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Turn of Events 5: Departing Events

by Pleasewrap

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© Copyright 2008 - Pleasewrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; wrap; plastic; pole; tease; straitjacket; bond; rope; sheath; toys; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

This is a continuation of "Part 4: Another Turn of Events," which you'll find posted here. This is a work of fiction of a sexual nature with mature themes. If that's not your cup of tea (we'll ignore the obvious question as to why you're visiting this site), read something else. If you think this is you - it's not because I don't know anyone that's ever had this happen to them. Copyright remains with me unless specifically released, although reposting to sites without any membership fees is permitted.

Part 5: Departing Events

With only two days left to my vacation, I found myself sorry that it was coming to an end. Karyn and I had obviously already grown quite close, and once the intimacy had started, it had really started. I never understood “chemistry” before, but I was beginning to now. There was something about the two of us that just fit together well. Of course, the sex was great, and that didn’t hurt, and that was holding true whether one of us was tied up or not.

I’d only had her tied up that one time. My “therapy” kept her from letting me do it again, despite the fact that I’d hinted at it. But with a week or so to go she’d declared that she’d be the one doing the tying for the rest of the trip, and we could just see how things went when we got back home. I pouted, but agreed to live up to the terms of our bet.

Of course, I’d also been expecting some sort of revenge for when I had wrapped her to the pole. I’d watched Die Hard, as promised, occasionally wandering over to tease her a bit. She grunted, groaned, moaned, and struggled and was very obviously excited. But I resisted the urge to cut her down and take her – I needed some payback for the nine hours she’d left me there. So when the movie had ended, it just so happened that Fifth Element was just getting rolling on regular TV.

“Oh, here’s another great action flick. And it’s even got some mushy stuff for you,” I’d said. So rather than cutting her loose, I’d let the movie run, ignoring the protests that spewed from behind her gag. When the first commercial hit, I’d wandered over to the pole and toyed with her breasts a bit.

“Need a bathroom break?”

She growled and despite the wrap that trapped her head to the pole was obviously nodding. As some dufus on the television babbled on about the cleaning power of kerosene or some similarly idiotic tripe, I cut her free from the pole and helped her to move forward a bit. The pillows behind her fell, and I moved them out of the way.

Then I’d cup from her ankles upward, careful to avoid the material of her nightgown when I neared her waist. But instead of continuing upward, I instead turned ninety degrees and cut a circle just below her wrists, leaving her only her legs free. The rest was still bound snugly. She groaned and said something into the gag, and I just smiled.

“I asked if you needed the bathroom, not if you were ready to get cut loose. Let’s go, and I’ll help you.”

Karyn probably hadn’t envisioned this, but after a few muted protests, she complied. I hiked her nightie up enough that it wasn’t going to get soiled, and was thankful when she only needed to pee. I’m not sure I was prepared to wipe her butt for her.

I escorted her back to the living room, and produced the roll of wrap from the table.

“I can wrap you back up again, but I’ll bet you’re getting tired of that, so it’s your choice. Are you going to sit nicely and watch my movie with me?”

Her eyes had a bit of a glaze to them, as though they were begging me to take her right then and there. But her eyebrows arched into a bit of a scowl when I spoke. I started peeling some of the wrap off, and she grunted somewhat angrily, but nodded.

I put a few of the pillows at one end of the sofa so she could lie down – with her hands still pretty much pinned to her hips, sitting would have been uncomfortable. The commercials had been over for a few minutes by the time I sat at the other end of the sofa, her feet in my lap. I started to massage them gently as the movie progressed. That seemed to make her a bit happier, and she snuggled into the pillow with something that sounded like a contented hum.

Of course, I eventually got caught up in the movie and forgot about her feet. And I also shifted position eventually to get a bit more comfortable, grabbing one of the other pillows and turning slightly so that my legs could rest on the coffee table, so I was largely turned to face Karyn on the sofa. I ignored a few grunt/moans from her, not picking up on the fact that I’d stopped massaging her feet.

So I guess she’d decided to remind me she was there. As Bruce Willis and crew blasted their way out of the exploding hotel spaceship, I felt a gentle touch at my crotch. I glanced down, and Karyn was using her foot to massage my penis through my jeans as lightly as she could. I looked up at her face, and even with a gag, it was easy to tell she was grinning. The playful, mischievous look in her eye was also a dead giveaway. I smiled.

“The movie’s just about over and now you’re going to choose to misbehave?”

She was obviously still smiling as she shook her head in the negative.

“Well, I think it’s misbehaving. Remember? No distractions?”

