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Turn of Events 6: Normalizing Events

by Pleasewrap

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; costume; wrap; plastic; gag; bfold; tease; femdom; mast; denial; reluct/cons; X

This is a continuation of "Part 5: Departing Events," which you'll find posted here. This is a work of fiction of a sexual nature with mature themes. If that's not your cup of tea (we'll ignore the obvious question as to why you're visiting this site), read something else. If you think this is you - it's not because I don't know anyone that's ever had this happen to them. Copyright remains with me unless specifically released, although reposting to sites without any membership fees is permitted.

Part 6: Normalizing Events

“Damn it, Ted! We’re not going to sign a contract until the lawyers go over it. Why are they even asking for it now?”

Stephen didn’t like the way the week was wrapping up and this phone call wasn’t helping. The driver of the car he’d arranged from the airport tried to pretend not to listen, but Stephen could tell he was hoping for some entertainment. That was probably going to happen. Ted finished talking.

“Look, I understand they wanted us to close this by the end of the week, but I’ve been on the road and we told them three weeks ago that if we didn’t have the contract before I left it wouldn’t happen. There’s too much for me to look at before the lawyers even get involved.”

As Ted talked, Roger fished for his bottle of water. $4 for a bottle of water – airports were highway robbery! He shook his head. Thinking about the price of a bottle of water wasn’t going to help.

“Look, Ted, I know you’re just the messenger. I know you’re getting more than you should, but it’s 5:45 on Friday and I’m home for the first time in weeks with Christmas around the corner. Call Andrew back and tell him that I’m on a plane and I won’t be down for at least another hour. And that means I can’t get to it today which means the lawyers won’t get it until Monday at the earliest. And probably not even then since that’s Christmas Eve.”

Ted started blustering a bit. Stephen cut him off, his face probably getting a bit red.

“Then they sink the deal. It’s more important to them than it is to us. So tough shit.”

He pulled the phone away from his ear as Ted overreacted and took a drink of water. He wished it was a scotch.

“Ted, Ted, calm down, Ted. Tough shit for them, not for you. You can’t do much about the fact that they sent you the contract yesterday, right?”

Ted seemed a bit mollified, but kept complaining.

“Yes, I know you brought them in. And I appreciate that. But you work for me and I’m telling you to tell them that I can’t be reached until it’s after business hours for them. And that you know I won’t be looking at it over the weekend with Christmas coming Tuesday and might not get to it Monday. You can hint at having it done by New Year’s Eve. Then they can still call it fourth quarter for their reports.”

Ted still seemed reluctant to deliver the news for Stephen, but Stephen was having none of it.

“Ted, just do it. It’s not like there’s commission involved for anyone on our end and I pay you to find me the leads. Closing the deal is my problem. Just call them and tell them. Tell them they’re fucking crazy if you think that’ll help. But make it very clear that tonight isn’t going to happen and early next week is out as well.”

Ted started getting wound up again. Stephen began to wonder if he shouldn’t start looking for new help in the new year.

“Ted, it’s really simple. You work for me, I’m telling you what to tell them, and I’m about to hang up. When I do, call them and fill them in. They really, really won’t bolt. It means too much to them. If they want to walk away, then they screw themselves and we don’t fucking care. Have a Merry Christmas.”

Before the inevitable argument or complaint could come back, he ended the call. He had been close to yelling at the end and even “Merry Christmas” had sounded more like a curse than good wishes. The driver seemed somewhat entertained, but probably would have preferred if Stephen had gone completely nuts and fired Ted right then and there. Stephen slouched back in his seat, looking and feeling a bit defeated.

It was bad enough being stuck on the road for two and one half weeks right before the holidays. But when your most important client schedules events that involve you, you acquiesce. But being away from the office had sucked. Ted seemed determined to prove himself useless, his personal assistant (Sandra) was just weeks away from maternity leave and he hadn’t lined up a replacement, and in addition to the contract Ted was hassling him about he knew there were two others that would need almost immediate attention. He’d been shouting into his phone too much, trying to run his business from too far away.

Worse, he really hadn’t talked with Karyn the entire time and they hadn’t particularly parted under the best of circumstances. Rather than spring his parents on her right at the holidays, he’d suggested going over before he even knew he’d be on the road. His parents could be intense and throwing in even more family could easily overwhelm things. So they’d gone over and he’d gotten into a fight with Dad about politics and suddenly the ride home was a damned therapy session. So he’d snapped at her just about the whole drive, still pissed at his father and that was the last they really saw of each other face-to-face. Instead of spending the night with him, she’d asked him to take her to her apartment, obviously angry.

