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A Wager between the Gods

by Darkraptor1

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Storycodes: MF; F/m; deities; display; wrap; bandages; cloth; cocoon; majick; stuck; cons/nc; X

continued from part 1

Part 2 

The field trip was giving Mrs. Clarie Hannover a very hard time. A previous cleaning lady, the schoolteacher was now trying to keep her class organized and orderly, a task that proved almost impossible. 

“Now class, if you follow Mr. Weaving, he’ll show us the Egyptian exhibit! Won’t that be fun? Bobby! Put that sword down!” 

The tour guide led the children into the Egyptian room, full of ancient treasures and artifacts. 

“And if you look to your right children, you’ll see an authentic Egyptian coffin!” 

The children were awed for exactly three seconds before their attention wandered. But Mr. Weaving was prepared. He had handled groups like this before. 

“And if you look over here children, you’ll see our latest acquisition. An authentic mummy that was unearthed in Egypt!” 

Now that caught the kids attention. They swarmed over each other to look at the mummy that was propped up in a display case. It was tied to a large post by several straps. 

“This mummy was donated to us about a year ago,” Mr. Weaving explained. “It’s one of the finest mummies ever unearthed. Its condition is excellent, and we intend to keep it here for another ten years before it goes on tour.” 

“Hey Billy.” One of the kids whispered to another. “Wanna bet that mummies gonna come to life and chase you down?!” 

“Go get a life Pedro.” Ten year old Billy said. “That mummy won’t come to life. And even if it did, it’s wrapped up too tightly to escape!” 

If only you knew how true you were human child, Anubis sadly thought to himself as he watched the children walk away. 

If he could sigh, Anubis would have. 

A year. That’s how long he had been here. 

One year down, fifty-nine to go. 

Life was terrible here. The scenery never changed. Yes, there were plenty of visitors who came to see him, and they amused him, but they always left, and then Anubis was alone again until the next time the museum opened. 

The young ones were always his favorite. They often ran around, tormenting their parents, who were always following them.  They provided his greatest moments of amusement, when he could forget, even for a moment, that he was a prisoner here, in this skin of wrapped bandages and sheets. 

But inevitably, he would remember where he was. 

None of his body parts, save his eyes, had moved in over a year. His arms remained bound to his sides, and his legs remained wrapped together. 

He spent much time thinking. Because he couldn’t move, that was all he could do. 

He thought of what was going on in the outside world. He wondered what Bastet was doing. Had she died and gone back to the spirit world? She had visited him occasionally, sitting down on a bench and watching him all day. 

But the last time she had shown up was about six months ago, if he figured correctly. 

He knew that he had no one to blame but himself for being here. His choices had eventually bought him here. 

And so he remained here, locked and imprisoned inside this infernal cocoon. His unyielding prison held him tightly, refusing to even let him move half a centimeter. 

All he could do was stand here, propped up in a display case, and watch life pass him by. 

The rays of the sun’s light were slowly going out. The museum would be closing soon. And then he would be alone again, the only living thing inside this museum at night. 

Night was the only relief from this tortured existence. When night came, Anubis would sleep, and he would dream.  For a while, he would be free again, free to be in the land of his dreams, and feel what it was like to be unhindered and free to do whatever he wanted. 

But when he woke up, he would be locked again in his body and his prison. 

And the process would continue. Over and over and over again. 

Someone walked in front of him. It was a woman. She was alone, attractive. Even a little physically desirable.  She looked at her tour book and looked at the displays around her.  She looked curious, inquisitive. More focused then most of the visitors who came through here. 

At that moment, there was a feeling that Anubis hadn’t felt in a long time. 

It was coming from his chest. What is it? he thought. What is this sensation? 

If only he could remember. He knew he had felt this once, but he couldn’t remember it. 

Anubis watched through his veil as the woman suddenly stopped. She put her hand to her chest, as if she felt something. 

She looked around, baffled as to what was going on. 

“Mam?” A voice said, out of Anubis’s viewing range. “We’re closing now.” 