Even with the gag in place, I could see she was trying to pout. I laughed. She responded by rubbing a bit harder with her foot, obviously getting the reaction she wanted. I lifted her feet out of my way and stood up.

“No, no, no. Bad slave.”

I retrieved the roll of wrap, and had to move pretty quick because she managed to stand up herself, obviously laughing. I grabbed her around the waist from behind, and she promptly ground her rear end into me. I laughed as well, and then steered her to the coffee table, where I gently (but relentlessly) forced her to sit down, and then lie on her back. Then the wrap went back to work and I went around her torso and the table may times, forcing her to stay there on her back. As an extra precaution, I grabbed hold of her struggling legs and welded them together and to one of the table legs. The whole thing took the remainder of the roll, which happened to be our last.

Karyn moaned at me as I fixed her in place, then struggled. I decided that I could spend the rest of the movie enjoying myself in many ways, and pulled the coffee table (and therefore her) into a spot where I could comfortably reach her. As the world was saved on the big screen, I toyed with her nipples and expose clitoris, resulting in much groaning, occasional growling in frustration, and struggling.

“You’re not doing a good job of avoiding being a distraction, you know?”

Her response to that was a mighty heave against the wrap and a plaintive groan that was obviously a plea for me to forget the movie. I refused to do so. But when the credits rolled, I grabbed the shears and cut her legs free from the table leg and knelt on the ground. As I gently moved them apart, she raised her head and groaned.

“After the way you’ve behaved, I’m not sure if you deserve this,” I said as I leaned forward. It’s a good thing she was gagged because she made one hell of a racket as I let my tongue go to work until I was ready for relief myself…

After I’d cut her loose and we’d cleaned up, we finished the day with a short trip to a museum, dinner, and some dancing. It’s been years since I’ve been out to a club, and I’m not really into the club scene, so it took Karyn reminding me that I was still supposed to be obeying her to get me to go. Of course, even then I’d been a little difficult.

“You know, we’re out of plastic wrap, so what would the cost of disobeying be?”

She’d smiled her devilish smile (it’s somewhat amazing to me how expressive her face is – it seems to almost be completely instilled with her emotion), put her arms around my neck, kissed me, and purred into my ear, “You don’t think I can’t find other ways to punish you?”

I’d laughed, complied, and we had quite a good time.

The next morning, I’d woken before her again and had already made myself some toast and gotten the coffee going. I was sitting at the table eating and reading the paper when I heard her walking in. I glanced up, smiled, and went back to my story. Her arms circled around me from behind, caressing my chest and then giving me a gentle hug. She leaned in to kiss my neck.

“Stephen, if I wanted to go shopping for something special, would you reimburse me for it?”

I threw a confused look her way.

“Huh? What exactly do you mean?”

She smiled. “We’ve got two days left, and I want to make them extra special. But I am on a graduate student’s limited income, so I can’t blow a ton of money.”

I put down the paper to look at her. “Well, then let’s just go together.”

She kissed me on the lips, then nuzzled against my ear.

“No, no. Then it wouldn’t be a surprise. And I’d like to surprise you.”

I grinned. “Want something very special for your new man, eh?”

She replied with a smile and a nibble on my ear.

“Very special,” she whispered.

I decided to indulge her.

“How much are we talking about?”

“I honestly don’t know, but it could be expensive. Nice things often are. But unless you’re planning on leaving me when we get home, I’m pretty sure you’ll see them more than once.”

Had she asked me this question five years ago, I’d probably have had to decline. My business was still getting rolling and the profits weren’t quite there. But the last four years had really been great, and my bank account showed it. Still I was a little hesitant.

“I’m not sure I’m into a blank check…”

She breathed gently into my ear, then nuzzled my neck.

“Tell you what. I’ll put it on my credit card, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay for it. But I think you will, and you can call it partial repayment for being so mean to me yesterday.”

The thought of her wrapped to the table and thrashing as best she could was enough to start making me hard again. I smiled.

“OK, deal.”

“Good. I’ll go out around ten. You find something to do from then until three, and when you get back I should have things ready.”

She gave me a deep kiss and headed for the kitchen.

We’d made some chit chat over the paper, cuddled a little on the couch as we watched the fluff that passed for morning news, and then gotten ready for our respective days. Karyn was dressed simply, in jeans, a T-shirt, and a sweater as she headed for the door at the appointed hour. Still, the denim hugged her figure wonderfully, and I looked forward to her surprise. I headed for the local Science Museum, which had an exhibit going that interested me, but had done nothing for her, and set an alarm on my phone to remind me when it was time to head back.