The time on the road hadn’t helped. Once one trip was booked, it was just too easy to agree to others and suddenly one week had turned into a mad dash to the airport to handle a pissed off client the very next morning for what turned into a glorious 17 days away. Meetings, dinners, golf, planes, cabs – it had all combined to make it nearly impossible for him to even hold a good conversation with Karyn. Of course, her schedule hadn’t helped, but his was definitely more packed. He’d been so busy that he didn’t even realize he’d nearly pushed what it was like being with her out of his mind.

At least he’d had the sense to send a simple text message to her right before his plane took off. “I’m really sorry.” Even if they could barely get five minutes on the phone, it was obvious that this had helped when they talked. She still sounded like there was more there, but that it had helped.

The car pulled up in front of his townhouse and the driver got his bags through the door. Credit card, nice tip, pleasantries, and Stephen was closing the door. Sandra had apparently managed to find someone to do some Christmas decorating for him because a tree not only stood in the window of the living room to his right, it lit up with the “click” that indicated an automatic timer. Very pretty, very tasteful. Perfect for the business associates that would be visiting Monday afternoon and the family that would arrive Tuesday. He hoped she’d also managed to arrange a caterer.

His phone rang. He hoped it was Karyn, but he knew she was on a plane herself right now – returning from a conference and a visit with her family herself meant he wouldn’t see her until tomorrow afternoon. Of course, he was right. It was Ted.

Stephen exploded in a fit of frustrated rage and swore at the phone at the top of his lungs. He had the sense not to answer, but the accumulated frustration made restraint impossible right now. If the phone had accidentally picked up, he was sure to have fired Ted or caused him to quit. And probably given him grounds for a lawsuit of some form. When it stopped ringing, he shut his phone off completely and threw it at the couch, probably just barely avoiding doing so hard enough to cause damage to it.

He went to the bar and grabbed the scotch he’d longed for in the car. Glass, ice, and a chair were all he needed now. And he produced them all. He poured, swigged rather than sipped, and leaned back in the armchair, preparing to get good and drunk.

He nearly hit the ceiling when someone touched his shoulder. He did manage to spill a bit of scotch on the table to his right as he whirled around.

“Whoever the fuck you are, you’ve picked the wrong fucking…”

His words trailed off – he’d expected someone from the office, a decorator who hadn’t finished up, or someone with the cleaning service. Even a thief. He was greeted with five feet, six inches of red-headed Karyn, wearing a short green dress with the white trim that you’d buy out of a catalog to look a bit kitschy but Christmasy. She had the hat to match. It conformed to her curves wonderfully and highlighted the legs that had attracted him to her in the first place.

“Oh, Jesus, Karyn. You scared the hell out of me. I was…”

She smiled, and moved around his armchair to sit on the arm next to him as he spoke. When she sat, she cut him off.

“…surprised, Stephen? I shouldn’t have done that, I suppose. My Dad wasn’t feeling great, so Mom insisted I come home a day early to avoid getting sick, bored, or both. I was napping in the other room until your tirade woke me. I managed to sleep through you coming in the door. I guess I was hoping to give you a pleasant surprise.”

She leaned in and kissed him. When the kiss ended and she started to pull away, he pulled her back to him for another.

“I see you missed me, too.” She said, smiling as their lips parted.

“Very much. How did you…”

“…get in? Sandra. When I called your office yesterday, I convinced her to let me in. She seemed really flustered, almost like she had been crying.”

Stephen replayed the day and remembered yelling about something, but he couldn’t remember what. He reached for his scotch, but Karyn grabbed his sleeve and stopped him.

“Have you eaten at least? I didn’t plan on watching you get hammered.”

He smiled weakly and nodded. “On the plane. Not great food, but food.”

She refused to let go. “And were you drinking on the plane?”

Stephen remembered the day they had met – he’d been drinking quite heavily even before boarding.

“No, well, one drink. I needed to finish up some work.”

She smiled and let go of his sleeve. He sipped.

“Hmmm. The trouble we had even getting five minutes on the phone and my chat with her when I got the key this afternoon make me think there’s been a lot more work than is healthy for you, Stephen.”

