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Tales from the Crypt: Sorority House Intruder Part Two

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; tape; rope; magic; nc; X

Writer's Note: The images in this story are from videos available for sale at, various clubs found on Yahoo!, the horror movie series "Leprechaun" and this website. This work of fiction is a damsel in distress/horror-comedy story tailored after one of my favorite shows, Tales from the Crypt.


"Hello, horror fans. This is the Crypt Keeper here continuing the saga of stories written by a fan and author known as 'Inferno.' When we last signed off in part one of the tale the sorority house den mothers and one of the sorority sisters were quickly bound and trussed by the mischievous little leprechaun. Will they escape? Will O'Warwick find his missing gold his ancestors stole?   Read on and find out! It will be a real scream. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"







Sorority House Intruder (Part Two of Three)

O'Warwick peered outside and looked down the hallway of the sorority house. With most of the sorority sisters gone for the evening, it was fairly easy to see who was home and not by the lights appearing from underneath the partially closed doors. As O'Warwick quietly closed the door behind him leaving Diane tightly bound and gagged with duct tape, he tiptoed down the hall overhearing some music playing in one of the rooms.


"Hmmmm, what's this? Nobody home?" thought O'Warwick to himself as he entered the lit room hearing the music but with no one inside. O'Warwick then heard the shower in the bathroom still going.


"Ah, the fair resident of this room be taking a shower, eh? Perhaps I should bide my time and lay in ambush, perhaps..." evilly giggled O'Warwick as he turned off the bedroom lights and hid behind one of the large plastic storage bins in the room.


The sorority sister, Stacie, a young 19 year old with short dark brown hair, entered the bedroom from the bathroom drying her hair, and was wearing an oversized t-shirt and black panties. She was a little surprised to hear the music still playing but that the lights were out.


"Did the light bulb burn out while I was in the shower or did one of the other sisters accidentally turn the switch off?" Stacie thought to herself as she started walking to the other side of the room to turn the light switch back on. O'Warwick grinned as he overheard Stacie's footsteps approaching him and extended his short, stubby leg out, tripping Stacie up.


"OOOOOOOOPPPPPHHHHH!!!!" abruptly exclaimed Stacie as she fell face first onto the floor. O'Warwick quickly ran out from his hiding place and struck Stacie on the back of the head with one of her text books, knocking her out cold before she could get back to her feet. O'Warwick smiled as he closed the door before turning the lights back on and carried the knocked out Stacie onto her bed, removing the towel and began trussing her up tightly on the bed.


"Ah, you ARE a sweet, succulent little lass." commented O'Warwick devilishly as he finished tying the knots, binding Stacie in a tight hogtie with rope before gagging her with a large piece of black tape.


"MMMMMMNNNNN?????" stirred Stacie as she awoke. Stacie's eyes lit up enraged at the wicked little leprechaun as she kicked and struggled to escape her bonds.


"My, aren't we the feisty one this fine evening?" sarcastically smiled O'Warwick. "Who would have thought this little trip to find me lost gold turn out to be so much fun? Far, far, better than evading the palace guards and avoiding the mighty Sir Marhaus when I stole a gold goblet from his treasure chamber."


"MMMMNNNNNGGGHHH!!!!!" angrily demanded Stacie. "LLLLLTTTT MMMNNNN GGNNN!!!"


"No, you shall remain trussed like that until I find me missing gold, lass. Then, perhaps if time permitting, I be sharing you my manhood in a more... intimate environment." maliciously grinned O'Warwick. Stacie winced and turned her head away in disgust at that very notion.


"We shall see, lass...." smiled O'Warwick. Just then, Amber, one of the other sorority sisters, entered the room.


"Hey, Stacie, you almost ready to go out and..... OH MY GOD!!!!!" shrieked Amber in shock as she found her friend Stacie hogtied and this ugly midget dressed in a St. Patrick's Day outfit drooling in her general vicinity. Amber turned and ran back to the door, which was magically shut with a wave of O'Warwick's hand. Before Amber could react O'Warwick blew some of his fairy dust at Amber, forcing her to slump to the carpeted floor fast asleep.


