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Stargate 4: Kryptonian DNA

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2012 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Spiderwomen/f+; captives; web; cocoon; wrap; gag; latex; enslave; susp; insert; tease; torment; climax; scifi; superheros; cons/nc; X

continued from part three

Part 4: Kryptonian DNA

Supergirl squirmed to get off the web, but she was caught fast. Similarly Power Girl twisted and turned, but she was suspended by her wrists in a seamless bind.

Arachne laughed. “Welcome my friends, now slaves, to my training school”.  With that she motioned and a group of young spiderwomen of all shapes and sizes came forward.” You are most welcome to stay forever, but I give you a chance – win one match and you are free...”

With that she motioned her hand and the web that Supergirl was stuck on fell down around her. Supergirl picked herself up. Arachne laughed again. “Of course, you will have some restrictions..”.

Supergirl felt quite weak, and realised why as she looked up and saw glowing green webbing surrounding the “arena”. Laughing Arachne picked up Supergirl in 2 arms like a rag doll, “well well u are pathetic”. Supergirl glared and in a superhuman effort freed herself.

Power Girl cheered Supergirl on. “Get the bitch!!!!” Arachne smiled. “You will learn who is your Mistress the hard way, meanwhile give me your best shot Daughter of Krypton...”.

Turning to her group, Arachne said “It is important to stay focussed. Predict your prey’s first move and counter attack...”

Arachne suddenly swathed herself in a mass of heavy grey webbing as Supergirl launched her heat vision. The heat increased exponentially but Arachne was quite safe inside her asbestos webbing.

Counterattacking Arachne’s pussy suddenly opened right up from inside the web mass, spewing forth a large sticky mass of grey asbestos webbing that wrapped over Supergirl’s head and blocking the heat rays. Supergirl desperately tried to pull it off her face so she could see Arachne. She flew here and there in fast jagged spurts.

Unknown to her Arachne had attached a kryptonite silk line to the mass and was reeling her into her pussy very slowly. While playing the silk line into her pussy, Arachne anchored herself in the middle of a large web with 4 of her legs. Then she closed her eyes and with a large grunt she pushed her spider abdomen out her lower pussy. The group gasped – the Goddess never did this unless she was egg laying...

Arachne smiled, to have her abdomen out was a great relief. As she reeled Supergirl in she released her egg laying tube from within her abdomen. This contained her stickiest silk, but she could only spin from here for a while before she tired...

Supergirl was within a metre of Arachne’s pussy. Finally she ripped the webbing away from one eye and saw where she was... and screamed. But it was too late. With one mighty pull Arachne pulled Supergirl’s head inside her pussy and locked her vaginal muscles shut around Supergirl’s neck.

As Supergirl’s face hit her clit and her head filled her pussy, Arachne felt waves of ecstasy across her body. This released her egg laying muscles and the silk started to flow. The group watched as a thick silk band of glowing green silk attached itself to Supergirl’s neck. Gritting her teeth as her orgasm grew. Arachne retained enough control off her 4 free legs to rip away Supergirl’s uniform as Supergirl went into panic mode desperately trying to free herself.

Inside Arachne’s pussy Supergirl’s face and mouth were being coated in waves and waves of thick gooey silk. Despite her best efforts Supergirl couldn’t help but ingest some of the goop as it forced itself over her eyes, and inside her nose and mouth. Her head was gradually coated in silk around a foot thick, as Arachne’s vaginal muscles formed it into a perfect shape to fill her pussy and rub her clit.

As Supergirl’s’ head rubbed Arachne’s clit three things happened. Arachne closed her eyes and relaxed back onto her web. Her ovipositor popped out from her abdomen from within the egg-laying tube and started twisting frantically as it whipped the glowing green silk band around and around Supergirl’s body, tightly restraining and gradually mummifying her into a thick cocoon.

Finally a rubberised web hood started being released from Arachne’s clit. Gradually it was pushed over Supergirl’s head sealing her head inside the gooey silk.

Now completely restrained Supergirl was helpless. Arachne’s ovipositor latched onto the base of Supergirl cocoon and pulled her inside the egg-laying tube very slowly until it was up to her neck. Arachne then released her pussy muscles and Supergirl’s head went completely inside the tube.

