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Stargate 3: Magical Trap

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2012 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/fm+; spiderwomen; capture; web; cocoon; wrap; gag; latex; enslave; mc; entrap; susp; insert; tease; scifi; superheros; cons/nc; X

continued from part two

Part 3: Magical Trap

Weaver had been given the go-ahead by her queen, Arachne – so she put her plan into motion.

Her targets were the local female super heroines who were immune to the Spiderwoman pheromones that could control the males. They were also far more intelligent, so she and Arachne has developed a multi-stage plan to both capture these “annoyances” so they didn’t impede Arachne’s scheme to take over Earth. They also though provided a unique opportunity to the Spiderwoman race via the Stargate to have super-powered slaves, a unique food source AND provide new breeding stock to genetically improve their race.

Weaver was the most senior of her queen’s spies on Earth. She has been genetically engineered to look human, being very tall, with long black hair, large breasts, olive skin, and large black eyes. However, beneath her cool exterior, she was quite definitely arachnid.

She wore a large white silk scarf headband over her forehead, to hide 6 additional smaller eyes that gave her superior vision in battle. She had large retractable spider fangs inside her mouth, with a long coiled tongue silk gland also which she could spray webbing from. She was completely hairless on her body bar her artificial hair, her skin would exude a slippery substance so she could not stick to her webs AND her opponents could not grab her.

Most useful of all were 4 long spider legs, which were hidden inside her waist & hips beneath skin flaps, and her large well formed vaginal area, which held numerous silk glands in her spinnerets as well as large skin flaps to hide when not required.

Normally Weaver wore what looked a white silk dress, with soft white boots. However it was actually fresh webbing that she spun every morning and then draped over her body, with hardened silk over her legs. This meant she was ready for action at all times...

Weaver had taken a job as Entertainment coordinator of the local Magician’s club, a local Jazz & Entertainment club in New York that was frequented by super heroines from both Justice League and the Avengers. Slowly over time she had managed to get all headline acts booked through her – which meant she could get anyone she needed from Arachne to do the job.

Through this job she got to know Zatanna, and suggested one day she come in for a charity lunch. Zatanna agreed and set the date in one week, Weaver started putting her plan into action...

* * *

Carter had collected Dr Janet Frasier from her hiding place at Stargate HQ.  With her 3 spiderwomen carrying Supergirl, Power Girl and Lana Lang she took her back through the Stargate unchallenged, since all the males in HQ were now mind-controlled by her. To make sure though, Arachne sent through her commander, Dridra, to manage the situation. Dridra was a Spiderwoman like Carter had become – though Dridra was much taller and more arachnid-looking than Carter. The two nodded as they crossed paths through the Stargate.

After surveying the scene Dridra wanted better security. She also hated looking at these useless and revolting males.  She had no use for them except as guards. Revolting things they were, with their dangly bits and hair. She decided that she would run a clean operation and she mentally spoke with her Queen about what she needed.

Shortly four operatives appeared from the Stargate, two giant spiders and 2 “rubber” spider women specialists, naked except for latex pads suctioned over their pussies and long latex sheets draped over them. Each woman was arachnid in appearance, clean as a whistle with no hair on them; they each had 6 arms and 2 powerful legs.

The first giant spider immediately began casting giant webbing all over the Stargate room; soon it was covered in thick silk sheets and 3-inch thick webbing, with only the control panel visible in a sea of white.

The 2 specialists immediately took off their latex sheets and put them on the ground. Lying down and supported by their upper arms they spread their legs apart. With a mighty rip they pulled off the suctioned black latex pads covering their pussies. Dridra licked her lips, she loved this bit.

With their second groups of 2 arms each spiderwoman started rubbing the clitoral lips on their pussies quickly, as their pussy flaps swelled more and more and slowly opened up. Then from each woman’s pussy a set of internal spinnerets emerged, with a large opening located on each one. Black viscous rubber dripped onto their sheets from their vaginas as their arms rubbed harder and harder until the opening to their vaginas was head-size. Now frantically rubbing their clits the specialists were ready.

Dridra had mentally summoned the males on the base, around 20 of them. Lined up with blank looks on their faces outside the control room, the first two entered. The second spider shot acid venom over both males, their hair clothes and shoes all dissolving without a trace.

The operatives spun mouth webs at the neck of each male and also shot silken ropes from their spinneret glands over the males’ hands binding them together and then retracted the silk back into them. Quickly they pulled them over and down towards their pussies.

First their hands were pulled inside the spinnerets holes, which then clamped over them. And then the males’ heads were pulled inside their pussies as each spiderwomen contracted their pussies over them.

Both spiderwomen immediately starting quietly moaning as they ground their orifices around the males’ heads and hands. In the meantime the spiderwomen also used one spare set of arms with its own silk glands to package the male’s genitals tightly inside a thick silken pouch so there would be no untoward activity and they were neutered. Over time the males would gradually lose blood flow in this area to a minute level and lose their fertility, and ability to reproduce.