The woman nodded and walked away, still wearing an expression of curiosity. 

The feeling on Anubis’s chest stopped. 

That was strange. He thought. 

As the lights around him shut down, all Anubis could do was guess. 

Another week went by. Only twenty two thousand seven hundred and forty eight weeks to go before his release. 

He spent his time watching the visitors walk past him. He had long since ago learned to forget about their mobility. Envy would drive him insane. And in his current predicament, that would not be good. 

The woman showed up again at the end of the week. Anubis wasn’t surprised to see her, since many people came by the museum often. 

But this woman went directly to the spot where she had been a week ago. She looked around, holding her chest. 

And the feeling came to Anubis. The strange sensation near his chest. 

He had spent the last week trying to remember what this feeling was. He was so close…what was it?… 

Vibration! He suddenly remembered. It was vibration, buzzing. 

The necklace! 

Anubis had forgotten the necklace. It was still pressed to his chest, where Bastet had wrapped it into place a year ago. 

Then that meant… 

That the woman was Rose. 


How often Anubis had thought of her. Her face had been with him the first few weeks of his confinement. He knew that it was a futile dream, to hope of ever being with her ever again. 

But she was here, only a few feet away from him, and she didn’t know it! 

Rose was standing, feeling the necklace vibrate around her neck. Anubis watched anxiously as she thought, as she tried to figure out what was going on. 

Rose! He screamed silently. I’m here! I’m so close to you! Remember! 

Rose looked around, as if she had indeed heard him. 

I’m here! Here! Over here! 

Rose suddenly lit up. And Anubis did too. 

She had remembered. 

She remembered the necklace, and who had given it to her. 

She now spun wildly, looking in every direction, trying to figure out where her loved one was. 

Please Rose! Anubis shouted silently.

But Rose did not hear him. She left the room, and Anubis knew that she was looking for him. 

But she wouldn’t find him. 

She went by him five more times that day, trying to figure out where the vibration went to. 
And she had no idea that the man she loved was only a few feet away. 

At last, the museum closed. Rose didn’t come back. She had to leave, Anubis knew. 

But would she come back?  And if she did, would she be able to figure out where he was? 

Anubis’s sleep was troubled that night. He had dreams of Rose just out of reach, searching for him, knowing that he was around her, but she was unable to find him. 

And he was only a few feet away. 

When Anubis awoke the next morning, he went through the usual disappointment of realizing that he was still a living mummy, and still locked inside this prison. 

But for the first time in a year, he felt something new. A feeling that he remembered instantly. 


He watched as the visitors began to come in. He watched as the tour guides pointed him out and described how authentic and old he was. The families, the couples, the old and the young, they now meant nothing. 

There…there she was. 

The vibration from Anubis’s necklace began. 

Rose felt hers go.  And immediately, she looked around. 

Anubis knew that now was the perfect chance to do something. 

He focused. He went deep into himself, summoning what strength he could.  Now was the moment to move, if he was to ever move again. 

He focused. He summoned. He began to try and flex his limbs.  After a few moments, it was done. What strength he could gather was now in him. 

All that needed to happen was to have Rose look at him. 

Rose. He said, focusing on her. Look this way. 

Rose stopped, and looked directly at him. 


Anubis exploded, thrusting his strength into his wrapped up limbs, commanding them to move, to ignore the wrappings that encircled them. 

He had to move.  He focused everything he had on moving… 

…And managed only a faint wiggle, that lasted barely half a second. 

His prison was just too strong. Its strength had not diminished, and still it held him.  He had used all his strength, and all he had managed was a half-second of movement. 

But it had been enough. 

Rose looked startled. Her eyes went wide. She turned to a visitor that was right next to her. 

Anubis focused his hearing, and though it was very faint, he managed to pick up what Rose was saying. 

“Did you see that?” Ahh, her voice sounded so sweet… 

“See what?” 

“That…that mummy. It looked like it moved!” 

The visitor looked at Rose with an odd look in her eye. 