Of course, I got engrossed in the exhibit, and hadn’t realized how noisy some of the display areas could be. But this was one of the “interactive museums” and it was awash in kids doing just that. I missed that my alarm had been going off and then automatically snoozing until it was five to three. I headed back for the hotel and arrived about twenty past the hour even though it wasn’t all that far.

When I opened the door to the suite, every shade was drawn and the lights were out. Candles burned on the table in the dining area and living room, and I could smell perfume in the air.

“Karyn? I’m back.”

I stepped through the door, wondering where she was. I heard movement in the bedroom area, and she emerged from her room. Had all of the lights in the suite been on, I’d have been impressed with her appearance. She wore a floor length evening gown in a beautiful green that the candle light seemed to alternatively be swallowed by or reflect off of depending on how it caught the fold of the material. A thin strap ran around her neck, and with the side view I initially received I could tell it was backless. When she turned towards me, the front showed off her wonderful breasts by splitting into two triangles that ran from the strap to her waist, leaving plenty of skin visible. A long slit ran up the right side, allowing her leg to be seen when she walked, and I could see a very high pair of heels. Even in the dim light I could tell that she’d spent some time on her hair and makeup,

She was stunning. The heels had to add four inches, if not more, and the overall effect was exactly what she was looking for, I’m sure. She certainly knew how to engender a sexual reaction when she wanted to.

“You’re a bit late,” she said, smiling. She walked over to me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I let my hands circle her waist, her skin in back wonderfully soft, and pulled her close to me.

“If I’d known what was waiting, I wouldn’t have been. Wow.”

She smiled that wonderful smile, kissed me lightly again, and then pulled away.

“Never mind. I bought you some things as well, but they’re a surprise. Take your clothes off and hang them over the back of the chair so I can clean them up easy. Then put the blindfold that’s on the table on.”

She headed back towards the bedroom, her hips swaying that seductive way that women’s hips can. Her perfume lingered in the air, just the right strength to be seductive without being overpowering. I wasted no time in complying. As I put the blindfold on, I had a thought. When I heard her returning with what was obviously a bag or two, I voiced my suspicion.

“I’m not going to end up wearing plastic wrap, am I?”

She laughed her musical little laugh. “Nothing so gauche, Stephen. But the thought seems to have excited you. Just remember, we’re back to obeying, right?”

I grinned and nodded.

“Then hold your arms out in front of you and be absolutely silent.”

I complied and felt her start sliding something up them – soft leather from the feel. I could hear metal jingling and started to protest, but a finger was on my lips as my mouth opened.

“We’re back to obeying, right? Absolutely silent.”

My erection hit its maximum potential and I smiled as I closed my mouth. My suspicion was confirmed as I felt the straitjacket tighten around my torso and felt the zipper up the back slide up towards my neck. Karyn worked silently as the straps in the rear were done, snugging the jacket to me securely. A pause accompanied by the sound of motion, and then she began manipulating my arms, making me hug myself just at the top of my rib cage. The strap there tightened considerably, making it a very firm self embrace.

“You really did…”

I’d forgotten her command, and just after she’d finished the strap for my arms had started to speak. Her hand came around from behind to cover my mouth, which forced her body against me. I enjoyed that feeling a great deal, but she held herself there only long enough for me to stop talking.

“That’s not obeying, Stephen.”

Her voice was soft, but firm. It was an almost magical tone that left no doubt as to who was in control, but was neither mean nor forceful. I shuddered, but was silent as she removed her hand and returned to her work.

The jacket had two straps that ran between my legs, and she appeared to be careful to avoid contact with my penis as she pulled them through my legs and buckled them quite tightly. The jacket wasn’t going to move up even half an inch. I heard her move around in front of me, then felt a strap go around my forearms and tighten. I wasn’t pulling them away from my chest now.

“You’re really lucky, Stephen. These are hard to find with all the neat features at a good price.”

I was about to ask what she meant, but remembered the “be silent” command. Then I felt some tugging at my left elbow, followed by her sliding something between my arm and my body. Then something tightened there, pulling the sleeve just in front of my right hand up slightly. She moved around to my right side and repeated the process.

“They don’t often make these with small straps at the elbows, but when I saw it I figured that it was worth a little extra. You won’t be sliding your arms out anytime soon.”

I couldn’t help myself. “Was I going to before you tightened those up?”

I felt her finish tightening the strap there, then heard her walk a few steps away. One of the bags rustled a bit.