Smiling Dridra was pleased to hear the moans cease as the spiderwomen let go with a restful sigh. Both men’s heads were encased in a thick latex mask with only slight eyeholes to see and air holes in their noses to breathe, their hands encased in viscous tarry non-sticky goo. The drones, as they were known as now, would only grab things when their mistress’ commanded it.

Production of the drones then continued, Dridra turned her attention to the next report from Weaver.

* * *

The day of Weaver‘s private charity lunch had arrived. Zatanna came with Black Canary, Wonder Woman, the Wasp and She-Hulk.

Zatanna came to the door and knocked; Weaver opened and welcomed the group.

Coming into the Club the group noticed how quiet it was. Weaver laughed and sat the group down. She said she had a small challenge for them; she needed each of them to help out. Some new acts wanted to try their new tricks of “escape” on powerful individuals. She also had a couple of “challenge rooms” where someone would enter and need to come out within 5 minutes. She would pay $10,000 per person who succeeded in escaping.

The group was slightly alarmed but impressed. All agreed to try their hand.

A small shy but statuesque brunette with huge boobs came onto the stage, her name was Maria. Wearing only a top hat, a pink/black jacket with lace sleeves and a black g-string she shyly asked She-Hulk if she would come up on stage. She-Hulk smiled and said no problem. Strangely Maria shyly asked her to strip as well, She Hulk thought this was strange but agreed to do so.

While waiting for this to be done the Wasp and Black Canary were lead to the challenge rooms by naked girls. Wonder Woman had to go to the bathroom and quietly went to the back of the club. Weaver then asked Zatanna if she could have a quite word with her in her office, so Zatanna followed her.

She-Hulk looked up after she had stripped and there was no one there, they had all gone.

Maria stared at her smiling. She asked She Hulk to stand still as she pulled a giant red silk hankie from her sleeve. She tied one end of She-Hulk’s wrist and asked her to stand still as she wrapped it around She Hulk’s body so she was shrouded in it. She Hulk smiled, but suddenly she felt strangely weak. Slumping a little she was horrified to see little Maria’s face contort into an angry mess as she threw her jacket away, ripped off her g-string to reveal large spinnerets from her pussy and giant fangs from her mouth. Maria’s body contorted so she ran on all 4s with her pussy opened right up and 4 more spider legs emerged from her side.

Before she could say anything Maria flipped backwards and shot webbing across her mouth to gag and silence her. As she tottered Maria fired 6 strong inch-thick silklines at various points on her body and then started pumping liquid silk at super fast speed from her pussy. Moving quickly she ran faster and faster around She Hulk’s body as she started to cocoon her. Soon the webbing was 6 inches thick as the cocoon thickness grew. She Hulk tried to break the webbing but her strength seemed to be failing and the web would stretch with her struggles. Maria kept pumping the silk over her, round and round and round and round she went, faster and faster until the cocoon was really tight and a foot thick.

Virtually unable to move She-Hulk fell onto the ground. This is what Maria has been waiting for. She darted in and bit She-Hulk on the neck with a long paralysing bite. She Hulk immediately was paralysed as the venom entered her bloodstream.

Maria stood up and sprayed silk over the wound to stop it bleeding and cover it up. Her fangs retracted and spider legs disappeared as she returned to normal. She Hulk could only look at her. Proudly Maria explained to She-Hulk that the silk scarf absorbed radiation and that had slowed her down. Quickly she nodded to an assistant who quickly pulled a silk bondage bag over She Hulk’s body so no one would see the spider silk cocoon. Likewise she pulled a long red scarf from her jacket and wound it around and around She Hulk’s head so her gag was hidden and her hair was covered, with only her eyes visible.

Maria stacked She Hulk on the stage so she was visible as a bondage captive, and told her they would fight again soon enough....

* * *

Meanwhile Wonder Woman went to the bathroom. As she entered something hit her from above and knocked her to the floor, covering her in some sort of sticky net. Looking up Wonder Woman saw a web cover the door, blocking off her escape.

Wonder Woman tore through the web like paper and saw a spiderwoman staring at her inquisitively as she hung off the wall.

As she went for her lasso the spiderwoman shot four silklines, one at each of WW’s wrist, from 4 of her arms. Pulling them taut WW realised her strength was unbelievable and she strained to try and resist.

Slowly the spiderwoman pulled WW towards her. Getting closer WW saw the spiderwoman’s pussy had started to open. Suddenly a small mass of spiders emerged from the spiderwoman’s pussy and covered her body in light silklines. Each of them bit when they landed on her and WW felt her strength leave her as the poisonous venom entered her bloodstream. As she collapsed like a rag doll the spiderwoman smiled and lowered her to the ground.

Quickly the spiderwoman pulled off all her clothes, including brassiere boots tiara and bracelets. Such a prize was worth much to her mistress.

