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Tales from the Crypt: Endless Wrapture (Part 1 of 4)

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; F/f; bond; tape; rope; magic; nc; X

Writer's Note: This story uses images from videos for sale at, this web-site, and various clubs found in Yahoo!. This story is inspired by the famed villain "The Crooked Claw" from Harmony Concepts Inc. HOWEVER, although there are images of that character used in this story, the villain in this story does NOT go by that moniker and has a "super villain name" of my own creation with different special powers and gadgets.


"Hello and good evening once again, horror and damsel in distress fans. We take a step back from the horror genre and into the more light hearted side of things in this four part story about a clever thief and a mercenary with rather unusual and supernatural abilities. What else does this story involve, you ask? Try a convention of models and actresses together also! I call this tale, 'Endless Wrapture'."





Endless Wrapture (Part One of Four)

Nestled in his secret lair, the mercenary villain known as the Shadow Sorcerer sat quietly in his chair, reviewing his impressive portfolio of hidden cash and financial assets in secret accounts throughout the world. Behind him lay several neatly wrapped parchment organized in finely crafted shelves, each a wondrous spell of magic that he and he alone has mastered. The Shadow Sorcerer's momentary piece was soon interrupted with a teleconference call. Donning his black mask and black hat, the Shadow Sorcerer activated his screen to receive the transmission.


"Speak your business." formally spoke the Shadow Sorcerer.


"Ah, it is good to see you again, my friend." cordially greeted Sergei Tupolev, a former intelligence gatherer with the KGB now turned mercenary to offer his talents to the highest bidder. "If you are not busy next week, I would like to recruit your expert services for a recovery operation."


"Go on." answered the Shadow Sorcerer.


"In America, one of my spies met an untimely demise at the hands of federal agents after stealing the plans to an experimental tracking satellite to be used in the American anti-ballistic missile system. The federal agents recovered what they believed to be the only copy, but little did they know my spy made one. He hid in an American luxury hotel before getting caught. It is hidden in the form of a small jewelry box, with the computer code hidden inside." explained Tupolev. "Recover the plans to me, and I will pay you your standard fee plus gratuity, of course, to an account of your choice. "


"Interesting." commented the Shadow Sorcerer. "However, why me? Why not yourself or one of your other agents?"


"Alas, my friend, age has finally reached its mark and I no longer have the vitality to undertake such a mission." conceded Tupolev. "Second, I do not trust such a critical mission to my remaining agents, as they are young and reckless, as shown in recent events."


The Shadow Sorcerer rubbed his chin in contemplation. His standard fee was around the tune of several hundred thousand dollars, and he knew his friend Sergei Tupolev would double or triple that amount as part of the "gratuity". With a smile on his face the Shadow Sorcerer nodded yes.


"Splendid." nodded Tupolev in satisfaction. "I shall transmit the address and additional data you require."


*          *          *

The Shadow Sorcerer traveled in disguise and found himself outside a luxurious hotel, the Silver Swan Regency, among the most elegant and expensive hotels in the country. The hotel itself was as spacious as it was elegant, with several banquet and meeting halls, two fitness centers, and three restaurants within its walls.


"Interesting choice of scenery, Sergei..." thought the Shadow Sorcerer to himself. "I can see why you did not want to come here, either; this whole place screams of attention and high priced bodyguards shooting at anything out of the ordinary."


The Shadow Sorcerer entered and checked his bags in at the front desk. Minutes later the room attendant came by and loaded his luggage on the cart, transporting them to his room on the twelfth floor. The Shadow Sorcerer took his time walking to the elevator, enjoying the opulent ambience that made up the Silver Swan Regency. What really caught his attention, however, was the enormous amount of beautiful young women, photographers, and camera crews walking in and out of the area.


He then stopped to ask one of the janitors, a man who appeared to be in his late 50s. "Excuse me, pal, but what exactly is going on here? Is there a beauty contest going on or something?" asked the Shadow Sorcerer.


"Not exactly." responded the custodian. "It seems that there are five modeling shoots happening here, a couple of commercials, and some film company is holding tryouts here also for that new action movie you've been hearing so much about for the leading lady. No big name actresses allowed; only amateurs since they're trying to get a fresh face out there. Even those I've seen getting turned down are getting signed on to do commercials and guest shots on television. Me and the rest of the staff had to pull double shifts last week just to get everything set up for all these people!"


"Really? That's very interesting." smiled the Shadow Sorcerer as he entered the elevator, tossing the custodian a silver dollar. "Thanks for the info, pal."


As the elevator went up the Shadow Sorcerer rubbed his hands in anticipation. "Sergei, you devil.....this really IS  challenge. And yet, I have never expected a challenge to be this much fun potentially....!"


The elevator opened and the Shadow Sorcerer went to his room, with the bellhop dutifully standing by with his bags. The bellhop then took his bags into his room, placing them neatly on the side. The Shadow Sorcerer tipped the bellhop.


"I guess you've been making some pretty good tips so far, huh?" asked the Shadow Sorcerer.


"You're not kidding!" smiled the bellhop, who looked about 18 and doing this job after school. "These film producer types are RICH! And I've gotten over a dozen glossies so far from all these gorgeous actresses. Hey, thanks for the tip, too!"


The Shadow Sorcerer closed the door and rubbed his hands some more in eager anticipation of the potential. "Rich film producer types, eh? A most interesting possibility."