Stephen put his glass back down. “Karyn, I don’t need analysis right now. I’m thrilled you’re here, but…”

He stopped when she smiled and slid from the arm of the chair into his lap to throw her arms around his neck to pull him into another kiss.

“I was thinking more about therapy,” she said when she’d finished. “I think you’ve been the old you too much recently.” She kissed him again, then stood up. Stephen looked at her a bit confused. His brain just didn’t seem to be working right. He knew he should know what she meant, but it wasn’t adding up. She walked to the window and started pulling the drapes there closed. It still wasn’t adding up to him.

Once the drapes were closed, she looked back at him, still sitting, and frowned a touch. “Why are you still there? Come here.” Her tone was firm, but not angry and it started to click in his mind.

“Karyn, I’m wiped out. Spend the night and maybe tomorrow, but right now I’m just…”

Interrupting him seemed to be the theme of the night. She had returned to him when the drapes were closed, and stopped him from speaking by grabbing his tie, which used like a leash to pull him out of the chair.

“I don’t believe I was asking, Stephen. You’re relapsing and we simply must do something about that.”

He started to protest, but she gently put her hand over his mouth before even a syllable had escaped. The look in her eyes was that quiet Gaelic determination he’d become so familiar with over the past three, no, four months.

“Clothes off. I suppose I’ll even be nice and let you fold them on the chair so your suit doesn’t get treated poorly. But they will come off.”

He started taking off his jacket as he spoke. “Karyn, I…”

She held a finger to her lips. “Not one more word, m’boy. I’ll fill you in on the plan when I’m ready.”

As he undressed, treating his suit with at least a little care, he strategized about how to get her to back off. The timing sucked. His mood wasn’t right. There were actually some things for work he needed to attend to. It wasn’t until she cleared her throat that he realized he’d gotten down to his underwear and socks before he stopped to mentally run through reasons to bring this to a halt.

He felt more than a bit ridiculous turning towards her dressed as he was, but it was time to end this. As he did, she took the one step she needed to reach him and held up her hand.

“Stephen, this isn’t negotiable. Not unless you want me to leave. Tell you what, since it seems to be a problem for you, I’ll help.” She held up a sleep mask that she must have retrieved when his back was turned to her and pressed it into his hand.

He fought with himself a moment before he put it on. Once in place, she grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the chair a bit more. “Stay quiet, and I’ll explain eventually,” she said. Then he felt her pulling his boxer briefs down and removing his socks. He moved his legs when necessary to help.

“Since that night at your parents when you treated me so horribly, you’ve been like the Stephen I first met.”

He could hear her moving away from him as she spoke. He couldn’t help himself but react to what she’d said. “Hang on, I…”

She cut him off, quietly but firmly from across the room. “Shhhh. It’s not your turn.” He grumbled, but decided to comply.

He heard something that sounded like plastic shopping bags being picked up and then her voice was getting closer to him. “Yes, you treated me horribly. You were pissed at your father for sure and maybe at your mother as well and you took it out on me during the ride home.” He heard the bags land on the floor next to him. “Then you ended up on this rush trip for almost three weeks when we couldn’t find time for a decent conversation. I’m sure that for that entire time you were the full-blown ‘Type A’ businessman Stephen – bossy, overconfident, manipulative, and making sure his real emotions didn’t show unless they would help close the deal.”

The bags had been rustling a bit as she talked and it sounded like she had put some things on the coffee table a few feet away. “Did it ever occur to you that we didn’t talk because you didn’t want me to point out what an ass you were being? Sandra couldn’t even get something put on your calendar for the two of us because you kept telling her no.” He felt her hands go around his waist as she hugged him gently, the soft velvet of the dress a bit of a surprise – he wouldn’t have guessed it would be anywhere close to the quality it was. He moved his arms to reciprocate, but she broke contact and gently pushed them back to his sides.

“And apparently, yelling at his employees. Maybe Ted had some of that coming, but Sandra? I find it hard to believe that she’d be anything but the assistant you’d hoped for when you hired her two months ago. Hell, you hired her knowing that she was going to have a baby and needed time off, she impressed you so much.” She hugged him again and this time he stood still.

He could smell her hair as she hugged him, the herbal and fruit shampoo she used a welcome, but unnecessary, additional reminder that she was here and that she never wore perfume. But despite the time apart, the contact, her voice – none of it was doing anything for him right now. He contemplated speaking but she continued before he could, moving away from him as she spoke.

