How to enter the SB body sheath  
  - J Tikki  
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How-to-use: it's very simple - the victim lies on the floor on her back. She just crawls into the sheath and finally the elastic collar will engulf her into pure heaven of the sheath.

A rope-lock is needed to hold the sheath steady when the victim is crawling into it. The lock has an auto-release mechanism. When having entered the sheath the victim can loosen off the holding rope.

  1. The victim crawls downwards into the sheath - the holding rope keeps the sheath in its place, the elastic collar slides little by little higher until it can slide around the neck of the victim.  
  2. The victim has succeeded to enter into the sheath entirely.  
  3. The victim moves little by little to the right to trigger the rope lock.  
  4. The mechanism of the rope lock opens and the holding rope is released.  
  5. The victim crawls further to draw the rope away entirely.  
  NOTE: Two rope locks are needed if the D-sheath is used; one is for entering the sheath and the other is for closing the back zipper. The first one should be placed on the left side (as in the pictures above) and the other on the right side. The ropes of the latter should be 20-25 cm longer to enables "two phase" closing mechanism.  
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