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Stargate 2: Setting the Bait

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2012 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f+; spiderwomen; capture; web; cocoon; wrap; gag; entrap; susp; insert; tease; mast; oral; climax; scifi; comicbooks; cons/nc; X

continued from part one

Part 2: Setting the Bait

Struggling to stay awake Carter looked at the spider goddess Arachne, she was highly impressive.

“Who are you?” Carter stammered, as she tried to break free but found she was tightly wrapped in thick silk webbing.

“I’m Arachne, your goddess” Arachne smiled “and you are Carter of the Taree. Most useful indeed.”

Arachne then explained to Carter that she was descended from Earth spiders and had been created by the Ancients from spider and human DNA. On her world the spider humans had become dominant and their prey was normal humans for all sorts of purposes.

But now the arrival of the Taree and opening of the Stargate offered her a way off world and new conquests.

The three soldiers were all wrapped up and had been brought into Arachne’s web room.

Arachne licked her lips, and then she looked at Carter. “I need to know what I’m up against. Tell me…”

Carter shook her head. And mumbled her name, rank & serial number. Arachne laughed. “Fine, I’m telepathic anyway”. Arachne scanned Carter’s mind and said “Thanks. Just what I needed to know.”

“Now, Carter, you WILL serve me.” Then Arachne climbed up over the top of Carter. Her dripping pussy suddenly opened outwards and expanded in size so her lips dropped past Carter’s ears. Carter looked in fear and saw that Arachne’s pussy was lined with a thick silk web. Her spider legs clasped around Carter’s neck and suddenly her head was pushed inside Arachne’s pussy.

Inside Arachne’s vaginal muscles pushed around her head snugly as the silk layer was wrapped tightly and tighter with each movement. Carter found she couldn’t make a sound till suddenly Arachne screamed and came inside Carter’s hood filling it with thick gooey silk that sealed perfectly.

Getting off Carter Arachne smiled now that she had enjoyed herself and sealed up Carter for the change.

Carter tried to moan but her hood was seamless and no sound emerged. Suddenly a sharp pain tore through her arm as she felt something bite her. Then she heard laughing – Arachne had bitten her.

Carter felt her body control leave her.  Then suddenly her cocoon and hood were torn away and she was facing Arachne naked.

“OK slave, now you work for me”. Carter’s eyes suddenly blurred over and became glowing green “Yeesss mistressssss….”

Carter had now become a spider slave. She would do only what her mistress Arachne commanded – she could act normal, but had no original thoughts of her own now. Her will was taken away.

Arachne laughed again. “You may dress, slave”.

Carter looked down. Her breasts had become a lot bigger and all her pubic hair had disappeared. She felt her vaginal lips were heavily swollen and just by thinking it a silk line shot out from her pussy. Her hair was now long & flowing blonde, and she had fangs in her mouth. She also could shoot webbing from her mouth – she was now a spiderwoman.

Carter put on the finest black silk g-string she had ever seen. It suctioned to her pussy perfectly. She also put long black gloves and pure black silk stockings on as well. Then she covered her body in a pure white silk wrap with hood.

Carter bowed to her mistress. Arachne then tore the black soldier Lori from her cocoon and smiled – “catch, slave”.

Lori was in shock having been just released. Getting her bearings she saw the spiderwoman Arachne and then faced a strange figure in a cloak. Naked she backed up as the figure approached her. Lori gasped as she saw the figure was Carter.

Carter smiled. This was going to be easy. She spun mouth webbing over Lori’s body pinning her arms together ashes sprang into the air and landed on Loris back. Clutching the black woman’s head to her she quickly bit Lori and injected venom. Lori suddenly froze and fell backwards, paralysed.

Arachne clapped her hands. “Well done, slave…I will clean up.” Arachne then spun thick webbing over Lori’s body until she was enveloped in a 3-inch cocoon except for her face.

Lori started to recover her muscles as the venom wore off but the cocoon was too thick and she couldn’t move. Arachne laughed and then pumped thick silk over her head to wrap gag Lori so she was silent.

Arachne then put all 3 soldiers in her web. And gave Carter her instructions. Carter then put her army clothes back on and saluted her queen. She went through the Stargate….

* * *

Back in Stargate Command Carter arrived safely and told her boss the soldiers were on the Spider World. Now with the power of hypnotism, no man questioned her statements.

