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The Sleep Study Part 2: Sleep Tight

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2010 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; drug; capture; bond; encase; nylon; tape; nipple; entomb; toys; sex; revenge; nc; X

continued from part 1

The Sleep Study Part 2: Sleep Tight

“Well, good morning Gene. I see by the readings you had a very active sleep segment.” Nurse Tracey entered the sleep study room where Gene Harris was barely awake. “Time to wake up, so I can take all of these electrodes and patches off so you can go home and enjoy your weekend.” Gene slowly sat up in bed, groggy, hazy and very unsure what happened overnight. As he swiveled around to sit up on the side of the bed, the nurse began to remove the EKG pads from his legs and chest and electrodes from the putty like substance in his hair.

“You will need to shower good to get this residue off your skin and sticky putty out of your hair. Go ahead and get dressed, I will be just outside the room.”  Gene was still a bit unsteady. He couldn’t believe he was simply lying in bed asleep the entire night. His dreams seemed so real. He vividly remembers the voluptuous body of the nurse, her erotic tongue lapping his cock, and the torture of being wrapped and zapped. It could not have been a dream. It all seemed so real.

As he began to fully awaken, he realized maybe his dreams did come true. His underwear was slightly wet, and when he checked, it felt as if a lubricant had been massaged around his anus. His nipples were very sore, almost painful to the touch. He was sure his dreams were a reality. As he looked around the room, the trash can contained a large wad of balled up medical tape and several torn nylon stockings. The evidence was now clear. Nurse Tracey’s nearly fatal deviant sexual tendencies were not a dream. “That fucking bitch”, thought Gene.

“OK Tracey, I am dressed.” Gene yelled out the door to get her attention.

“Well, I see we are finally on friendly terms, Gene” smirked the nurse. “Let me get a final few things so we can walk out together and I can lock up the office for the weekend.” As she turned to go back down the hallway, Gene grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with a moistened cloth. She soon lapsed into unconsciousness from the chloroform he found in a medical cabinet.

The captive nurse laid on the bed, encased from the waist up in the leg of one her own panty hose. Her mouth sealed with coarse electrical tape rather than the softer cloth medical tapes. Her own panties had been sealed in her mouth to keep sound from penetrating the tape. Eye pads were placed also sealed with black electric tape to prohibit sight.

The force of the nylon pressing against her skin gave the perception of a giant Christmas turkey sitting on the table with brown basted skin glistening. Though not yet covered, her legs were bound to the IV poles, opening her pussy so Gene could personally stuff his holiday bird. Her boobs appeared to barely fit into the nylon casing. There would most likely be a massive breast explosion skyward if the nylon should fail.  He couldn’t help but laugh as he remembered an old Lucky Strike Commercial, “so round, so firm, so fully packed.”

Gene reached over rubbed his hand over the sheen of the smooth nylon entrapping her breasts. He picked up the same small cuticle scissors used to free his penis from captivity and began to cut a very specific circle around the areola of each breast. As he removed the small nylon circles, each areola was forced through the tight opening resembling a twenty dollar gold piece. The inviting nipples stood erect, topping off each raised darkened moon.

This was an invitation Gene couldn’t resist. The stretched nylon seemed to strangle the base of each raised areola bud as the nurse took an anxious breath. He bent down, placing his lips around the brown circle, sucking them while his tongue tweaked the nipples, causing them to harden. 

He couldn’t help but place a small tube that was connected to a suction pump over each nipple. He set the suction to a slow pace, alternating the vacuum with each nipple. As the nipples began to expand, the brown buds also grew in size. The female instincts provided the desired nursing effects.

As Gene returned to the foot of the bed, he took a tube of KY jelly and lubricated the bottom hole of his captive. With her buttocks flying high, he wanted to make sure every hole received stuffing. The dildo used on him was the ideal adjunct to assure complete sexual stimulation at all critical entry points.

