Gromet's Plaza - Halloween Special

Tales from the Crypt: Endless Wrapture (Part 2 of 4)

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; F/f; bond; tape; rope; magic; nc; X

Writer's Note: This story uses images from videos for sale at, this web-site, and various clubs found in Yahoo!. This story is inspired by the famed villain "The Crooked Claw" from Harmony Concepts Inc. HOWEVER, although there are images of that character used in this story, the villain in this story does NOT go by that moniker and has a "super villain name" of my own creation with different special powers and gadgets.


"Hello and good evening once again, horror and damsel in distress fans. Looks like the Shadow Sorcerer and Slipknot have things well in hand at they both do their miniature crime spree in the Silver Swan Regency, but their good fortunes succeed?"





Endless Wrapture (Part Two of Four)

Slipknot was starting to run out of patience, not to mention disguises and ropes that she kept hidden strategically throughout the hotel while posing as a temporary cleaning lady. As Slipknot planned her next move as she walked down the hall towards another cache of ropes and disguises she had hidden, her eyes lit up in horror seeing one of the other temps finding them in the supply closet where she had stashed the items.


"Oh hi!" cheerfully greeted Mindy to Slipknot, thinking that she was one of the other temps. "Look what I found. It's a small duffel bag filled with ropes, a few small boxes of makeup kits, wigs, and a bunch of fake ID cards. What do you make of this?"


"It means you are as clever as you are cute." sternly smiled Slipknot as she advanced toward Mindy.


"What do you mean? HEY......!" exclaimed Mindy.


Slipknot wrestled Mindy down to the floor before dragging into one of the other storage rooms down the hall, removing most of her clothes before quickly binding her up in a small package of ropes and gagged her with a red cloth. Mindy looked in disbelief, even giving a little smile at Slipknot as if this was some sort of erotic game.


"Oh, to be that young and adventurous again...." conceded Slipknot as she finished tying the knots and left the storage room. However, she now realized she was fighting the clock. Since one of her hidden caches were found by a simple cleaning temp, what were the chances that the hotel security personnel would find it, and her, for that matter.


Slipknot decided to take a more aggressive strategy in scoring the "big prize" for the night and realized she needed access to information on the hotel guests to narrow her search. Checking the directory in the hall, she found the location of the main hotel management offices, which were located on the 10th floor penthouse that served as an office.


Meanwhile, the Shadow Sorcerer continued his plan searching for the missing plans hidden in an ordinary jewelry box. With each passing moment the Shadow Sorcerer's patience stayed firm and steady, like a fine connoisseur awaiting his prize knowing the rewards of his diligence. The Shadow Sorcerer's search did not lack an impact, however, as he accidentally wandered into an interview room of prospective applicants for a local television commercial. A few rope and bind spells later, the production staff were bound and gagged with ropes while the actress were tightly trussed with duct tape.

















"Hmmm....I'm just getting warmed up." smiled the Shadow Sorcerer, feeling his power and magic surge through his body as he departed down the hallway. "I must admit this has been a most pleasurable search and locate mission. Hmmmm, what have we here?"


The Shadow Sorcerer noticed a tall, slender woman in her early 20s entering her hotel room, apparently one of the models just finishing a photo shoot. He then felt another "twinge", sensing that possibly inside the room the jewelry box he was looking for was there. Transforming himself into gaseous form, the Shadow Sorcerer entered the room from the underneath crevice and reformed into solid form inside the room.


"Who are you?!" exclaimed Sadie, the young model. "I'll scream!!!!!"


"You'd like to think that, wouldn't you?" laughed the Shadow Sorcerer as he gestured a spell with his hand. "Bind."


Suddenly, a swirl of red, sticky tape shot out from underneath his sleeve, wrapping and entangling Sadie in a tight cocoon from her shoulders to her ankles. Sadie couldn't believe her eyes at what had just transpired, and was too shocked to scream. The Shadow Sorcerer grabbed hold of Sadie and lowered her down to the floor and quickly gagged her with a cloth.


