The D-sheath  
  - J Tikki  
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This is also a new construction for heavy self-bondage - the ultimate D-sheath (D is for double). The D-sheath is a combination of the ordinary "SB body sheath" with an outer sheath with a long back zipper. This construction enables really hot, exciting and restrictive self bondage sessions!

The closing mechanism of the outer sheath of the D-sheath is a combination of a zipper and 'Velcro' strips (two-sided fastener, one side with stiff hooks like the burrs and the other side with soft loops). The zipper is for closing and the closing belt with Velcro for opening, since it connects the upper and lower parts of the sheath. This mechanism gives really some challenge to the victim herself to open the closing belt and get out of the sheath. The victim has to succeed connecting the catcher pad of the closing belt (see the figure) with an external Velcro-'catcher' to open the sheath. The external catcher pad of Velcro must be attached on rope which is tied firmly to a leg of a table etc. When the victim succeeds to draw off the closing belt the DL sheath is opened. Then she can crawl out from the inner sheath; i.e. pushing it off and out from the outer sheath. After that her hands are free to open the back zipper of the outer sheath.

This solutions allows using a simple opening timer with ice. The external catcher pad of Velcro can be frozen into a moderate mass of ice. The melting of the ice will take 1-3 hours or so. So the victim is imprisoned safely in the tight D-sheath until the ice has melted and she can start to try to connect the closing belt with the external catcher pad.

  The upper part, its hemline is to be folded to fit under the lower part. Note the line of Velcro strips.  
  The lower part, note the long Velcro strip, similar as in the upper part.  
  The closing belt, which connects the two parts - note: two long Velcro stripes on the inside of the belt.  
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