Arachne clutched her tube and supported it with her 4 spare arms as she descended on a web line to ground level. There she groaned as she pushed a seamless web sac onto the ground that contained the hapless Supergirl. “Cut off from Sunlight and weakened by kryptonite... you are now mine” Arachne laughed as she stroked the egg sac.

Then she turned around to a shuddering Power Girl. “You bitch, “yelled Power Girl. “Hmmm...You still do not realise who is in charge here...” Arachne said.

“Lasha, Sylky... she is all yours... I will be marking you...” Arachne sternly waved at her and left.

Power Girl fell to the floor as her hands were released from the silkline. Smiling she stood up and but soon lost her smile as an 8 foot tall hairless spiderwoman  with 6 arms and 2 legs and a 5 foot tall spiderwoman with long blonde hair and large boobs and 4 arms and 4 legs surrounded her.

Lasha, the tall spiderwoman, grinned as she approached Power Girl. Sylky stood back, unsure of what to do.

Lasha quickly cast a web net over Power Girl to bind her. However Power Girl ripped it apart like paper and charged, yelling she would kill them all. As Lasha jumped into the web above, Sylky stood silently as Power Girl advanced. “Be quiet” she said softly, “and lay down”.

Power Girl laughed, and kept advancing. Without a word Sylky ripped off her silk pad covering her pussy, and pulled her pussy wide open. Suddenly a large black mass of silk erupted from her pussy and enveloped Power Girl, completely overwhelming her.

As Power Girl tried to punch through the mass it absorbed her blows and tightened up over her, restraining her more and more. Gradually as she tired she fell to the floor in a heap, her vision powers also useless.

Sylky laughed and laughed. The black silk mass, a silk wraith, quivered as she did so, eager to please its mistress – it was alive!

Lasha nodded and Sylky ordered her silk wraith to release Power Girl’s head, which it did. Now free, Power Girl opened her eyes and saw the 2 spiderwomen in front of her. Lasha gave her a choice – submit or fight, either way she was now a spider web slave.

Power Girl let forth a torrent of expletives. Lasha laughed, “I was hoping you would do it the hard way”. But before she could do anything further a silk webbing blast filled Power Girl’s mouth silencing her immediately. Sylky then drew a large band of thick white silk from her pussy and wound it around Power Girl’s head covering her mouth completely in an OTM gag. Several times she wound the silk cloth over Power Girl’s mouth until there was no sound coming from her at all. “I will not put up with bad language”, said Sylky.

Power Girl was stunned. She also felt quite weak, as if the silk wraith was leeching her powers away. “Yes you are correct” Sylky nodded reading her mind. “My pet is sucking away your solar energy reserves, you are now helpless”.

Lasha then whipped a silk collar on a silkline out of her pussy and tied it around Power Girls’ neck, tightening it up by retracting the silkline into her pussy.”You may proceed...”

Sylky nodded and her silk wraith suddenly began oozing acidic webbing. Power Girl screamed inside her gag as the last of her invulnerability was taken away. Sylky then nodded and the silk wraith suddenly released its grip, and returned to its mistress’s pussy.

Power Girl was completely naked and hairless, except for her head. “Very nice”, remarked Lasha. “Now my turn...”. Lasha quickly pinned Power Girl down with her 6 arms and extruded a large life-size black scarf that she pulled from her pussy and tied so Power Girl was in an arm glove restraint, which she then cocooned with heavy white silk.

She then pulled a black silk stocking bag from her pussy and used it to bag Power Girl’s legs together and then wrapped it up in a cocoon again with heavy pussy webbing.

Now unable to move, Power Girl was helpless. “Hmmm, still there is something missing...ahhh, yes..I know” said Lasha. She spun 2 silklines from her pussy and attached them to Power Girl’s nipples and pulled them tight. Power girl groaned “yes much better” said Lasha.

Then Lasha stood over Power Girl’s head.”This will be fun”, she grinned. With that Lasha started rubbing her pussy across the top of Power Girl’s head. She started slowly and gradually got faster, as she moved across Power Girl’s hair it got more slippery and webby. Her pussy started to open right up, soon enveloping Power Girl’s head. Power Girl mmmphhed as her face disappeared inside Lasha’s pussy.

