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Turn of Events 4: Another Turn of Events

by Pleasewrap

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Storycodes: FM; M/f; lingerie; wrap; plastic; pole; gag; tease; mast; denial; cons; X

This is a continuation of "Part 3: Events Unfolding," which you'll find posted here. This is a work of fiction of a sexual nature with mature themes. If that's not your cup of tea (we'll ignore the obvious question as to why you're visiting this site), read something else. If you think this is you - it's not because I don't know anyone that's ever had this happen to them. Copyright remains with me unless specifically released, although reposting to sites without any membership fees is permitted.

Part Four: Another Turn of Events

The feeling of plastic wrap on skin really is fairly unique. It’s not like any cloth, and even if it’s not applied to completely wrap around it holds on a little through static electricity. Even if it is wrapped securely, there seems to be that feeling of electricity where skin and wrap meet.

When the gag had come out of my mouth after we’d both climaxed, I had to ask Karyn, “Do you treat all your patients this way?”

She smiled, still holding me inside her as she freed my head, and laughed.

“You’re no patient, Stephen. You’re a project of a very personal nature.”

And then we’d kissed for the first time.

The sound of wrap coming off a roll is Similarly unique. I was hearing it now as those wrap went around individual limbs and couldn’t help but picture the final result. My pulse quickened lightly at the thought.

Pride & Prejudice was still running, but it may as well have been off. We were spending the time talking both as she cut me loose and after she was done.

“So where’d you pick up your interest in plastic wrap,” I asked as I stood and stretched. Karyn giggled as she pulled her bikini bottoms back into position and tied them back on.

“You really want to know about old boyfriends? In college, I ran into a guy that fascinated me for two reasons – he had money and he liked bondage. So for two years I experimented a bit.”

I walked around the room a little to give my legs some relief from the position they’d been trapped in for over an hour. They ached slightly and appreciated the chance to move.

There’s a feeling of anticipation that builds as limbs and torso are wrapped up. Knowing that there’s a moment approaching where escape will become impossible, knowing that this will put the wrapper completely in control, knowing that there won’t be release until they decide it’s time. As the wrap begins its circle around the body and the smell fills the air more completely, that anticipation builds.

We spent the next four hours on the sofa, talking more. She’d left the boyfriend because he was far more interested in tying her up than splitting the time evenly.

“I enjoyed being restrained, but it was something like eight or nine times out of ten that I was the one restrained. And I liked being in control too. He wasn’t so much into that. But I was having fun and he did have money for good parties, fun road trips, and fun toys so it took a while to get too old for me to want to stick around.”

“Good toys? Really?”

She’d smiled that wonderfully devilish smile she can have.

“Stephen, there’s a toy out there for every taste. If you’d like we could do some shopping tomorrow.”

I sat back thoughtfully, then excused myself to get something to drink and hit the bathroom. It never even occurred to me to put some form of clothing on before I returned.

The simplicity of the wrap circling around the body is somehow sexual. Somehow, it can be a profound statement of control, of emotion, of desire. Of the desire to take and hold the object of the wrapping and keep them safe and secure from both themselves and the world around them. Perhaps it’s the static electricity, but that seems to be transmitted through the touch of the wrap as it inexorably traps limbs.

It was approaching midnight and the first disc of the silly movie that had sparked my latest wrapping had ended long ago, never replaced as we talked.

“So if I’m not a patient, what the hell am I?”

“Stephen, handling any patient the way I’ve handled you would be against any number of moral, ethical, and probably legal restrictions. You’re an attractive guy who was pretty obviously a bit of a mess when I met you that might just be worth keeping from spiraling into a horrible, terrible situation. Can you imagine how depressed you’d be if you were here alone for four weeks?”

I thought about that a minute, the frowned. “Hang on, how do you know I’d have been alone. Marie called me the day after we got here, remember? And there’s plenty of places where I might have met someone…”

Her finger touched my lips.

“Stephen, you were either ready for Marie to leave you or to leave her yourself. In fact, I’ll bet part of you was relieved that she dumped you – you weren’t getting what you needed out of the relationship. And if you had picked up the phone when she called or returned her message, I doubt the conversation would have gone well. You’d have asked something stupid like why she dumped you in the first place, and that would have started a fight.”