"Relax. I'm NOT after your money." asserted the Shadow Sorcerer. Sadie retained her doubts given the situation as she struggled but could barely move a finger in the tight cocoon.


The Shadow Sorcerer searched around the room, finding nothing remotely resembling the jewelry box he was looking for. For the first time in a while, the Shadow Sorcerer started to feel a twinge of frustration. With his many spells and powers, he did not have any that could have assisted his search. His powers focused on the offense, and not perception.


"MMMMNNNNGGGGG!!!!! HHHMMMMMPPPPPPP!!!!!!" cried out Sadie, muffled by the gag.


"So many rooms to search, so little time." thought the Shadow Sorcerer to himself as he left the room, leaving Sadie tightly wrapped in her cocoon.


"NNNNGHHHHH!!!!!! NNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!" yelled out Sadie in frustration from her bonds. She had never felt anything so restrictive in her entire life and tried to roll around to get to the door to get help but couldn't. At best, she had to patiently wait until the room service she ordered would arrive, which wouldn't be for at least 45 minutes.















Slipknot, on the other hand, went directly to the tenth floor, reaching the front offices of the Silver Swan Regency.


"I'm sorry, miss, but the chief manager can't be disturbed right now. Can you please wait and I can have you meet her in about 30 minutes." politely explained the receptionist.


"No, I'm afraid I need to see her right now." bluntly replied Slipknot. "More importantly, I need access to her computer."


"Miss, I think you'd better leave." sternly warned the receptionist as a female security guard entered. Slipknot remained firm as she pulled out a small makeup case and opened it. Blowing a whiff to pink mist into both the receptionist and security guard, the two immediately sneezed but then fell fast asleep.


"I believe that was my last unit of sleeping powder. That's not good." thought Slipknot to herself as she checked the case before putting it back in her bag. She then pulled out some ropes and went to work, but first removed the security guard uniform and donned it on herself, which was a loose fitting pair of slacks and polo shirt with the Silver Swan Regency emblem on it with a walkie-talkie on a utility belt.


Julia, the receptionist, was still drowsy as she slowly came to while the female security guard remained asleep. Slipknot had bound both of their hands behind their back, ankles together, tied up their arms, then tied the two of them together on the floor.


"There, that should keep you out of my way while I access what I need." happily stated Slipknot as she entered the office of the chief hotel manager, Sheila Michaelson. Posing as a security guard from the stolen clothes she took from the receptionist area, Sheila didn't pay any real attention to her arrival.


"Excuse me, Miss Michaelson, I need to do a quick check on your computer for a possible hacker in the system. Are you logged into the main database?" asked Slipknot.


"Yes, I am." answered Sheila.


"Splendid." smiled Slipknot as she lunged at Sheila with ropes in hand, wrestling her to stay in her office chair while wrapping and binding her up in ropes.


"HEY!" angrily exclaimed Sheila. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! YOU'RE NO SECURITY GUARD!!!!"


"An observation made too late, I'm afraid..." laughed Slipknot as she quickly entwined and wrapped the ropes around Sheila's body, tying her to the chair.


Slipknot then gagged Sheila with a nylon hose, following by accessing her computer. Scrolling through the various database searches, Slipknot found what she was looking for in mere seconds.


"Nice search engine you have for your hotel management database." commented Slipknot as she copied down the information on a small notepad. "Very state of the art and efficient."


"I now know where who wealthiest guest here is, none other than the visiting software heiress Bonnie Lakewood. A very delectable bounty, indeed." thought Slipknot to herself as Sheila looked on helplessly.


"Well, can't have you track me." conceded Slipknot as she deactivated the computer and cut the line. "By the time you get loose and re-establish your data connection I'll be far, far away. Ta-ta, and thanks!"


"MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHH!!!!" angrily replied Sheila.


"Now, it's time for a big payoff. The flamboyantly wealthy heiress to Lakewood Industries...she probably carries more negotiable bonds on her person than a dozen banks in this city combined!" Slipknot thought to herself.


In another part of the hotel, the Shadow Sorcerer continued his own search.


"I WILL find this...." he thought to himself. " the diligent few with patience comes the spoils of a glorious victory."