“Yesss... very good... stay still slave! Ohhhh goooooddddddd...” Lasha released a large discharge of silk over Power Girl’s hair as she also released her head. Power Girl screamed and was horrified as her beautiful hair and eyebrows fell out, leaving her bald as a badger.

“Much better” said Lasha, who quickly removed the silk and then quickly wrapped thick silk over Power Girl’s head so only her eyes and nose were visible. “Now..ah yes...”

Lasha then pulled out a custom made silk hood which she placed over Power Girl’s head blinding her and leaving only her nose free. She then stood over her and power webbed her breasts as flat as possible with a web bra.

“Hmm, you are ready!” Lasha invited Arachne to inspect their work.

Arachne was impressed. “Very good indeed!” she said. Power Girl watched in horror as her head was pushed inside Arachne’s pussy and pulled back & forth harder and harder and her nose hit Arachne’s clit. As Arachne came she was released and her cum webbing ran off her slick webbing cover.

Just then the egg sac containing Supergirl started to rip open. “Ahhh, it has begun... my new daughter arises”. The egg sac tore open and a Kryptonian spiderwoman emerged....

* * * * *

The spider hybrid Supergirl emerged from her egg sac. Her blonde hair was now jet back down to her back, she had 4 additional spider-arms, 6 additional eyes glistened glowing green on her forehead, fangs and both her breasts and pussy had greatly increased in size.

She looked quizzically at her new “mother” Arachne, and noticed Arachne was naked. She ripped off the remaining remnants of her uniform, and immediately went to hug her “mother” Arachne. Arachne was ecstatic – she now had Kryptonian DNA in her children, but to make it work she had to get it into her system.

She gently caressed her new spiderwoman. “Kara… you are part of me. Now I need to be part of you…” Slowly 2 of her arms slid down Kara’s body to her pussy, while 2 played with her hair and another 2 with her breasts. Arachne smiled as she felt Kara’s pussy slowly open up as she caressed her lips, and then was pleasantly surprised to find her clit emerge quickly, solidly and very large in size.

Kara groaned as her pussy slowly opened up as Arachne’s arms rubbed her pussy harder and faster. As she was almost completely open Arachne lowered her to the floor suddenly and opened up her own pussy. Still rubbing Kara, she gently rubbed herself as her egglaying tube emerged dripping and gently slid inside Kara.

Arachne then felt herself greatly stimulated. Her pussy shot webbing out around the egg tube sealing it to Kara’s pussy. Then as she moaned loudly another silk line whipped out from her pussy coiling around Kara’s neck and tightening up.

Sylky and Lashina, who had been standing back, suddenly entered the fray. Kara was still capable of hurting their Mistress, so Sylky released her silk wraith from her pussy over Kara’s body completely muffling her in a living sheet of silk. Quickly the wraith tightened up in a tight and thick silk cocoon with Kara unable to move a muscle. Lashina quickly spun a thick over the mouth silk gag over Kara’s mouth to minimize superbreath, as she also sealed her ears and blindfolded her eyes with superthick silk to stop her super hearing and vision powers. Finally she pulled out a Teflon silk microhood from her pussy, which she slipped over Kara’s head.

With the hood now on and Kara effectively helpless, Arachne progressed into her orgasm. Her pussy opened right up as she pulled Kara’s hooded head inside quickly against her giant clit and webbed her head to it. She then locked her pussy lips up again so Kara could not escape, feeling  the waves of ecstasy from Kara’s body as she did so.

Kara, unable to move, also was in agony – unable to complete her orgasm. On the brink of orgasm she suddenly exploded with a mass of goopy silk, which was quickly sucked into Arachne’s egglaying tube and back into her uterus. But the orgasm did not end to her horror – the waves continued and continued time and time again as Arachne continued to receive the silk.

With her head stuck to Arachne’s clit Arachne stayed in orgasm as well primed to receive the silk. Finally after the 24th orgasm Arachne’s tummy had swelled up as much as possible, Arachne released her egglaying tube and ripped the silk away. She also released Kara’s head from her clit and both of them lay down exhausted.

As Sylky’s wraith returned to her pussy and Lashina released Kara from her gag, both were astonished to find Kara was now human again – all her spider DNA had been removed.