I found I had to nod my head in agreement.

“And meeting someone? That doesn’t strike me as you at all. You’re a businessman with pretty classic personality, so if you’re going to meet a woman you want it to be on your terms for your reasons. And you don’t strike me as the type to look for a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ relationship even under the circumstances I met you in. You’d probably have cut your vacation short and gone home depressed.”

I didn’t nod at this, but then it was a reasonable chain of events. At the very least, I wasn’t one for short flings or one night stands.

“So I had a perfect opportunity to both help out a fellow human and maybe meet someone very interesting. Glad I decided to give it a shot?”

I nodded as I leaned in to kiss her.

Somewhere around the elbows, the circling of the wrap really begins to feel restrictive and controlling. Wrapping from the shoulders down, it’s the first real point on the body that begins to significantly alter one’s chances of escaping. The joints are definitely the key to that – by limiting their motion leverage is reduced or eliminated and control over one’s own destiny is lost. And while the sound of the wrap coming off the roll and the smell reinforce what’s going on, it’s the first moment when helplessness really begins to set in.

We talked about my family, her family, dreams, wants, desires, hopes. We covered lots of ground, some of which was a bit of a rehash of earlier conversations, until it was after midnight. Occasionally, we touched and snuggled, almost shyly as though we were young teens learning about contact for the first time.

But she’d also begun yawning with increasing frequency, and I couldn’t help but be infected as the hours passed. I loved learning about her more and found it easy to share information about myself with her. So I pushed being tired out of my head and focused on our conversation.

Karyn finally gave up, though. With a huge yawn she couldn’t stifle in the slightest, she stood up and stretched.

“I think it’s time for bed. How ‘bout you?”

I smiled, grateful that she’d said it first and got up myself.

“Yep. Let me get some of this junk put away first.”

She bent to pick up a cushion from the chair and said, “Why don’t you get the dishes into the kitchen and I’ll handle the pillows and things. Oh – and throw out the used wrap.”

I grinned and complied. It took several trips to get everything, then I decided to put the room service cart outside the door for them to pick up. No need to have the few leftovers spoilt overnight to greet us in the morning. It didn’t occur to me that I was still nude until I’d closed the door behind me, but fortunately the hallway was empty and I hadn’t shocked any of the other guests. I laughed as I headed to the kitchen to finish taking care of the dishes. Karyn was still busy tidying up the living room as I walked by.

A bit of rinsing, and little scrubbing, and the dishes were soon sorted out. As I exited the kitchen, something was flung over my head and despite my instinctive duck, it settled around my neck. It was green, metallic cloth and smooth to the touch. I turned, and found Karyn holding both ends of the bra part of her bikini, her breasts pert and wonderful to see. She used it to pull me to her and kiss me.

“Care to share a bed?”

I answered by picking her up and kissing her as I started towards her bedroom.

If it feels helpless when the wrap gets to the elbows, when it reaches the wrists it’s “do or die” time. Either one escapes now, or hope of doing so is very much gone. The sound of the wrap coming off the roll, the almost tearing noise it makes filled my ears as it reached this point. If the arms hadn’t been wrapped individually, perhaps it would be different since the adhesion wouldn’t be as good, but this wasn’t the case. To make sure that the leverage was gone, it circled around three of four times, locking the arms to the body completely and leaving only the hands free for the moment, capable of pulling away from the body at the wrist, but not really doing much else. Of course, this situation is only temporary since the wrap will reach them in moments.

I woke up before Karyn and decided to have breakfast brought up while she slept. Room service was discrete and quiet, and while I was sure they wouldn’t raise an eyebrow at any odd goings on that didn’t appear illegal, I decided to take a quick tour of the suite before they arrived. I tucked away the roll of plastic wrap that was on the coffee table, hid the medical shears in the bathroom.

I was just finished showing room service to the door and breaking out coffee mugs when Karyn emerged, still looking a little sleepy. She wore one of the terry cloth robes that the hotel provided, their logo positioned as though they were taking possession of her left breast. Since we’d fallen asleep nude, I suspected she wasn’t wearing anything else since I hadn’t really heard any motion. I smiled as I filled one of the mugs, then walked over to hand it to her.