With the dildo deep into her anal cavity, it was time for the real entry to be made. With a tremendous erection awaiting release, Gene rammed his manhood into Nurse Tracey’s soaked pussy. Her internal lubrication allowed him to really jackhammer, bouncing her on the bed, swinging both legs with each movement. This was the dream he hoped would be a reality, the chance to finally fuck the beautiful nurse. His final push against her pubic area launched his cum in a high pressure stream. Her muffled screams assured him her orgasm was just as enjoyable.

With his personal satisfaction complete, it was now time to finish the job of providing Nurse Tracey with his version of erotic sexual captivity. He picked up the remaining leg of her pantyhose and forced her legs together into the tight fabric. Gene squeezed the legs first, shimming the nylon up her frame until he reached her hips. He pulled the nylon tight around her mid-drift, but cut a hole in the nylon around the bush of her V.

With her body now fully encased in the nylon hosiery, Gene proceeded to take the various sized surgical tape and secure her firmly in white. He began at her feet, taking the smaller tape around the toes, taping each foot together. The larger tape was used to begin to seal her ankles and hips. He would lift the legs together, holding them up slightly while he rolled the tape completely around her body.

He reached the area of her pussy and thought for a moment. He looked for bag of goodies the nurse brought into the room earlier. Finding a vibrator, he replaced the batteries with strong, extra life batteries and proceeded to fill her love canal with yet another means of pleasure. He turned on the vibrator and proceeded to seal the humming missile into her sex tunnel.

He continued to wrap tape around her torso, over and around her breasts, only leaving the Reese Cups protruding from the nylon. He removed the suction tubes from each nipple. He marveled at the length of each nipple that took on the appearance of the teats of the udder of cow ready to give her day’s supply of milk. Again, he couldn’t resist the temptation, especially with each nipple nearly an inch long. The harder he sucked, the more Nurse Tracey moaned. He wondered if she was actually beginning to lactate, as her breasts seemed to expand and pressed even tighter against the bindings as if beginning to store mother’s milk.

With the nipples so large, Gene became even more devious as he took small electrical wire from one of the machines and tied it around the left nipple. He then extended the wire across the taped chest and tied it around the right nipple, forcing the nipples to lean towards one another. This special wiring was definitely a painful addition to her already uncomfortable bondage.

He continued to use massive amounts of tape, circling each breast until only the areola and nipples of each were exposed. The white shrouded tits appeared to resemble snow covered hills of a model train layout.  The tilted nipples where the electrical lines extended between the mountain tops. Once he completed the artwork of the breasts, he continued to wrap even more copious amounts of tape around the rest of her body.

As he wrapped her head, he stuffed gauze into each ear and taped the ears shut to eliminate her from hearing any sounds. The head was fully covered except the nose openings to allow breathing. Gene leaned back to admire his handiwork. The beautiful nurse was now completely bound in white tape. No sound, no hearing, no sight. Her only vision would be her own eyelids, secured in place. She was a pillar of white marble on the pyre awaiting the final placement.

But, as complete as the bondage was, Gene was not finished with his final plans. He found some soft rope and tied a double line around the ankles. He then pulled the rope spinning the body cast around until the head was at the foot of the bed. He looped the rope around the head of the bed and alternately around the body until he reached the mummy’s head. He wrapped the rope around the body several times just below the shoulders. He then ran the rope back through the other cinches and tied it off at the foot of the bed.

The taped body was now secure. The head of the body was tied to the foot of the bed and the foot of the body was tied to the head of the bed. To assure the mummy was secured, he also tied several small sections of rope over the body and to the sides of the bed. To the casual observer, adding this roping had no effect on the bondage and did not make sense. But to Gene, it would be the final touch to his personal enjoyment of her sexual punishment. As the tightly tape wrapped body of Nurse Tracey Mounds was now very secure, the mummy would not move as he lifted the Murphy Bed back into the wall.

The hinges began to creak as he started the bed upward. Once the bed reached a quarter way, the hinges recoiled and the bed was secure inside the wall. The muffled sounds of fear from the nurse could be heard until the bed was in the alignment of the office wall. The mummy was now sealed into the crypt. It would be Monday morning before anyone would be back in the office.

Gene walked over the door and turned off the lights.  With a final smile he looked over to the wall, “Sleep tight, Tracey, VERY tight.”




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