No sooner than the Shadow Sorcerer contemplated that thought did someone already begin seizing that opportunity. However, it was no ordinary criminal but the famous thief only known as Slipknot, the Mistress of Rope. Already entering the hotel as a temp cleaning lady, Slipknot quickly changed into her black spandex outfit and was putting the finishing touches on Helen, one of the models attending the photo shoot.


"There, there, merry sunshine, I used extra strong but soft silk ropes on you so it won't irritate your skin for your upcoming photo shoot." commented Slipknot as she tied the gag.


"NNNNNGHHHHH!!!!! NNNNNNN!!!!!!" winced Helen, feeling the tight ropes around her voluptuous body.


Slipknot then bound Helen's ankles together with rope and began sifting through her purse. Ignoring the cash and credit cards, Slipknot immediately went for the traveler's checks.


"See? I'm not so bad." playfully explained Slipknot as she put away the traveler's checks in her bag. "You can call your credit card company and they'll reimburse you for the lost checks. Of course, by that time these stolen ones would have been well laundered and as good as cash for harm, no foul! Everybody wins!"


Helen did not exactly share Slipknot's view of economics and struggled to escape as Slipknot left the room and closed the door behind her.


At the same time the Shadow Sorcerer started his search. An inexact method, the Shadow Sorcerer only relied on his "gut" reaction to locate the missing jewelry box containing the plans. If, however, he were to steal some valuables from some of the other hotel guests while searching, so much the better. The Shadow Sorcerer entered the first room when he felt a slight "twinge", turning himself into a ghost-like form allowing himself to pass through the door with ease.


" to conserve my magic and not rely on that spell so much. It's going to be a long night, after all." thought the Shadow Sorcerer to himself. His entrance was soon discovered by Mara, a young actress who just got out of the shower. In shock she accidentally dropped her towel, revealing her striking attractive tan body to him.


"WHO ARE YOU?" nervously asked Mara, seeing the strange man in black robes, mask, and hat.


"A very nice body, indeed." complimented the Shadow Sorcerer. With a wave of his hand, he tossed a blue ball at Mara. Mara instinctively caught the ball, which then exploded into a swirl of blue tape. Mara's eyes lit up in shock and alarm as the long strips of tape swirled and wrapped themselves around her body, forming a tight cocoon leaving only her breasts exposed. Mara fell backwards on the bed as the Shadow Sorcerer gagged her with a piece of blue tape.


"MMMNNNNNNGGGHHHHH!!!!!!" exclaimed Mara. The Shadow Sorcerer paid no attention to her, confident that she was fully restrained and of no threat as he searched around for the jewelry box with no success. With a tip of hat, the Shadow Sorcerer calmly left the room using the door.


In another part of the Silver Swan Regency Slipknot donned a different disguise, dressing up as a local reporter with bogus press credentials. Knocking on the door, she was greeted by Jennifer, a young model and upcoming actress.


"Yes?" innocently asked Jennifer.


"Hi. I'm Kristine from the Herald Times, doing a local story on all the young talent here in our city. Would you like to be interviewed for out spotlight on entertainment section?" asked Slipknot.


"Sure!" happily replied Jennifer as she let Slipknot into her room. When Jennifer had her back turned to turn off the television, Slipknot slipped a sprinkling of sleeping powder in her glass of lemonade. Jennifer happily smiled as she took a sip and sat down on the couch ready for her interview.


"So, shall we begin?" asked Jennifer cheerfully.


Slipknot gave a devilish grin. "We already have."


Minutes later the sleeping powder took effect as Jennifer slumped on the couch fast asleep. Not taking any chances, Slipknot quickly removed her robe and stripped her down to her bra and panties, then wrapped her tightly in a cocoon of duct tape, leaving her heads, hands, and feet protruding out and gagged with some blue gauze. As Slipknot searched around the hotel for valuables, Jennifer remained fast asleep but tightly restrained.


Slipknot checked everywhere but found nothing but credit cards and a token sum of cash. She knew that even with her connections she wouldn't get far on stolen credit cards, and the cash amount was measly at best and not even worth taking.


"Clever little girl." commented Slipknot as she closed the purse and left the room empty handed. "From a thief's perspective I would call this a draw..."


Simultaneously the Shadow Sorcerer slipped down to the lower levels, where he encountered one of the small, private, fitness centers. Within he saw four young women working out inside, but felt a slight twinge in his mystical power.


"Here, perhaps?" the Shadow Sorcerer thought to himself. "Only one way to find out."


The Shadow Sorcerer placed his hand on the air vent outside the small, isolated fitness center. Emanating from his hand was a strange pink mist that entered the room. Before the four women knew it, they had all succumbed to his sleeping spell as they fell to the floor fast asleep.


"That spell will not last long. I need to work fast...." the Shadow Sorcerer thought to himself.

The Shadow Sorcerer wasted no time, tying one of the women up with a roll of gray duct tape he found and bound and gagged the other three with jump rope and bungee cords inside the fitness center itself.


Despite their protests and struggles as they awoke the Shadow Sorcerer searched the fitness center, not finding the elusive jewelry box but a small enchanted charm located in a wall crevice.


"Not bad." commented the Shadow Sorcerer as he put the charm in his pocket as he calmly left the room. "Not what I wanted but a pleasant surprise nevertheless."


"MMMMNNNNGGHGHHHH!!!!! UNNNTTTTTTIIIII SSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!" angrily called the women.


"I know things will get better in the next one and definitely score the big payoff." thought Slipknot as she changed into another disguise.


"It's only a matter of time before I find that jewelry box, and finally score the big payoff." pondered the Shadow Sorcerer and he plotted his next move.