“You look like you could use something to help you wake up.”

She smiled and extended her hand, but instead of giving her the coffee pulled her close, kissed her, and let my free hand drift towards her rear.

She pulled away gently, laughing.

“I see you’re fully awake. Gimme the coffee and let me go to the bathroom.”

I complied and went back to the kitchen for the silverware I’d forgotten. A few minutes after I returned, she was back and looking more conscious.

As we sat and ate, we talked again, mostly about plans for the day. Museums to see, places to go. But I couldn’t help wondering what else the day might have in store. Breakfast finished, she left me to clean up and headed for the living room to catch a bit of MSNBC.

Once the wrapping covers the hands, the battle is very much over. Once can kick, one can try to run, one can even scream if a gag hasn’t been applied. But once the wrap covers the hands as it is right now, the chance of freedom is gone. Balance is lost, control is lost, and it’s only a matter of time before the job is done. Of course, as the wrap makes its way around the hands it begins to also fuse the legs together just due to the nature of human anatomy. It’s simply not possible to cover the hands effectively when they’re straight down at the sides without also beginning to lock the legs together as well. Many turns, more circling, and the confinement of the hands lends itself naturally to the helplessness of fusing the legs together, with the sound of the wrap coming off the roll always playing as the process continues.

The cart was back in the hall, the dishes in the sink and I joined Karyn on the couch. She smiled as I approached, but turned back to the television. I sat next to her and began to kiss her neck and nibble on her earlobe. She giggled, tried to shrug me off, and finally pushed me away as she turned off the television.

“You’ve a one track mind, don’t you?”

“Sorry. Am I not supposed to be doing this right now?”

Karyn stared at me with a thoughtful look. “Stephen, are you trying to get me to tie you up again? Have I created a monster?”

I laughed and leaned back into the cushions.

“No, I just figured we’d embarked on a new chapter in our relationship and thought it’d be OK to take a bit more initiative. And last night was amazing.”

She smiled and leaned back with me, her head resting on my shoulder.

“I enjoyed it too. I’m not sure about you taking too much initiative, though. The four weeks aren’t up yet.”

I played with her hair and laughed. “Going to hold me to our bet, are you? That’s fine. Just say the word and I’ll do it. But it’d be unnatural for me not to have some reaction to the past twelve hours or so, wouldn’t it?”

She lifted her head and used a hand to turn mine towards her. She kissed me, deeply and hard.

“It would Stephen, it would.”

When the wrapping reaches the knees, the only thing that significant struggling can cause is problems. It’s too easy to fall over, too hard to move to escape, and the arms are already a lost cause. The wrapping pulls the knees together snugly and without much stretch after a few turns, so that only the smallest of steps are possible. The electric feeling as it compresses the wrapping around the individual legs and secures them fast to each other makes it such that struggling will have little effect. Held so closely and evenly, even the massive muscles of the legs can’t overcome more than a few thin layers of plastic, and it’s quick enough to apply more than that. Overlap the knees on either side ever so slowly and carefully, and the only thing that a significant attempt to break free can do is cause a fall.

“But that doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily looking for nothing but sex for the rest of our time here, Stephen. I’m glad we’re moving along, but…”

It was my turn to put a finger to her lips.

“Now you’re reading more than is going on, miss,” I said. “I’m just showing affection. Or is that so hard to understand?”

She raised an eyebrow at me as though annoyed, but her eyes were smiling.

“I’m not sure I like that tone, Stephen. It sounds a great deal like you’re trying to assume control over things.”

“And why exactly would that be bad? I do have a side that enjoys that as well, right?”

She laughed and slapped at my hand, which was moving towards her waist.

“I’m not sure that’s healthy for you yet. You’re still just figuring out the other side of things.”

“It’s been over two weeks, Karyn. I think I’m figuring it out OK. And you’re always here to sort me out if I haven’t.”

Our conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. The cleaning crew were here to do their thing. The two of us headed to our rooms to pull on a bit more clothing to make getting out of their way easier.