“Look, I know it sounds weird, but it looked like that mummy moved!” 

The visitor looked at Rose sympathetically.  “Lady, I’m sorry, but I didn’t see anything.” 

Rose, sensing that further discussion was going to be a waste of time, dropped the subject.  But she looked at the mummy that was Anubis. She looked at him, wondering, trying to figure out if she was hallucinating. 

Not quite sure what to do, and thinking she might be half mad, Rose asked the strangest question she had ever found herself asking. 

“Uhm…mummy, if you can hear me, can you please move?” 

The thought of Rose recognizing who he was gave Anubis strength. He thrashed as hard as he could within his cocoon. 

And managed to wiggle. 

Rose’s hands went to her mouth in shock, and she almost fell down as she staggered backwards. 

“Oh my God!” She panted. “Oh my God! That can't…it just can’t be…Jack?!” 

Anubis thrashed again, wiggled. 

Rose collapsed on the floor, her hands over her mouth. Her eyes were the size of dinner plates. 

And Anubis’s spirit soared. 

She had found him. 

At that moment, an old woman walked into the room, and Anubis recognized her instantly. 


“Well my dear,” The old lady said in her soothing voice. “Whatever are you doing down there?” 

Rose stammered, trying to find the words, all the while staring in shock at the mummy that was her boyfriend. “I…I…I…” 

“Had a sudden thought?” Bastet asked casually. “I know. I get them myself occasionally. Sometimes they can be quite earth shattering!” 

Rose didn’t reply, still staring at her wrapped up boyfriend. “I…I…” 

“What dear? Did you find something in here you want?” 

That seemed to snap Rose back to reality. “Well…I…I was suddenly…uh…overtaken at how majestic that mummy was. I so wish I could have it.” 

Bastet looked at Anubis. “Hmm…well, that old fossil sure is a fine specimen.” 

For a split second, Anubis thought that Bastet winked at him. 

“Tell you what,” the old woman said. “I happen to have a few ties to the management here.” 

Rose looked surprised. “You?” 

“Why of course my dear. I’m one of the principal owners of this museum. I’m sure I can… arrange something for you.” 

Rose looked like she would melt with joy. 

Bastet offered her hand. “Come with me my dear, and we’ll see what we can work out.” 

Rose followed the old woman, all the while her head looking back towards the mummy in the display case. 

Anubis breathed deeply. This exertion had cost him much strength. He was exhausted. 

Maybe sleep would help… 

As he drifted off into the blessed darkness, Anubis’s heart soared. 

Rose now knew him… 

* * * * *  

The shaking movement woke Anubis up. 

What was going on? 

Opening his eyes, Anubis saw that it was nighttime. He was moving. 

But how? He was still locked inside his mummy cocoon. He couldn’t move a muscle. 

Only then did he realize that several men were carrying him. 

“Careful now sonnies!” Bastet said. “That’s a piece of history you’re handling there!” 

“Yes ma’am.” The movers said as they carried Anubis out of his display case and onto a trolley that was waiting for him. 

The sensation of movement was overwhelming him. He had been kept rigidly still in one place for a year! And now he was being moved! 

He drank in the sight of moving scenery as he was taken out of the Egyptian display room. But where was Rose? He couldn’t see her, though he sensed that she was nearby. 

Then they were outside. Anubis was astonished to see the night sky again. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Never before had he fully stopped to appreciate it. 

He was picked up, and placed into a container of some kind. Where was he going? 

Anubis was too happy to care. 

“Come on Rosie!” Bastet said from somewhere nearby. “Lets take your trophy home and unpack it!” 

There was darkness for a while as the lid was placed on, and then there was movement. 

Anubis had no idea how long they moved. But his mind was racing. Rose was taking him to her home! He was going to be with her! 

Soon the movement stopped. Anubis felt his container being taken up a slope of some kind, and then placed on a firm surface. 

He lay there and waited. Waited to see what would happen. 

Bright light assailed his eyes as the lid came off. 

And there she was, right above him. 