“So here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to quietly tell me about your trip to help you unwind. You will be polite, you will not swear, you will not raise your voice, you will just let it all out and go with the flow. Emotion is fine, yelling is not. OK?”

He knew from her tone that there was only one correct answer. “OK. I guess…”

She stopped him with her hand to his mouth again. “You guess nothing. ‘OK’ is the right answer. Compose yourself and I’ll be with you in a minute.”

He heard a bit more rustling from the bags, then what sounded like them being balled up and thrown out of the way.

“You can begin. Start with the night we headed home from your parents.”

“OK – you’re right…” he stopped when he felt her lift his left arm away from his side.

“Don’t stop speaking, Stephen, just do what I direct you to do when I touch you.”

He was a bit confused, but decided to go along.

“You’re right, I was royally pissed with my father. Talking to me like some kind of kid in front of you…”

He forced himself to continue talking. When he’d hit “royally” he felt her start spinning plastic wrap around his arm just below his armpit, moving down his arm until his hand was completely covered. By the time she’d finished, he’d gotten to the part where her apparent calm and detachment as he and his father argued over trade policy had irked him – how could she not be involved? Not be taking his side? She pushed his left arm back to his side and had gotten halfway done preparing his right as he started expressing similar frustration with his mother who always took his father’s side as though being older automatically made him right. She finished covering his right hand as he discussed that.

“Then there was the mad rush to make the trip worthwhile,” she patted the inside of his left thigh and he spread his legs until they were a bit more than shoulder width apart. “Which turned in to being at the airport the next afternoon…” as she wrapped from his thigh to his ankle, he told her about how much of a pain in the ass it had been getting packed, arranging appointments, making sure the flights were booked, getting hotels. In fact, she finished both legs as though she’d timed it to coincide with the end of his complaints.

“Karyn, I really don’t think that now – Ow!” She had pinched the inside of his left leg through the wrap, ominously close to his testicles.” She tapped on the outside of his leg once he stopped talking. He put his legs back together, just barely touching.

“So making arrangements was a bitch. What about when you finally got there?” Her voice was close to his head as she spoke so she had obviously stood up.

“The first two days were really a waste. The ‘emergency’ I’d headed out to handle was really nothing more than one client hearing that I was giving another client a special trip and wanting a bit of attention themselves. The other meetings were with people that weren’t ready to talk any real business.” As he spoke he felt her affix the wrap to his right arm and draw it across his chest, to his other arm, and around his back. As she repeated the process, he broke off again. “Karyn, I…”

Her hand was back at his mouth, the wrapping suspended. “Stephen, I want to enjoy the holiday with you and the easiest way to do that is to get all of this shit out of your system right here, right now.” He fell silent and she resumed slowly wrapping as she continued to speak. “You’re going to get the crappy trip out of your system. Then I’m going to play with you to help you remember why we’re together. And once it’s clear you’ve remembered that, I’m going to fuck your brains out and maybe cut you loose so you can return the favor.” Her voice came close and he could picture her in that green dress, on tiptoe behind him, her red hair flashing in the reflected light of the tiny bulbs on the tree. She nibbled on his ear and whispered. “Remember, I’m almost a professional at this.”

He had to smile despite himself – she would finish her PhD in psychology in just under a year now. He could almost feel her pull away to continue wrapping, though he was sure this wasn’t going to have the desired effect. It certainly wasn’t inspiring him right now – although he was at least amused, he couldn’t have been more flaccid without ice water being involved. But her determination was obvious, so he ranted about the useless first weekend while she slowly, carefully secured his chest and lower arms, obviously walking around him as she did. He told her about the stupid lunch with the stupid supplier who had him confused with a different stupid company (he thought he heard her laugh a bit then), trying to ignore the snugness creeping down his body– just tight enough to be hard to escape without causing discomfort or cutting of circulation.

“That first weekend was pretty terrible.” He’d begun as she started working on his wrists and hands. He described the slight cold he seemed to have caught on the plane and the entertaining he still had to do despite the headache and stuffiness. Sandra had done too good a job getting meetings with current clients, partners, and prospects. He remembered feeling angry at her for her efficiency. He nearly jumped when he felt her pinch his leg after pausing the wrapping around his hands. He realized he had stopped talking.

“Go on. What happened after the weekend?

So he’d told her about the big client – the week of meetings that this guy had asked for.

