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Wrapped in Silk

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/m; mum; oral; cons; XX

Jerry is a 25 year old single male who enjoys visiting the bondage fantasy club. He has been seeing the older, plump Mistress Jacqueline for various bondage fantasies. Recently he told her about doing a sensory-deprivation, mummified fantasy and he wanted to be in that state for 3 days. She looked into the fantasy idea and was able to do the special bondage fantasy. She told him without going into great detail that she found a way to keep him fed, watered and to get rid of his waste while he was mummified for a long period of time.

Mistress Jacqueline told him once he was totally mummified he would be moved to another location by several men. She also told him when she slaps his cock three times then that would be the signal that his fantasy has begun. She found a synthetic silk that would breathe well and the silk material would be very sensual against his body. She first inserts the earplugs that prevent him from hearing anything. Next is the hood with a breathing tube for his air. Jerry's senses of sight and hearing are now gone.

Pink synthetic silk is wrapped around his body, only his cock and balls are left exposed. Next his mummified body is placed in a large, tight, silk sack. There is an opening to the silk sack if someone wants to reach in and pull out his cock. Now Jerry waits for his erotic fantasy to begin.

Sometime later his cock is slapped three times and he now begins to explore his new surroundings. He can't see or hear anything as he inch-worms slowly in his pink, silk, mummified condition. He thinks he is on a floor and not a table so there is no danger of falling. Suddenly without warning his cock is pulled thru the silk sack's hole. He can feel someone stroking his now hard cock and wonders if it's his Mistress or someone else.

Then someone begins to suck his cock and he is in heaven as the sensation overwhelms him. Jerry is ready to cum when they stop sucking his cock. Then he feels a hard slap on his balls which causes Jerry to scream and to turn on his stomach to protect his cock. Jerry again begins to inch-worm away from that person. He then feels hands all over his silk wrapped body. The sensation of being touched by strangers and the silk material against his body is incredible.

The next thing Jerry feels is nothing and it seems like a long time since he has been played with or given pain. He wonders how much time has gone by....6 hours....2 hours....30 minutes? The sensory deprivation fantasy is becoming a slow, painless torture. He wonders how he will survive for 3 days without hearing or seeing anything.

"Hey Big Fred, what or who is that pink, mummified person?"

Big Fred replies to one of his customers, ``I don't know his name but Mistress Jacqueline gave him to me to pay off her large debt to me. He can't see or hear anything so he has no idea how much time has gone by."

Big Fred then walks over to Jerry and does a quick sucking of his cock. "Look how this pink, silk, mummy reacts and how it jerks upward wanting more attention."

The customer says "I think all your customers at your gay bar will enjoy playing and teasing this pink, silk mummy. I love just watching it inch-worm and struggle."

The customer says "Do you mind taking a photo of myself with this pink, silk mummy as I hold its cock? And how long do you have the pink mummy for?"

Big Fred grabs the customer camera and takes several photos.

"That's the interesting part, this poor fellow was supposed to be in this mummified state for only 3 days but I will keep him for 6 months."


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