A body sheath for self-bondage (SB)  
  - J Tikki  
  [email protected]  

With the help of "SB body sheath" the dreams of self-bondage will to come true. In SB body sheath the victim will experience fascinating imprisonment of a tight body bag with inner arm sleeves (or even a single glove!!) with a self tightening collar. The collar and the arm sleeves will keep her safely and effectively in the sheath as long as needed. The intensity of enprisonment depends on the tightness of the collar,which is constructed with elastic band/rope.

Additionally, if a victim's legs are bound together and/or she wears a rubber catsuit or rainwear (more resistance by friction) it will make coming out considerably more exciting - and more difficult! A gas mask is naturally a must when having a session in this marvellous body sheath!

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