Arachne smiled as she watched them. Suddenly Supergirl awoke – and tried to attack them. However, nothing happened. She had no powers! “Yes, yes, my dear – you are now human! And you will remain so…all your Kryptonian DNA that gave you power is in my uterus… and that power will be put to good use with the spiderwoman race!!!!”

Supergirl was horrified and tried to run away. Lashina laughed and laughed, just what she wanted – some action!  Still laughing, she pulled a long silk line from her pussy and twirled it in the air before letting it go and lassoing Supergirl around the waist and quickly pulling her to the ground. She then quickly leapt over on top of her and hogtied her with the lasso webline so she was helpless.

Supergirl screamed for help. “Now now,” said Lashina “don’t be noisy”. With that she pulled a wad of silk from her pussy and stuffed it into Supergirl’s mouth. Then she drew a thick wide and long web scarf from her pussy and wrapped it tightly around Supergirl’s head several time to gag her mouth securely.

“That’s better”, said Lashina. With Supergirl still struggling, Lashina bit her on the neck and injected venom.  Quickly Supergirl dropped down paralyzed. “Much better”, said Lashina.

Standing over her, Lashina liked what she saw. With that she picked Supergirl up in 2 arms and carried her to Arachne. “For you, Mistress…”

Arachne smiled. “She is special… she can assist with the children”. Lashina smiled. Supergirl’s eyes widened in horror, as Lashina cut her bonds and then spun silk mitts over Supergirl’s hands and silk socks for her feet. Taking a thick rope from her pussy, she bound Supergirl’s wrists over the mitts and then climbed up onto a high web above Supergirl and pulled her off the ground so she was suspended.

“Nice” remarked Arachne. Lashina dropped down in front of Supergirl on a silk line, and then spun more webbing to pull her legs apart and stuck them to webs on either side so her pussy was visible and slightly open.

“Nicer” said Arachne as she licked her lips. Lashina then latched 4 spider legs over Supergirl and climbed on top of her. Smiling she quickly pulled a scarf web sheet from her pussy and wrapped her hair up in it so it was completely covered. She then winked at her mistress, who sighed. “OK then, if you must…”

Lashina shrieked with delight. She grunted as she pulled a microsilk hood from her pussy and stretched it over Supergirl’s head so only her eyes were visible.  Lashina then dropped to the ground on her silkline.

Happy with her work she then noticed that Supergirl’s pussy was hairy again. Smiling she rubbed her pussy hard. With her clit popping up she felt herself getting really horny. She climbed up onto Supergirl so her pussy was directly above Supergirl’s and held on by her legs. As she got more and more tense she held Supergirl tighter and tighter. Suddenly she shrieked in a blaze of orgasm as she released a really thick goop of silk covered Supergirl’s nether regions from her pussy.

Calming down and feeling now very good Lashina waited till the goop solidified and pulled it away slowly. No hair was left, and Supergirl was as clean as a whistle.

“Nicest”, smiled Arachne as she got up. Now fully rejuvenated, she walked over to Supergirl.

Supergirl was shocked. Arachne had changed. She was physically bigger and more powerful, her pussy was 3 times bigger. Her stomach had returned to normal size, meaning she had absorbed all the spider and Kryptonian DNA. As she looked she saw Arachne’s pussy dripping – and knew what was coming.

“Yes, you are honored to be the first…” smiled Arachne, sliding her egglaying tube out of her pussy and straight into Supergirl’s. It was so wet that it slipped straight in. Supergirl moaned inside her gag.

With a scream Arachne pushed a large egg sac through her tube directly into Supergirl’s uterus as she came with a large flow of silk. Supergirl’s stomach swelled as her uterus became an incubator.

Pleased Arachne withdrew her tube and wiped herself with a silk scarf. “Hmm, you need this more than me” she laughed as she wiped Supergirl down and stuffed it into her pussy. “Lashina,all  yours”.

Lashina moved forward with a large silk pad that stuck perfectly over Supergirl’s pussy, sealing it from the outside world.

She cut the leg ropes on Supergirl, then started spinning webbing all lover Supergirl’s body. Soon Supergirl was covered in a thick cocoon 4 inches thick from her neck to her ankles unable to move.

“We are complete” laughed Arachne. “Now onto Phase 2 using our Stargate…”



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