“This is the one who basically outsourced his Internet store to you a while ago, right?” She had asked as she passed the wrap around the ends of his fingers again, then started back up to make sure she’d covered his hands well.

“Yeah. The first day was a discussion with some folks he wanted to import stuff from who wanted to know more about his online presence before they signed an exclusive contract.” The wrap started moving at a forty-five degree angle now, making a series of ‘X’s to that went from his the vicinity of his waist to his fingertips, making sure his hands couldn’t move. They gently pressed against his butt and added a bit of pressure at the edge where his penis protruded from the wrap. “That was OK, but the real meeting was Wednesday. He had hired a new CTO…”

She gently, slowly, but firmly continued wrapping, heading back down towards his feet as he told her about the new guy who wanted to bring the storefront back in-house. “The idiot couldn’t even run a basic financial analysis. We’ve reduced their price per item we handle for them every single year as our volume picked up from them and other companies, and this damned idiot had these shitty spreadsheets… what the?” Her hand was on his penis, stroking gently, the wrapping suspended – he hadn’t expected that.

“You’re raising your voice, Stephen. Rules.” Then her hand was gone, the wrap nearly to his knees. He took a deep breath, though he wasn’t sure if it was to calm himself or because of her touch. Either way, he still didn’t seem to be responding the way she wanted.

She reached his ankles in the time it took to describe the series of meetings that followed. She had locked his legs together comfortably, but firmly as he told her about meetings with the CTO, the CFO, the owner. How he’d put on a full-court press to show them how they’d spend more money building out a site themselves, probably have problems when they cut over, how they would lose customers as they did. It finally came out that the CTO was worried Stephen would screw them by selling competing items from his other company, which Stephen pointed out would be both a breach of contract and stupid of him – he had too many other clients that would bail on him if he did. And that he made more money now serving his client’s stores than he did from his own. All the while, she firmly applied more plastic wrap, the cocoon around him growing more snug with the additional layers. Somewhere around his knees, he barely became aware that he was beginning to become erect.

She’d made it back to his waist as he’d finished talking about that week and weekend. A horrible round of golf, which he hated playing anyway, that included a sudden downpour that had soaked him sufficiently that he’d wanted to go back to his hotel. More wrap was going around his hands. But no, the client wanted to finish the round in the slight drizzle that followed…

He hadn’t realized that his sexual excitement had started to fade as talked about the weekend. He’d also missed that his voice was rising in volume as he discussed playing seven holes in soggy clothing as he tramped through the fucking mud that some holes under repair had forced him to play from. Then her gentle touch to the head of his penis, the stroke along his shaft had made it clear he was letting the story become too intense. He didn’t notice that this helped reverse the trend and start his erection going again.

Describing the last week had actually become hard. As she wound the wrap back around his chest, ever so slightly firmer than the first time without getting too tight, he found it increasingly difficult to talk about what had happened and what he did. He realized he was a bit ashamed of some of it. A few good meetings made the story easy to tell at first. But as she carefully put wrap over his shoulders to cover all of the skin below his neck, tearing off strips that went from the small of his back to about his belly button, it had gotten harder. He’d finally gotten to the last two days as she applied the sixth strip over his shoulders, thorough as she was.

Those were really the nightmare, and he realized he’d really let the pent up frustrations get to him when he was dealing with his staff. The contract that vanished from the new partner he did care about, the one that arrived from these turkeys who wanted it done today – he’d talked about all of that while she began wrapping around his chest again to cover the ends of the strips that covered his shoulders. That didn’t stop him from getting wound up a bit, though, particularly about Ted.

Despite the fact that he realized he’d been a bit of an ass, Ted had been useless most of the last two days. Incompetent, slow to act or respond, he couldn’t seem to get even the most basic…

Her hand was back and he stopped and moaned since she paid more attention to his penis this time than before. She had increased the speed of her wrapping and was already around his thighs when he’d both raised his voice and called Ted a “useless shit.” Her touch lingered, toying with him more. He was surprised to find that she actually got him to respond – he was starting to stiffen. Then she’d stopped and started wrapping again. Though she said nothing, he knew he was supposed to continue.

He managed to finish the story just a few moments after she’d reached his ankles, and tore off the wrap. He heard her rummaging around on the coffee table as he finished. He stood there, bound from neck to ankles and blind as he waited for her. It didn’t take long for him to feel her pushing a large foam rubber ball wrapped in plastic against his lips and into his mouth. She wordlessly packed it in, speaking only when he didn’t feel her hands at all anymore.