The female doctor told Carter to strip. Carter laughed and pulled off her pants. Dr Janet Frasier gasped when she saw Carter’s large tight black silk g-string and it was pulsating.

Before she could hit the alarm Carter had shot mouth webbing around the good doctor’s body, restraining her in a cocoon. Carter then pulled off her silk g-string and the doctor gasped again as she saw pulsating spinnerets in carter’s vagina dripping with silk.

Carter stuffed her g-string into Janet’s mouth to gag her, then her pussy erupted with a long silk wrap that she lopped over and over Janet’s head until she was perfectly OTM wrap gagged. Now helpless, Janet couldn’t move or speak. Carter then climbed up onto the ceiling and into the roof, where she spun a web. She grabbed Janet and put her on the web for safekeeping.

Carter then left the base without any problems.

* * *

Daily planet Reporter Lois lane waited in her hotel room. Her source on the Stargate project was late. Then she heard a knock on the door.

“Lois Lane?” A blonde woman with long hair stood at the door dressed in an army uniform. “ I am Major Sam Carter…”

Lois opened the door and invited the Major in. Two tall women wearing sunglasses, trench coats, gloves and large boots accompanied her into the room – Lois assumed they were secret service agents. Both had large scarves wrapped around their necks.

“What can I do for the government?” Lois questioned with a wry smile.

Major Carter remained motionless. “You can call your friend Lana Lang for a start and make sure she brings her scarab ring.”

Lois looked at her quizzically. “And why would I do this for you, Major Carter???”

Carter’s eyes flashed angrily. “Because I told you to!” Lois shrank back and did what she was told. She was quite taken aback. On the phone, Lana did not understand what was going on but the tone is Lois’ voice said to her something was wrong, and she left immediately. Lana arrived within 15 minutes.

On arriving Lana knocked on the door, a strange woman pulled her in fast, clamped her gloved hand over Lana’s mouth and held her against a door. Searching her quickly Lana’s ring was pulled off her finger and pushed her into the lounge room, where she found Lois sitting quietly in the lounge room.

“What’s all this about!” demanded Lana. Just then an important woman walked into the room. “Shut up “, she said. Lana was immediately quiet. “I am Major Carter”, she said. “You are Lana Lang, a sometime pathetic hero known as Insect Queen, but useful in your contacts. And you, Lois Lane, are an ongoing annoyance – but you do know the identities of several troublemakers and that makes you useful. Both of you are now mine”.

With that Carter laughed and the 2 bodyguards threw off their trench coats & glasses. Both Lana and Lois gasped, they were both naked but had 2 extra pairs of arms hidden under the trenchcoats. Most threatening of all were their eyes that glowed red and their vaginal areas were pulsating with large spider spinnerets visible.  Both women realised these were spiderwomen!

Carter laughed. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, it matters not to me. You choose, but my henchwomen will win either way.”

Lana backed up to the kitchen and grabbed a knife; she was not going down easy. She grabbed Lois and backed into the kitchen.

The two spiderwomen smiled and began to come forward. Lana told Lois to open the window. Lois looked at her “Are you stupid? We are 20 floors up, where would we go?”

Lana looked at her and said, “Got any other ideas?”

Lois said quietly, “Yes, Surrender”.

With that Lois stepped forward and put out her hands. One of the spiderwomen growled “Strrriippp”. Lois complied and started to pull off her clothes. The spiderwoman quickly webbed a rope around her neck and lead her into the lounge room.

Lana yelled, “You’re crazy! I’m not going to do that”. The other spiderwoman both pulled 2 sticky balls of silk from her pussy in two arms each and started whirling them faster and faster. Suddenly she let them go and each wrapped around Lana’s hands, cocooning them in web mitts.

Pulling the silk tight in 2 arms so Lana’s arms were pointing towards her the spiderwoman quickly swathed Lana’s body including her arms, legs & boobs in a silk cocoon by using her remaining 4 arms to pull, extract & cast silk over her.

Lana screamed blue murder but there was nothing she could do. Falling on the ground Lana looked up to see the spiderwoman’s pulsating pussy near her face. “Too noise-see” said the spiderwoman. She pushed Lana’s face up to her pussy and then sprayed silk directly into her mouth until a thick plug of silk gagged Lana’s screams.

The spiderwoman then took the silk scarf from around her neck and wrapped it around and around Lana’s mouth so she was gagged properly. The spiderwoman then criss-crossed Lana’s arms in front of her and webbed them into the cocoon with thick silk so she was completely encased.