Rose was very excited as she lifted the mummy out of the shipping container and placed it on the carpeted floor. 

“Jack?” She whispered. “Is it really you? I’m going to cut you out!” 

Anubis heard what sounded like a pair of…what were they called?…oh yes, scissors. Then he felt some distant cutting. His head bandages were coming off! 

And then his hair was revealed. And his forehead. And his eyes. And his nose. 

And Rose dropped her scissors. 

“Oh Jack!” She shouted as she grabbed the mummy and held him in her arms, hugging and squeezing him tightly.  “Oh my Jack.” Rose whispered as she stroked his head. “I was so worried about you! I was so worried! But it’s okay now. I’ll get you out of there, I’ll clean you up, and we can live together! I’ll get you out of there!” 

“I’m afraid you can’t do that.” Bastet said as she walked into the room. 

Rose spun to look at her. “What? That’s insane. I’m getting him out of these wrappings, and you’re not going to stop me!” 

Bastet gave a very faint smile. “Oh, I think I can.” 

She waved her hand, and suddenly Rose’s fingers melted together into a solid mass of flesh. Before she could scream, her mouth was melted together into a solid wall of skin. 

Rose tried to scream as she realized what was happening to her. She dropped Anubis, who fell helplessly onto the carpet. 

“Now calm down my dear,” Bastet said. “This is only temporary.” 

But Rose was screaming. But nothing was coming from where her mouth was. 

Anubis felt a burning desire to grab the old woman and snap her neck, to stop her from putting a spell on the one he loved. 

Bastet rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers. 

Instantly all sound and all movement stopped. Rose went still. 

“There. That’s better.” Bastet said. “Now if you listen, I’ll explain what’s going on.” 

Rose looked terrified, but her eyes followed the old woman. 

“Your boyfriend is wrapped up as a mummy.” Bastet said. “I’m sure you realize that by now. He’s wrapped up like this because he lost a bet to me, and now has to pay the price, by spending sixty years wrapped up like this.” 

Rose’s eyes widened in shock and surprise. 

“He’s been like this for a year, and has fifty nine left to go before he dies.” The cat deity gave a smile. “As you’ve probably figured out by now young human, I’m not all I appear to be.” Bastet noticed the terrified look in Rose’s eyes.  “But don’t worry. I’m not here to hurt you. I’m just here to tell you what you can do with your boyfriend from now on. You can keep him for the rest of your life, but he won’t be coming out of that cocoon he’s in.” 

Anubis’s heart sunk. 

“And don’t bother trying to cut him out either. I’ll put a little spell that makes it impossible to cut him out. You don’t have to worry about feeding him either. He’s gone a year without food, water, or the toilet, and he’ll last fifty nine more years doing the same!” 

Rose looked completely bewildered. 

“But look on the bright side. When wrapped up, he’s all nice and cuddly. Think of him as a human teddy bear, only wrapped up instead of stuffed.” 

Bastet looked at Rose. “And I tell you this. If you go to the authorities or any other organization to get him out, I’ll come back and take him away, and then you’ll never see him again while you still live.” She smiled. “Is that understood?” 

Rose nodded. 

Bastet clapped her hands. “Okay then. I’ll put the spells on him, I’ll change your hands and mouths back, and then I’ll be on my way.” 

Waving her hand, Bastet cast a spell of imprisonment upon Anubis, sealing him inside his mummy cocoon permanently. 

Anubis managed a groan of disappointment. 

Another wave of the hand, and the bandages around Anubis’s head went back into place, sealing themselves around him. 

Except this time, Anubis’s eyes were left unwrapped. 

Bastet walked over to Anubis. “Well kiddo, looks like you’re fortunate to spend the rest of your life with the lady you love! Have fun!” 

And with that, Bastet turned and walked out of the room. The door was opened, then closed. 

With a pop, Rose’s mouth and fingers went back to normal. She sat where she was for a few seconds longer, and then quickly went to her mummy lying on the floor. 