“Since that included today and even your ride home from the airport, I guess you don’t need to talk any more. So you won’t.”

She removed the blindfold and threw it aside, then started wrapping around his head, the 5” roll giving her ample control over what she covered. She spoke softly enough that he had to strain a bit to hear her, particularly as she covered his ears. “Instead, you can focus on how completely and totally under my control you are and how little you have to say about anything that happens now that I’m planting that gag firmly in your mouth.”

The wrap passed over his mouth around the back of his head twice, then turned and went from under his jaw to the top of his head as she spoke, faster than she’d been wrapping his body. She started wrapping at different angles to really seal things as she continued talking.

“You see, I know this guy who can be just wonderful when he doesn’t forget that he’s a human and that means that he occasionally needs positive connections with other people.” She finished securing the gag and tore the wrap off the roll. The way she carelessly threw the roll over her shoulder even though she turned back to the table to get something else seemed almost forcefully playful, but worked somehow.

She showed him a roll of 2” wide red electrical tape, which she attached to his right shoulder as she continued. “This guy forgets that he needs to carve out time to be something other than a driven, energetic, successful businessman.” The tape started down his body at a forty-five degree angle as though he were a barber pole. It was then that he noticed the wrap around his body was green. She worked quickly with the tape again, which both added compression around him and continued the somewhat careless playfulness that throwing the roll of wrap had started. She seemed to count on the stretch of the tape itself to prevent any problems with circulation.

“This guy also forgets that when he’s with a fantastic, gorgeous, intelligent, outgoing, sensual girl he needs to make a bit of time to talk to her even if his calendar is really crowded.” The tape had already passed around him four or five times to reach his ankles. She paused and looked up at him. “Hmmm, who could I possibly be talking about?” She laughed a bit and he couldn’t help but smile into his gag – more at the ridiculousness than because it was funny. She started back up towards his head, creating diamond shapes on his body from the first pass as she did.

As the tape made its way cleanly, but quickly, back up, she continued. “This guy also forgets that it’s OK to let business go and engage in a bit of fantasy, a bit of fun every once in a while. Do you want to know a fantasy I have?” She timed her words such that she was tearing off the tape right as she asked the question. She stared at him until he realized she was actually looking for an answer. He nodded.

“You’ll just have to wait a moment, then.”

She walked behind him and he started to protest until he heard something heaving dragging across the rug that covered the hardwood floor. He turned his head and saw her pushing the armchair closer to him. She turned around from pulling the chair over, grinned at him looking, and hugged him from behind. One hand grasped his chest, the other reached his growing erection and started stroking again. When she stopped, he moaned and complained into the gag.

She looked at him sternly when she was back in front of him, “I don’t think I asked for your opinion in any way, did I?” But he could see the slight gleam in her eye. He moaned when he felt her hand on his penis again, gentle touches this time instead of firmer strokes. It was already well on its way to full attention.

“Shhhh.” She pushed him so that he had no choice but to sit down heavily in the chair, a bit uncomfortable due to the wrappings. But she was quickly next to the chair, maneuvering him all the way to the ground by sliding his butt down the front of the chair.

“In my fantasy, this man’s transformed himself into this ogre and we have to find a way to turn him back. We have to find a way to leave Mr. I’m-running-a-company-and-on-the-road-for-weeks who doesn’t have time for this fantastic woman he knows at all behind and get back to the nice guy he’s hiding inside.” His butt on the ground, she slid the chair back away from him. Lying down was definitely more comfortable than sitting up, so he did.

Karyn didn’t bother to help him, instead grabbing another roll of plastic wrap off the coffee table – red this time. She went straight to his feet, which she lifted up, propping his lower legs up on her legs as she began trapping his feet in the wrap.

“And in this fantasy, a magical Irish princess captures the ogre and makes him her prisoner for as long as it takes for him to remember all of that.” She worked quickly around his feet as she spoke, welding them together with just enough room to let him wiggle them slightly. She added strips from his heels over the tips of his toes to complete the coverage, then turned back to wrapping around them. The wrap eventually went up his legs five to six inches to make a solid attachment with the green stuff on his legs. He looked like he wore a single red boot or sock. “And that this princess is so gifted in the art of persuasion that he won’t have a choice but to accept that transformation.”