Meanwhile Lois sat in front of Major Carter. “A wise decision, Ms Lane” said Carter “you had no choice. You I have a special plan for.” The spiderwoman lead her over to the corner of the room.  She then pulled a large wad of silk from her pussy, clamped it over Lois’ mouth and then used her neck scarf to wrap around and around Lois’ head to gag her securely.

Silklines were attached to each of Lois’ limbs and tightened so Lois was spreadeagled naked in the air. “Now, Ms Lane…no noise please” smiled the Major.

The spiderwoman arched backwards and exposed her large pussy at Lois. Rubbing her clit she suddenly exploded in a large orgasm of silk that covered Lois’ completely. To Lois’ horror it dissolved all of her body hair – pubic, underarm, eyebrow and scalp – gone. Lois screamed and struggled but she was helpless.

As the silk dripped off Lois, Carter admired the spiderwoman’s work. “Very good, very clean”.

“Now, Ms Lane, let’s have a look.” Carter went up to Lois’ pussy, it was tightly closed. “Hmmm… not good at all. Begin.”

The spiderwoman lightly stroked Lois’ pussy until she started to open up. Lois tried to ignore but she was helpless. Gradually as she started to drip she opened up more and more. Suddenly as her clit appeared the spiderwoman quickly gooped over it and stuck it to a silk line so she could tweak it directly. Lois groaned inside her gag as she did.

As she started to orgasm and opened wide the spiderwoman aimed her pussy straight in the centre and sprayed Lois’ pussy with sticky goop till she was full to the brim. Lois came but strangely not quite. The goop prevented her from relaxing. Tweaking her pussy clit the spiderwoman smiled as Lois groaned again and again.

The spiderwoman sealed over her pussy with a light web pad, Lois’ clit line poking out beneath. She also attached web lines to each breast.

“Now Miss Lane, you understand me?” Carter looked into Lois’ eyes. She nodded in a haze of sexual desire and submission.

“Very good. Now you will assist me to enact my plans”.

Lois was taken down from the silk ropes and a websuit placed on her. Made from silk, her face, hands, feet, breasts and crotch were left exposed. The spiderwoman tied a white silk scarf over her head to make it look like she had her hair tied up, and a flowing white silk robe was placed on her body.

Though free Lois had no control. The websuit responded to only the spiderwoman’s commands, and Carters’. Also the spiderwoman lead her by her collar, tit and clitlines so she was permanently on edge. The spiderwoman pulled off her scarf gag but left her mouth full of silk.

Carter put her plan into action. “Ms Lane, you will now call Supergirl and Powergirl to this location in Central Park on this phone. It is an emergency!“

Lois thought how could she do this with her mouth gagged? To her shock she spoke clearly but the words were not hers, even through the goop. Carter was mentally controlling her voice box to lay the trap. “Lois” told Supergirl she had located a Kryptonite repository. Supergirl bought it and said she would get Powergirl to come too.

With that Carter hung up and quickly directed the spiderwomen to pack up. On went their coats and glasses, with the 2 captives in the bags and onto Central Park.

Once in the park Lois was freed from the bag. Carter stripped off her army uniform so she was naked. She also gave the bio-ring to one of her spiderwomen. “Prepare for our guests, please.” She smiled as she thought of what was to come.

Lois had been trussed into a cocoon and hung on a large spiderweb vertically, her mouth also gagged into the cocoon. Unable to move the spiderwoman had managed to tweak her clitlines & titlines into the webbing so they were tensioned, making Lois squirm continually as if she wanted to get free. Truth was she was trying too!

Carter then turned herself into a drider and waited in the web. She had a surprise for Supergirl, she knew how to spin kryptonite in her webbing DNA!

Supergirl spotted Lois in the web, to her surprise with a spiderwoman. What had she gotten into? Who was this spiderwoman?

As she approached the web she slowed down and hovered above the web. ”Who are you?” she asked Carter.

Carter laughed. “Just call me your mistress. I will give you one chance – surrender now”.

Supergirl laughed. “Yes, OK…sure”. Immediately she turned on her heat vision to melt the web around Lois, but it had no effect.  She launched herself forward; flying at super-speed she was almost invisible. But suddenly a giant webnet exploded in front of her.

Flying too fast to stop, Supergirl went straight into it. The net contracted fast over her body, wrapping her into a bundle of threads. Supergirl fell onto the ground.

