Gromet's Plaza - Halloween Special

Tales from the Crypt: Sorority House Intruder

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/ff; wrap; mum; tape; magic; nc; X

Writer's Note : The images in this story are from videos available for sale at, various clubs found on Yahoo!, the horror movie series "Leprechaun" and this website. This work of fiction is a damsel in distress/horror-comedy story tailored after one of my favorite shows, Tales from the Crypt.


"Hello and ghoul evening, horror fans. This is the Crypt Keeper here with my buddy the great Arnold Schwarzenegger to kick off a series of stories written by a fan known as 'Inferno.' In this first terrifying tale a sorority house is visited by a mischievous little leprechaun trying to reclaim some gold that his ancestors stole generations ago. Will this devilish little creature of the Emerald Isles succeed? Read on and find out!"







Sorority House Intruder (Part One of Three)


Hidden in a dark warehouse on the outskirts of the city, the evil leprechaun O'Warwick counted his gold within his pots. Passed on from generation to generation, the evil leprechaun hoarded his gold and used his faerie magic, often with fatal effects, to preserve its entirety of ownership. Often moving and hiding from place to place, O'Warwick finally had some time to himself to count his precious gold.


"Let's see....three hundred and sixty eight shillings....three hundred and sixty nine I'm missing one!" cursed out O'Warwick is shock at this revelation. "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE! OF COURSE! I MUST HAVE DROPPED WHEN I CHANGED ME HIDEOUT AGES AGO!!! But where could it be hidden? Where?"


O'Warwick then pulled out his magic medallion from his pocket. Reciting a spell with old Gaelic tongues, the medallion began to glow. O'Warwick kicked up his heels happily.


"YES! TAKE ME TO ME MISSING GOLD! AND WOE TO THE LOWLY MORTAL WHO GETS IN ME WAY!!!!" happily cried out O'Warwick as he teleported out of his lair.


*          *          *


Later that night at the Delta Iota Delta sorority, everything was business as usual. Most of the sorority gone partying that night to relax and unwind, only a few remaining. The den mother, a strawberry red haired woman in her early 40s named Monica, was enjoying the quiet time and was enjoying some tea with a den mother from another sorority, a brunette in her mid 30s named Susan.


"Quiet night." commented Susan as she dipped her tea bag into her cup again before taking a sip.


"Yes, but I'm sure things will get busy around 3 AM when the sorority sisters starting wandering in from their parties." smiled Monica. "They try not to make too much noise, but often trip over books and things left behind by their room-mate in the room."


Unknown to the two den mothers, creeping behind the counters was none other than O'Warwick, who snuck in through the kitchen closet via teleportation.


"Hmmmm....this house wasn't here when I last used this place as a hideout. It was merely a grove of trees." thought O'Warwick to himself. "Best to subdue this place's inhabitants before searching for me missing gold that me grandfather stole from the warrior Manaan MacLir."


The evil leprechaun O'Warwick's presence was soon discovered by Monica as she went to the kitchen sink to wash her tea cup. Monica's eyes lit up in surprise as the sudden appearance of this strange looking creature startled her. Susan looked over as well, skeptically observing this midget sized person dressed in some kind of St. Patrick's Day outfit, and walked over next to Monica.


"Who are you?" asked Monica. "How did you get in here?"


"Ah, yes. Who I am...." evilly greeted O'Warwick as he pulled out a small pouch from his belt. "I be O'Warwick of the Emerald Isles, and you two find lasses will soon be me prisoners." O'Warwick then grabbed a fine golden powder from the pouch and blew it across the kitchen, which were accidentally inhaled by Monica and Susan. Both of their heads grew heavy as they both slumped to the floor fast asleep. O'Warwick evilly clapped his hands in joy as he dragged Monica into the living room followed by dragging Susan into the room. Afterwards O'Warwick stripped Monica and Susan down to their bra and panties before magically revealing two rolls of bindings: one of green and the other was yellow.


O'Warwick placed Monica's arms behind her back and legs together, quickly wrapping Monica up tightly in a yellow cocoon. Afterwards he gagged her, then quickly wrapped and bound up Susan in the green bindings into a tight, restraining cocoon before gagging her with a light blue ball gag.


"Ah, that should hold you two lasses while I search for me gold." smiled O'Warwick. "Sticky and restrictive on the inside, strong and tight on the outside."


Monica and Susan began to stir and awake. The two den mothers awoke in shock, unable to move and tightly restrained in binding cocoons. The two managed to get to their feet and tried to hop away to alert the sorority into calling the police.






"And where do you two lasses think you're going?" wickedly asked O'Warwick. "Perhaps to alert the other occupants of this abode? I'd best hide you two away before trussing up the rest of the occupants, eh?"


"NNNNNNNNNGHHHHH!!!!!! DDDDNNNNNTTTTT!!!!!" pleaded Monica, muffled by the yellow gag wrapped around her mouth. Susan looked on in horror as the evil leprechaun walked over to them as drool started to come out of her mouth and ball gag.



O'Warwick grabbed hold of Susan first, dragging her into one of the private dining rooms that could be closed off from the outside by the dining room doors. After laying her on her back O'Warwick returned and dragged Monica next to Susan. Monica and Susan frantically kicked and struggled to no avail, unable to escape the restrictive cocoon that almost seemed to tighten on their own as they struggled to escape.


"MMMMMMNNNNNN!!!!!! HHMMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!" yelled out Susan as she kicked and struggled against the tight cocoon. Monica struggled to escape as well, but was unable to slip an arm from and could barely move.


"There. Struggle all you won't be escaping anytime soon." evilly assured O'Warwick as he shut the doors and went upstairs, leaving Monica and Susan tightly wrapped and bound in the dining room.


O'Warwick made his way up the stairs, overhearing the music coming from a stereo from one of the rooms.  Quietly and stealthily, O'Warwick tip-toed down the hallway and peeked inside the cracks in the doorway, observing for the room's occupant.


Inside the room was a young 20 year old blonde college sophomore and sorority sister Diane, who changed into a party dress before going to a friend's house for a party to arrive "fashionably late". Diane had put on her black bra and panties, and was finishing sliding on a set of waist length pantyhose.


"Ah, that be a pretty faired lass of the female persuasion." smiled O'Warwick devilishly. "Perhaps a more direct approach should be in order to conserve me magic for other threats that may lie within this house."


O'Warwick wasted no time and slowly opened the door without making a sound, then charged forth and attacked Diane from behind, tackling her onto the bed. Diane was momentarily stunned as she tried to fight and kick the intruder off of her. O'Warwick grabbed her hands and forced them behind her back and quickly bound her wrist together with duct tape.


"HEY!!!!" exclaimed Diane. "GET OFF OF ME!!!!!!" Diane's protests were soon muffled by the evil leprechaun as he tape gagged her. Diane struggled and tried to wrestle free but was soon overpowered by O'Warwick who then began binding her arms, legs, and ankles together tightly with the duct tape.


"HMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!!  GGGTTTTTT OOOFFFFFF MMMMNNNNN!!!!!!!" angrily yelled out Diane. Moments later, O'Warwick propped her up on the bed, as Diane found herself helpless and tightly bound.


"There, that should hold you for a while." wickedly smirked O'Warwick. "And don't think your den mothers downstairs can save you lass, for I have them tightly cocooned in the dining room even tighter than I have you."


"MMMMMMRRRRGHHHH!!!!" angrily protested Diane.


"Ah, you ARE a feisty young lass." evilly commented O'Warwick as he peered down the hallway to the other rooms in the large sorority house. "I wonder how many more of your friends are here? Heh-heh....."