“Oh Jack.” She whispered as she cradled him close to her. “I don’t know what all is going on here, but I want you to know that I love you. I love you now, and I’ll love you forever. You’ll be safe in my care.” 

Anubis’s eyes spoke to her, telling her that he knew he was okay, and that he was looking forward to spending the rest of his life on earth with her. 

The two lay together for a long time. When Rose eventually went to sleep, she held her new husband in her arms. 

Anubis found her embrace to be very comforting. 

* * * * *  

Fifty nine years later 


The fifty-nine years were a blur. 

Anubis found it so hard to believe that they went by so fast. He wasn’t complaining though.  After all, his wife was the most loving and caring human he had ever seen or met. She loved to be with him, to hug and hold him, to watch movies and television with him, to read books to him. 

But above all, she loved just holding and cuddling him. 

After fifty-nine years together, they were happier then they had ever been before. 

But soon, the end came for both of them.  Rose went first.  Anubis lay in his cocoon, now an aged human, old and tired.  His wife was still holding him when he woke up.  He noticed that something was wrong with her. 

He noticed that she wasn’t breathing. 

She was dead. Quietly passed of heart failure. 

And Anubis knew that his time was upon him as well. After sixty years, it would finally end. 

Accepting and welcoming his death, Anubis closed his eyes, feeling so sleepy. 

He didn’t mind dying. After all, he knew what was coming. 

And he would be with Rose… 

He slowly melted into the darkness, and into sleep. 

And then he died. 

* * * * *  

When he opened his eyes, he was lying in bed. Rose’s body was still next to him. 

He looked around, then stopped. 

He had moved his head. 

Anubis dared to move his arm, hoping that he wasn’t still alive. 

His arm moved, and flexed perfectly.  He moved his other arm, and then his legs. 

And Anubis knew the truth.  His physical body was dead. 

He was free. 

Anubis gave a shout of relief and pure joy. He swooped up into the air, doing flips and twirls just for the heck of it. 

He looked down at the bed, where his physical body still lay, wrapped up and held in the arms of his wife’s body. 

The people who would find them would find a very odd sight. 

But Anubis didn’t care. That was of no concern to him now. 

He was ready to go home. 

The tunnel came around him, and Anubis was flying. He flew through the tunnel, leaving the physical world behind, flying through the stars, through the universe, beyond time and space. 

And then he saw the light. 

It was just as he remembered it. The Nile flowing cool and refreshing, the elegant temples, pyramids and buildings untouched by decay or time. 

And the others were there too, waiting for him. 

They gave him a huge reception, every single one of them. For Anubis had finished his life on earth. 

Time for a party. 

Horus began playing music while Bes and Isis fired up the barbecue. 

Odin and Quetzocotal were there too, and they gave Anubis big bear hugs. 

The spirits of the humans who lived in the Egyptian heaven welcomed Anubis back as well, giving him their hugs and their love. 

As the party got into full swing, Bastet walked up to Anubis. 

“Well…” she said. “It wasn’t all that bad, was it?” 

Anubis seriously considered getting angry at her, but in light of being free, it didn’t feel proper. 

“Well, no it wasn’t.”

“How about this? Bastet said. “Maybe in the future, we can go back there, and you can wrap me up this time. Maybe we can be man and wife!” 

Anubis shook his head. “I don’t think so.  I want to spend a very long time relaxing here. After all, it is retirement.” 

Bastet smiled and slapped him on the back. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” 

They started to walk over to the party, but Anubis stopped.

Rose was there. She now looked more beautiful then ever before, glowing with light and love.  She now knew who her boyfriend had really been. She now knew why he was on earth. And she knew that she loved him. 

Anubis ran to her, and she ran to him. 

And they reached each other, and held themselves in each others in arms. 

“You know.” Anubis whispered. “You could be in your own heaven.” 

“I know.” Rose said, smiling. “But my heaven is with you.” 

Anubis gave a smile as he picked up the spirit he loved so deeply. He held her in his arms, embracing her with all his love. 

And it was good.



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