"MMMNNNNNNGGGHHHHH!!!!!" angrily protested Stacie as O'Warwick walked toward the sleeping Amber.


"Ah, best to take her to the other room, eh? Wouldn't want you two freeing each other... heh-heh." grinned O'Warwick as he dragged the sleeping Amber into one of the other rooms. O'Warwick quickly went to work, removing Amber's skirt and revealed her white bodysuit ensemble and nylons. O'Warwick tried to remove one of the nylons, but got his hand partially before finally letting go.


"BAH!!!!" cursed O'Warwick to himself as he pulled out a large roll of blue tape from his jacket and began wrapping Amber's hands behind her back at her wrists before binding up her arms and legs. Amber began to finally stir and awake as O'Warwick finished binding her up tightly.


"There, that should keep you busy, lass." confidently smirked O'Warwick. Amber alertly awoke and sat upright, angrily glaring at O'Warwick. O'Warwick smiled wickedly in response.


"Be glad I ran out of the blue tape, lass, else you would be tightly wrapped in a cocoon like I bound your two den mothers downstairs." mischievously retorted O'Warwick in response to Amber's bitter looks of rage at him.


O'Warwick then paused to think. "How many more are there in this house, I wonder? I trussed up their den mothers, that's two...then the blonde....then the short haired this golden haired many more are there?"


O'Warwick then shrugged and rolled up his sleeves. "It matters not. All that matters now is that I find me gold."


"WWWHNNNNN RRRRR UUUUU DDDNNNN THHSSSS?" angrily yelled out Amber as O'Warwick prepared to leave the room.


"Why, you ask?" responded O'Warwick. "Yes, why not? I have a little time to kill before finding me gold and I doubt you and your pretty friends will be escaping before I find me gold. Long ago my great, great grandfather stole many great treasures from the mighty lords both Scottish and Irish from across the sea. Marhaus, Mannan Mac Lir, so many others. Unfortunately, as a result ever since then we've been on the run, jumping from hiding place to hiding place to avoid the descendants of these mighty battle lords who have made a blood oath in destroying me and reclaiming what we stole! In jumping from place to place I have lost a shilling or two here and there, and this place once served as me hiding place once before. Somewhere in this house is me missing gold shilling. Of course, I can't reclaim my stolen shilling without FIRST subduing its residents, which is turning out to be a most wonderful experience! Ta-ta!"


O'Warwick waved goodbye as he left the room, making his way back downstairs into the family room where he overheard two sorority sisters entering. O'Warwick gave a mischievous grin as he turned out the lights and leaped into the fray. Screams sounded until all was silent.


Minutes later the two sorority sisters, Teresa, who had just returned from a party in her black dress, and Robyn, who had just returned from doing laps at the pool to workout, were tightly bound and gagged in the living room below. Teresa couldn't believe what had happened, only seeing the lights turned out and feeling this rope entangle and wrap around her body on its own. Robyn was still regaining her senses, remembering that that she was tackled to the floor after the lights went out briefly and being bound and gagged with tape.

















"There, I believe that be the last of you lasses while I search for me gold." stated O'Warwick as he dusted his hands off after using his magic to animate the ropes to bind Teresa and grabbed and bound Robyn with some tape.


O'Warwick then pulled out a small wooden divining rod tucked away in his jacket pocket. "Oh magic divining rod of old, lead me to me missing gold!" called out O'Warwick, reciting the ancient spell. The divining rod began to glow as it levitated in the air on its own power and began to shimmer and flicker with magic. The divining rod began to float in a direction to lead O'Warwick along like a dog tracking down a scent.


"Ah, after all these years me magic divining rod passed down from the generation to generation still works!" happily exclaimed O'Warwick. "Now, LEAD ME TO ME MISSING GOLD!!!!!"