The web was highly sticky and too strong for Supergirl to break it. To her horror Supergirl found the silk was glowing green.

Quickly Carter lowered herself to ground level and pounced on her package. “Well well well…let’s make sure you are comfortable. We don’t want you going anywhere…”

With that Carter bared her fangs and bit Supergirl on the neck. As the kryptonite webbing had weakened Supergirl and Carter’s spider powers were highly advanced, she was able to bite through her skin and inject her paralysing venom.

Supergirl groaned and immediately went limp. Carter was energized, this was her biggest capture.

As time was short, she quickly fitted a kryptonite silk armglove and leg sheath over Supergirl’s body, also ripping her skirt and panties away as well. Highly aroused and with spinnerets pulsating, she rubbed herself frantically in with her hands as her spider legs held Supergirl up and her mouth open. Suddenly she came in a torrent of silk goop, which erupted into Supergirl’s mouth. Now relaxed Carter quickly whipped a glowing green scarf from her pussy, and OTM gagged Supergirl’s mouth and around her head to make her look nice.

Just then Power Girl arrived to see Supergirl helpless in the clutches of Carter.

“You will pay”, she snarled.

Carter didn’t even blink. “Ah, yes…the second stringer. Not my preferred prey, but you are quite pretty”.

Power Girl was furious. She launched herself forward to attack Carter. Suddenly she was lassoed around the neck with a webline and pulled back into the clearing.

On her back Power Girl looked up to see a woman who had a giant spider’s body, with a human head. She said nothing and wore sunglasses.

Before she could react the spiderwoman’s spinnerets and spider legs erupted in a huge mass of webbing & threads over Powergirl’s body and in the blink of an eye she was cocooned from neck to toe on a seamless cocoon.

Power girl strained and struggled but the webbing just moved with her efforts. The spiderwoman said nothing but smiled. She spun a gooey mass in a wad of silk and stuffed it into Powergirl’s mouth to silence her, sealing over it with a light gauze pad.

Carter motioned to her. “Finish her”, she said.

Then the spiderwoman changed her shape to that of a giant silkworm. Power Girl saw the bio-ring on her hand, she was an Insect Queen!

But this knowledge was no good as it came too late. The silkworm woman, as she now was, quickly reinforced the cocoon with another 2 inches of fast- wrapping silk.

Power Girl looked up at the silkworm-woman as she changed again into her real form. Oddly she suddenly had a lot of interest. The spiderwoman’s pussy started pulsating

Power Girl knew she was in trouble. The Spiderwoman’s pussy expanded to 5 or 6 times its normal size. Her legs stretched out over the top of her cocoon, with her pussy directly above Powergirl’s face.

Moving in a regular rhythm Powergirl watched the spiderwoman rub her clit above her, as she dripped sticky silk goop from her pussy as she got more and more turned on. Gradually the spiderwoman’s pussy got closer and closer.

Power Girl’s blond hair started to get clagged up and wet with the spiderwoman’s pussy silk, soon the spiderwoman started rubbing her open flaps on her hair.

As the spiderwoman’s clit brushed across her face the rubbing got harder and harder, while Power Girl’s head got wetter and stickier. Soon she couldn’t see much at all because there was so much “cum”. Just then the spiderwoman screamed and a large silk goop covered her face. As the spiderwoman came her muscles contracted over Power Girl’s face and formed the goop so there was a thick viscous layer of her face.

She then released Power Girl’ head from her pussy. Powergirl was completely blinded. She felt the spiderwoman put a tight-fitting latex rubber hood over the “cum”, which was then fastened at its base.

The spiderwoman then spoke. “Good…. Now you help…less…”

She picked up Power Girls’ cocoon and took her back to Carter.

Carter was pleased. “Very good indeed, Araignee…”

Supergirl groggily saw her friend in the cocoon but was too weak to do anything. Carter saw her looking and grinned.

“Now don’t worry, my dear. You and the girls will have more friends soon enough”.

Carter and the two spiderwomen picked up Lois, Lana, Supergirl and Power Girl in their webs and headed back to the Stargate at HQ.

Carter now had to go back to Spiderworld to report to Arachne, but before she left she rang her contact at the Magician’s Club in town. “Plan Web up is now in progress”.

At the Magician’s Club the hostess of the Escape Challenge, Weaver, licked her lips. Now she could begin….


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