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Wrapped in Silk

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; oral; cocoon; mum; sold; transported; display; drug; nc; X

Continues from

Part 2

There are moments where Jerry is hating being wrapped up in silk and moments where he is in heaven and overwhelmed with pleasure due to the lack of sight and sound. He is inch-worming on his stomach as the silk pleasures his whole body when someone stops him and flips him on his back. Someone recently possibly his Mistress Jacqueline has been teasing his cock. He can feel the sensation of his cock being rubbed with a silk scarf, bringing him to the edge of an orgasm and then they stop touching him! Every time he is bucking, trying to reach that mysterious hand. He is left frustrated every time and he wonders again about how much time has gone by.

It has to be more than three days, he wonders. It is beginning to drive him mad, not knowing how much time has gone by and he really wants to be set free from his silk mummification. Then he moans as he feels a mouth on his cock head, then a sensual tongue licking his shaft. Then he can feel the man's beard rubbing against his cocks shaft! Jerry thinks: “Fuck! A man is sucking my cock! Oh No! He is making me harder and I'm about to cum into a man's mouth! Please someone make him stop before it's too late." Jerry tries to pull away and inch-worm away from this man!

Big Fred finally can not resist the sexy pink silk mummy. After teasing this cock for several weeks he is finally going to suck that pink mummy's cock and taste his cum. He starts by sucking on his cock head and then licking the shaft as his long beard rubs up against the shaft. That's when the pink mummy realizes its a man sucking his cock and it tries to get away by inch-worming away. Big Fred grabs the pink mummy, sits on him and finishes the now unwanted blowjob...tasting his cum!

Now Jerry really wants to be unwrapped and set free. The next thing Jerry feels is being picked up by strong arms as he is carried away. The next thing he senses is being in a tight space where he can only move around a few feet. He can barely sit up as he wonders what is happening now and where the hell is he? The next thing he notices is him being moved again and then being placed upright. Now he can't move but only wiggle from side to side. Finally he feels something being placed on his balls and cock head.

Jerry knows that he is in hell! He can't sleep and he can't even inch-worm. His thoughts are "Oh No, it's happening again! Please stop! I can't take anymore!." The pleasure sensation builds up on his balls and then his cock head and after a few minutes his cock is having another painful orgasm as he shoots cum...lots of cum. Finally it's over and he tries to sleep but before he knows it the horrible ordeal will begin again ending again with his cock shooting cum! Jerry's thoughts again "When is my Mistress going to set me free? Did she forget about me? How am I producing so much cum?"

One of Big Fred's customers offered him a lot of money for the sexy pink silk mummy. Big Fred was sad to sell him especially since he was popular with his gay customers. He told the German about how to feed, water and clean this pink mummy without setting it free. The German told Big Fred about his kinky idea for the pink mummy, Big Fred said "Shit, that's no way to live...but what a sight that will be!" The German said "I will have one of my men carry her to the car and then place it into a cargo box and finally loaded onto my private jet. Say goodbye to your pink silk mummy." Big Fred said "I would, but it can not hear me. Poor thing does not know that 4 months have gone by now."

Jerry was placed upright into a clear cabinet and secured inside the cabinet. The German added pleasure sensors to Jerry's cock and balls. He closed the cabinet and now waited for the time. The German brought in several German female models to view his new clock and how it goes off every hour. The German said "Look it's 09:57, the fun is about to begin. Watch as his cock grows because of the sensors will stimulate him for a few minutes until the clock reaches 10:00 and then he will have an explosive orgasm ...shooting his cum outward!" Jerry's cock explodes like clockwork as the sexy models applaud and they begin to play and tease the now very sensitive cock.

The German explains to the sexy models that he has been feeding him special drugs that allow the pink mummy to produce a ton of semen but it makes his cock super sensitive. "I set up the pleasure sensors to activate every hour ...the poor guy can't sleep and he is not aware of how long he will be in this state as my sexy pink silk mummy clock ...perhaps a year or two."

Poor Jerry jerks and screams as one of the models grabs his sensitive cock and starts to suck it. Jerry now believes that only gay men are playing and touching him ...he has no idea that now only sexy German models will be pleasuring and torturing him. Jerry can't stand anymore and he wants his fantasy to end, he starts to fall asleep when it begins again "When will it end? I need to sleep! I need to feel a tight pussy around my cock!"


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