To make sure she didn’t escape the spiderwoman quickly webbed her wrists and ankles together in thick silk cuffs, socking her hands and feet in silk so she couldn’t grab anything or stand up as well. To make doubly sure she then swathed webbing across WW’s arms in a seamless sleeve so she couldn’t separate her arms. She also pumped WW’s mouth full of goo, the gagged securely with a wrap gag silkline around her head several times so she was quiet. Knowing her mistress hated hair she burned off WW’s hair, eyebrows and pussy hair as well with acid venom leaving her smooth.

The spiderwoman then had an idea. Smiling she bit Wonder Woman on her neck gently, then she climbed up the wall and roof – travelling with WW suspended in the air on a web line below her. Back in the main room with She-Hulk Maria and the spiderwoman smiled at each other as WW was hang from the ceiling and She-Hulk sat bagged on the floor

* * *

Zatanna followed Weaver into her office. Closing the door Weaver looked at her and asked her to surrender.

Zatanna laughed, but then stopped cold when she saw Weaver was not joking.

Before she could move to cast a spell Weaver threw off her dress and had leapt across the room to grab her naked.

Zatanna could not believe what she was seeing. Her arms & legs were pinned down by what looked like 4 spider legs from Weaver’s side; she had pulled out a large wad of silk from her pussy and quickly stuffed it into Zatanna’s mouth with her human arms before Zatanna had time to react.

Laughing Weaver pulled a long white web scarf from her pussy and looped it in her arms, while Zatanna looked in horror at Weaver’s pussy as it began to pulsate. Weaver quickly whipped the long scarf around Zatanna’s head and over her mouth several times to gag her securely.

Suddenly she grabbed Zatanna in her spider arms and started spinning her quickly. Her pussy erupted in a sea of liquid silk, which hardened as it contacted Zatanna’s body. Soon she was being wrapped in a thick silken cocoon, her arms & legs helplessly bound so she couldn’t cast spells. Gradually Weaver slowed down and finally stopped when the cocoon was 4 inches thick, Zatanna was helpless.

“Now you have surrendered”, she chuckled as she dragged Zatanna from her office and into the main room and helpless next to She hulk and Wonder Woman.

* * *

Black Canary entered the dark room. She heard a quiet chuckle from above her. “Hello Dinah”, a crackly voice said. Black Canary’s blood went cold, she knew who it was and immediately tried to open the door. She had no defence against this enemy, her Canary cry and martial arts skills were useless.

Before she could escape the expected sticky webbing came, quickly wrapping around her mouth arms and legs. More and more of it wrapped over her, more sticky and thicker the longer it went. Restraining her so tightly that she fell to the ground, her mouth could barely suck in enough air to keep her conscious and certainly muffling any noises she might make.

As she looked up she saw the expected insect like 4 legs in front of her, her old enemy She-Hellgrammite smiled at her. “Mine again, Dinah”. She-Hellgrammite’s webbing has improved greatly.

“But now I give you over and collect my reward”. She-Hellgrammite picked up Dinah and took her to the main room with the other heroines, Weaver paid her bounty and she left happily.

* * *

The Wasp entered her room. Before she could react two silken lines wrapped over her arms and pulled them taut. Another 2 lines wrapped around each ankle and pulled them taut as well. Spreadeagled she tried to pull against them but they were too strong. Through the darkness she heard a clicking and to her horror she saw a blond naked drider approaching her. Her arms and legs had also been webbed by large spiders sitting in their webs.

The drider smiled at her and then suddenly drew a web net from her spinnerets in a seamless motion that she cast over the Wasp, covering her completely and enshrouding her in a sticky mess.

Desperately Wasp tried to fire her sting but it was misdirected away from the spiders holding her arms. The drider, getting closer, immediately spun more gooey silk from her spinnerets directly at Wasp’s body on top of the net, very sticky and very thick to clog up her sting and also to goop up her wings.

Quickly she pounced onto Wasp’s body, as the spider let go of their silken line and the mass of goo and webbing collapsed to the ground with Wasp inside. She spun more webbing directly over Wasp’s mouth so she couldn’t scream for help. She then sprayed thick webbing in a seamless mass of silk and her legs moving at high speed till Wasp was completely enshrouded in a thick cocoon.

With Wasp heaving inside the cocoon the drider bit through the cocoon and injected venom, Wasp immediately went limp. The drider spun a light covering to cover the wound and then carried the cocoon back to Weaver.

With everyone now helpless and wrapped Weaver signalled the crew that it was time to get going. A truck was loaded and they headed back to Stargate HQ, where Dridra was waiting...

* * *

A groggy Supergirl finally awoke, she was hanging on a vertical spider web naked spun from glowing green kryptonite silk. She noticed Powergirl was similarly hanging from her wrists from a single thread, and was also awake.

“Where are we?” said Powergirl.

 A chilling laugh filled the room, as a large spiderwoman walked into view. “You are in my parlour...I am Arachne and we are going to have some fun...”



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