“I did tell you to be silent, didn’t I?”

I could hear her returning. I felt something push against my mouth – something rubbery. I opened it without being told, figuring I was already in enough trouble. A squishy ball was pushed past my lips, and stuffed into my mouth, filling it quite nicely.

“I’m going to remove your blindfold. You’re to keep your eyes closed completely. Do you understand?”

I nodded, wondering why she hadn’t secured the gag with something. The blindfold came off, and I decided to cheat. There was a mirror in the dining area to accent the room, and I stole a look. The straitjacket was indeed leather, but a bright red instead of the deep black I’d pictured. The tugging at my elbows had been small straps that circled from the elbow around the straps that came off the sleeves for the other arm and buckled back to the elbow. This kept me from even trying to slide one arm up or down away from the other and, combined with the strap in the front pinning my arms to my chest, made my limbs completely useless.

My beautiful captor was staring right at my open eyes in the mirror, a look of amused annoyance on her face. She arched an eyebrow at me, and I snapped my eyes shut, turning my head back to looking straight forward.

“You know, Stephen, you’re really digging yourself quite a hole. Tying me up was bad enough, but then leaving me that way through two silly movies while toying with me and now disobeying me twice in around one minute. I don’t know when you’ll get your jollies.”

As she spoke, I felt something slipping over my head. It started at my forehead, then pulled down and back until I figured it out – she was putting some type of hood over my head! I could feel the occasional metal against my skin near my eyes and cheeks. It covered my head completely, and extended slightly down my neck. I could feel it growing tighter, and felt laces against my back as she made it tight and tied it off. The hood blocked my sight and sealed the gag in my mouth very effectively. I moaned as the laces were done up.

I think I heard a chuckle, but couldn’t be sure. She spoke as I heard muffled sounds of movement and more rustling of bags.

“You must not be interested in seeing what else I’ve bought or watching me prance around in this dress much to be so naughty. You’re to stand absolutely still.”

I complied, but nearly jumped when I felt her hands at my penis. Some type of strap went around the base of my cock, pushing something underneath and against my testicles. Then I felt her hands there again, this time at the tip of my cock. She was trying to slide something over it, but since I was erect, it wasn’t working. I moaned at the touch.

“Hmmm. Noise? When you’re already making it difficult for me to finish preparing you? I’ll be right back.”

I heard her walking away dimly through the hood. Some other noise reached me, but it was too faint for me to identify. I could barely hear her footsteps as she returned. Then I damned near jumped out of my own skin, and couldn’t help taking a step back. She was holding ice against my erection until I’d moved.

“My, we’re really forgetting the ‘obey’ part of our arrangement, aren’t we? All right. Legs together, mister.”

I decided to express my outrage a bit at having ice surprisingly applied to a very sensitive spot and how there’s no possible way to avoid moving at a shock like that. But she was having none of it.

“Complaining will get you nowhere – I told you to stand absolutely still. Now be quiet and put your legs together.”

I grumbled into the gag, but left with no real option, complied. More rustling paper – apparently she was getting something else from a bag.

More leather, this time contacting just below my testicles first, but then flapping down against my legs for some distance. I felt a belt at the top of whatever it was around my things. Then another just slightly above my ankles. Finally, the whole things started becoming tighter starting from the top and moving down.

“I’ve seen leg sheaths before, but never used one,” she said as my legs were sealed together. “The lacing should hold you very nicely, and it matched the jacket marvelously.”

She pulled the laces so that my legs were effectively pulled into a single unit. It was snug enough that I couldn’t pull them more than the slightest fraction of an inch apart, but not so tight that my ankles or knees were grinding painfully together. After a few minutes, she must have tied it off because I could hear her stand up.

“Take the baby steps that you can over this way. Just follow where I push your shoulders.”

I complied silently, and after twenty or so tiny steps – all that the sheath would allow – she stopped me. I heard her moving around, then felt a gentle pull on my shoulders from behind.


Rather than falling from her pull, I complied and felt the wood of one of the dining area chairs against the skin of my butt. Again, she was moving, and the sound of rustling paper once more. I could feel her fiddling around with something around my ankles, then my knees, then at the base of the jacket, and then finally at my shoulders. Then I felt my movement at each of those points become restricted, and could feel a gentle tug at each. Some type of attachment was there, and she’d apparently used some rope or something to secure me to the chair. I could barely move from side to side. I struggled as it became tighter, and my erection (which had faded some) grew again.

“Well that was silly. Now you’ve gotten yourself excited again.”

