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Tales from the Crypt: Endless Wrapture (Part 3 of 4)

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; F/f; bond; tape; rope; magic; nc; X

Writer's Note: This story uses images from this web-site, and various clubs found in Yahoo!. This story is inspired by the famed villain "The Crooked Claw" from Harmony Concepts Inc. HOWEVER, although there are images of that character used in this story, the villain in this story does NOT go by that moniker and has a "super villain name" of my own creation with different special powers and gadgets.


"Hello and good evening once again, horror and damsel in distress fans. Looks like Slipknot gaining the edge in achieving her objective while the Shadow Sorcerer seems to have reached a stalemate. With Slipknot's trail being discovered, will she succeed before the police arrive? So many questions!"







Endless Wrapture (Part Three of Four)

While Slipknot was on her way to the potentially "big payoff" by going to the room of the Silver Swan Regency's wealthiest guest, the industrial heiress Bonnie Lakewood, the Shadow Sorcerer seemed to wander almost aimlessly throughout the massive luxury hotel. His normally razor sharp instincts seemed dulled for some odd reason, as he found one dead ended lead after another. Despite this his magical powers remained at near peak levels, although his calm demeanor and patience started to wear thin. What was worse was now the Shadow Sorcerer felt he was being followed.


The Shadow Sorcerer, still in disguise through a spell, turned around to see the person following him; a fairly young woman in her late twenties with dirty blonde hair dressed in business attire.


"Are you lost, miss?" sternly asked the Shadow Sorcerer. "You've been following me for almost two floors now ever since I got off the elevator."


The woman didn't respond, but focused her attention on him, scanning him up and down. Her eyes then lit up in excitement as if making a wondrous discovery. "It's you! It's really you! YOU'RE THE SHADOW SORCERER! I've been trying to track you down for weeks!"


The Shadow Sorcerer's eyes lit up in complete amazement, which then turned to disgust. "Of course. I recognize you, now. You're Olivia Meridian, that investigative reporter from the herald! How did you find me?"


"No good journalist would release her sources... now I'll get the big scoop on the world most notorious mercenary!" excitedly stated Olivia, whose over-zealousness outran her judgment in confronting such a dangerous individual alone and unarmed.


"So be it, then." retorted the Shadow Sorcerer as he cast a stun ray spell. Olivia immediately fell forward knocked out and caught by the Shadow Sorcerer. The Shadow Sorcerer quickly used his magic to open one of the unoccupied rooms and closed the door. Rubbing his hands to cast another spell, the Shadow Sorcerer smiled. "This spell shall definitely keep you out of my way, Miss Meridian!"


At the same time as the Shadow Sorcerer started to truss and bind Olivia, Slipknot made her way towards Bonnie Lakewood's room, dressed in the disguise of a reporter. She arrived at the door of the luxury penthouse suite and knocked, which was answered by one of her assistants.


"Hello, can I help you?" asked the assistant, a young woman named Holly.


"Yes, I'm Kristine, from Newport News.... I'm here for an interview with Ms. Bonnie Lakewood." greeted Slipknot as she handed her some false press passes and documentation.


"Hmmm, I don't recall Ms. Lakewood mentioning this to me about an interview, but then again, her entire schedule has been changed several times over. Everything here seems to be in order. Come on in." replied the assistant as she extended her hand in greeting. "I'm Holly, by the way."


"Thank you, Holly." smiled Slipknot as she followed behind her.


Back at the other room, the Shadow Sorcerer finished casting his spell of binding on Olivia, and quickly left the room, satisfied with his work as he closed the door behind him.


Olivia soon awoke shortly after the Shadow Sorcerer left the room, only to find herself tightly wrapped in a gray duct tape cocoon. Summoning all her strength Olivia tried to sit up, and felt first hand how tightly bound she really was.


"Ugh, I can't believe this is so tight!" thought Olivia to herself. "How did I get myself into this mess?! I can't move my arms or legs at all!"


Olivia stretched and pulled, trying to slip an arm free from the cocoon she was in but with no success.



"How did he do this to me?" asked Olivia as she tried again to escape. "Maybe I roll off this bed and crawl outside for help...."











Olivia desperately struggled to escape, but could barely move a few centimeters, let alone off the bed.


"NNNNNGHHHHH!!!!! HMMMMMMPPPPP!!!!!!" cried out Olivia, muffled by the gag.


At the penthouse suite of Bonnie Lakewood, Slipknot easily subdued the office assistant Holly and one of the other member of Lakewood's staff, tying them up in a hogtie position in the next room. Bonnie Lakewood unsuspectingly ate her dinner in her private dining room, unaware of Slipknot's presence and what she had done to her two assistants.


Slipknot knocked on the door outside the private dining room of Bonnie Lakewood.


"Enter." called out Bonnie in response.


Slipknot entered the lavish dining room, but was a little caught off guard by its opulence. What surprised her even more was the condition of Bonnie Lakewood, who seemed slightly tipsy and intoxicated. Slipknot scanned around quickly with her eyes, noticing a bottle of French wine half empty on the dining room table where Bonnie was dining.


"Hello. Who let you in?" asked Bonnie cheerfully.


"Your assistant, Holly. She and the other assistant went out to grab a bite to eat at the Thai restaurant on the third floor. I'm Kristine, a reporter from Newport News to do an interview of you..." explained Slipknot, who planned her next move a little more carefully. Bonnie Lakewood in person looked a little more intimidating in person, and remembered reading about her interests and diverse skills, which included judo. Given her slightly intoxicated condition, Bonnie seemed even more dangerous and willing to a pick a fight if spoken to in the wrong fashion.


"What to say next?" thought Slipknot. Bonnie seemed interested in getting interviewed, but had a very powerful, commanding aura about her.


Down the halls the Shadow Sorcerer continued his search, still unable to locate the jewelry box. He did notice an increase of hotel security, and saw a couple police cars quietly pull into the parking lot outside from looking out the windows.


"Are they on to me?" nervously thought the Shadow Sorcerer. Sure, he could defeat a few policemen, but they would delay him enough that next he would have to deal with an entire SWAT team called in against him. "I'm starting to run out of time!"












While the Shadow Sorcerer increased the intensity of his search, Olivia desperately continued to labor against the tight bindings around her body. By this time she was starting to sweat, but actually felt the bindings getting tighter around her body. Olivia again tried to sit up, only to fall back on the bed.


"How am I going to get out of this?" worriedly thought Olivia. "I can't move!"












Olivia's worries were soon assuaged with the arrival of a bellhop letting in some hotel guests.




"Oh my gawd!" exclaimed the bell hop as he walked over and removed the gag. "Are you all right miss? Who did this to you?"


"I'm Olivia Meridian....a reporter.... there's someone very dangerous on the loose in the hotel...."