Sarah's wrists together palm to palm and wrapped a broadly folded silk scarf around them, pulling the folds tight as she went round the  wrists three times. She hauled in on the ends and Sarah squealed in pain as her  wrists were mashed together. Stephanie tied a double knot in the silk bandage and took another scarf to cinch the already tight binding, wrapping it  vertically between the existing binding, and pulling the existing loops together  before securing it in a double knot. 

Taking another couple of folded scarves she moved further up Sarah's back and  proceeded to tie her elbows together in a similar fashion. "I wouldn't want you  to do yourself any harm in the bathroom my dear, so we will just stop your arms  flapping about first".

"What a stupid reason", thought Sarah as she felt her elbows being drawn painfully together by the soft folds of silk. 

"She's doing it because she enjoys it", realised Sarah, the reason for her unnnecessarily tight and overwhelming incarceration now becoming clear.

Stephanie took hold of Sarah's bound arms and used them as a lever to flip Sarah over onto her back once more, her tightly bound wrists and elbows now  trapped beneath her against the mattress. 

"There now we can help you to breathe a little easier." Stephanie rolled the pillow case up and lifted it off Sarah's head. As Sarah's head emerged, Stephanie could see that Sarah's hair was damp and matted against her head.  Despite the sweat and Sarah's spirited struggling, Stephanie's scarf gagging and blindfolding had held up remarkably effectively. She reached forward to the bridge of Sarah's nose and unpicked the double knot in the white silk Hermes  scarf that served as Sarah's blindfold, gently easing the now loosened silk bandage down so that it rested around Sarah's neck. 

As it came away from her nose, Sarah breathed in deeply, her breathing unrestricted for the first time in many hours. Despite the darkness of the room, achieved by blackout curtains that secured the window from prying local eyes,  Sarah blinked wildly as her eyes tried to recover from the hours of total blackness. 

Slowly, as her eyes were able to focus more clearly, she did a double take as  she saw Stephanie standing proudly in her domina outfit. Although not into  S&M, Sarah recognised power dressing when she saw it and her heart chilled, realising that she was the helpless captive of this woman who enjoyed inflicting discomfort on her victims. Sarah's resolve to escape was strengthened, although  it was tinged with fear as to the consequences should she try but fail. 

"I am afraid that we must also reinforce your gag my dear. Your squealing is just too loud for my rather staid neighbours. We wouldn't want them to become  curious, would we?"

Stephanie reached behind Sarah's neck and loosened the first of the double knots in the white cleave scarf that held the deep red silk packed firmly into  Sarah's mouth. "Let's first of all make sure this is secure shall we?" Although already excruciatingly tight, Stephanie put all her strength into pulling the  ends of the scarf even tighter, forcing the now dampening red silk deeper into  Sarah's mouth. The stretching of the narrow cleave scarf cut painfully into the corners of Sarah's already bruised lips. Satisfied that there was no more give possible in the tightly stretched silk, Stephanie knotted the ends of the scarf  in a tight double knot. 

"I know it may be a little more uncomfortable my dear, but by stretching your  lips back we can get more packing inside your mouth and reduce the amount of noise you can make. Just hold still now while we add a little more silk. I think  you will find this interesting to say the least".

Sarah looked on in horror as the classically dressed dominatrix lifted up her  short leather skirt to fully reveal the expensive but skimpy white silk panties  that clung tightly to the curves of Stephanie's shapely bottom. Hooking a thumb  in each side of the waist band she proceeded to roll them slowly and sensuously down her legs, all the while hungrily drinking in the look of horror that filled  Sarah's face.

"I think there's probably just enough room left in your pretty mouth for my  panties, don't you Sarah? Just think what an honour it will be for you to have  such a close reminder of your mistress."

Sarah turned her head towards the wall in disgust but Stephanie grabbed a  large handful of her captive's damp hair and wrenched her head back to the front. As she looked deep into Sarah's frightened eyes, Stephanie dropped the  intimate white silk panties onto Sarah's face and then, after a pause to allow  Sarah to inhale the perfume, used her fingers to prod the damp silk deep into  Sarah's mouth, forcing the silk in either side of the tightly stretched white  cleave scarf. 

