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You can sew the SB-sheath at home using a standard PVC-material. The standard material of rubberized cloth, PVC or 'Vinylplan' suits very well. It is important that the material is woven fabric, which enables sewing and durable seams. They are needed because the victim may have to struggle to get out of the sheath.

You need approximately 2 meters of PVC (breadth 150 cm). The construction is very simple; the sheath consists of four parts; the main sheath, the arm sleeves ( or single glove), the closing loops (for the holding rope), and the elastic band for the collar. The collar is constructed with a seam which enables the placement of the elastic band between the layers of the fabric.

The rough guidelines for the measurement of the sheath for a person (height 170 cm) is displayed in the figure. The most important measure is the opening of the sheath; it should be wide enough to enable the entering into the sheath but narrow enough to give as much tightness as possible. Sewing the sheath is simple, just sew together the margins.

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