Again, she tore off the wrap and threw it carelessly away. His feet went back to the floor as she returned to the coffee table and produced two golden adhesive bows. Those went over his nipples quickly as she continued, leaning in close to him so she could drop her voice.

“You see, this princess knows this ogre well and knows how to tame him. And she has no plans of releasing him until he’s satisfied her, apologized to her properly – a text message? Really? It was something, but truly, Stephen you’d become the ‘old you’ and ogre right there.”

His decoration complete, she lay on the floor next to him, her breasts pressing against his side as her hand wandered to his penis. She started stroking slowly, but built the speed up slightly as she lay there.

“I suspect that this fantasy will come true because if it doesn’t your family will arrive to find you wrapped up like a present on the floor Tuesday with the Princess nowhere to be found.” He moaned at the attention, getting hard in spite of his earlier concerns. “And I suspect that the three days the Princess has to convince the ogre of this will be plenty of time, even if she keeps him tied up,” her hand suddenly left his nearly full erection, “and does nothing but torture him despite her own desire to take advantage of him over and over for her own pleasure.”

He struggled and thrashed, her body warm against him as he did. His own arousal and sudden desire for her to continue caught him completely off-guard. The exhaustion he had felt just minutes ago seemed to have faded away, replaced by libidinous drive that one would expect from a teenager. She stopped stroking, allowing her hand to drift along his side, tickling him slightly, which meant she was trying to get that reaction – he wasn’t that ticklish and the wrap dulled the sensation. He groaned at her and she smiled, which made him growl instead. Her hand returned to his penis, but moved slower now, toying with him rather than trying to rapidly arouse him.

“Oh, no, my ogre. I don’t think it will be that easy. I think that the taming has just begun and that I’ve got a bag of toys for me somewhere in this house that I’m going to be getting to help with the first of these transformative sessions.”

She leaned in, kissing his neck, blowing on it just to make him feel the warmth as her hand made slow circles around the head of his penis, slow strokes up and down it with her fingernails. He found himself starting to beg. She responded by circling his shaft completely with her hand and beginning to pump fairly rapidly. “I haven’t even changed into the first of my torture outfits yet and I have three or four to go through.”

Her hand vanished from his erection, now fully developed. Her head moved away from his neck, her body breaking contact with him. He fairly glared up at her in frustration and struggled to emphasis his engorgement. She laughed and patted his cheek.

“See, even now you’re trying to control me – to get me to do what you want.” She stood and he could see that she was wearing skimpy, lacy red panties as he looked up her short skirt. She started to slowly walk away from him, towards the stairs, the step across his body to get there improving his view up her skirt.

“But you’re not in control. You’re my present to me as of right now and you best remember that. I want the man I’ve been with for months now back and I don’t intend on cutting you loose until he’s in this house and not the ogre.”

From the bottom of the stairs, she looked back at him over her shoulder. “I checked with Sandra, so I know I have two and a half days before your business party. Maybe I’ll even be extra careful to keep that ogre restrained for that entire time.”

The wall that screened off the rest of the staircase had barely blocked his view of her and he’d started to struggle when she’d suddenly peeked her head around and grinned at him wickedly. “And the hardware store I visited had this wonderful colored wrap. Red, blue, purple, green – quite festive. I think when I added up the length of the rolls, it came to about 16,000 feet because I had to buy boxes with four of each. That’s over 3 miles of plastic wrap with your name on it until the ogre vanishes.” She looked thoughtful as she paused. Then the grin got more wicked, more playful. “Come to think of it, it may have your name on it even if he does.”

He was forced to listen to her footsteps recede up the stairs, longing to jump up and rush after her. The firm, warm embrace of his cocoon had gone from being something annoying he was putting up with on her account to a sensual restraint that emphasized her power. She’d managed to draw the venom he’d built up out of him and replace it with what could only be described as sheer lust at the moment.

He felt incredibly aroused, amazingly awake. He wanted release so badly he thrashed and considered rolling over to take advantage of the friction he could get from the carpet. But that wouldn’t result in what he wanted – he wanted her. And he knew she would be back soon enough.

Her present sat just next to the tree, bucking its hips in a futile effort to gain more stimulation. As it did, it began to debate whether or not it would be fun to make sure that the ogre stuck around for a least a little while longer. He could faintly hear footsteps at the top of the stairs, and redoubled his efforts.


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