I groaned, suspecting what that meant. And I was right – the ice made another appearance and despite thrashing a bit, I couldn’t move enough to prevent it from chilling my penis. My erection faded slowly at the cold, but she removed the ice before it went completely. Then I felt her sliding the ring that wouldn’t fit before over my slightly less than erect penis.

“Well, I think I’ve got you properly prepared.”

I felt her sit on my legs, sideways rather than straddling me. Then I felt a pull on the right side of the hood over my head and heard a few snaps. The light from the candles flooded back in to my eyes and I finally knew what the metal on the skin of my face was – attachment points for panels. The blindfold part was coming off now, and I figured there was a separate panel for my mouth.

Karen’s face greeted me with a very large smile. She stroked the side of my face.

“I know you’ve done marvelously with our bet and learning to be out of control, Stephen. But there’s two things that motivated this. Number one was how mean you were to me yesterday.”

At this, I objected into my gag with some degree of force. Mean to her? She’d left me tied to the damned pole all night and then had me at her beck and call (and constantly horny) for weeks before we’d finally had a good screw)! And I was mean?

Even though my speech was wasted as angry grunts and intelligible mumbles, she seemed to know exactly what I meant because she laughed and caressed my face.

“Yes, I know. I’ve been mean to you to. But I was allowed to, right? And besides, there’s reason number two. We’ve got just less than forty-eight hours left and I couldn’t resist finishing our little arrangement with you like this. See for yourself.”

She stood up and allowed me to survey my situation and the lover who’d put me in it. I swear – if there wasn’t an Irish goddess of beauty, I’d cast Karyn dressed just as she was for the role. So I looked down and took my binding in.

The straitjacket and leg sheath were both the same bright red leather, polished to a nice shine but not a gaudy, patent leather sheen. The jacket had zippers on the chest, which were positioned to allow access to the nipples and (if I’d been female) breasts. There were rings at various places on the sides, and these were where the rope was attached. Red rope ran through them and pulled me back into the chair by going around the back and legs. I could see the cock ring she’d applied – also read but some type of flexible plastic. And it had a silver egg through a loop above my manhood that had a short wire protruding from one end. I couldn’t see what it was that she’d slid under my testicles. I struggled experimentally, but nothing was giving, and the best I could do was move a fraction of an inch to either side or pull my butt slightly off the seat of the chair.

I guess I’d taken long enough, because Karyn’s hand came into view and stroked my penis, returning it to a nearly fully erect state. I looked up at her.

“Like it? I bought all of this just for you. Well, and some other things that I’ll share with you later.”

I moaned at her touch and squirmed. But I forgot to actually answer. It didn’t go unnoticed.

She wandered over towards the table, hips swaying seductively as she did.

“I believe I asked you a question and you didn’t answer. That’s unwise.”

She picked two objects up off the table and turned back toward me, the front of her dress covering her bosom just enough to make the imagination go completely wild.

“And when you don’t obey, I do have ways of punishing you.”

She did something to one of the objects she’d picked up, and suddenly there was a pulsing vibration against my testicles. She’d apparently strapped some type of vibrator there, and it was remotely controlled. I looked down in surprise, then looked at her, then closed my eyes and moaned. Apparently, that wasn’t the correct response, because the vibrator at the top of the cock ring chimed in next.

“You still haven’t answered, my pet. Do you like what I’ve gone shopping for?”

I moaned, nodded a bit, and then struggled somewhat madly. As soon as I finished nodding, both vibrators went off. That caused me to let out a plaintive whimper. Karyn put both controls in one hand and walked over to me, a large smile on her face. She bent slightly (giving me a wonderful view of her breasts), caressed my chest with her hands, and bent to kiss the small bit of skin that was available at my neck.

“Awwwww. I’m sorry, but this is about me punishing you. And for a while. I don’t know that the jacket will be coming off until it’s time to go.”

She stood up and walked behind me. Her arms circled around me, again rubbing and caressing. She leaned in close to me ear and nearly whispered.

“But right now, I have to get dinner ready so that you’re properly fed. You’ll just have to wait.”

I struggled and groaned, gaining absolutely no purchase against the leather, rope, or chair. Karyn giggled and started walking to the kitchen. A devilish grin was on her face as she looked back over her shoulder and seductively swaying hips, hints of her leg appearing through the slit in her dress as she walked.

“Don’t go anywhere,” she said as she disappeared from view.

I was about to shout through my gag at her when the vibrators suddenly went back on. I thrashed against my bonds, moaning and wondered if I could find a way to extend our reservation without the use of my arms.

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