While there’s a thrill as the wrap proceeds down, it’s perhaps more intense once the ankles are secured and begins its way back up again. Probably, the additional layers aren’t necessary – but applying them reinforces the sense helplessness and being controlled. Struggling at this point is futile, but helps immerse one in the feeling of being completely enclosed and held until the wrapper decides it is time for release.

The cleaning people had just closed the door when I fairly attacked Karyn as she made her way out of her bedroom towards the living room. I pinned her arms to her sides from behind and kissed her neck, moving my way up slowly to her ear.

“Stephen, really. Weren’t we going to go out today?”

“You’ve been teasing me, punishing me, rewarding me for weeks and when we finally have sex, you’re surprised at my reaction?”

She pulled her way free and laughed as she ran to the living room. I pursued, and we played a somewhat ridiculous game of tag around and across the furniture as I tried to catch her. We ended up on opposite sides of the sofa, laughing and smiling at each other.

The gag going in completely cements the helplessness. With all motion restricted, the gag removes the power of speech and intelligent communication, and reduces the victim to a completely helpless, struggling, quivering statue of constraint. Even if release was desired, one can’t even beg for it now. And using more wrap to hold that in place extends that electric feeling even further.

“What’s the matter, Karyn? You only like it when you’re in control?”

She picked up a pillow and threw it at me.

“Oh, I’ve no problems with that Stephen, I’m just not sure you’re ready to resume being, well, you.”

As I bent to pick up the pillow from the floor, she launched herself over the sofa and tackled me. We ended up on the floor with me on top, kissing.

“I’m not sure I can keep myself from exerting control,” I said softly when we stopped.

“Oh really? I know something we can do about that…”

Her voice trailed off as she kissed me again.

Being bound to something is probably the ultimate pies de resistance – it ensures that the bindings will hold, and requires even more of them. Poles are convenient for this since they’ll hold the subject upright well, while still allowing access to important parts of the body. And cutting away the bindings securing the bound one to the pole leave the others intact, so the wrap continues to do its work. Of course, a few strategically placed cotton balls put under the wrapping help to provide easier access since they allow holes to be cut in the wrap without worrying about cutting the skin.

We’d gotten up, occasionally tickling and playing as we headed towards the kitchen and the bedroom. I went to the former to recover the last two rolls of plastic wrap we had – an awful lot to use, but one never knows what the real need will be. Karyn headed for her bedroom to get the shears. I thought it was taking her a long time to do so, but when she returned, she’d done more than that. She had all of the pillows from her bed in her hands, and when she dropped them, I got quite a sight.

She’d changed into a black, lacy baby-doll nightgown that reached just below the interesting parts and accentuated all the right curves. I smiled, then nodded at the pillows.

“What are those for?”

“The pole can get uncomfortable, right?”

Always thinking she is.

The pillows prevented the decorative bits of the pole from causing discomfort,, and also permitted a bit more snugness in the wrapping. That sound of the wrap coming off the roll enhancing the feeling as the wrap again begins traveling from shoulder to ankle and then back up again. And when that’s done to the captor’s satisfaction, the gentle tug against the wrapping to pull the cotton balls away from the body and open holes at nipples and crotch. A groan of pleasure and desire can be heard from behind the gag.

I stood back and looked at my bound beauty, welded to the pole with the wrap that I’d applied. She looked stunning as she struggled, her eyes closed softly as though thinking about something. The material of her nightgown poked through the holes I’d cut for her nipples, the small slit at her crotch enough that my finger could reach her clitoris without trouble.

I took a nipple in each hand and played with them through the material, slowly rolling them over and massaging them. She groaned again, shuddered, and pulled against the wrap around her. When her eyes opened, I could see a hunger there.

“Oh, no, my beauty. Not so easy. You kept me here for nine hours and while I don’t know that I could do the same, I brought a copy of Die Hard for the plane and I need a significant dose of testosterone after yesterday.”

She moaned louder and tossed her head, pulling against the pole. I played with her nipples some more, then headed for the sofa.

“Remember, this is for my enjoyment so you’ll have to work at not disturbing me, Karyn…”


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