The musky smell of the damp panties assailed Sarah's nostrils as Stephanie completed the stuffing of Sarah's mouth. This was just unbearable, thought Sarah as her mouth expanded against the tight cleave scarf.

"There, that's your packing sorted. Now let's just make sure you can't expel it in a hurry." Stephanie picked up a large white silk headsquare and folded it  on the diagonal before carefully folding it into a bandage some five inches wide. Picking it up in both hands she placed it across the lower part of Sarah's already tightly gagged face. With the lower part beneath her chin, and the upper  edge well above the bridge of her nose, Stephanie drew the ends back behind  Sarah's neck and tied the ends very tightly in a triple knot. 

Sarah's ability to breathe suddenly took a turn for the worse as the tight silk pressed against her nose, the effect of the scarf being to pull her lower jaw upwards and, if it was possible, to clamp the hateful silk panties even  tighter in her mouth. Sarah groaned at the severity and cruelty of her continued but now reinforced gagging. Stephanie smiled to herself as she gazed deep into Sarah's eyes and enjoyed Sarah's obvious discomfiture. 

Stephanie was not yet finished. Ensuring that Sarah could see what she was holding, she held up what looked to be a luxury quality black silk scarf in her  hands. "Before I get you up on your feet and let you use the bathroom, there is just one more precaution I need to take. This is a special silk hood that will allow you a small amount of vision so that you can just about see what you are doing. Consider your freedom from a full blindfold a small act of kindness on my  part, before I hand you over to the less than gentle attentions of my accomplices this afternoon". 

Stephanie shook out the hood and advanced towards Sarah to pull it over her  head. Sarah was terrified at being rendered blind again but managed to control  her desire to fight the hooding. After all, any small kindness offered by this  crazy woman was to be taken advantage of.

Stephanie placed the hood on top of Stephanie's head and unrolled the tight  silk down her face and over the scarf gag that bound the whole of her lower  face. The delicate fabric of the hood was offset by a thick webbing drawcord arrangement at the neck of the hood, and Stephanie threaded the webbing strap  into its buckle and drew the silk hood closed against Sarah's neck. 

"I won't make it too tight around your neck my dear, so you can breathe quite  easily", said Stephanie as she secured the strap into the large buckle so that  there was about an inch gap between the hood and Sarah's neck. Stephanie then pressed a small button on the outside of the buckle and a tiny red LED glowed  brightly on the outside of the buckle. 

"There. We're all set. Let's get you up on your feet and into the bathroom." Sarah tried to help herself get off the bed, but with her arms bound tightly behind her and the tight hobble at her ankles she needed Stephanie's help in dragging her to the side of the bed, where she rolled into a sitting position. 

Stephanie held Sarah tight as a wave of dizziness overtook the newly released  captive. The hours of inactivity and tight restraint was not good for the circulation, and Sarah had to sit still for quite some minutes until the blood  started flowing again and the dizzines eased. 

She tentatively eased herself into a standing position as Stephanie took her shoulders and pointed her in the direction of the ensuite bathroom. Sarah was still nude, save for the skimpy green silk thong, and the coolness of the air conditioned room, after her incarceration in many layers of warm silk, caused  goosebumps to appear all over her body. 

Much to Sarah's surprise the black silk hood allowed her to see through it quite easily and it was actually not a hindrance. "Had Stephanie made a mistake in not making it more difficult for her?", she wonderd to herself as she started  taking teetering steps towards the bathroom. 

"I can see that you have got your bearings OK Sarah, so I'll leave you to it for a little while. 've got a couple more phone calls to make but I will be back very shortly". With that Stephanie turned on her high black heels and walked out of the room.

Sarah could not believe her luck. Left alone, her chances of escape looked more realistic, although the tight bonds on her arms and the restrictive hobble would need to be overcome somehow. Sarah speeded up her tiny steps and settled  into a swinging gait that made her progress much faster. 

A few minutes later she reached the theshold of the bathroom and headed for  the loo. Plonking herself on the seat she managed to move the silk of her green thong to one side and 'refreshed' herself, as Stephanie had so delicately put it.

The immediate business concluded, Sarah's mind turned to escape. 

She managed to stand up and stood swaying sightly in the well equipped bathroom, wondering what on earth she could do to effect her escape. 

end of Part 2

This story now continues in Part Three


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